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ABBOTT. Died of wounds, in France, on 4th April, 1918 Private Hugh Abbott
(Canadians), 3rd son of the late William and Sarah Abbott, Lazonby, aged 34 years.

ABERNETHY-Elizabeth, Peter Street, Frizington,Sept. 1903, 53 years

ACKERLAY-At Deanscales, on Monday, March 3rd 1930, Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Elizabeth and William Ackerlay, aged 14 weeks. Interred on Thursday, March 6th, at Paddle.

ACKERLEY-Mary Phyllis, who died at 4 Irving Terrace, Broughton Moor, Jan. 18th 1930.

ACKERLEY-Jennie, who died Nov. 14th 1927.Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Sally, who died June 2nd 1929, Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Mary Phyllis, who died July 24th 1929, Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Joseph William, who died Dec. 9th 1928. Son of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor

ACKERLEY-Jim,who died Nov. 11th 1918.Son of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ADAMS.--On the 1st Oct. 1869 at Cockermouth, Mr. John ADAMS, in his 71st year.

ADAMS - In loving memory of John ADAMS, Row Beck, Dearham, who died July 1st, 1937. Ever remembered by his loving wife and all at 35, Brayton Street, Workington.

ADAMS-On the 21st April 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Mary, wife of Mr. Richard ADAMS, general dealer, aged 64 years.

ADAMS-At Glasson, Ellenborough, 14thJune.1884, Mr Robert ADAMS, labourer, aged 61 years.

ADAMSON - At 17, Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, on the 5th Feb 1880, Mr. John ADAMSON, master mariner, aged 76 years.

ADAMSON. - At Keswick, February, 1844, MR. WILLIAM ADAMSON, miller, aged 32.



ADDISON - At Dalton, on the 10th Nov. 1855, JANE, wife of GEORGE ADDISON, waller, aged 63 years.


ADDISON- On the 8th Jan. 1837, Mrs. Jane ADDISON, of Mecklenburgh-square, widow of the late Henry ADDISON, Esq., of Penrith, Cumberland, aged 83.

ADDISON-At The Castle Hill, Maryport, 22nd March 1903, John ADDISON, M. Inst. C.E., J.P. (Cumberland), in his 83rd year.

ADDISON-Robert, (Warton, near Lancaster), joiner,aged 96. When the parish church at Warton was repaired in the year 1788, J EVANS, of Holme, the undertaker, offered to give him as much wood as would make him his coffin, if he would make it THEN; which he actually accepted, and has had his coffin by him for twenty six years. Jan. 1814

ADLAY~ On the 13th May 1899, at 12 North Street Maryport, Betty Adlay, in her 91st year.

ADLEY, Mr. And Mrs., within hours of each other, March, 1777, Whitehaven, leaving 6 orphans.

AGNEW-On the 7thOct.1879, at 67, Saxon-street, Liverpool, JANE, widow of the late WILSON AGNEW, of this town aged 80 years.

AIREY- Miss Agnes, Kendal, Oct. 1819 aged 25

AIREY.- At 56, Arthur Street, Penrith, on the 21st May 1896, Eliza Annie AIREY, aged 39 years.

AIREY.- At Skirwith, on the 19th June 1887, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Wm. AIREY, farmer, aged 9 years.

ALCOCK - On the 8th April, 1897, at Harris Dyke, Sarah, widow of James ALCOCK, master Mariner, aged 77 years.

ALFORD. - On the 27th May, 1897, at Tarn Street, Workington, Florence Alford, aged 1 year and seven months.

ALLAN - At Wigton on the 30th May, 1843, Jane, widow of George ALLAN, aged 66 years.


ALLAN- On the 18th,Nov. 1858 Mary, wife of Mr. James ALLAN, aged 66.

ALLAN. - At the Hollins Nursing Home, Whitehaven, on March 27th 1958,Rebecca Helen, widow of Joseph ALLAN, Albion Yard, Market Place, Cockermouth, aged 73. Interment at Cockermouth Cemetery on Monday March 31st .


ALLANBY-Edith, headmistress of St. Anne's Girls School, Lancaster,Sept. 1905, suicide.

ALLANSON-At Torpenhow, on the 24th Sept. 1903, John ALLANSON aged 79 years

ALLEN-Oliver, the beloved son of Avis and the late Henry ALLEN, of Main Street, Frizington, who died on the 20th of September 1902. Was interred at Arlecdon Church

ALLEN- Workington, May 1844, Sarah, wife of Mr. John ALLEN, aged 63 years

ALLEN-Mr. Thomas William ALLEN of High Saltcoats, Drigg.May 1931

ALLENTINE-At Nelson Street, Maryport, 17th June, 1884, Susannah, infant daughter of James ALLENTINE.

ALLINSON-On the 3d April,1870 at Beresford-square, Woolwich, aged 37, AUGUSTUS WARD ALLINSON, Esq., surgeon, youngest son of the late JOHN HIRAM ALLINSON, Esq.,Inglewood House, Penrith, Cumberland.

ALLISON, At Great Broughton, on the 4th Oct. 1855, HARRISON, son of MR. ALLINSON, labourer, aged 10 years.

ALLINSON-On the 7th June 1897, at Egremont, Elizabeth, wife of Harrison ALLINSON, miner aged 23 years.

ALLISON-Thomas, the beloved husband of Ann Allison, who died at Miners' Arms, Prospect, November 22nd, 1918.

ALSOP-On the 29th Nov. 1902, at 36, St. Albans, Everton, Liverpool, Mr. Michael ALSOP, formerly of Whitehaven.

ALTHAM-Sarah, June 1895, On Thursday morning Sarah Altham, 51 wife of James Altham, taper, 2 Mosley Street, Nelson, committed suicide by hanging herself.

AMOS-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Scotch-street, Carlisle, Mr Robert Amos, aged53 years.

ANDERSON-Isabella, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Wm SHORT, of Finkle St, St Bees, widow of Mr Wm ANDERSON in her 87th year died April 1932.

ANDERSON - Nov. 1855, at New Town, Bootle, HANNAH, the wife of MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aged 75 years.

ANDERSON - At Tallantire, on the 28th of June, 1938, Mary, beloved wife of J.L. ANDERSON. Was interred at Bridekirk on Friday, July 1st. "After much suffering, rest."

ANDERSON - At Langholm, on the 11th July, 1844, Miss. Mary ANDERSON, aged 29 years.

ANDERSON-At the residence of her daughter 40 Frizington Road Frizington, 2 Aug. 1903, Rachel widow of the late Samuel Anderson age 65 years.  Was interred at St Mary's Church, Cleator

ANDERSON-At 18, West Street, Fletchertown, Sarah, beloved wife of Robert Anderson, of Red Burn, Bardon Mill, who died May 3rd 1931, aged 74 years.  To be interred at Allhallows Church.

ANDERSON.- On the 19th April 1899 at Senhouse-lane, Whitehaven, Mr. Wm. ANDERSON, painter, aged 48 years.

ANDREW. - On the 29th Sept. 1869, in Union-street, Carlisle, Mrs. Mabel ANDREW, aged 81 years.

APPLEBY- At Woodgate Terrace, Egremont, on the 12th Nov.1858, James, second son of Mr.Thomas APPLEBY, builder, aged 7 years.

ARCHER-At Row Brow, Dearham, 15th Sept.1903, John Asbridge ARCHER, youngest son of Henry and Mary Ann ARCHER, aged 2 years and 5 months (who died suddenly). Interred at Dearham Church.

ARMISTEAD. - At the Parsonage, Garstang, on the 20th Feb. 1844, aged 28, after a long illness, AGNES, the wife of the Rev. W. ARMISTEAD, incumbent, and daughter of T. BELL, Esq., of Garstang.

ARMSTRONG - At Newbridge, near Dublin, on the 4th Feb 1874., MARGARET, second daughter of DR. ARMSTRONG, aged 11 years ; also on the 15th Feb. inst., ELIZABETH MARGARET, his eldest daughter, aged 13 years, - both of typhoid fever.


ARMSTRONG- on the6the Dec. 1844 at Workington, suddenly, Miss ARMSTRONG, dressmaker, aged 47 years.

ARMSTRONG.- At Suttons Yard, Penrith, on the 21June 1887, Ada ARMSTRONG, aged 2 years.

ARMSTRONG-Adam, On the 14thOct. 1819. at Workington, Mr. Adam ARMSTRONG, coal steward to J. C. CURWEN, Esq.

ARMSTRONG-On the 1st Dec. 1902, at Furnace Mill, Maryport, Ann, Wife of the late Walter ARMSTRONG, aged 66 years.

ARMSTRONG. - On the 19th June 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Annie, daughter of the late Isaac Armstrong, farmer and butcher, aged 36 years.

ARMSTRONG-Christopher, Dumfries, April 1812

ARMSTRONG-on the 15th Aug. 1904. at Washington House, Workington Mr Edward Armstrong age 24 years.

ARMSTRONG-On the 24th Nov.,1879 at the Globe Inn, Caldew Bridges, Carlisle,Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 22 years.

ARMSTRONG-Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife and mother of David Armstrong and family, who died January 29th,1931, at 121 Senhouse street, Maryport.

ARMSTRONG.—At 64, King Street, Wigton, on the 6th May, 1932, Ellen Nora, beloved wife of the late John ARMSTRONG, of Flimby, aged 83 years, was interred at Flimby Cemetery, on Monday the 9 th.


ARMSTRONG-Ettie, who died at Church Road, Seaton, March 10th, 1920.

ARMSTRONG-On the 15th June, 1897, at George's Pit, Hannah, wife of John ARMSTRONG, joiner, aged 51 years.

ARMSTRONG-At Longtown, on the 29th May 1895, very suddenly, Henry ARMSTRONG, late of Baggrow, aged 78 years.

ARMSTRONG - On the 10th August, 1882, at High Pow, Durdar, Robert ARMSTRONG, aged 30 years.

ARMSTRONG-Janet, wife of Mr. William, of Plumbland. Died March 1930, in her 78th year.

ARMSTRONG-Jim, who died Jan. 8th 1931, aged 4 months.

ARMSTRONG-In loving memory of John Fleming, beloved son of Wm. and Susannah Armstrong, Lowther Street, Great Clifton, who died November 24th, 1918.

ARMSTRONG-At Crosby, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph Armstrong, in his 78th year. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

ARMSTRONG. - On the 24th Oct. 1903, at Glasson, Joseph ARMSTRONG, beloved son of Joseph and Jane ARMSTRONG, Kirkby Street, Maryport aged 26 years

ARMSTRONG ~ On the 9th May 1899, at Templeshannon, Enniscorthy, Margaret,wife of Wm. Armstrong, and daughter of the late Isaac HUTCHINSON of Braystones

ARMSTRONG-On the 26th Nov.,1879 at Church Street, Workington, Mr. Matthew ARMSTRONG, retired master mariner, aged 76 years.

ARMSTRONG-At Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, London, on the 23rd Sept. 1903,Sarah, third daughter of the Late Captain Robert L. ARMSTRONG, formerly ofMaryport, aged 45 years.

ARMSTRONG, At Workington, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MRS. SARAH ARMSTRONG, widow, aged 56 years.

ARMSTRONG- In the Corn Market, Wigton, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Thomas ARMSTRONG, calicoprinter, aged 81

ASHBRIDGE-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Holly Lodge Oxton near Birkenhead in the 77th year of her age JANE widow of the late WILLIAM ASHBRIDGE ofLiverpool and Maryport.

ASHBURN- In Affectionate Remembrance of GEORGE ASHBURN, of Mockerkin, WHO DIED JUNE 22nd, 1882, IN THE 57th YEAR OF HIS AGE, Verse with card- “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” **

ASHBURN- In Loving Memory of JANE ASHBURN, of Mockerkin, Who died on August 23rd, 1895, AGED 78 YEARS. Interred at Loweswater on Monday, the 26th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1-30. Verse on card- none **

ASHBURN-On the 23rd April 1882, at Bothel, Mr. Jonathan ASHBURN, waller, aged 79 years.

ASKEW-At 42, Ginns, Whitehaven, 12th June, 1884, Eleanor, widow of Mr Martin ASKEW, mason, aged 77 years.

ASKEW-On the 15th Sept. 1879at Broughton-in-Furness MISS ELIZABETH ASKEW aged 19 years.

ASKEW-Rachel, the beloved wife of Wm ASKEW, who died on the 14th Sept. 1903, age 47 years, at 77, Siddick.

ASKEW-Mary, wife of the late Robert ASKEW, who died June 11th 1898.

ASKEW-At Horsman Street, Cockermouth, June 20th,1898 Ruth, the beloved wife  of William Askew, and youngest daughter of the late George and Ann HODGSON, Bowness-on-Solway, aged 44 years- Was interred at the Cemetery, Cockermouth

ASKINS.- At Meeting House Lane, Penrith, on the 21st May 1896, Sidney ASKINS, infant.

ASKINS-At Gordon Street, Workington on the 31st October 1931, Isabella, fourth daughter of George and Mary ASKINS, late of Cockermouth and Liverpool. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

ATKINSON - At Lorbottle House, Northumberland, on the 15th July, 1844, in his 90th year, Adam ATKINSON, Esq.

ATKINSON.- At Warcop, on the 20th May 1896, Ann ATKINSON, aged 82 years.

ATKINSON-At Cumwhitton, on the 8th May 1844., Elizabeth, wife of the late Edward ATKINSON, aged 87 years

ATKINSON-on the 22nd Sept. 1879at Dixons Square Ginns Whitehaven ANN widow of MR WILLIAM ATKINSON,coal miner aged 71 years.

ATKINSON - At Upperby, on the 26th Jan. 1880, George, second son of Mr. John ATKINSON, aged 82 years.


ATKINSON-John,Whitehaven February, 1816,became solicitor 1840,died June 1895.

ATKINSON-At 4,Criffel View Flimby, on May 10th, 1930, John Robert, the beloved son of William and Maggie,aged 13 years and 7months. Interred at Flimby Cemetery

ATKINSON-At Penrith, Cumberland, on the 29th July 1850, Joseph ATKINSON, Esq., solicitor,aged 65.

ATKINSON-At Bedford Villas, Hensingham, 2nd Aug. 1903 Lill, the beloved wife of Thomas Walker Atkinson, and the youngest daughter of the late Peter Barnes, of Cockermouth, age 26 years.

ATKINSON.- In Great Dockray, Penrith, on the 25th Jume 1887, very suddenly, Mary, widow of James Atkinson, aged 58 years.

ATKINSON-Mary, of Blennerhasset aged 82. Feb. 1814

ATKINSON-William Atkinson, of Seaton, who died December, 1916.

AULD-At Maryport Cottage Hospital. 31st April 1930, Ann Jane, the beloved wifeof John Auld. Standingstones Inn, Broughton Moor, and second daughter ofTom and the late Mary Jane Hayton, aged 41 years. Interred at St.Columba Church, Broughton Moor.

AULD-William, the dearly beloved son of John and Ann Jane Auld, who died at 15, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, on December 5th,1918.

BACKHOUSE-On the 16thJan.1859, at Deal, CHARLOTTE, widow of the late THOMAS BACKHOUSE,Esq., of Caldbeck, Cumberland, aged 75.

BACKHOUSE- On the 10th Nov. 1858, at his residence, Blackwell, Darlington, John Church BACKHOUSE, Esq., aged 47.

BACKHOUSE - At Havana, on the 31st Aug. 1855, mortally wounded whilst defending himself from a gang of robbers who had entered his house, GEORGE CANNING BACKHOUSE, Esq., H.B.M.'s Commissary Judge at that place, eldest surviving son of the late JOHN BACKHOUSE, Esq., Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, aged 37.

BAILIFF-At Graves Cottages, Dearham, on 31st October 1931, Margaret Brenda, the dearly beloved grandchild of Thomas and Sarah Bailiff, aged 16 months. Was interred at the Dearham Churchyard

BAILLIE- Within the last three weeks, three children of Mr. BAILLIE, painter, gateshead. Feb. 1812

BAINBRIDGE- At Nest, near Alston, on the 19th Nov. 1858., Peter, aged 77.

BAINBRIDGE. - At Silloth, on the 13th Feb.1877, JOHN BAINBRIDGE, aged 89 years.


BAIN - On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Senhouse-street,Maryport, Margaret, daughter of Mr John Bain, engineman, aged 13 months.

BAINBRIDGE-At Doddick, near Threlkeld, 11th June 1884, Hannah BAINBRIDGE, aged 57 years.

BAINBRIDGE-At Rosewain, near Wigton, 2nd June 1895, Jane BAINBRIDGE,aged 84 years.

BALDWIN - At Harrowgate, on the 29th Sept, 1855, after a few hours' illness, the REV. JOHN BALDWIN. A.M. of Dalton, near Ulverston, late a Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge, and a magistrate for the county of Lancaster.

BANKS-on the 2nd Dec 1844, Mrs ELIZABETH BANKS, widow aged 85 years, Workington.

BANKS-On 11th January 1932 at Sunnyside, Keswick, Emma Jane BANKS, widow of John B. BANKS,aged 91 years.

BANKS-Jane,at Harrington, Mrs BANKS, Age 82.Sept. 1819

BANKS- At Melbourne, Australia, Joseph Hodge Banks, son of the late Joseph Banks, of Keswick, Cumberland, pencil manufacturer, aged 40 years.Jan. 1885.

BANKS-On the 24th Nov.,1879 at Flimby, Isaac, infant son of Mr. Thomas BANKS, farmer.

BANKS-On the 17th Sept. 1879at Parton MARY widow of MR THOMAS, grocer aged 91 years.

BARBER. - On the 29th January, 1897, at St. Bees, Eliza, wife of Andrew BARBER, quarrier, aged 62 years.

BARCLAY, The Rev. John BARCLAY, minister of the Berean Church, Edinburgh. After enjoying a good night’s rest, and eating his breakfast as usual, he left his house in perfect health, on the forenoon of Sunday the 29th July 1798.

BARKER-On the 1st Oct.1879, at Broughton-in-Furness, Mr. Abram Barker, aged 42 years.

BARKER-On the 18th Oct. 1903, at Great Witley. HENRY BRAITHWAITE BARKER of Galesyke, Netherwasdale, aged 66 yrs.

BARKER-John, Carlisle, aged 70.Nov. 1819

BARLOW - At Ironworks House, Maryport, on the 18th March, 1932, Margaret, the beloved wife of the late John BARLOW aged 90 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

BARNES-At New Bampton, on the 18th Aug. 1898, Ann, widow of Joseph Barnes, late of Hole House, Thursby, aged 94 years. Interred at Thursby

BARNES- On the 16th August 1882, at Furnace lane, Maryport, Isabella, infant daughter of Mr. John H. BARNES, painter.

BARNES On September 3rd 1903 at Humphreston Hall, Albrighton, GEORGE BARNES aged 73 years. Was interred at Donington Church

BARNES-John, beloved husband of the late Mary BARNES of Crosby Street, Maryport, aged 70 years. Was interred Maryport Cemetery on Thursday, June 19th, 1920. At Rest.

BARNES- On the 8th April 1846, Mr. John BARNES, of the Howe, near Keswick, Cumberland, inthe 89th year of his age.

BARNES-At Drumburgh, on the 15th June 1898, Mary, widow of William Barnes, aged 89 years.

BARNES - At Dryholme, in the parish of Holme Cultram, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John BARNES, aged 78 years.

BARNES - On the 28 th Nov. 1882 at Portland Square, Workington, Mr. Robert BARNES, aged 49 years.


BARRINGTON-Richard Viscount. He is succeeded by his brother, the Rev G BARRINGTON, Prebendary of Durham.Feb. 1814

BARROW. - March 1844 , the Rev. THOMAS BARROW, Incumbent minister of Skerton, near Lancaster, aged 28.

BARTON-At Waterloo Street, Cockermouth,on Sunday, August 16th 1903, Isaac Stewart Barton, aged 14 months. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

BARTON-On the 1st Dec., 1902, at Wordsworth Terrace, Cockermouth, Mr. John E. BARTON, aged 32 years.

BARWIS-On the 5th Dec. 1840, at the residence of his uncle, George GUTCH, Esq.,Bridge-house, Paddington, Benjamin Fitzgerald BARWIS, youngest son of JohnBARWIS, Esq., of Lanrigg-hall, Cumberland, aged 7 years.

BARWIS-On the 17th Nov. 1843, after a lingering illness, John BARWIS, Esq. Of Langrigg-hall, Cumberland, aged 68.

BARWISE-on December 3rd 1901 at Port MacKay, Queensland, Australia, Hannah, wife of the late George BARWISE, late of Newtown, Aspatria, aged 63 years.

BASHFORD-Workington, May 1844, Mrs BASHFORD, aged 82

BATEMAN-Ann, the beloved wife of James BATEMAN, who died at Castle Tannery, Cockermouth, May 25th, 1893, aged 45 years.

BATEMAN. At 110, Lowther Street, Penrith, on the 10th April, 1918Anna, the
beloved wife of the late Richard Bateman, in her 80th year. Was
interred at Dacre on the 13th.

BATEMAN - On the 18th Jan. 1920, at Low Moor End, Ennerdale,Hannah BATEMAN, late of Kelbank, Gosforth, aged 71 years,Interred at Gosforth

BATEMAN-Joseph, Town, (Egremont) age 33, died 22nd Sept. 1814.

BATEMAN- John, Town, (Egremont) age 37, died 6th Oct 1814.

BATEMAN. - On the 30th June 1882, at Peter-street, Whitehaven, MR. WILLIAM BATEMAN, master joiner, aged 44 years.

BATES on the 20th Feb. 1889, at the Griffin Hotel, Pow street, Workington, Jane,wife of Thomas Bates, aged 40 yrs.

BATEY - At Newbiggin Townhead, Croglin, on the 20th Feb. 1874, WILLIAM, son of MR. WM. BATEY, aged 10 months.


BATY - at Faugh, on the 18th Nov. 1855, ROBERT BATY, yeoman, aged 45.


BATTY. -On the 19th Jan. 1897, at Wilson Pit, Whitehaven, Ann, widow of George BATTY, coalminer, aged 71 years.

BAWDEN-Jane, widow of the late Edward Bawden, of Wath Brow, who died suddenly on Friday, August 12th,1898 at 37, Trumpet Road, Wath Brow, aged 60 years.

BAXTER, Rev. Mr., sen., of Arlcedon, aged 88, March 1777.

BAXTER - at 114, High Street, Maryport, on the 19th March, 1932, Mary Jane BAXTER, the dearly loved wife of the late William. Was interred at Maryport Cemetery.

BAXTER. - On the 1st March 1844, at Hallfoot Mills, Browhead, in the parish of Kirklinton, Mrs SUSANNAH BAXTER, widow of Mr RICHARD BAXTER, aged 50


BAXTER - At the Metal Bridge, on the 22nd Nov. 1855, MR. THOMAS BAXTER, inn-keeper and farmer, aged 53 years


BAYLIS - On the 20th March 1882, at King-street, Maryport, MrThomas BAYLIS, Deputy Harbour-master, aged 58 years.


BEASLEY-On the 22nd April 1882, at the Castle Lodge, Whitehaven, Mr. Samuel BEASLEY, lodge-keeper, aged 75 years.

BEATY-On the 5th Sept.1903 at Belmont Villa, Hensingham, GEORGE BEATY, the beloved husband of SARAH BEATY, late of Allerby, aged 83 years. Interred at Hensingham Cemetery

BEATY. - At Meadow Cottages, Warwick Bridge, very suddenly, JOSEPHINE BEATY, aged 3 years and 3 months. Feb. 1877


BEATTY-On Nov. 29th, 1902, at 109 Queen-street, Whitehaven, Alfred, dearly loved son ofJohn James and Mary BEATY, aged 10 months. Was interred on the 3rd inst.

BECHAM - At Brough, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MR. JOHN BECHAM, late of Asby, at the advanced age of 95.

BECK. - On the 28th May, 1897 at 70, George-street, Whitehaven, Alice, daughter of John Robert BECK, aged 9 1/2 years.

BECK-James, The 11th April 1812. at the Grove near Hawkshead, Lancashire, JAMES BECK Esq., formerly of Newcastle.

BECK - At Penrith, on the 19th Oct. 1855, Mr. John BECK, plasterer and painter, aged 66, much respected.

BECK - In Cavendish Place on the 28th May, 1843, Sarah, relict of the late John BECK, Esq., aged 70 years.


BECK. - Sarah Ann BECK, the beloved wife of Joseph BECK, who died at 14 East Row, Kells, on Friday, August 9, 1912, aged 60 years.

BECKETT - On the 19th March, 1882, in Lorne-street, Carlisle, IraColin BECKETT, aged 14 months.

BEDFORD-At Workington Infirmary 4th Dec 1920. "Wee Archie," beloved son of Jack and Helen Bedford, Distington age 1 years and 8 months.

BEEBY-On the 24thOct. 1879, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mrs Ann Beeby, aged 57 years.

BEEBY, wife of Mr. BEEBY, skinner at Cockermouth, March 1777.

BEEHY-George, 28th July, 1847, Mr. George Beehy, of Prospect-building,Highgate, and of Cockermouth, Cumberland, aged 60.

BELCHER-On the 14th Sept. 1879in Jane Street Carlisle MR WILLIAM aged 26 years.

BELL - on the 21st July 1844, Mr. Andrew BELL, butcher, aged 40 years.

BELL. - At Greysouthen, on the 28th Jan. 1844 MR. JOHN BELL, blacksmith, aged 18 years.


BELL-At the Mary HEWITSON cottage Hospital, Keswick, The Rev Alexander BELL, B.A.,retired Congregational Minister and beloved husband of Blanche BELL, aged 86. Interred at St John's Church, Keswick Jan. 1932

BELL-At Keswick, Nov, 1844 ANN, relict of the late MR. THOMAS BELL, ostler, aged 79 years.

BELL-Ann- At High Field House, Keswick, 21st March 1884, Ann, widow of Mr. Edward BELL, late of the Derwentwater Hotel, Po***scale, aged 68 years.

BELL-Ann Bell, widow of the late Thomas Bell, aged 85 years. Interred at Aspatria Church. April 1931.

BELL-On the 19thOct. 1879, at Dearham, Daisie Maggie, infant daughterof Mr W Bell.

BELL.-On the 20th January, at Red How, Lamplugh, Dore, Infant daughter of John BELL, coachman.

BELL. - On the 4th July 1882, at 6, Gores-buildings, Whitehaven, ELIZABETH EMILY MARGARET, infant daughter of MR. ALRED BELL, furnaceman.

BELL-At Longtown, on Sunday, the 10th Nov. 1844, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, MR. JAMES BELL, jun, stone mason, aged 30

BELL - June 1843, Mr. John BELL, of the String of Horses Inn, English Street, and formerly of Wetheral, aged 42, much respected.


BELL-On the 1st Dec., 1902 at 8, Catherine-street, Whitehaven, George Edward, infant son of Mr. William BELL.

BELL-Signaller G. W. BELL who was killed in action, March 30 th, 1918.

BELL. On the 16th July 1882, at Bothel, ISABELLA, wife of MR. WILLIAM BELL, farmer, aged 65 years.

BELL - On the 31st March 1882, at Rwanrigg, Mr. J. BELL, colliery engineman, aged 24 years.

BELL- On the 14th Nov. 1858 , Mr. James BELL, aged 65.

BELL-Joseph BELL, who died at Mayo House, June 9th 1909.

BELL-Maggie, the dearly beloved daughter of David and Jane Bell, who died at 40, King Street, Maryport, on December 1st,1918, aged 4 years 5 months.

BELL - At Workington, July 1844, Mary, the wife of Mr. William BELL aged 72 years.

BELL- At Workington on the 13th Dec. 1844, MARY ANN, daughter of MRS. HANNAH BELL, aged 3years

BELL- MR. ROBERT BELL, aged 78, Dec. 1844, at Maryport.

BELL-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Flimby SARAH wife of ROBERT, aged 20 years.

BELL-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at Low Road, Whitehaven, Sarah Elizabeth Eliza Jane, wife of Wilfrid Ditchburn BELL, aged 32 years.

BELL-Thomas, Wigton, died June 1898, 77 years of age.

BELL-At Maryport, Dec. 1844, Mr THOMAS BELL, miller, in the prime oflife; same day Mr ROBERT BELL, aged 78 years.

BELL-At 4, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, (the residence of her daughter and son-in-law), 28th March 1930, Mary beloved wife of late David Bell, aged 65 years.  Was interred at St. Columba Church, Broughton Moor.

BELL. - At Kelly Street, Workington, on the 27th Oct. 1903, William BELL aged 60 years. - Interred at harrington Road Cemetery

BELL-William (Willie), the dearly loved son of the

late John BEll and Mrs STEVENS, who died at Whitehaven Infirmary, on June 7th 1917, aged ten years and eleven months.

BELL-On the 15th Aug. 1879 on his passage from San Fransisco WILLIAM ALLAN son of MR JOHN BELL formerly of Workington aged 25 years.

BELL, William Carlisle, Hatter, March 1777.70 yrs.

BENDLE- Mr. Christopher BENDLE, of Spring Garden - lane, aged 77.Oct. 1819 Cockermouth

BENN-Joseph, Jan. 1814, at Ginns, near this town, Mr Joseph BENN, aged 66;several years master of a vessel out of this port.

BENN-At Rickmansworth, on the 13th Feb. 1852, at the house of his brother-in-law, theRev. William BENN, aged 40, rector of Kirkandrews-on-Eden, near Carlisle

BENN, Rev. Thomas BENN, Dec. 1879, late incumbent of Whitechapel, Goosnargh, at the advanced age of 81 years.

BENNETT-On the 24th Nov.1879, at Belleisle Place, Workington, Mr. George Shepherd BENNETT, stationmaster, aged 43 years.

BENSON - On the 6th Jan. 1902, at Greysothen, Annie, daughter of Christopher and Mary Jane Benson, aged 6 months.

BENSON. -On the 27th January, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Joseph BENSON, platelayer, aged 73 years.

BENSON-On the 23rd Nov.,1879 at Ulverston, Dorothy, widow of Mr. William BENSON, aged 49 years.

BENSON. - On the 29th June 1882, at 23, Longfellow-street, Liverpool, in his 46th year, GEOFFREY BENSON, younger son of the late GEORGE BENSON, formerly of Whitehaven.

BENSON-At Sydney, N.S.W., on October 7th,1920 John William, the dearly beloved son of Elizabeth and the late Richard Benson, of 31 Peter Street, Workington.

BENSON - On the 3rd January, 1902 at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Joseph Benson, Mariner, of Cleator Moor, aged 54 years.

BENSON-Greysouthen, on the 2nd March 1930, Thompson Hodgson, son of the late John and Sarah Benson, aged 45 years.  Was interred at Brigham.

BENT, On the 19th Jan. 1897, At Egremont, Ann, widow of William BENT, carter, aged 81 years.

BERRY-on the 23rd Feb. 1889, at 5, Catherine St., Whitehaven, Richard, son of Mr Richard Berry,labourer, ages 2 years.

BERRY-At 106, Harrington Road, Workington, on the 30th May 1895, Thomas BERRY, late of Forth House, Cockermouth. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

BERWICK - On the 3rd January. 1902, at Green, Distington, Margaret Berwick.

BETTELEY-On the 15th Sept. 1879 at Barrow ANN widow of WILLIAM aged 88 years.

BEVAN- At Hong Kong, on the 17th of July,1858 William Fraser BEVAN, aged 39 son of the late Captain Henry BEVAN, Dumfriesshire Militia.

BEWLEY.- At Thurso Villas, Levenshulme, on the 23rd May 1896, Esther, daughter of
the late William BEWLEY, 9 Middlegate, Penrith, aged 43 years. Internment
at Penrith Cemetery

BEWLEY,John of Hollow Dyke Farm, Frizington,Nov. 1920.

BEWLEY. - On the 15th Oct. 1902 at 16 High Street Cleator Moor, John, husband of Emily BEWLEY, aged 52 years.

BEWLEY - On the 11th Jan. 1932, at 98 Back Row, North Side, John, beloved of Mary BEWLEY, aged 66 years.Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

BEWLEY - Mary, wife of Mr. William BEWLEY at William Pit, near Whitehaven, July 1844, aged 30 years.

BEWSHER- In Affectionate Remembrance of ROBERT BEWSHER, of Ullock, Who died August 22nd, 1881, AGED 81 YEARS. To be interred at Arlecdon, on Thursday, at Half-past 2 p.m., leaving Ullock at 12 o’clock. Verse with card- “His end was peace” **

BEWSHER- In Memory of SARAH BEWSHER, wife of Robert Bewsher, of North Mosses, WHO DIED MAY 12th, 1870, And will be interred at Arlecdon, on Monday, the 16th. The funeral will leave North Mosses at 12 o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

BIBBY- Edward, of Newbiggin, in the parish of Waberthwaite, in the county of Cumberland, gentleman, who died on the first day of October 1902

BICKERSTETH - At Sapcoat Rectory, Leicestershire, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, the REV. JOHN BICKERSTETH, M.A. eldest son of the late HENRY BICKERSTETH, M.A., of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland

BIERD- Northgate-street, Chester, at the patriarchal age of 104 years, Mr. John BIERD, a pensioner on Chelsea Hospital.Oct. 21, 1819.

BIGGAR. - in East Street, Carlisle, 17th May 1877, MARY BIGGAR, aged 39 years


BIGLAND - At the house of his father, at Leamington, on the 27th Sept, 1855 WILSON HENRY JOHN BIGLAND, only surviving son of REAR-ADMIRAL BIGLAND, of Bigland Hall, aged 31 years.

BIGLANDS-At Wigton, on the 8th Dec. 1844, aged 34 years, SARAH, eldest daughter of the late Mr JOHN BIGLANDS, of Saltcoats, Holme Cultram

BIGRIGG-Albert, beloved son of George and Hannah BIGRIGG, died April 17th 1931. Also Doris, died March 18th, 1927.

BILLINGTON. - Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine BILLINGTON, who was accidentally killed at Charles Cammell & Coy's Works, Workington, on his birthday, September 24th, 1899, aged 32 years.

BIRBECK-On the 6th June 1897, at Cleator Moor, Catherine Ann, widow of Mason BIRBECK, miner, aged 48 years.

BIRD - At Eamont Bridge, on the 23rd Nov. 1855, aged 54, MARY, the wife of MR. JOHN BIRD, and third daughter of the late MR. THOS. LAMB, of the same place.

BIRD - On the 22nd March 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Wm. LITTLE, son of William BIRD, coalminer, aged 15 months.

BIRKETT-Ada, of Cockermouth, death, Sep. 29 1883

BIRKETT-Ann, of Cockermouth, death, May 23 1885

BIRKETT-Ann, of Cockermouth, inquest, May 20 1885

BIRKETT-Annie, At High Lorton on the 2nd Dec. 1877, Annie, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas Birkett, labourer.

BIRKETT-Burnett, of Cockermouth, death, Aug. 14 1880

BIRKETT- Catherine Ann of Cockermouth, death, Aug.  5 1876

BIRKETT-On the 25th July 1848, at Wath, Cumberland, Dickinson BIRKETT, Esq., of Whitehaven, Cumberland, in the 53d year of his age

BIRKETT-Dixon, of Cockermouth, death, Dec. 13 1879

BIRKETT-Elizabeth, On the 14th June 1895.at Common End. Distington, Elizabeth, aged 81 years

BIRKETT-Elizabeth, At Mayo Street, Cockermouth on the 10th Dec. 1884, Elizabeth wife of Mr. John Birkett, formerly of High Lorton, aged 61 years.

BIRKETT-At White Horse Inn, Scales, on the 30th May,1895 George BIRKETT, aged 51 years. - Was interred at Threlkeld

BIRKETT - At Harrington, Sept, 1844, Mrs. ISABELLA BIRKETT, widow, aged 64 years, much respected.

BIRKETT-Henry, of Cockermouth, innkeeper, death, July 31 1875

BIRKETT-James, of Cockermouth, fishmonger, death May 16 1894

BIRKETT-Jane, of Cockermouth, death, Jan. 19 1878

BIRKETT-Jane, of Low Lorton, death, 5e Aug. 2 1879.

BIRKETT-John, At Quetta in Afghanistan, 2nd September, 1886 John William, son of Thomas Birkett of Apple Grove, Workington, aged 25 years.

BIRKETT.--On the 8th Nov. 1855, at Irish-street, age 50 years, Mr. William BIRKETT, ledger clerk at the Harbour Office, Whitehaven


BIRKETT-John, At the family residence, Lot 23 in the 3rd con. of Reach, Port Perry, North Ontario, 18th Dec. 1883, Francis M. Birkett aged 5 years & 7 months, grandson of Mr. John Birkett of Mayo Street Cockermouth, and late of the Rising Sun, Lorton.

BIRKETT-John, at Challoner Street Cockermouth on the 5th Sept. 1893, John Birkett aged 70 years. Interred at Lorton Church

BIRKETT - At the home of her son, Mr. Joseph Birkett, Silver-hill, near Keswick, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John Birkett, shoemaker, Wythburn, aged 94 years. Sept 1869.

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Carlisle, railwayman death Dec. 28 1889.

BIRKETT-Thomas, At the Rising Sun Inn, High Lorton on the 24th March 1878, Thomas Birkett aged 89 years.

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Cockermouth sudden death Jan. 12 1895

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Deanscales, miller Aug. 12 1876

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Isel, death March  8 1890

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Millom, October 20 1883

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Whitehaven, fatal accident, Oct. 12 1895

BIRKETT-At Cockerside, Cockermouth, Bertie, infant twin son of William and Jane A. Birkett, died August 19th, 1898.

BIRKETT-William, Holmrook, Sept. 1903, 61 years of age.

BIRKETT-William, of Cockermouth, death, Nov. 14 1874

BIRKETT-William, of Cockermouth, death, May 27 1876

BIRKETT-William Henry, of Cockermouth, death, March 17 1877

BIRKETT-William, On the 6th Sept. 1879 at Hewrigg WILLIAM BIRKETT aged 77 years.

BITTLESTON-On the 27th Sept. 1831, at Upper Stamford-street, Mr. Adam BITTLESTON, late of Mary Port, in the county of Cumberland, aged 84.

BLACK-At Horseman Street, Cockermouth on the 13th March 1903, Frank, the Eldest and beloved son of James and Annie Black, aged 19 years. 

BLACK-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Millholm Bank, MR. JAMES BLACK, of the north British Railway, aged 39 years.

BLACK-Jane Simpson, daughter of Joe, At Stanger, Embleton, near Cockermouth, 1st Nov. 1884, aged 11 years.

BLACK-On the 3rd Feb. 1902., at 15, Hart Street, Carlisle, Margaret BLACK, aged 84 years.

BLACK. - On the 29th January, 1897, at Arlecdon, Robert, infant son of Joseph Richard BLACK, carter.

BLACK.- On the 5th Nov. 1843, on his passage from Copenhagen to Newfoundland, MR. RICHARD BLACK, carpenter of the brig WESTMORLAND, of Whitehaven, in the prime of life. The deceased fell from the mainyard, and was unfortunately drowned.

BLACK-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Lord Street Carlisle MR ROBERT BLACK aged 78 years

BLACK.-On the 6th February 1897, at Frizington, Sarah, daughter of William BLACK, aged 13 months.

BLACKBURN-THOMAS, engineman, the beloved husband of DOROTHY, who died at 95, Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor, June 16th, 1894,aged 55 years.

BLACKETT - In Clifford Street, Appleby, on the 8th Feb. 1880 Rebecca, second daughter of the late Mr. Stephen BLACKETT, formerly of Hilton Hall, aged 72 years.


BLACKLADDER - In Trafalgar Street, Carlisle, on the 23rd April 1880, MARION BLACKADDER, aged 43 years.

BLACKLOCK - At Keswick, on the 16th Nov. 1855, MR. WILLIAM BLACKLOCK, chaise driver, aged 50 years.


BLACKWOOD. - On the 28th Feb. 1897 at Harrington, James Blackwood, ironminer, aged 61 years.

BLAIN - At Stanwix, on the 30th May, 1843, very suddenly, Mrs. Ann BLAIN, relict of the late Mr. Josdeph BLAIN, sculptor, in the 35th year of her age.


BLAIND-John. At Dumfries, the 13th April, 1812, son of Mr. SAMUEL BLAIND, merchant there.

BLAIR-On the 27th April 1931, at 61, Dalzell Street, Moor Row, Joseph, the dearly loved husband of Ann Blair.  Interred at Egremont Cemetery.

BLAYLOCK. - On the 16th Oct. 1902, at 31 Crosby Street, Maryport, Annas BLAYLOCK, infant daughter of Mr. Wm. BLAYLOCK.

BLAYLOCK, in Annetwell Street, Carlisle, Feb. 1877, GEORGE BLAYLOCK, aged 15 days

Blezard-Edward,The 9th Nov.1813 at St Lucia, aged 24, son of the late Mr John Blezard, shipbuilder of Liverpool.

BLINKHORN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF JOHN NICHOLSON BLINKHORN, The Beloved Son of William and Mary Blinkhorn, Who departed this life June 25th, 1883 AGED 7 YEARS. And was interred at St. Peter’s Church, Halliwell, June 28th. Verse with card- A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant at our hearth, Which never can be filled. Farewell, dear parents, be content, I was not yours but only lent; And God has only had his due, He’ll not be long ere he calls for you. **

BLUCK - At New House, Much Wen;lock, Shropshire, on the 20th Jan. 1880, aged 19 years, Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Timothy Corser and Sarah BLUCK.


BLYTHE. - On the 17th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, Mr John Blythe, bookbinder, aged 68 years.

BOADLE- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF JOHN BOADLE, of Mockerkin, Who died on the 18th of April, 1869, Aged 73 Years. And interred at Arlecdon Church, April 22nd.Verse with card- none **

BOADLE-At 26 Southey Street, Keswick, on the 29th Jan. 1932 Marion, beloved only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chambers Boadle, aged 16 years. Interred Keswick St. John's Church.

BOADLE-At 7 Eadies' Terrace, Harrington, on the 19th Dec.1920, Mary Eleanor(May), dearly beloved daughter of Mr.and Mrs.J.L. Boadle,aged 21 years.

BOAK. - In English Damside, in Carlisle, on the 15th Feb. 1877, GEORGE BOAK, aged 16 years;


BOAK-At Dockray Hall Mill Cottages, Kendal, on Tuesday week, MR. JOSEPH BOAK,aged 90, Dec. 1844

BOLTON-On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Broughton-in-Furness, Tamar, eldest daughter, of the late Rev. J. BOLTON, vicar of Millom.

BOMBELLI-At Whitehaven,on Friday last, MR. BALDI BOMBELLI, optician, aged 67 years, Oct. 1844

BONE-at Waverton, near Wigton, Mr John BONE, butcher. Feb. 1812.

BOO - At Longwathby, on the 22nd Feb. 1874, MR. JOHN DE BOO, aged 52 years.


BORROWDALE. - At Coulderton, near St.Bees, March 1844, JANE ANN, daughter of Mr JONATHAN BORROWDALE, aged 27 years.


BORROWSCALE–On January 5th,1932 at Cleator Moor, Matthew BORROWSCALE, aged 64.

BORTHWICK-At The Bungalow, #Bassenthwaite on the 19th Sept. 1903. John, aged 63 years.

BOSWELL - On the 21st Oct. 1855, at 105, Princes-street, Edinburgh,
Lieut.-Colonel BRUCE BOSWELL, H.E.I.C.S., of Crawley Grange,
Buckinghamshire, youngest surviving son of the late WILLIAM BOSWELLl. Esq.,
advocate, and grandson of the late JAMES BOSWELL, Esq., of Auchinleck.

BOUCH-Isabel Dalzell the dearly loved daughter of John and Mary Ann Bouch, of Aspatria, who died August 7th 1897, aged 8 years 3 months.

BOULTON. - On the 20th Oct. 1902 at 5 Winter’s Place, Whitehaven, William george, son of George BOULTON, aged 2 years.

BOUSFIELD.- At Culgaith, on the 21st June 1887, Jane Isabella, infant daughterof John
BOUSFIELD, labourer.

BOUSTEAD- at Brampton, Mr. S. BOUSTEAD, aged 47, Oct. 1819

BOWE-At no.1, Whitehaven Road, Cleator Moor, on 11th April,1932 Banks Bowe, the beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Bowe, aged 79. Interred at St John's Church.

BOWE-On the 7th Oct.1879, at Main-street, Cockermouth, MR. GEORGE BOWE, woollen carder, aged 72 years.

BOWE-At Keswick, Dec 1844, aged 78 years, Mr JOHN BOWE, stone mason,father of Mr BOWE, of the Kings Arms Inn.

BOWE- In Remembrance of GEORGE THOMAS BOWE, of Fangs Farm, Loweswater, Who died October 19th, 1899, AGED 38 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Sunday, the 22nd, at 2 o’clock, leaving Feenan’s Temperance Hotel, Cockermouth, at 12-30.

Verse with card- A sudden change, I in a moment fell, I had no time to bid my friends farewell; Make nothing strange, death happens unto all, My lot to-day, to-morrow you may fall. **

BOWE-At the High Nest, Keswick, May 29th,1895 Sarah, widow of the late Caleb BOWE, aged 85 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

BOWERBANK-At Low Side, Mungrisdale, on the 10thDec. 1844, MISS DINAH BOWERBANK, aged 20 years.

BOWERBANK-Fawcett, At 1, Market Street, Cockermouth, 21st March 1884, aged 58 years.

BOWES-Joseph,8th July, 1755-Crushed by levers of furnace bellows.

BOWES-Samuel Frederick Bowes, eldest son of the late Samuel Blair, and Margaret Bowes, who died at the Royal Eye and Ear Infirmary, Edinburgh, on the 30th of November, 1879, aged 17-1/2 years. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery

BOWMAN - On the 18th Dec. 1882, at Southport, Ann, sister, of the late Rev. J. BOWMAN, formerly vicar of Walton, aged 76 years.

BOWMAN-On the 28th March 1897, at 20 Michael Street, Whitehaven, infant son of GEORGE BOWMAN, coalminer.

BOWMAN - At 2 Pow Street, Workington, on the 3oth Jan. 1880 John Edwin, son of Mr. Henry BOWMAN, draper aged 6 months.


BOWMAN-at Smallthwaite, in Lamplugh, Sept. 1819 advanced in years.

BOWMAN-at Penrith, Miss Jane, aged 18, youngest daughter of the late Mr Edmund BOWMAN, agent to E. HASSELL, Esq. of Dalemain.Jan. 31, 1812

BOWMAN-Mary, BOWMAN, aged 68, Nov. 1819

BOWNES-William, Arlecdon, died June 1898.

BOWNESS-In Affectionate Remembrance of CHARLOTTE, THE BELOVED WIFE OF WILLIAM BOWNESS, of Arlecdon, Who Died September 11th, 1877, AGED 52 YEARS. To be interred at Arlecdon Church On Thursday, September 13th, at Three o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

BOWNESS-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Seaton MARY wife of MR WILLIAM BOWNESS blacksmith aged76 years.

BOWNESS. On the 14th July1882, at Old Hall, Oughterside, ROBERT, infant son of MR. THOMAS BOWNESS, ploughman.

BOWNESS-At 33, Parks Road, Arlecdon, suddenly, William Bowness, aged 64 years.- was interred at Arlecdon Church.

BOWMAN-On the 15th June, 1897, at 4, Peile Place, Michael-street, Whitehaven, Catherine Waterson, daughter of Alexander BOWMAN, mariner, aged 21 years.

BOWMAN-At Little Broughton, 9th Jan.1932, Hannah Mary, beloved daughter of the late William and Hannah Bowman, aged 49 years. Was interred at Christ Church, Gt. Broughton.

BOWMAN-Harold A. Bowman, who died at Market St. Cockermouth, Jan 14th 1928.

BOWMAN - At St. Anne's Hospital, Appleby, on the 18th Oc. 1855, Mrs. M. BOWMAN, widow, formerly of Knock, at an advanced age.

BOWMAN.- At Bomby, Bampton, on the 19th June 1887, wm. BOWMAN, aged 68 years.

BOYCE-On the 23rd Nov.,1879 at Parker Terrace, Flimby. Louisa, Daughter of Mr. William BOYCE, aged 1 year and 4 months.

BOYD-Accidentally drowned at Teasdale, Stil, near Oban, Argyllshire, N. B., on the 8th May 1895, Arthur Livingstone, third and dearly beloved son of George and Margaret Boyd, of Whitehaven, aged 21 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

BOYD-At 1 High-street, Whitehaven, and late of Lonsdale Place, Moresby, on the 6th Feb. 1897, Elizabeth Bland BOYD, only daughter of the late Mr. John BOYD, clothier, Whitehaven and Workington. Interred at Moresby Churchyard, on Wednesday the 10th.

BOYES - In loving memory of Ena, wife of Wm. BOYES, who died July 2nd, 1934. Remembered by all at Orchard House, Greysouthern.

BOYES - At Ellenborough Place, Maryport on the 26th Jan. 1880, Mr. J. BOYES, aged 69 years.


BRADLEY-On the 11th Dec. 1882,at Southey-street, Workington, Mr. John BRADLEY, aged 35 years.

BRADBURY-At the Steam Packet Inn, Workington, Emma Bradbury. Interred on Friday, the 19th Aug 1898.

BRAGG-On the 3rd Sept. 1905, at the residence of her nephew, 12, Preston-street, Ann, the only daughter of the late Wm. BRAGG, Moor House, Haile, aged 82 years.

BRAGG.- At Sunnycroft, Aikton, on the 10th April, 1932, Emma Jane Bragg, daughter of the late William BRAGG, Workington, ship owner aged 84 years. To be interred at Aikton

BRAGG - On the 19th March 1882, at Dovenby, Hannah, wife of MrWilliam BRAGG, farm bailiff, aged 62 years.

BRAGG-At Ruby Hill, Flimby, December 4th 1920, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Herbert Irving Bragg, aged 37 years.

BRANNAN - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Lindsay Court, Main Street, Cockermouth, Jane, Infant daughter of Mr. Tom BRANNAN, flax dresser.

BRAITHWAITE. - On the 19th May, 1897, at Scawfell Hotel, Seascale, Edward BRAITHWAITE, aged 33, will be interred in Gosforth Church-yard

BRANTHWAITE-Ernest Henry (Ernie), the dearly beloved son of James and Ruth Branthwaite, who died at 8, Michael Street, Whitehaven, on November 24th, 1919, aged 15 months.

BRAITHWAITE-On the 8th Oct.1879, at the Black Lion Hotel, Whitehaven, MR. HENRY BRAITHWAITE, aged 62 years. No cards.

BRAITHWITE–Jane BRAITHWAITE, who died at 70, Moresby Parks, May 16th, 1926

BRAITHWAITE. - At Branthwaite Hall, on the 27th Oct. 1903, Jane, the beloved wife of the last Joseph BRAITHWAITE, aged 76 years. - To be interred at Dean.

BRAITHWAITE-On April 7th at 2 North Rd Bransty, Whitehaven, John late of Moresby Park aged 81.  Was interred in Moresby Curchyard April 10th 1930.

BRANNAN. - In Plumbland's Lane, Whitehaven, on the 25th April 1880, MR. JAMES BRANNAN, joiner, aged 65 years.


BRANTHWAITE-John, the beloved husband of Isabella, of Arlecdon Park Road, Arlecdon, who died on May 27th, 1895, aged 51 years. Was interned at Arlecdon Churchyard.

BRAITHWAITE-John BRAITHWAITE, who died April 7th, 1930 : also Jane, his wife, who died May 16th 1926, late of Moresby Parks.

BRANTHWAITE -Sept. 1844, at Whitehaven, Mrs. JANE BRANTHWAITE, Queen-street.

BRANTHWAITE.--On the 10th Oct 1869, at Todhunter's buildings, Queen-street, Mr. Joshua BRANTHWAITE, stonemason, aged 39 years.


BRANTHWAITE-In loving memory of our dear little daughter, Sarah Jane, who died at 28, Asby, April 30th, 1927.

BRANTHWAITE-In loving memory of our dear children, Sarah Ann, died on August 15th, 1888, aged 15 years Eva died on September 11th, 1887; Hilda Annie, died on July 7th, 1891 ; Jonathon, died on April 18th, 1881 ; Dinah Maria, died on June 20th, 1879 ; Joseph, died on March 20th, 1894,the beloved children of Jonathon and Jane Branthwaite, of Rowrah

BRASS-At High Houses, Ireby, on the 11th Sept. 1903, Margaret Ann, wife ofWilliam John BRASS, aged 39 years.

BRATTON- On the 13th Oct. 1819. at Burton-on-Humber, aged 100 years,Mrs. BRATTON. She retained her faculties to the last.

BRENNAN-On the 24th inst.,1920 at Marsh Terrace, Workington, Michael (Mat.), the beloved husband of Mary Brennan, aged 55 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

BRIAN-On the 14th May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, Jas. BRIAN, miner, aged 27.

BRIDSON-On 6th Sept.1903 at 35 Croft terrace, Egremont, MR ROBERT BRIDSON, aged 77 years. Was interred at the Cemetery, Egremont

BRIGGS-Mrs. (no 1st name), Seaton, The oldest resident in the village, Mrs BRIGGS, who was 90 years of age, was removed by death June 1895, Her husband, the late Thomas BRIGGS died in April, 1872

BRIGGS - In Graham Street, Carlisle, on the 1st Feb. 1880, George Morton BRIGGS, infant.


BRIGGS - On the 1st Dec.1879, at Frizington, Sarah Alice, daughter of Mr. Daniel BRIGGS, platelayer, aged 1 year and 2 months.

BRIGGS-William, the dearly beloved husband of Mary BRIGGS of 11, Mill Street, Frizington, who departed this life on Saturday, September 20th, 1902, aged 71 years.

BRIGGS - At Broughton in Furness, on Friday last (July 1844), after a protracted illness of six years, Mr. William BRIGGS, senior, late grocer, spirit merchant, and tallow chandler at that place, aged 68 years.

BRIGGS-William, Oct. 1844, after a tedious illness, MISS ELEANOR BRIGGS,daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM BRIGGS, of Moor Side, in the parish of Gosforth, aged 17 years.

BRIGGS. - At Chiswick Street, in this city, on the 17th May 1877, WILLIAM BRIGGS, eldest son of MR. JAMES BRIGGS, Lambley Bank, Scotby, aged 37years.


BRISCOE-At Bothel, on the 18th Dec. 1844, MR. WILLIAM BRISCOE, yeoman,in the 83rd year of his age.

BRITTON-JONES-William J., the Bootle Rural Council Surveyor died April 1932 at  his home, Lapstone Road, Millom, at the early age of 53.

BROCKBANK. - On the 2nd May, 1882, at Silecroft, Mr. John BROCKBANK, in the 82nd year of his age.

BROCKBANK.-On the 18th April 1899, at the Union Workhouse, Mary BROCKBANK, aged 76 years.

BROCKLEBANK-At Hawkshead, Mrs. Alice BROCKLEBANK, aged 84. March 1814.

BRODIE-At Barton Moss, Manchester, 19th Sept. 1903, John BRODIE, formally ofPapcastle, in his 71st year.

BRODIE-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Cockermouth, Mr. William Clement BRODIE, in his 50th year. schoolmaster at the Industrial School, Cockermouth, Sept. 1905

BROOKE-wife of JOHN BROOKE, Esq.late of Aullthorpe Lodge, near Leeds, and daughter of the great civil engineer, J. SMEATON Esq., who built the Eddistone Lighthouse. April 3, 1812.

BROUGH - At Maryport, on the 14th Nov. 1855, MR. DANIEL BROUGH, aged 75

BROUGH ~ On the 16th May 1899, at Westmoor End, Hayton, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Peter Brough, aged 54 years.

BROUGH - At Wigton, on the 28th Nov. 1855, Isabella, DAUGHTER OF JOHN BROUGH, Nailor, AGED 5 YEARS

BROUGH-At Beech Hill, Langrigg 11th Aug, 1895, Mason, the beloved son of John and Rachel Brough, aged 1 year and 11 months.

BROUGH-At Croft House, Gilcrux, on the 12th Jan.1932, Rachel, widow of the late John Brough, Beech Hill Aspatria, aged 73 years. Was interred at Bromfield Church.

BROUGH-Pvt. Thomas Pattinson Brough, D.L 1, dearly loved only son on Elizabeth Brough, Torpenhow, who was presumed kiled in action on December 3rd, 1917.

BROUGHAM-On the 30th Oct.1870, at her residence, Mostyn Hall, Penrith, MRS. ISABELLA HAY,widow of the late MAJOR THOMAS BROUGHAM, Bengal Army, in the 91st year of her age.

BROWNE-On the 16th July, 1818. at Castle-hill, Cumberland, MRS. BROWNE, relict of thelate WILLIAM BROWNE, Esq. of Tallentire-hall, in the same county.

BROWN. - On the 18th Oct. 1902 at 78 Penzance Street, Moor Row, Ann, wife of John BROWN, aged 70 years and 5 months.

BROWN.- At Langwathby, on the 24th June 1887, Ann, eldest daughter of John Brown, aged 28 years.

BROWN-At Maryport, on the 10th Nov. 1844, Mrs. Barbara BROWN, aged 73 years

BROWN- in Catherine Street, Whitehaven, FRANCES, daughter
of the late WILLIAM BROWN, Esq., of Roper Street, aged 48, Oct. 1855

BROWN - On the 1st April, 1882, at John-street, Maryport, George, son of Mr. William BROWN, seaman, aged 4 years.

BROWN - At Dumfries, on the 17th Oct. 1855 at 21, St. Michael Street, Mr. JAMES
BROWN, grocer and provision dealer, aged 30 years.

BROWN- on the 12th Nov. 1844 very suddenly, MRS. JANE BROWN, widow of the late MR. ANDREW BROWN, aged 84 years

BROWN: - At Craggs House, Seaton, on the 17th Sept. 1903, Ann the beloved wife of Adam B BROWN, aged 30 years

BROWN-Henry, At Coulderton, near St. Bees, last week, MR. HENRY BROWN, aged 30 years.Interred at St. James's Chapel, in Whitehaven.Oct. 1844

BROWN-the 11th Feb.1812 Mrs. BROWNE, mother of Mr. J. BROWNE, builder,Congleton.

BROWN- At Maryfield, Kelton, on the 13th Nov. 1858, Mr. Alexander BROWN, farmer

BROWN-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at Kildare, Wigton, Grace Kirsopp, wife of Mr. William BROWN, aged 31 years.

BROWN-Margaret Ann (Maggie), the beloved wife of William, who died at Greysouthen, May 18th 1929.

BROWN-At 8 Park View, Seaton, on 8th April 1932. dearly beloved husband of Nancy BROWN. Interred at Camerton Church on Friday 11th.

BROWN-At Craggs House, Seaton, on the 17th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved wife of Adam B. BROWN, aged 30 years. Interred at Camerton Church.

BROWN-On the 25th Oct. 1879, in Rickergate, Carlisle, Mr George Brown, aged 62 years.

BROWN-At Chapel Brow, on the 21st Sept. 1903, Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas BROWN, and only daughter of William and Ann TWEDDLE, aged 21 years.

BROWN-John, the dearly beloved son of James and

Mary BROWN, Ellenborough, killed in action in France, June 10th, 1918,aged 21 years

BROWN-At Prospect House, at Holmrook, on the 19thDec. 1920., Mary Jane, aged 74, widow of the late Thomas, solicitor, Whitehaven.

BROWN. - On the 18th June 1882, at Dearham, Mr Matthew Brown, coalminer, aged 45 years.

BROWN. On the 12th July 1882, at William-street, Wigton, MR. STEPHEN BROWN, aged 27 years

BRUCE. - On the 21st April 1897, at 80, Newtown, Whitehaven, ALEXANDER, infant son of ALEXANDER BRUCE, fish salesman.

BRUMFIELD-Mary The 5th Jan. 1814, at Papcastle, greatly respected, wife of Mr John BRUMFIELD, aged 68 years.

BRUNT - At Trumpet House, Near Whitehaven, Sept. 1844, after a short indisposition, in the 54th year of his age, the REV. JOHN BRUNT, who for upwards of twenty years was incumbent minister of the parish of Cleator.

BRUNTON-On the 21st Nov.,1879 at Dalton, Elizabeth BRUNTON, aged 58 years.

BRYCE - At Garliestown, on the 10th Oct. 1855, Captain GEORGE BRYCE.

BUCHANAN -On the 30th Dec. 1828, at Penrith, John BUCHANAN, Esq., in the 74th year of his age.

BUCHANAN-On the 26th July, 1852, at Moffat, Dumfriesshire, MARY, daughter of the late JOHN, Esq., of Penrith

BUCKLAND-On the 26th Jan.1932 Robert Edmund, the dearly beloved husband of Frances Isabella Buckland, 2,Douglas Road, Workington , aged 53 years. Interred at Salterbeck.

BULL-On the 1st Sept.1869, after a long illness, THOMAS, for 36 years thevalued servant of the late COLONEL and MRS. MACLEAN, Lazonby Hall, Penrith.

BULMAN-Mary, At Milton, on the 28th Jan. 1847, wife of John BULMAN.

BUMBY-On the 27th Nov., 1902 at the residence of her son, Newmains, Harriet BUMBY, formerly of Maryport, aged 66 years.

BURN. - In Church Lane, Brampton, on the 19th Feb. 1877, PETER BURN, nurseryman, aged 85 years.


BURN-At Alston, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Thomas BURN, ofthe Dun Cow Inn, aged 77.

BURNET- At Aspatria, on the 11th Nov. 1858, Mr. John BURNET

BURNETT - At 4, North Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st Jan 1880, Isabella Christina, second daughter of the late Col. Joseph BURNETT, of Gadgirth, Ayshire.


BURNETT-Robert, beloved husband of Catherine Burnett, of Great Clifton, died May 26th, 1894, aged 57 years.

BURNEY-On the 23rd April 1882, at Countess-street, Bransty, Whitehaven, Sarah, wife of Mr. John BURNEY, coalminer, aged 49 years.

BURNS - On the 18th March 1897, at Frizington, Deborah, wife of John BURNS, gardener, aged 70 years.

BURNS.-At 6, Duke-street, Cleator Moor, 25th April, 1899, Ellen, widow of the late Mr. James BURNS, aged 65 years. To be interred at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

BURNS.-On the 2nd February, 1897, at Moresby Parks, Martha COCHRANE, daughter of Luke BURNS, aged 9 years.

BURNS-on the 15th Feb 1889, at Marsh terrace, Workington, Robert, infant son of of Mr Henry Burns, ironmoulder.

BURNES-At Marst Street, Workington, 30th May 1895, Mary BURNS, aged 11 years.

BURNYEAT - On the 20th Sept. 1869, at St. Bees, after a lingering illness, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. William Burnyeat, joiner, aged 16 years.Sept. 1869

BURNYEAT-At Deanscales, 22nd March 1903, Thomas BURNYEAT, formerly of Latterhead, Loweswater, aged 73 years. Interred at Dean Church.

BURROW-On Saturday last, the 17th Jan 1863, E. A. BURROW, Esq., of CarltonHall, Ravenglass, Cumberland, J. P., aged 55

BURROW-George, at Workington, at an advanced age, cartman. Nov. 1819

BURROW-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at Ulverston, Grace, widow of Mr R Burrow, aged 70 years.

BURROWS - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at Eskmeals Railway Station, William Archer Burrows, railway clerk, aged 22years.

BURTON-On the 21st May, 1895, Margaret, the beloved wife of Joseph Burton, of Tallentire. Interred at Bridekirk on the 24th.

BUSHBY-30  Jan. 1778  Lately on board his vessel lying at King -- road Capt. Bushby of the Bellona belonging to Workington.

BUSHBY-19  April 1791  At Workington on the 9th inst. Capt. John Bushby of the Falcon aged 26, greatly respected by all who had his aquaintance.

BUSHBY- 9  April 1811  The 30th ult. at Appleby Mr. John Bushby surgeon. He served the office of Mayor in that borough in 1803.

BUSHBY- 9 July 1811   Yesterday morning in Scotch Street Mr. John Bushby in an advanced age.

BUSHBY- In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary, The beloved wife of John Bushby, of Mockerkin, Who died October 21st. 1886 Aged 88 years. To be interred at Loweswater, on Tuesday, the 26th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 12:30 o’clock p.m.

Verse with card- “HER END WAS PEACE” **

BUSHBY- 3  June 1817  Monday se'night at Mockerkin in Loweswater of a short illness in the 66th year of her age Mrs. Mary Bushby of that place. She was of rare endowments, of a charitable and humane disposition and an upright and devout Christian. Her memory will be long held in remembrance in the circle of her friends and acquaintances as her death is regretted and lamented.

BUSHBY- In affectionate Remembrance of JOHN F. BUSHBY, of Mockerkin, Who died April 15th, 1887, AGED 86 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater, on Wednesday, the 20th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 12 o’clock Noon.

Verse with card- “Be ye also ready ; for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.” **

BUSHBY-At East House, Embleton, on the 20th Sept 1903, Jane beloved wife of Joseph BUSHBY.

BUSHBY- On the 11th (*or 17th)July 1856, at Skelgill, near Keswick, Cumberland, SIDNEY, sonof THOMAS A. BUSHBY, Esq., of Liverpool, aged five years and eight months.

BUSHBY-13 Dec. 1814  At Wigton on Saturday se'night Mr. Thomas Bushby manufacturer much respected.

BUSHBY-22 May  1792  A few days ago at Greystoke in this county Mr. William Bushby many years innkeeper at that place and greatly respected.

BUSHBY- 8 March 1814  The 25th ult. aged 68 Mr. W. Bushby landlord of the 'Crown', Eamont Bridge.

BUSK-at Bath, in the 81st year of her age, Lady BUSK, relict of the late Sir Wadsworth Busk, formerly his Majesty's Attorney-General of the Isle of Man. Sept. 1819

BUTLER- On the 8th Feb. 1865, accidentally killed by a fall on the Great Gable atWastdale, Cumberland, CHARLES LENNOX BUTLER, second son of the HON. CHARLESLENNOX BUTLER, of Coton House, Rugby, Warwickshire.

BUTLER- On the 27th June 1858, at the Vicarage, Penrith, ELIZABETH, wife of the REV. S.J. BUTLER, vicar of Penrith, Cumberland.

CADDY. - Mr HENRY CADDY, aged 81 years - the deceased was parish clerk of St. John's and St Bridget's Beckermont, upwards of 40 years, March 1844


CAIN-On the 12th, Dec 1882 at John-street, Marypot, Mr Michael CAIN, aged 72 years.

CAIN - At Harrington, on the 2 Feb. 1880, Patrick CAIN, labourer aged 47 years.


CAIRNS on the 17 Feb 1889, at Brow street, Maryport, Thomas son of the late Mr David Cairns. coalminer, aged 4 yrs.

CALVERT- In Loving Memory of Henry, Dearly Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Calvert, Low Lorton, WHO DIED (suddenly) ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 1912, AGED 42 YEARS. Was interred at Lorton Church, on Monday, the 9th.

Verse with card- How sure the aim, how swift the blow that bore thy life away; How bright wert thou at noontide’s glow, How still at close of day. How sweetly rang thy martin song, From all foreboding free, And ere the night-winds swept along How many wept for thee. **

CALVERT ~ In loving memory of dear mother, Sarah Calvert, who died at Egremont on May 15th, 1895 aged 80 years

CALVERT - At High Hesket, on the 7th Feb. 1880 Mary, widow of Thomas CALVERT, of Clarke's Hill, Brampton, aged 85 years.


CALVERT-Thomas, who died at Hensingham On Feb 12th, 1879, aged 55 and was interred at Hensingham.

CALVERT. - On the 16th October 1902 at high Padstow, Hensingham, Thomas Henry, son of Joseph CALVERT, coalminer, aged 8 months.

CALVIN. - On the 17th Oct. 1902 at 31 Pipehouse Lane, Whitehaven, William, son of William CALVIN, Coalminer, aged 16 months.

CAMERON - On the 17th March 1882, at Ellenborough, Miss Betsy CAMERONS, aged 80 years

CAMERON-GEORGE, collier manager, of Greysouthern, who died at Seaton, 9th June, 1894 aged74 years.

CAMERON. On the 13th July 1882, at Wyndham Row, Broughton Moor, MR. WILLIAM CAMERON, aged 73 years.

CAMERON - In Princess Street, on the 18th July, 1844, William, son of Mr. and Mrs. John CAMERON, aged 6 months.

CAMPBELL-On the 9th June 1897, at 5, Marlborough-street, Whitehaven, Helen, infant daughter of William Campbell, coalminer.

CAMPBELL-Henry, At Ribton Lane, Whitehaven, 4th Nov. 1884, aged 23 years.

CAMPBELL-James, The 29thMarch, 1812. at Kilbryde Castle, aged 89.

CAMPBELL. - On April 9, 1931, Mary, beloved wife of the late Edward CAMPBELL. To be interred at Broughton Moor

CANNELL - On the 22 nd Nov. 1882 at Quay-street, Whitehaven, Ruth Ellen, infant daughter of Mr. Isaac CANNELL.

CANNON-At Finkle Street, Workington, 15th June 1884., Rebecca, widow of Mr Daniel CANNON, seaman, aged 74 years.

CAPE-(no first name)my dear father who died at Broughton Moor, on Jan 15th 1931; also my dear mother, who died Feb. 6th 1928.

CAPE- Huddart, Keswick, expired suddenly on Wednesday, Oct.1903 about 4-30pm while sitting in a chair in her bedroom.She was 88.

CARLISLE-At Great Dockray, Penrith, on the 16thOct. 1844, MRS. ANN CARLISLE, aged 37years;

CARNAGHAN - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Catherine Street, Maryport, Annie Jane, daughter of Captain John CARNAGHAN, aged 2 years.

CARR. - February, 1844, after a short illness, LADY CARR, widow of the unfortunate RIGHT HON. SPENCER, PERCIVAL. The deceased lady, who was the second daughter of SIR THOMAS SPENCER WILSON, Bart., married on the 10th of August, 1790, the RIGHT HON. SPENCER PERCIVAL, and in January, 1815, remarried SIR WILLIAM CARR, K.C.B.


CARR - On the 15th Feb. 1897 at Frizington, Robert Stainton, sone of John Carr, aged 22 months.

CARRICK-In Lowther-street, on the 12th Oct. 1844, ELEANOR, the infant daughter of MR.WILLIAM CARRICK, Jun.

CARRICK- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF ISAAC CARRICK, Of Mosedale, Who departed this life August 20th, 1880, AGED 65 YEARS, And was interred at Greystoke Church August 22nd. Verse with card- Sudden and unexpected was the blow That smote our joys, and laid our prospects low; In vain his pleading form we call to mind, Attentive, gentle, tender and kind. Weep not for me my wife and children dear, A tender father has left you here; And when you go my grave to see, Prepare yourself to follow me.**

CARRICK- In Affectionate Remembrance of JANE, Widow of the late Isaac Carrick, Mosedale, Who departed this life Oct. 15th, 1894, AGED 84 YEARS. Interred at Greystoke, October 18th. Verse with card- Past all pain forever, Done with sickness now, Those dear eyes are closed forever, Peaceful is thy brow. Greatly shall we miss thee, But our loss will be thy gain, In Heaven we hope to meet thee, With Jesus there to reign.**

CARRUTHERS-Private A E (Eddie) CARRUTHERS, who died of wounds in France, April 11th, 1918, aged 19 years, the dearly loved son of W and S Peel CARRUTHERS, of 58 St Helens Street, Cockermouth.

CARRUTHERS-James CARRUTHERS, of Cockermouth, who died on the 20th September, 1899. aged 51 years. Interred at Brigham.

CARRUTHERS - At Mawbray House, Crosby, Robert, beloved husband of Eleanor who was accidentally killed on Saturday, March 19th, 1932. To be interred at Crosscanonby Church.

CARRUTHERS-On Sunday, November 28th, 1920, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Thomas Carruthers, King Street, Aspatria, aged 51 years. Was interred at St. Kentigern's, Asptria

CARRUTHERS. - On the 18th Oct. 1902 at 2 Prospect Hill, Whitehaven, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Mary CARRUTHERS, and second son of William and Mary CARRUTHERS, aged 28 years. Deeply regretted.

CARRUTHERS-Tom Peel, who died at 58, St. Helen's Street, on November 29th, 1918, aged 25 years.  Also of Pvt. Arthur Edward (Eddie), who died of wounds received in action on April 11th, 1918, aged 19 years, the dearly loved sons of William and Sarah Peel


CARRUTHERS- On Monday, at his residence, Kingston Park, near Whitehaven, in the 82nd year of his age, William CARRUTHERS, Esq.

CARTER-At 5, Fitz Road, Cockermouth, on May 2nd, 1931, Joseph Carter, husband of the late Sarah Carter, aged 81 years. Interred at the Cemetery, Cockermouth.

CARTMELL-Lawrence. the beloved son of Daniel and Mary Ann, the Meadows, Keswick, who died September 16th 1886, aged 4 years and 10 months.

CARTMER. On the 18th July 1882. at Crosby-street, Maryport, ISAAC, infant son of MR. JAMES CARTMER, butcher.

CARY-Catherine, On the 12th Dec. 1844, at her residence, Racey House, Charlton Kings,Gloucestershire, in the 81st year of her age, CATHERINE , the wife of the REVEREND ARCHDEACON CARY, of Hazlebrook, in the county of Roscommon, and only surviving child of the late MRS. LAW, Widow of the Right REVEREND JOHN LAW, Lord Bishop of Elphin, by her previous marriage with JOHN THOMLINSON,Esq., of Carlisle and Bencogo, in this county.

CASS - At Portinscale, on the 19th Nov. 1855, of consumption, MISS ELEANOR CASS, aged 22 years.

CASS-In loving memory of Jonathan Cass, who died 24th November, 1919.

CASSON-On the 1 Aug. 1903. William the dearly beloved and last surviving son of the late Jackson and Elizabeth Casson of Victoria Villas, Cleator Moor,age 37 years.

CASSON- At Swallowhurst, Bootle, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MATTHEW COWARD, son of MR. ANTHONY CASSON, aged 12 years.

CASSON,On the 22nd January, 1897, at St. Bees, Maria Dixon, widow of William W. CASSON, hair dresser, aged 74 years.

CASTLE-April, 1812, aged 23, SAMUEL CASTLE, Esq., jun. deputy clerk of the peace for the county of Durham.

CASTLEY- On the 9thNov. 1858, at Shap, Mr. William CASTLEY, carpenter, aged 69.

CATTON- At York, Mrs Ann CATTON, aged 102. Feb. 1814

CAUGHEY-On the 17th Dec. 1882, at Goat, Papcastle, Miss Fanny CAUGHEY, aged 21 years.

CHALMERS- Mr. Gabriel CHALMERS, inthe 81st year of his age. Nov. 1858.

CHAMBERS.- At Ousby, on the 30th June 1887, Ann, wife of Mr. Edmund CHAMBERS, aged 69 years.

CHAMLEY - In Bridge Lane, Carlisle, on the 30 Jan. 1880, Matthew CHAMLEY, aged 57 years.

CHAMNEY-At Penrith, on the 15th Dec. 1844,JOHN, son of MR. EDWARD CHAMNEY, innkeeper,aged 17 years.

CHAPMAN-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at Common Side, Distington, Jane, wife of Mr. Henry CHAPMAN, aged 58 years.

CHARTER- W. F., at Moresby House, near Whitehaven, son of the late Mr W. F. CHARTER, brewer of Egremont. March 1903.

CHEESE-On the 27th May,1863 at Gosforth Rectory, Cumbrland, HELEN relict of the REV. B.CHEESE, B.D., rector of Tendring, Essex, and rural dean, in her 75th year.

CHESTER-Jane of Hexham, Feb 1814 aged 100.

CHESTER-William Musgrave Chester, who died suddenly, Jan. 16th 1930.

CHICKEN-Frances, the dearly beloved daughter of William and Margaret, of Flagstaff Farm, Silloth, who died Friday, September 20th, 1901.

CHISHOLME-On the 26th Sept.1879, at Caldewgate, Carlisle, JANE CHISHOLME, aged 54 years.

CHISNELL. - in Lord Street, Carlisle on the 16th Feb. 1877, MARGARET ELLEN CHISNELL, aged 7 weeks


CHRISTIAN - On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Frizington, Catherine, wife of Mr. Robert James CHRISTIAN, coalminer, aged 57 years.

CHRISTIAN-On the 7th April, 1812, at Douglas, Miss JANE CHRISTIAN, daught of Capt. CHRISTIAN, of the Nelly and Betty.

CHRISTOPHERSON. - In Liverpool, March 1844 in the 78th year of his age, Mr JOSEPH CHRISTOPHERSON, late of Whitehaven.


CHURCH-Sept. 26, 1819, at Moresby, aged 74, Mrs CHURCH, sister of the late Rev Henry NICHOLSON, of Moresby.

CHURCH- On the 24th of April 1821, at Seringapatam, William Lowther CHURCH, seniorCaptain of the 18th Madras Infantry, and late of Whitehaven, Cumberland,aged 38.

CLAGUE-At 22, Church Street, Workington, on the 9th Feb 1903, Isabella (Bel*e), the dearly beloved daughter of John and Isabella Clague, aged 18 years. Interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

CLAPPERTON. - On the 11th July 1913, at 100 Senhouse Street, Maryport, James Archibald, third and dearly beloved son of Mr. And Mrs. W. CLAPPERTON. Was interred at the Maryport Cemetery

CLARK-On the 28th Sept. 1869 at Haile, Ann CLARK, aged 88 years.

CLARK-Driver Richard, R.F.A., of the Dairy Netherhall, Maryport, who died at Addenbrooks Hospital,Cambridge, on November 26th, 1917.

CLARK - In Charlotte Street, on the 5th Oct. 1855, of scarlatina, JOHN, son of MR. THOMAS CLARK, gas-fitter, aged 6 years.


CLARK-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, Emily,infant daughter of Mr John Martin Clark, plumber.

CLARK-Fanny Clark, of Gilcruz, who died August 17th, 1902, aged 12 years and 9 months.  Was interred at Gilcrux Church August 21th,1902.

CLARK-At Banklands, Workington, 15th inst. John Clark, formerly of Cockermouth, in his 88th year.  To be interred at Bridekirk today.

CLARK - A Belle Vue Cottage, Beacon Side, on the 18th Feb. 1874, MARY, the infant daughter of MR. JOHN CLARK, gardener.


CLARK - In Charlotte Street, on the 5th Oct. 1855, of scarlatina, JOHN, son of MR. THOMAS CLARK, gas-fitter, aged 6 years.

COLLIN - Oct. 4, 1855, MRS. BETSY COLLIN, aged 85 years, Maryport

CLARK- At Uldale, Oct. 1844, MR. JONATHAN CLARK, aged 70 years – much respected through life.

CLARK-At Hadrian House, Maryport, on March 6th., Mary Ann, widow of Joseph Clark. Interred at Maryport Cemetery, Monday, 10th March 1930.

CLARK - On the 24th June, 1897, at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Mary, the wife of Martin CLARK, labourer, Goosebutts, aged 65 years.

CLARK - At Welton, on the 19th Oct. 1855, after a long and painful illness, Mary CLARK, aged 32 years.

CLARK-SARAH ANN, wife of Mr JOSEPH CLARK, stone mason,aged 30 years. Dec 9th 1844

CLARKE-On the 19th Jan. 1859, at 69, Glocester-terrace, Hyde Park, CATHERINE ELIZABETH,the beloved wife of ANDREW RICHARD CLARKE, Esq., of the Powe, Keswick,Cumberland, in her 25th year.

CLARKE - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Greysouthen, Henry Edward, infant son of Mr. David CLARKE, coalminer.

CLARKE. - On the 26th March, 1958 at Workington Infirmary, William, aged 81 years, the beloved husband of Elizabeth CLARKE, 58 Melbreak Avenue, Cockermouth. To be interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.


CLOUDSDALE - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Sawrey, Mr. Jonathan CLOUDSDALE, aged 36 years.

CLAYTON- Joseph, son of Mr and Mrs J CLAYTON,of Clay Street, Workington, attached to H.M.S. Emperor of India, who died in Haslar Hospital, Gosport, was buried at Haslar with full naval honours. Aged 21, died May 193?

CLEMENTS-On the 26th March 1897, at Egremont, Mr. WILLIAM CLEMENTS, carter, aged 70 years.

CLIFT-On the 14th Dec. 1882, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Jane CLIFT, aged 75 years.

COATES.- At the Black Lion Inn, Corn Market, Penrith, on the 22 May 1896, Mary Agnes COATES, aged 27 years.

COBRAN- At Hensingham, near Whitehaven, Oct. 1844, suddenly, ELIZABETH,wife of MR. THOMAS COBRAN, aged 55 years.

COCKBAIN ~ On the 10th May 1899, at Clara Vale, Ryton-on-Tyne, Mr. Martin Cockbain, coalminer, aged 62 years.

COCKBAIN-At Far End Row Threlk...  Sunday, June 19th,1898 Mary, (parts of page missing) the beloved daughter of William and Sarah Cockbain 

COCKBANE-Thomas, 1860, April - Thomas Cockbane,45 - Roof fall at Lowther Coal Pit.

COCKS. - On the 29th May, 1897, at 43 Peter Street, Whitehaven, Sarah COCKS, aged 81 years.

COCKTON-Sarah, 1812-3rd August-Little Clifton - Burned by clothes catching fire.

COID- At Harrington, 22nd March, 1884, Mr. John COID, labourer, aged 69 years.

COLAS- At the Black Swan Inn, Castle Street, Carlisle on the body of a deaf and dumb idiot child, aged nine years the illegitimate daughter of Margaret. Death by burns, January, 1847.

COLEBANK - On the 21st Jan. 1920, Rozel, Seascale, Lisly, dearlyloved daughter of the late Isaac and Hannah COLEBANK, aged45 years. Interred at St Mary's Church

COLGIN. - On the 13th August 1869, very suddenly, on board of his vessel at Melbourne, Australia, Captain Joseph COLGIN, master of the barque, Harrington

COLLIN-Susan At Jarringmoor, near Wigton, aged 84. Feb. 1812

COLLINS- At Wood Street, Maryport, 26th March 1884, Naomi, wife of Mr. George Larkham COLLINS, recieving officer, aged 39 years.

COLLINSON- At London, on the 23rd,Oct. 1844, aged 31 years, in Northumberland Street, New Road, BARBARA C.C. COLLINSON, youngest daughter of the late REV. JOHN COLLINSON, vicar of Kirk*arl*, Northumberland.

COLLISTER-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Sandhills Lane Whitehaven MR T COLLISTER aged 49 years.

CONAWAY-Jane, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CONAWAY, Seat House, High Seaton, died April 1931.

CONKEY-at Hensingham, Miss. Eleanor CONKEY, aged 19, Oct. 1819

CONKEY, Robert - February 1st, 1883, Whangs Farrm, Egremont, Cumberland, England

CONLON. - In Bridge Street, in Carlisle, on the 28th April, 1880, CATHERINE CONLON, aged 50 years.


CONLON: On the 20th Apr. 1882, at Kirkby Street, Maryport, Elizabeth Mary Monighan, daughter of the late Philip CONLAN, seaman, aged 15 years.

CONNOR- Robt CONNOR, who died on the 16th of June, 1902, aged 56 years, and was interred in the Maryport Cemetery on 19th  June.

CONROY-Thomas, 1846, 7th May - Bridgefoot- 42, Buried in slide of clay at railway.

COOK-Edward S., January 1932, aged 29, a Seascale man, collided with a tramcar and sustained injuries from which he died some days later in hospital.

COOK-Mary, of Wigton, Feb. 1814, aged 59.

COOKE-William, At the Old Printworks, 26th March 1884, Mr. Wm. COOKE, aged 75 years.

COOPER-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Scalegill, Egremont, Mr. George COOPER aged 79 years.

COOPER-At S. St. Helen's Street, Cockermouth, 28th Jan.1932 Jane, widow of the late Robert Cooper(builder) aged 75 years.

COOPER. - On the 20th June 1882, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Joseph Grave, infant son of Mr Joseph Cooper, draper.

COOPER-Richard, English-street,Cockermouth, Oct. 1819 aged 33

CORLETT-Ada, beloved wife of late Joshua CORLETT, died at Parton, April 7th 1930; also Josephine, daughter of above, died March 18th 1929.

CORK - In treasured memory of a dear husband and father, Charles Albert CORK, who died at Wardhall, Arkleby, on July 1st, 1937, in his 36th year.

CORK-Thomas Percy, died at "Tile Kilns" Kirkbride, November 6th 1925

CORKHILL,(female) Suicide, October, 1879, Cleator Moor.

CORNTHWAITE - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Barrow, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Richard CORNTHWAITE, aged 67 years.

CORREY - At Salkeld Dykes, on the 19th Feb. 1874 ELIZABETH CORREY, aged 14 years.


COSTIN-At 46, Wood Street, Maryport, on the 29th November, 1920, Joseph McGraa(?)Costin(coalminer), beloved husband of Annie Costin, aged 39years.  Interred at Maryport Cemetary

COTTERILL-Thomas, Whitehaven, July 25th, 1852. aged 24 years.

COTTIER- At Swansea, on September 18th,1903 Leonard Grave, son of Capt. Cottier, and Grandson of the late Stephen Grave, late of Mirkholme, aged 33 years and 10 months.

COTTIER-Thomas,41 years, interred in Broughton Parish Churchyard, June 1895.

COULTHARD-A.B. Thomas E, R.N.D., who died in the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, November 24th, 1915.

COULTHARD-on the 22nd Feb. 1889, at his residence, Africa villa, Whitehaven, Joseph Jefferson Coulthard aged 62 yrs.

COULTHARD-On the 19th Oct. 1879, at Wood-street, Maryport, Josephine, daughter of Mr Joseph Coulthard, painter, aged 13 months.

COULTHARD-Judith Ann the dearly loved mother of above, who died at Station Road, Flimby, March 12th, 1908.  Both interred at Flimby.

COULTHARD-On the 28th Sept.1879, at Lowther-street, Carlisle, Margaret, daughter of the late MR. William Coulthard, aged 23 years.

COWAN-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mrs Ann Cowan, aged 76 years.

COWAN. - On the 19th June 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, William COWAN, ship carpenter, aged 60 years.

COWARD - On the 29th June 1938, at 20, Priory Hill, Dartford, Kent, James, the beloved husband of Edith COWARD (late of Midland Bank, Keswick).

COWIN - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at Frizington, Margaret Ann, wife of Robert Cowin, aged 33 years.

COWMAN-At 66, John Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, Evelyn WOOD, daughter of Jeremiah and Agnes COWMAN, of 92, Victoria Road, aged 17 months. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

COWMAN - On the 28th Nov.1879, at the Ironworks, Seaton, Hannah, daughter of Mr. Joseph COWMAN, watchmaker, aged 1 year.

COWMAN - On June 22nd, at Romford, John, dearly beloved husband of Jinnie COWMAN. Interred at Romford Cemetery on 27th June, 1938.

COWMAN. - On the 17th May 1897, at 19, Hilton-terrace, Whitehaven, William Harris COWMAN, aged 31.

COWPER-On the 31st March,1881 FREDERICK COWPER, Esq., J. P., and D. L., of CarletonHall, near Penrith, and No. 10, Montagu-square, Hyde-park, in his 87th year.

COWPER- 21st Jan. 1814 at her son's house, at Unthank, near Hutton Hall, Mrs COWPER,widow, aged 94.

COWPERTHWAITE. - On the 5th June 1882., at Brickfield-road, Liverpool, Mr Matthew Cowperthwaite, formerly of Cartmel, aged 32 years.

COX - At Low Graythwaite, on the 23rd Sep. 1855, MAJOR GEORGE COX, late of the 60th Bengal Native Infantry, aged 49 years.

CRAIGHILL-John CRAIGHILL who died at Crosthwaite, Keswick, April 2nd 1926.

CRANE-On the 4th June 1897, at Galemire Hospital, Jane daughter of Jno. CRANE, ironminer, aged 12 years.

CREAR-at No 11 Carter lane, on the 26 Feb 1889, Peter Crear, aged 76 yrs. Interred at the Whitehaven Cemetery.

CREERIE- Oct. 27, 1844, At Maryport, MRS. MARY CREERIE, aged 74

CREGEEN–Martha Ann, the beloved daughter of Edmund and Eleanor Cregeen, who died at Hensingham, August 22nd, 1895, aged 23 years. Interred at the Hensingham Cemetery.

CRELLIN - On the 9th Feb. 1897, at Scilly Banks, Moresby, William, son of Thomas Crellin, aged 15 months.

CRENELL-On the 25th Oct. 1879, at Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, widow of Mr Samuel Crenell, master mariner, aged 64 years.

CREWDSON.- At Wetherick House, Penrith, on the 19th May 1896, James CREWDSON, blacksmith, aged 55 years.

CROFT-Ann, of Durham, aged 89. Feb. 1814

CRONE-In loving memory of our dear mother, who died at 70, Kirkgate Cockermouth, June 6th,193l

CRONE - At Constantinople, on the 4th Sept. 1855, of apoplexy, WILLIAM, son of the late MR. DANIEL CRONE, stonemason, Aspatria, aged 26 years.

CROSBY-At 59 Main Street, Ellensborough, on the 14th April 1932, William, youngest son of the late Joseph and Betty Crosby, aged 67. Interred at Dearham

CROSBY–At Buchanan’s Terrace, Ellenborough,October 5th,1903. William Henry (Lenny), the beloved son of Joseph and Betsy Crosby, aged 27 years.

CROSSE-The Rev. Arthur Bayly CROSSE, canon of Norwich, died yesterday at his residence in the Cathedral precincts, aged 78, from a heart affection, Sept. 1909

CROSTHWAITE-at Harrington, in the 80th year of her age, and greatly respected through life, Mrs CROSTHWAITE, relict of the late Mr Benjamin CROSTHWAITE. Feb. 1814

CROSTHWAITE-John, Feb. 1812, interred on Friday at St. John's chapel in Hensingham; the first interment in that burying ground.

CROSTHWAITE-At Balmoral House, Lake Road, Keswick, March 1st, Margaret, Widow of George Crosthwaite, aged 82 years.  Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

CROSTHWAITE. - On the 22nd Oct. 1902, at Winder Brow Farm, Lamplugh, William CROSTHWAITE, late of Birks Farm, aged 64 years. To be interred at St. Michael’s Church Arlecdon, on Saturday, the 25th, leaving Winder Brow at quarter past two o’clock. Friends please accept this the only intimation.

CROZIER. - On the 6th Feb. 1897, at Parton, Joseph COZIER, general labourer, aged 81 years.

CRUDDACE - At Branthwaite on the 22nd March, 1932, John, second son of the late Robert and Jane CRUDDACE, aged 67. To be interred at Dean Church.

CRUDDACE-Robt. Geo. Brow Top Cottages, Branthwaite,died April 1931.

CULLEN-on the 13th Feb 1889, at Cleator Moor, Arthur, infant son of Mr John Cullen, painter.

CULLEN-On the 20th May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, John CULLEN, miner, aged 72 years.

CUMMINGS - On the 17th March 1882, in Ashley-street, Carlisle, Frances CUMMINGS, infant.

CUMMINGS - On the 7th Oct. 1855, JOHN son of DAVID CUMMINGS, seaman, aged 7 years, Maryport

CURRIE-On the 16th May 1899, at 16 Ribton Lane Whitehaven, Ann, wife of the late Mr. James Currie, aged 46 years.

CURRY - On the 28th Nov. 1882 at Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mr. William Davison CURRY, aged 25 years.

CURWEN-On the 20th Sept 1860, HENRY, Esq., of Workington Hall, Cumberland, and Belle Isle, Windermere, aged 76

CURWEN- At the Rectory, Workington, on Wednesday week, MONA, the infant daughter ofthe REV. HENRY CURWEN.Oct. 1844.

DALRYMPLE-On the 22nd April 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Sarah Ann, widow of Mr. David DALRYMPLE., shipwright, aged 37 years.

DALRYMPLE.-On the 24th April, 1899, at Moresby Parks, James, son of Mr. William J. DALRYMPLE, aged 9 years.

DALRYMPLE-On the 6th Oct. 1869 at 84 Roper-street, Whitehaven, James ARTHUR, infant son of Thomas and Margaret, aged 4 1/2 months.

DALTON - At Cummersdale Mills, near this city, on Friday, the 5th Oct, 1855, MR. DALTON, miller and corn merchant, aged 71 years.

DALSTON. - On the 5th March 1844 Mrs ANN DALSTON, of Blackwell, aged 81 years.


DALZELL-At Clifton, on the 15th Aug.1898, Margaret, widow of the late Thomas Henry Dalzell, of Clifton Hall, born July 4th, 1825, died August 15th 1898.

DARCE-On the 3rdOct. 1819. at Wimbleton, Lady DARCE. By her Ladyship's demise, Mr. BRAND, her son, (the present member for the County of Herts) succeeds to the title and estates; there is, therefore, a vacancy for the county.

D'ARCY - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at Queen Street, Maryport, Mary D'ARCY, aged 2 years.

DARCEY-At 23, Stand Street, Maryport, on 17th Sept. 1903, Mary Jane, Beloved daughter of Patrick and Sarah F. DARCEY, aged 7½ months.

DARGAN. - in Rickergate, on the 21st Feb. 1877, THOMAS DARGAN, aged 6 months.


DARWOOD-Jane, At Mawbray, near Allonby, 21st March 1884. Aged 64 years.

DAVEY-John Thomas, second son of John and Elizabeth Jane Davey, 218, Frizington Road, Frizington, who died at Blackpool, November 28th, 1919.

DAVIDSON-At Moor Lea, Crosby on December 5th,1930, Catherine DAVIDSON, aged 65 years

DAVIDSON-On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Blackbank Cottage, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Davidson, foreman, platelayerat the Gretna Branch of the North British Railway, aged 14 years.

DAVIDSON- On the 19th Nov. 1858, James, infant son of Mr. Thomas DAVIDSON.

DAVIDSON - On the 11th Feb. 1897 at Pipehouse-lane, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of Misach Davidson, shoemaker, aged 73 years.

DAVIDSON, On the 20th Jan. 1897, at Trumpet-road, Cleator, Mary Ann DAVIDSON, housekeeper, aged 54 years.

DAVIES - On the 22nd March 1897, at Crescent Cottages, Drigg, Mary, widow of Joseph DAVIES, aged 79 years.

DAVIS: On the 17th Apr. 1882, at Furnace Lane, Maryport, William Watson, son of Mr John DAVIS, tailor, aged 18 months.

DAWSON-The 21st Jan. 1812 at Sedburgh, Mrs DAWSON, wife of Mr John DAWSON, an eminent mathematician.

DAWSON - Carlisle, At 7, Burlington Place, on the 20th April, 1880., JANE, relict of the late JOHN DAWSON, Esq.

DAWSON. - On the 12th May, 1897, at John's-lane, Whitehaven, Matilda, widow of William DAWSON, shoemaker, aged 74 years.

DAWSON-On the 26th Sept.1879, at Castle Vue, Penrith, Ann, widow of MR. TIMOTHY DAWSON, aged 68 years.

DAWSON- At Gosforth, on the 16thOct. 1844, HANNAH, wife of MR. MILES DAWSON, saddler,in the 25th year of her age.


DAWSON-John, At Great Broughton, 27th March 1884, aged 86 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

DAWSON-John, at Grasmere, Nov. 1819, aged 74.

DAWSON-In loving remembrance of Joseph Dawson, second son of the late James and Jane Dawson of Bowthorn, born December 19th 1849,died August 1st, 1903. Interred at Cleator.

DAWSON-At Penrith, on the 12th May 1844, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Thomas DAWSON, letter carrier, aged eight years.

DAWSON-At No 4 Gray Street, Workington on the 5thDec. 1920. Martha Emma thebeloved wife of the late Thomas Sutcliffe Dawson.

DAWSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of Ann Jane Dawson, of Mockerkin, Who died on Tuesday, Aug. 27th 1889, aged 28 years. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Thursday, Aug.29th, at 1-30 P.M.

Verse with card-“Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Mourn not for whom god has blessed, And taken to His heavenly rest; Free from all the sorrow, grief and pain, Our loss is her eternal gain. **

DAWSON.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at 24, Water-street, Carlisle, Mr. George DAWSON, aged 66 years.

DENT-Ester, Oct. 1819, Kendal, aged 62.

DENWOOD-Alfred, of Parton, who was accidently (sic) killed at the Lowca No.10 Colliery, April 1932

DENWOOD. - At Whitehaven and West Cumberland Hospital on March 21st, 1958, Ernest Russell, beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann DENWOOD, 16 Fell View, Cockermouth. To be interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.


DEWHURST-Jack, a twenty-four-year-old married man who lived with his wife and  one child at 5, Thwaiteville, Whitehaven, died April, 1931. At the Haig Pit Mine.

DEWSBURY - Mary, the wife of William DEWSBURY, July 1844, in her 57th year.

DEVLIN-At Great Clifton, 12th Sept,1903 John DEVLIN, aged 69 years. Was interred at Clifton Church

DEVLIN.--On the 12th Oct. 1869, at 37, Chapel-street, Louisa, daughter of Mr. J. DEVLIN, hawker, aged 1 year and 3 months.

DIAMOND- On the 27th March 1850, at Springfield, Wandsworth-common, Jane wife of Dr. H. W.DIAMOND, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. Mark WARWICK, of Carleton,Cumberland.

DICKINSON - On the 25 th Nov. 1882 at Micklam Farm, Harrington, Mrs. Eleanor DICKINSON, formerly of Seascale, aged 67 years.

DICKINSON-George, who died at Lowca, April 17th 1931.

DICKINSON-On the 3rd June 1897 at Kidburngill. Arlecdon, Jane, daughter of John DICKINSON, aged 66 years.

DICKINSON-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Chalouer Street Cockermouth MARY daughter of MR JAMES DICKINSON ironmonger aged 16 years and 10 months.

DICKINSON-TAMAR, of Silloth, died on the 24th day of April, 1931.

DICKSON - On the 11th Feb. 1897, at The Bath House, Whitehaven, Margaret Dickson, school teacher, aged 64 years.

DINWOODIE.- At Appleby, on the 23rd May 1896, Mary, widow of the late Dr. F.
M. DINWOODIE, aged 84 years. Interred in St. Lawrence’s Church, Appleby

DITCHBURN-Margaret, beloved wife of Joseph Ditchburn, Gate House, Flimby, who died on January 28th,1931.

DITCHBURN-Joseph DITCHBURN, of Flimby, beloved husband of Ann DITCHBURN, who died September 21st, 1897, aged 60 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

DIXON-At 41, Montreal(?) Street, Cleator Moor, on the 8th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved daughter of John and Jane DIXON, aged 6 years and 5 months.

DIXON-At Marine Terrace, Silloth, 29th Aug. 1898 Daniel DIXON, aged 89 years.

DIXON - At Melmerby, on the 25th Sept. 1855, FANNY, the wife of MR. THOMAS DIXON, aged 82.

DIXON At Temple Terrace, Aspatria, on the 9th inst, Mary Jane, beloved wife of Thompson DIXON, aged 50 years, sister of the above Annie LISTER. Interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 11th 1932.

DIXON-George, 1865, 17th July - Great Clifton - Run down by train while sleeping and intoxicated.

DICKSON - In loving memory of our dear father and mother, Robert Harrison DICKSON, died July 3rd, 1936; Sarah Louise DICKSON, died June 24th, 1937.

DIXON - In affectionate remembrance of a dear mother and grandmother, Sarah Jane DIXON, who was laid to rest in Little Clifton Churchyard, June 30th, 1937.

DIXON - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Thomas Dixon, husbandman, aged 68 years.

DIXON- In Upper Stanhope-street, Liverpool, Dec. 1844, aged 49 years, MR.THOMAS DIXON, late of Whitehaven.

DIXON-Grace, beloved wife of Thomas Dixon, Harrington, daughter of Sarah and the late John Turner, who died at no.2, Wickham's Place, Keswick, on Tuesday, January 26th,1932 age 39 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.


DIXON-James Hogson, died December 14th, 1920, aged 13 years.

DIXON-On the 15th Sept. 1879 at High Street Maryport MISS JANE DIXON ages 73 years.

DIXON-On the 18th Sept. 1879 Jonathan son of MR Jonathan DIXON of Lesson Hall Near Wigton Aged 19 Yrs.

DIXON - On the 19thOct. 1879, at Coniston, Mr Joseph Dixon, aged 58 years.

DIXON-At the Workington Infirmary, 10th Sept. 1903, Joseph Daniel, son of Isaac and Ann DIXON, of Little Clifton, aged 23 years.

DIXON-On the 30th Sept. 1869, at his residence, Etterby-street, Stanwix, John MILBOURNE, only son of the late Mr. Richard Gacter Dixon, of Denton Holme, aged 26 years.

DIXON-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at 51, Devonshire -street, Workington, Mabel, infant daughter of Mr. Robert DIXON.

DIXON- At Cockermouth, on the 11th Nov. 1858, Richard James DIXON, aged 17

DIXON-Sarah Dixon, who died at Keekle Terrace, 23rd August 1897 aged 75 years

DIXON - Nov. 1855, at Seascale, Gosforth, at the house of his grandfather, JOHN, infant son of Mr. JOHN DIXON, husbandman.

DIXON. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Quinn’s Terrace, Charles Street, Whitehaven, Thomas DIXON, aged 41 years.

DIXON-At Lime Tree House, Dovenby, on Monday the 15th June 1903, William DIXON, aged 77 years. To be interred at Bridekirk.

DIXON-On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Portinscale, near Keswick, Mr. William DIXON,granson of the late Mr. Robert Dixon, of Swinside Lodge, aged 28 years.

DOBIE-Jane, dearly beloved wife of John Dobie, died at Harrington Road, Workington, November 25th, 1918, aged 60 years.

DOBIE-At Frostoms Road, Workington, on the 17th June 1898, Margaret Lilian, the beloved daughter of  William James and Mary Dobie, aged 11 months and 3 weeks

DOBINSON-on the 15th Oct. 1844, ABIGAIL, widow of the late MR. JOHN DOBINSON, aged 52 years, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with christian fortitude andresignation.

DOBINSON-Henry, beloved husband of Margaret Dobinson, who died November 11th, 1928

DOBSON-Matthew, who died at Mill House, Birdgefoot, November 26th, 1917.

DOBSON-On the 3rd June 1897 at Ginns, Whitehaven, Philip DOBSON, coalminer, aged 39 years.

DOBSON- MR. WILLIAM DOBSON, chairmaker; At Great Dockray, Penrith, Oct. 16th 1844

DOBSON - At Wardrew House, Gilsland, on the 27th Nov. 1855, WILLIAM, third son of the late SAMUEL DOBSON, of Horsley, in the county of Northumberland, aged 25 years

DOCHERTY-On the 20th Sept. 1879 at Timplate Works Seaton JOSEPH son of MR JOHN DOCHERTY coalminer aged 1 year

DODD - John - Son of William Dodd, husband of Margaret Gibson. Born 1838 Melmerby, Cumberland, England. Died 29th Dec 1888 Millom, Cumberland, England (died from a stroke. was in the hospital for 4 weeks before he died)

DODD - At Kirkby Stephen, on the 22nd Feb. 1874., MARY, second daughter of MR. JOHN DODD, draper, aged 11 years.

DODGSON-Daniel,7th December,1754-Fell down coal pit.

DOEG. - At 23, Etterby Street, Stanwix, on the 22nd Feb. 1877, WILLIAM DOEG, in his 75th year. Funeral at 3 o'clock on Saturday.

DOHERTY-At 22, Udale Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, William (Jemmie), the beloved husband of Christian DOHERTY, aged 58 years. Interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

DOIG-On the 26th March 1897, at the Workhouse, HENRY DOIG, gardener, aged 74 years.

DONALD-Jane, our dear sister, who died at Pica, June 8th,1929.

DONALDSON - On the 29th Nov.1879, at Market Place, Whitehaven, Mr. John DONALDSON, butcher, aged 56 years.

DONALDSON-At York, 18th inst., Andrew Donaldson, aged 87, late of Cockermouth. Was interred at York on the 22nd,1920

DONELLY-At Wigton, on tbe 18thDec.1844, MRS. MARGARET DONELLY,wodow, aged 74years.

DONNELLY - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at 36, Peter-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of James Donnelly, tobacco spinner, aged 56 years.

DORAN-On the 18th May 1897, at Harrington, Agnes, daughter of James DORAN, aged 15 years.

DORAN - On the 14th Jan 1920, at Blackpool, Daniel DORAN, lateof Whitehaven, aged 58 years. Interred at Blackpool

DORAN-On the 13th June 1903 at Egremont, James DORAN, beloved husband of Sarah Ann DORAN, and beloved son of the late, Wm. and Mary DORAN, late of Cleator Moor, aged 35 years. Was interred at Egremont

DORAN-On the 25th Nov. 1902, at Cleator Moor, Mr. John DORAN, miner, aged 62 years.

DOUGLAS- In Affectionate Remembrance of ANN DOUGLAS, Who died at Low Mill on June 18th, 1888, AGED 81 YEARS. Will be interred at Broomfield on Friday, the 22nd Inst., leaving Low Mill at 7-30 a.m., and arriving at Broomfield at 11-30 a.m.

Verse with card- none**

DOUGLAS-Florence, the dearly beloved daughter of Joseph and the late Dorothy Ann Douglas, who died on Saturday, May 2nd 1931, at 12, Mill Street, Whitehaven.  Interment at Hensingham Cemetery.

DOUGLAS-At 76 Wakehurst Road, London, on the 10th April 1932, Mrs A S DOUGLAS, late of 82 Main Street, Cockermouth

DOUGLAS, Tuesday last, in the Market Place, Mr. John DOUGLAS, porter, aged 78. (August 1798).

DOUGLAS. - At 30 Banklands, Workington on March 23rd, 1958, Alice, dearly loved wife of the late John W. DOUGLAS, formerly of New Villa, Brigham. Was interred at Brigham Church.


DOUGLASS - In Union-street, Carlisle on Sunday, the 18th Nov. 1855, of scarlatina, SARAH DOUGLASS, aged 10 years.

DOUTHWAITE - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Barrow, Sarah Ann, wife of Mr. Robert DOUTHWAITE, aged 29 years.

DOVER-Willie, the beloved son of William and Katie Dover, Cabin Villas, Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1918, aged 18 years and six months.

DOWNES. - On the 22nd Apr. 1897, at Broadfield, Egremont, MABEL, daughter of MR. EDWARD DOWNES, tanner, aged 16 years.

DOWNIE-Francis,Wednesday last, at Damside, English-street,Carlisle Mr. Francis DOWNIE, advanced in years.Oct. 1819.

DOWNEY-George, of Kendal, Oct. 1819, aged 53.

DOWNEY,George of Harristown, Aspatria, Cumberland,April, 1917.

DRAKE- Janie, the beloved wife of Richard DRAKE, who died June 13th, 1917, at 20, Fleming Street, Maryport.

DRYDEN- At Belle Vue, Distington, 26th Oct. 1903, Edward Dryden, in his 69th year. Interred at Distington Parish Church.

DUDSON.- At Stricklandgate, Penrith, on the 25th May 1896, Mary, daughter of George
DUDSON, aged 17 years.

DUFFY-On the 6th June 1897 at Pica, Distington, James DUFFY, coalminer, aged 51 years.

DUNGLISON-Daniel at Keswick,Feb. 1814, aged 85.

DUNN-At 35, Chestnut Hill, Cockermouth, June 5th, 1931 Catherine, widow of the late James Dunn, aged 75 years.  To be interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

DURHAM - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Felix Durham, French polisher, aged 32 years.

DUTTON.-On the 20th April, 1899, at the Union Workhouse, Nancy, widow of Mr. John DUTTON, aged 73 years.

DYKE - At 13 Hertford Street, Mayfair, on the 4th Feb. 1880, Emily Anne DYKE, daughter of the late Percyvall Hart DYKE, Bart., after a few days illness of typhoid fever.


DYKES- On the 1st May 1860, at Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, MARY, relict of the late J.DYKES BALLANTINE DYKES, Esq.

EARL-At Cumwhitton on the 29thNov. 1844, JOHN, second son of Mr HUGH EARL, aged 34 years

EARL - At Cumwhitton, on the 9th Oct. 1855, after a long and tedious illness, SARAH, the beloved wife of WILLIAM EARL, aged 70 years, a native of Renwick

EARLY-on the 21st Feb. 1889, at Cowans court, Whitehaven, William, son of James Early, coalminer, aged 1 year and 2 months.

EASTON - At Wigton, on the 16th Nov. 1855, JANE, daughter of GEORGE EASTON, labourer, aged 6 years

ECCLES, On the 22nd January, 1897, at Lady Pit- terrace, Edmund ECCLES, postman, aged 47 years.

ECCLES-On the 24th March1897, at 4, Granby Terrace, Michael Street, Whitehaven, SARAH, wife of JOHN ECCLES, labourer, aged 31 years.

EDAND. - In Castlegate, Penrith, on the 26th April 1880, JANE EDAND, aged 67 years.


EDDY-James, At Pow Street, Workington, 26th March 1884, draper, aged 30 years.

EDE-On the 12th May, 1930. At 18, Challoner Street, Cockermouth, Eveline IVISON, eldest daughter of Mrs. And the late Charles EDE, of Bank House Crawley, Sussex. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery

EDGAR-At 51, Main Street, Cockermouth, on the 16th March 1903. (suddenly), Albert, the dearly loved and only child of John Black and Sarah Edgar,aged 4 years and 10 months. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

EDGAR-Pvt. D. I. Edgar, dearly loved son of Margaret and late Robert Edgar, Newtown, Silloth, reported missing November 18th, 1916.

EDMONDS-On the 16th Feb. 1884, at Penrith, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL B. EDMONDS, late of the 2d Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) aged 58.

EDMONSON-Onthe 14th Sept. 1879at Gilgarren Distington ANN widow of MR JOSIAH EDMONDSON master mariner aged 68 years.

EDMONDSON - At Gaythorn Cottages, on the 10th Feb. 1874, WILLIAM, the third and beloved son of W. EDMONDSON, aged 22 years.


EDWARDS, who died at Clarinda Terrace, Ellenborough, March 22nd, 1901, aged 52 years.

EDWARDS. - At Seaton, Workington, 23rd March 1903, after a long lingering illness, Louisa, the beloved wife of Joseph EDWARDS, and daughter of Frederick and Mary Ann KIRKBRIDE, aged 28 years. Interred at the Camerton Church.

EGGLESTONE. At Sheffield, on the 17th Apr. 1918Sally, daughter of Mr and
Mrs Elliot Egglestone, North Road, Kirkby Stephen, aged 23 years.
Interment at Kirkby Stephen Cemetery

EGGLESTONE -In Crosby Street, yesterday, after a lingering illness, MRS. JANE EGGLESTON, aged 62 years. Nov. 1855

EILBECK. - On the 26th Oct. 1903, at 27, George Street, Whitehaven, Ann EILBECK, aged 32 years. - To be interred to-day

EILBECK - Nov. 1855, at Hinningside, in Gosforth, ANN EILBECK, daughter of MRS. JANE EILBECK, aged 8 months.

ELAND-In loving memory of our dear mother, who died April 29th, 1930.

ELETHERINGTON-(?),of Cockermouth, aged 42 years. Was interred at Whitehaven Cemetery on Monday, the 14th Sept. 1903

ELLIOT-Annie, the second and dearly beloved daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth ELLIOT, Workington, who died May 30th, 1894, aged 19 years.

ELLIOT-At 21, West Street, Wigton on the 30th November,1930 Elizabeth, widow of John ELLIOT. (late of Clappers), aged 90 years,Interned at Bromfield

ELLIOT- At Longtown, on the 12th May 1844, Margaret Sarah, the infant daughter of Mr. George ELLIOT, aged six months.

ELLIOTT-George, Workington, May, 1931.

ELLIOT. - MRS. PRUDENCE ELLIOTT, Rickergate, aged 8? February, 1844 CARLISLE


ELLISON: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Duke Street, Whitehaven, Hannah, wife of Mr. John ELLISON, husband-man, aged 66 years.

ELLWOOD - On the 19th March 1897, at Harrington, Edith, infant daughter of Robert ELLWOOD, steelworker.

ELLWOOD-At 4 Acre Grove, Birkdale, Southport, John, dearly beloved husband of Mary ELLWOOD, aged 69 years. To be interred at Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, on Saturday April 16th 1932.

ELLWOOD-At Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite, on the 24th Jan. 1932, John, the dearly beloved husband of Alice Ellwood, in his 60th year. Was interred at Uldale Old Church.

ELLWOOD - At 16, Rose Hill, Harrington, on 30th June, 1938, Robert, beloved husband of Annie Mary ELLWOOD, aged 62. To be interred at Harrington Church

ELLWOOD. - On the 25th Apr. 1897, at 6, Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, the wife of THOMAS ELLWOOD, pawnbroker, aged 49 years.

EMERSON-Mary, widow of John, At 17, Court, Market Place, Whitehaven, 25th March 1884. aged 69 years.

EMMERSON-a child of the name EMMERSON, in the neighbourhood of Caldbeck, was scalded to death, by falling into a large iron pot, filled with boiling water. August 20, 1819.

ERRINGTON-On the 23rd May, 1897, at Arlrcdon, George, son of Henry ERRINGTON, aged 16 years.

EVELYN-Sir FREDERICK.Dorkin in Surrey. He was one of the oldest members of theJockey Club. Miss EVELYN, his only sister, survivied him but one day. The title, we believe, is extinct!April 181?

EWART- On the 26th Feb. 1822, at Brampton, in Cumberland, Mr. Charles EWART, ofSwallow-street, Piccadilly.

FAGAN. - On the 21st Apr. 1897, at Robinson's-court Duke-street, Whitehaven,SOPHIA, widow of JOHN FAGAN, coalminer, aged 58 years.


FAIRLIE- On the 12th Nov. 1858, at West Newington, Edinburgh, Sarah, the widow of thelate Rev. Walter FAIRLIE, and youngest daughter of the late Adam BITTLESTON,of Maryport, Cumberland, Esq.

FAIRLIE- On the 12th Nov.1858, at West Newinton, Edinburgh, SARAH, the widow of the late REV. WALTER FAIRLIE, and youngest daughter of the late ADAM BITTLESTON, of

Maryport, Cumberland.

FAIRLIE- On the 25th Nov. 1856, at Edinburgh, the REV. WALTER FAIRLIE, late of Libberton,and formerly of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

FALLOWFIELD - At Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton, on the 17th Feb. 1874. MR. RICHARD FALLOWFIELD, shepherd for MR. DARGUE, aged 54 years.


FALLOWFIELD. - On the 2nd March 1844, at Brisco Hill, in the house of her nephew, J. FALLOWFIELD, Esq., in her 75th year, JANE FALLOWFIELD, much and deservedly respected.


FALLOWFIELD - At Penrith, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of GEORGE FALLOWFIELD, gardener, aged 74 years

FARELL- Mrs., mother of Mr. WORDSWORTH, Whitehaven, March 1777, Aged 81.

FARRELL-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Christopher, of Whitehaven, aged 65 years.

FARREN-Capt Jerry, Seascale, Sept. 1903

FARREN- my dear husband, JOHN FARREN, who died at Johannesburgh, August 28th 1904.

FARRER- In Lowe's-court, on the 13th,Nov. 1858 Martha, relict of Mr. Isaac FARRER, waller,aged 80.

FARRER-Samuel FARRAR, beloved son of John and Ruth Ann

FARRER, Cleator Moor, who died on June 17th, 1895, aged 23 years; also our dearly beloved son, William

FARRER, who died February 15th, 1897, aged 21 years

FARRER-Samuel Farrer, beloved son of John and Ruth Ann Farrer, Cleator Moor; who died on June 17th, 1896 aged 23 years; also our dearly beloved son, William FARRER, who died on February 15th, 1897, aged 21 years and 9 months, and were interred at the Cemetery, Johannesburg,South Africa.

FAULDER-At West Green, Allonby, on November 3rd. Mary Jane, daughter of Joseph and the late Sarah Henry FAULDER. Interred Friends' Burial Ground.

FAULDER-On the 14th Aug.1903,at the residence of her brother-in-law, Wm. I Tolson, 76 Peter Street, Workington, Selina, beloved wife of Thomas Faulder, engineman, Parton, and daughter of the lateJohn Cameron, late of Dearham, aged 35 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

FAWCETT-On the 21st Sept. 1879 at Bargate Lowswater ANN wife of MR J FAWCETT aged 73 years

FAWCETT-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at Frizington, Eleanor Margaret, widow of William, aged 75 years.

FAWCETT-Hannah,13th March,1722 Clifton Drowned in River Derwent.

FAWKES - At Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, on the 20th March, 1932 Isabella, the dearly loved wife of Joseph FAWKES, Witch Close, Seaton, and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William GALE, Bedfors Street, Hensingham. To be interred at Hensingham Cemetery.

FEARON-Ann, At Bass's Court, Main Street, Cockermouth 26th March 1884. Aged 61 years.

FEARON–Evelyn Graham FEARON, of Distington,May 14th, 1929.

FEARON-On the 18th Apr. 1864, at Wiesbaden, ISABELLA, widow of the late JOHN FEARON,Esq., formerly of Mary Port, Cumberland, aged 75.

FEARON - On the 18th March 1882, at Johnston's-court, Church-Street, Whitehaven, John, son of Mr Edward FEARON, labourer, aged 12 years.

FEARON-On the 15th Feb. 1897, at Lowca, Tom Davidson, son of Joseph FEARON, Miner, aged 3 years.

FEE-At 30, Rose Bank, Hensingham, on May 3rd, 1931, James, the beloved husband of Martha Ann Fee.  Interred at Hensingham

FEENEY - On the 24th Nov. 1882 at 37, Backrow, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. James FEENEY, coalminer, aged 7 years.

FEENEY-Mary Ann Feeney, widow of Henry, died at Great Clifton, Jan. 13th 1931.

FEENEY-Henry, husband of Mary Ann, died Nov 15th 1921.

FELL-Edward FELL, who died at Flimby, June 7th 1917. Also our dear mother, Catherine FELL, died March 27th 1907.

FELL-At Nook House, Torepehow, 17 June 1884, Ester the beloved daughter of John FELL, Newtown, Aspatria, aged 26 years.

FELL - On the 4th April, 1882, at Church-street, Dearham, George, son of Mr. Edward FELL, coalminer, 9 years.

FELL-13thOct. 1819. at Ulvetston, William FELL, Esq. aged 71, greatly respected.

FENTON-On Wednesday, the 4th Dec. 1844, in Kendal, Mr JOHN CHRISTOPHER FENTON,aged 20, clerk in the bank of Westmoreland, and son of Mr THOMAS FENTON,of Levens.

FERGUSON- On the 5th March 1847, at Montreal, Lower Canada, George FERGUSON, Esq., lateCaptain in the 23d Regiment, and eldest son of the late George FERGUSON,Esq., of Houghton-hall, in the county of Cumberland, aged 33.

FERGUSON - on the 22nd Nov. 1855, at Maryport, MRS. ANN FERGUSON, aged 66

FERGUSON-At Station Road, Flimby, 2 Aug. 1903, Mary wife of John Ferguson,age 65 years.

FERGUSON - On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Harrison's-court, New Town, Maria, daughter of Mr. William Ferguson, aged 6 weeks.

FERGUSON-At Heathery Fauld, in the township of Nicholforest, on the 1st Nov. 1844, MR. WILLIAM FERGUSON, aged 78 years.

FIDLER-At Dyke Nook, Frizington, 14th June 1884, Mr Joseph FIDLER, shipwright, formerly of Whitehaven, aged 61 years.

FINLEY-Wm. Henry, who resided with his son at 2 Cottage Row, Queen St, Whitehaven died very suddenly April 1932.

FINLINSON - On the 1st May, 1843, Jane, daughter of Peter FINLINSON, aged 6 years.

FIRTH - At 10 Nelson Street, Carlisle, on the 2 Feb. 1880, Isabella Jane, youngest daughter of James and Jane FIRTH, aged 3 years and 7 months.



FISHER-At 79, Duke Street, Whitehaven, 18th June 1884, Ann, youngest daughter of Mr Thomas FISHER, aged 7 years.

FISHER-Ben, the beloved husband of Emma Fisher, who died at Broughton Moor, December 4th, 1919

FISHER-At 106 High Street, Maryport, on the 9th April, 1932, Jane TINNION,widow of the late Robert FISHER, aged 87 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery

FISHER. - At Portinscale, February, 1844, MRS. MARY FISHER, relict of the late MR. JOHN FISHER, of Gillbanks, Portinscale, aged 77.


FISHER-John, 1860, Clifton 9, Killed by elevators at Lowther Coal Pit.

FISHER-at 159 Main Street, Frizington, on the 7th December 1920, Joseph the beloved husband of the late Mary Ann Fisher, aged 78 years. Interred at St Paul's Church

FISHER-On the 18th Sept. 1879 at Brow Top Workington MARY wife of MR ROBERT FAWCETTaged 73 years.

FISHER. On the 16th July 1882, at Braithwaite, near Keswick, MR. SIMEON FISHER, farm labourer, aged 78 years.

FISHER.-On the 16th Jan. 1897, at 31 George-street, Whitehaven, Florence Robertson, daughter of Thomas FISHER, aged 16 months.

FISHER - At Faugh, near Carlisle, on the 9th Nov. 1855, CHRISTOPHER FISHER, yeoman, aged 78

FISHER-Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, aged 73. Feb. 1814

FITZPATRICK - On the 31st December, 1901 at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Daniel Fitzpatrick, iron ore miner, of Whitehaven, aged 72 years.

FITZSIMONS-Edward, Whitehaven, drowned July 17th 1852, 12 years of age.

FLANAGAN-On the 11th Dec 1882, at Robinson's Fold, Queen-street,Whitehave, Margaret, infant daughter of Mr. Daniel FLANAGAN, baker; also on the 9th inst., Mary Catherine, aged 5 years.

FLEMING-On the 21stOct. 1879, at Grange, Borrowdale, near Keswick, Joseph, infantson of Mr J Fleming.

FLEMING-Jonathan, 1837 -Clifton -Exposure while intoxicated.

FLEMING-At Dale Bottom, Keswick, on the 13thAug. 1898, Mary, wife of Mr.Richard Fleming, late of Sty Beck Farm, aged 66 years.

FLETCHER - On the 9th June 1920. At 22, Roper Street, Ann, the dearly beloved wife of Wilson FLETCHER, aged 40 years. interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

FLETCHER-Annie Elizabeth, Keswick, suicide by self poisoning, June 1895.

FLETCHER-At West Kirby, Cheshire, on the 27th March 1897, GEORGE, the beloved husband of MARY ANN FLETCHER, aged 70 years, formerly of Liverpool and Whitehaven.

FLETCHER- At Whitehaven, since our last, MRS. HANNAH FLETCHER, widow, at the great ageof 93 years;Oct. 1844.

FLETCHER - At Maryport, on the 4th Oct. 1855, HUMPHREY, son of JOSEPH FLETCHER, flour dealer, aged 10 months

FLETCHER-On the 24th Nov. 1902, at Winder Ghyll, Lamplugh, Robert Whinn, infant son of Mr. Isaac FLETCHER.

FLETCHER-Joseph Whinn, the dearly beloved second son of Jane and the late Isaac Fletcher, who died on Jan. 16th 1930 at Ingwell Lodge. Also Grace Kendal (Dulcie), their loving youngest daughter, who died Dec. 25th 1927. Also Isaac, their father, who died October 29th 1903.

FLETCHER-On the 20th April 1882, at Peter-street, Whitehaven, Miss Margaret FLETCHER, aged 84 years.

FLETCHER - On the 23 rd Dec. 1882, at Station-road, Workington, Miss. Ruth FLETCHER, aged 57 years.

FLETCHER-On Sunday week, Oct. 1853, in Blundle Street, Liverpool, Mrs. FLETCHER, innkeeper, daughter of Mr. John HIRD, of Pallaflat, near Egremont; much respected.

FLETCHER - On the 5th Oct. 1855, WM. BLACK, son of HENRY FLETCHER, seaman, aged 13 months, Maryport

FLINN-On the 12th Sept. 1879 in New Bank Lane Carlisle ELIZABETH FLINN aged 65 years.

FLOOD. - On the 19th June 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Mr Edward Flood, marine engineer, aged 33 years.

FORREST-On May 24th, 1895, at 2,827, North Roby Street, Ravenswood, Chicago, Bessie Jane (Bessie), aged 30 years, the dearly beloved wife of Andrew FORREST, and youngest  daughter of A. KENDALL,The Elms, Harrington.

FORRESTER-At the Coach Works, Cockermouth, 8th June 1895, George ALLAN, youngest son of Margaret and the late John FORRESTER, aged 7 years.

FORSTER-Jane, about 2 1/2 years of age, the daughter of James, died from burns, March, 1903.

FOSTER-On the 4th June 1897, at Cleator Moor, Arthur Victor, infant son of John FOSTER, miner.

FOSTER-At 12 Wedgewood Street, Siddick, on the 14th April 1932, Henry Dixon, dearly beloved husband of Lilian Foster, aged 41 years. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery.

FOSTER-beloved daughter of William and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, who died at Ellenborough, JUNE 13TH 1918.

FOSTER - At High Crosby, in the parish of Crosby-upon-Eden, on the 21st Oct. 1855, THOMAS FOSTER, innkeeper, aged 68 years, much respected.

FORSYTH - On the 30th Jan.1902, at Barclay House,Keswick, Leah FORSYTH, aged 19 years.

FOWLER-At Workington on the 14th Dec. 1844, MR. PATRICK FOWLER, aged 82 years.

FOX-At Workington, on the 26thNov. 1844, Mrs ANN FOX, widow, aged 57 years

FOX. - On the 26th February 1897, at 102, Scotch-street, Whitehaven, Isabella, daughter of John and Sarah FOX, aged 8 years. Was interred Whitehaven

FOX - On the 25th Nov. 1882 at George-street, Whitehaven, Jane, widow of Mr. John FOX, aged 67 years.

FOX-Joseph, 1862, 33 - 11th June - Explosion of firedamp in Colliery.

FOX - On the 21st March 1897, William FOT, of Seacroft, St. Bees, Cumberland, in his 34t` year.

FRANCE. - In Allison's Coqrt, Main Street(Cockermouth, on the 22nd April, 1880, MR. JOHN BRANCE, woollen weaver, aged 68 qears.


FRANKLABD-Frederick Alplonso Frankland, who was drowned at sea December 3rd 1920. Interred at Maryport Gemetery

FRAZER-Dmniel beloved huwband of Adelina(Frazer, who die` at 11, Margarep Street, Flimby, June 3rd,1930.

4P>FRASER-On the 17th Feb. 1897, at Moor Row, John Murdoch, infant on of Hugh FRASAR, railway signmlman.

FRAZER-Regenald Conrad, Dootor,aged 32 years, lately residing at 185 St. Leonard's  Road, Bromley-by-Bow, who committed suicide, June 1895.

FREAR- On Wednesday, at Distington, after a short indisposition, Mrs. Margaret FREAR, landlady of the Globe Inn, at that place, aged 63, much respected. Nov. 1983.

FRENCH-At Glasson, 22 May 1895, Jane FRENCH, aged 76 years.

FROST-At Daventry, aged 40, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. W. FROST, Three months ago, she gave birth to her twentieth child, sixteen of whom are living. Oct. 1844.

FULLARD- at Mount Pleasant, Miss Mary FULLARD, aged 16 years.Sept. 1819

FULTON-At Sligo, on the 7th May 1844, Captain FULTON, of the brig Lively, of Galway, aged 23 years, only son of the late Captain David FULTON, of the Brothers, of Whitehaven.

FULTON-At 104, Peter Street, Workington, Mary Ann Fulton, beloved wife of Thomas R. Fulton. Interred at Salterbeck on March 8th 1930.

FURNACE-Joseph On the 20th July,1852 At Workington, at the house of his father, watchmaker, of Cockermouth, aged 26.

FURNACE-On the 9th Sept. 1903, the infant son of ROBERT and ADA FURNACE, of Cumberland Street, Workington.

FURNASS-At Ravenstondale, Westmorland, Mr. William FURNASS, aged 96.Feb. 1812

FURNESS. - At Mossbay, Workington, on the 26th April, 1880, GRACE, wife of MR. ROBERT FURNESS, aged 66 years.


GAINFORD-At Greysouthen, on Wednesday, 4th November, Annie Mary, beloveddaughter of John G. and Mary I. Gainford, aged 19 months.Interred at Brigham Churchyard.

GAITSKELL. - On the 27th day of April, 1882 at Bootle, Eleanor, the wife of Mr. James GAITSKELL, saddler, aged 59 years.

GAITSKELL-On the 13th May 1899, at 192 Queen Street Whitehaven, James, infant son of Mr. James Gaitskell.

GAITSKELL - On the 25th Sept.1869, at Church-street, Kensington, London, the Rev. John Gaitskell, M. A., brother of Mr. James Gaitskell, Bootle, aged 48 years.

GALE - At 26, Derwent Street, Workington, on the 21st March 1932, suddenly Mary Frances, widow of the late John GALE, aged 73 years. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

GAMBLES-On the 15th May 1899, at 2 South Marsh Street, Workington, Margaret Jane, wife of Mr. Jonathan Gambles, aged 39 years.

GAMMELS-In Cockermouth Union workhouse,May 1844, Mr John GAMMELS, waller, aged 66 years.

GARDNER-On the 15th Sept. 1879 at Barrow ANN wife of MR WILLAIM GARDNER aged 52 years.

GARDNER-On the 24th Sept.1879, at Cartme, ELEANOR,wife of MR. WILLIAM GARDNER, aged 62 years.

GARNETT. - At Crax Hall, in Thwaites, on the 24th Feb. 1844, MARGARET, wife of Mr E. GARNETT, farrier, aged 47 years.


GARNETT, At 126, Queen-street, Whitehaven, on the 2nd, Oct, 1855 son of MR. PETER GARNETT, saddler, aged 10 weeks

GARRETT - In Wood Street, Maryport, on the 10th Feb. 1880, Ellen, widow of Mr. Wm. GARRETT, seaman, aged 60 years.


GASGARTH-On the 13th Dec, 1882, at Donenby Railway Station, Julia Eleanor, infant daughter of Mr. William GASGARTH,platelayer.

GASKIN-At Penrith, Mrs Sarah GASKIN, aged 82, widow of the late Mr John GASKIN, joiner. She was better known by the name of Nurse GASKIN, having been mother to 8 children, given suck to 16, and brought up 18 without the breast; in all forty-two.July 1813.

GATE - At Arthur Villa, Penrith, on the 23rd Feb 1874., in her 86th year, MRS. ELIZABETH GATE, relict of MR. ROBERT GATE.


GATE-On the 11th Jan. 1932, Jane, widow of the late William Skelton GATE (late of Wigton).Interred at Wigton Cemetery.

GATE-Jonathan, At Spring Bank, near Keswick, 20th March 1884, of Blackburn, in his 82nd year.

GATES-On the 5th Feb. 1897, at 20, Market-place, Whitehaven, John William GATES, butcher.

GATES-Joseph GATES, the beloved husband of Jane GATES, who was killed at William Pit, Great Clifton, June 16th, 1894, aged 26 years.

GAWITH, Lately at Broughton-n-Furness, Lancashire, William GAWITH, Esq., formerly in the Hon. East India’s Company’s Service, at Bengal. (August 1798).

GEDDES - In Quay Street, Whitehaven, on the 8th Feb. 1880, Margaret, widow of Mr. GEDDES, coachman, aged 69 years.


GEORGE - On the 16th Nov.1879, at Frizington, Mr. Charles GEORGE, ironminer, aged 54 years.

GEORGE - At 2 Alice Court, Court Street, Carlisle on January 31,1933 Esther Ann George, widow of the late John L. George, Chemist, Wigton aged 73 years. Interred at Carlisle Cemetery

GIBBONS-Annie, daughter of Elizabeth LITT, died April 18th,1927.

GIBBONS-In loving memory of Annie, the dearly beloved wife of Robert GIBBONS, who died on April 18th 1927.

GIBSON-In ever loving memory of Amy, dearly beloved daughter of James and Mary Gibson, who died November 29th, 1918, aged 4 years and 4 months.

GIBSON. - On the 20th June 1882, at Dearham Hall, Margaret, daughter of Mr John Gibson, farmer, aged 2 years.

GIBSON-ANN, daughter of Mrs MARY BEATTIE,aged 37 years, Dec 1844

GIBSON-At Dumfries,the 18th inst. Miss CLEMENTINA GIBSON, aged 26, April 1812.

GIBSON. - At Dodding House, Penrith, on the 14th Feb. 1877, HANNAH, the beloved wife of JOHN GIBSON, aged 76 years.


GIBSON. - On the 11th Oct. 1902, at Harrington, John GIBSON, iron furnace man, aged 72 years.

GIBSON - At Poughkeepsie, State of New York, America, on the 2nd Sept, 1855, JOHN, the infant son, and JANE, the wife of WILLIAM GIBSON, blacksmith, formerly of Welton, Sebergham, in this county, aged 28 years. Both mother and son were interred on the same day in one grave.

GIBSON - On the 10th Feb. 1897 at Holehouse, Millom, Sarah, widow of W. R. GIBSON, farmer, 81 years

GIBSON-Muriel Violet, beloved wife of William Gibson, Wilkyn Syke, Buttermere, who died on November 23rd, 1919.

GIBSON-William, who died at Hayborough Cottages on November 11th 1930.

GILBERTSON - At Murrell Hill, Carlisle, on the 24th April 1880, JOHN GILBERTSON, aged 20 years.

GILL- In Loving Memory Of Ann, Relict of the late Tyson Gill, of 17, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, Who died on December 5th, 1926, AGED 75 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Wednesday, December 8thth, at 2 p.m., leaving residence at 1-15.

Verse with card- Her toils are past, Her work is done, And she is fully blest: She fought the fight, The victory won, And entered into rest. **

GILL- In Loving Memory of Annie May, Daughter of John and Isabella Gill, Who died at Waterend, Loweswater, on Friday, September 7th, 1923. AGED 17 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Monday, September 10th. At 2 p.m. Verse with card- none **

GILL-At 81 Lawson Street, Aspatria, on the 20th inst., Humphrey Robert, beloved husband of Elizabeth Gill, who was interred at Aspatria Church on 23rd inst., Nov.1920

GILL -John the dearly loved nephew of J. W. and H. BROWN, and beloved husband of Hannah GILL, who was accidentally killed at St Helens Colliery, June 4th,1920 aged 33 years.

GILL- In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary Grace, (Pollie), The dearly beloved daughter of Tyson and Ann Gill, who died at Lamplugh Hall, on Friday, March 1st, 1912, AGED 19 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Tuesday, March 5th, at 2-30 p.m. Verse with card- Day by day we do miss her, Words would fail our loss to tell; But in heaven we hope to meet her, Evermore with her to dwell. **

GILL- In loving Memory of TYSON, The Beloved Husband of Ann Gill, of 17, Mayo St., Cockermouth, Who died on February 1st, 1925, AGED 77 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church on Wednesday, February 4th, at 2-20 p.m., leaving residence at 1-45. Verse with card- none **

GILL-On the 20th Feb. 1897, at 20 Inkerman-terrace, Whitehaven, William

GILL, stationer, aged 70 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

GILLON-At New Street, Wigton, 5th June 1895, Elizabeth GILLON, aged 82 years.

GILMOUR - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at Senhouse Srteet, Maryport, Helen, daughter of Mr. Alexander GILMOUR, furnaceman, aged 1 year.

GILPIN-June 1831 In Newcastle on the 17th inst, Charles Bernard, youngest son of Mr James GILPIN, one of the Society of Friends, aged 10 months.

GLAISTER. - On the 27th June 1882, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven,MR. HENRY GLAISTER, farmer, aged 64 years.

GLANDONING-Joseph, son of Margaret and William, who was murdered the 13th of June 1808 aged 56 years. Workington.

GLANDONING-Margaret, the wife of William, died 12th day of September 1790 aged 77 years.

GLANDONING-William husband of Margaret who died 25th September 1755 aged 81 years.

GLASS - On the 13th October, 1882, at Shanghai, of Asiatic cholera, George GLASS, chemist, formerly of Whitehaven.

GLASS-At Toronto Maternity Hospital on November 15th 1930, Ruby, beloved wife of Walter GLASS and youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John NICHOLSON, of Arlecdon, aged 34 years.

GLASSON. - At the Union Brewery, Penrith, on the 26th April, 1880, MRS. GLASSON, aged 63 years.

GLEAVES-Elizabeth, beloved wife of John James Gleaves, who died at Egremont, November 30th, 1918.

GLENDINNING-At Newtown-of-Rockliff, on the 9th May 1844, Mr William GLENDINNING, aged 77 years

GLOVER-Joseph, eldest son of Mr Glover boat builder, of Main-Street, Keswick died Jan. 1869.

GLOVER.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at Melton Mowbray, very suddenly, Robert GLOVER, Esq., aged 65 years.

GODFREY-George Godfrey, who was drowned in Garston Dock, November 29th.  Was interred at Harrington on December 5th, 1919.

GOODFELLOW - At Ainstable on January 23rd, 1933, Robert, the beloved husband of Ann Goodfellow aged 74 years. Was interred at Ainstable

GOODWIN - On the 30th Nov.1879, at Mitchell's Court, Irish Street, Whitehaven, Hannah, wife of Mr. Edward GOODWIN, labourer, aged 23 years.

GORDON, On the 23rd January, 1897, at Marlboro-street, Whitehaven, Sarah, widow of John Gordon, ironmonger, aged 81 years.

GORDON-At Threkeld, on November 5th, Sarah Hannah, widow of Thomas GORDON, of Whitehaven and second daughter of the late William NICHOLSON of Lownthwaite, Milburn, aged 94.

GORMAN-At Beeby Street, Workington, 18th June 1884, Mr Thomas GORMAN, aged 24 years.

GOULD-At 123, Rockingham Road, Kettering, North Hants, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Emmanuel Gould, and eldest daughter of Thomas Ritson, formerly of Branthwaite,aged 48 years.

GOWAN, On the 21st January 1897, at 4 Briggs Court, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Ann, widow of Thomas GOWAN, farmer aged 82 years.

GOWAN - On the 12th January 1902, at the residence of his sister, New york, Robinson (Bob) GOWAN, second son of the late William and Mary GOWAN, formerly of 1, Clay Street, Workington, aged 32 years.

GRAHAM. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, Crosside, Egremont, Mrs. GRAHAM, aged 75 years.

GRAHAM-At Mellguards, on the 9th May 1844, of consumption, Mrs. GRAHAM, aged 24, wife of Mr C. GRAHAM, and eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. SLACK, of Ellerton Grange.

GRAHAM-On the 3rd Feb. 1902 at Quay Street, Whitehaven, Albert, son of John GRAHAM, coalminer, aged 4 years.

GRAHAM-Ann, at Workington, Mrs Ann GRAHAM. Sept. 1819

GRAHAM on the 23rd Feb. 1889, at Beckfoot, Rockliffe, Mr Edward Graham, late of Gearshill, aged 86 years.

GRAHAM - On the 20th March 1932 At No. 4 Westfield View (Council Houses), Flimby, Elizabeth the beloved wife of William GRAHAM, aged 66 years. To be interred at Flimby Cemetery.

GRAHAM- Frank Ernest, Burial 1863, Dec. 3rd, Longtown, aged 11 months.

GRAHAM-George, At 20, Duke Steeet, Whitehaven, 15th March 1884, aged 70 years.

GRAHAM-At 16, Alexandra Terrace, Whitehaven on May 15th 1930 Hannah, the beloved wife of Francis GRAHAM, aged 51 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

GRAHAM. - On the 28th June 1882, at Waterloo-street, Cockermouth, ELIZABETH,widow of MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM, aged 55 years.

GRAHAM- On the 28th Dec. 1830, at the house of her brother, Mr. SIMPSON, in Nottingham-place, after a short but severe illness, Mrs. Harriet GRAHAM,widow of the late James GRAHAM, Esq., of Richardby, near Carlisle,Cumberland.

GRAHAM-At Blackhamilton, in the parish of Kirklinton, on the 17th Sept. 1844, aged 29 years, Mrs. JANE GRAHAM, wife of Mr. GEORGE GRAHAM, yeoman, late of Rigg.

GRAHAM-On the 19thOct. 1879, at the Samson Inn, London-road,Carlisle, Mr J Graham, aged 65 years.

GRAHAM- On Tuesday, the 13th April 1824, at Netherby, Cumberland, SIR JAMES GRAHAM,Bart., aged 62.

GRAHAM-On the 26th Nov.1879, at Milbourne Street, Carlisle, Mr, James GRAHAM, aged 40 years.

GRAHAM, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at the Newhouses, Whitehaven, Jane, wife of Phillip, coalminer, aged 49 years.

GRAHAM-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Milbourne-street, Carlisle, MR. JOHN GRAHAM, aged 23 years.

GRAHAM-Margaret, the wife of Mr. John GRAHAM, cabinet maker, Carlisle, aged 46, much respected.Oct. 1819

GRAHAM-Mary, At Liverpool, 3rd March 1884, daughter of the late James, Scallow, Lamplugh.

GRAHAM-Mary , who died at 15, Craika Road, Dearham, on November 29th, 1919.

GRAHAM-At Barwise Gate, on the 10th Dec 1844, Miss MARY GRAHAM, aged 83 years,sister of the late Mr ROBERT GRAHAM, steward to Sir JAMES GRAHAM, ofNetherby.

GRAHAM-Mary Graham, who died March 7th, 1929.

GRAHAM-At the Infirmary, Workington, on the 3rd inst., John (Jack), the dearly loved son of Thomas and Louisa Graham, aged 18 years and 11 months. Nov. 1931

GRAHAM.-On the 18th April, 1899, at the Albion Hotel, Harrington, Samuel Easton, son of Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 14 months.

GRAHAM-At Workington, on the 9th Dec. 1844, PHOEBE GRAHAM, daughter of MRS. MARGARET BENSON, aged 4 years

GRAHAM-On the 11th Nov. 1844, MARY, wife of MR. DAVID GRAHAM, blacksmith, of Greenfoot, in the parish of Bolton, aged 83.

GRAHAM-On the 14th Sept. 1879 at the Old Brewery Wigton JANE widow of MR RICHARD GRAHAH aged 75 years.

GRAHAM- On the 27th Jan. 1852, at Dursley, Sir Robert GRAHAM, Bart., of Esk, county ofCumberland, in the 83d year of his age.

GRAHAM - At 71 Petteril(?) Street, Carlisle, on 1st February, 1933, Robert Graham (late 30 Clifton Street), aged 78 years. Tobe interred at Carlisle Cemetery

GRAHAM - At the Hospital, on the 24th January, 1933, Thomas, the beloved husband of the later Francis Graham, late of 34 Morton Street. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

GRAHAM-On the 27th Nov., 1902, at Cooper's Court, Quay-street, Whitehaven, Winifred Victoria, daughter of John GRAHAM, aged 2 years.

GRAHAM. - On the 21 April. 1897, at 7, Irish-street, Whitehaven, MARGARET, widow of JOHN GRAHAM, labourer, aged 70 years.

GRAHAM - On the 27th Nov.1879, at Hill's Place, Church Street, Whitehaven, Wyly, son of Mr. William GRAHAM, mariner, aged 2 years and 8 months.

GRAHAM. - At 6, King Street, Aspatria, on April 2, 1931, William, dearly loved husband of Eleanor GRAHAM, aged 77 years.

GRAHAM- Since our last, in Tangier Street, William , son of Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 18 years. Oct. 1853

GRAHAM. - At Bedford, on the 6th instant, Mr WILLIAM GRAHAM, son of Mr WILLIAM GRAHAM, stone mason, Longtown, aged 29 years, much respected.


GRAINGER-Richard, of Chatwall, aged 25, April, 1812; and on Monday at the Trumpet Inn, Shrewsbury, where he had come for the purpose of ordering a hearse &c. for the funeral of his brother,Mr. THOS. GRAINGER of Adcott, aged 20.

GRANT. - On the 30th April 1882 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mr. Charles GRANT, Labourer, aged 40 years.

GRANT - On the 3rdFeb.1902, at Orchard Street, Carlisle, John George GRANT, aged 17 years.

GRAPES - June 1843, at the house of Mr. John FISH, Grey Horse, Mr. Charles Wellington GRAPES, brush maker, a native of the Isle of Wight, aged 32 years.


GRAVE. - At Springwell House, Gilcrux, on Tuesday, March 25th 1958, Thomas, the beloved husband of Annie Elizabeth GRAVE. To be interred at St. Mary’s Church, Gilcrux.


GRAVE- IN LOVING MEMORY of MARY, Widow of the late Peat Grave, Who died at Low Lorton, on April 19th, 1906, AGED 35 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Churchyard, on Sunday, April 22nd, at 2 p.m.

Verse with card- “THY WILL BE DONE” **

GRAVE. On the 14th July 1882, at Netherton, Ellenborough, SARAH, widow of MR.MATTHEW GRAVE, farmer, aged 81 years.

GRAVES- At Keswick on the 26th Jan. 1885, Annie May, daughter of Mr LeonardGraves, aged 2 years.

GRAVES.- At Morcambe on the 13th June1887, Thos. James, only son of William GRAVES, aged 21 years.

GRAVES-Little Willie, dearly loved son of Isaac and Sarah E. Graves, who died at Blennerhasset, November 22nd, 1918.

GRAY. - On the 14th June 1882, at Sullart-street, Cockermouth, Mr William Gray, threadmaker, aged 69 years.

GRAYSON-James BAIN, the beloved husband of Nellie R., and son of the late John and Ellen GRAYSON, of Ullock, died April 9th 1930 aged 47. Interred at Dean Church.

GREARS - On the 5th Jan. 1902 at 51, Back row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Sarah Ann, daughter of James GREARS, coal miner aged 17 months.

GREAVES- At Manchester, on the 11th Dec. 1844, aged 24 years. MR. ROBERT GREAVES,youngest son of the late MR. THOMAS GREAVES, of Cadishead.

GREAVES-On the 23d Nov. 1883, at Brighton, WILLIAM THOMAS GREAVES, Esq., M.R.C.S., Eng.,late of Penrith, Cumberland, in his 75th year.

GREEN-At Green Bank, Borrowdale, yesterday (Friday), 25th Sept. 1903,Elizabeth, wife of the late Jno, Green, aged 90.

GREEN- In Loving Memory of Joseph, The Beloved Husband of Jane Green, of Pardshaw Lee Gate, Who died September 21st, 1907 AGED 71 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Tuesday, September 24th, at 3 p.m., leaving residence at 2 p.m. Verse with card- none **

GREEN- At 18, Vulcan's Lane, Workington, on the 20th March 1932, William, (Ex-Sergeant of Police, the beloved husband of Ann SHARP-GREEN, in his 66th year. Interred at Salterbeck Cemetery.

GREEN-At Marina Cottage, Allonby, on the 24 Sept. 1903, William eldest son of Thomas and Ann GREEN aged 36 years

GREENER-Henry, who after a well spent useful life entered into rest May 17th, 1929.

GREENER-John, eldest son of Henry and Mary Greener, 48, Pica, Distington, who was killed in action at Bourton Wood, France, November 30th, 1917, aged ** years.

GREENHOW - On the 20th Nov.1879, at Ellenborough, Collin Wedgewood, son of Mr. John GREENHOW, aged 3 years.

GREENHOW-On the 21st Oct. 1879, at Crosby-street, Maryport, Samuel, son of Mr W Greenhow, aged 3 years.

GREENHOW.- At High Lounthwaite, on the 21st June 1887, Harrison GREENHOW, aged 78 years.

GREENHOW - In the Woolpack Yard, Keswick, on the 1st Feb. 1880, Sarah, wife of Joseph GREENHOW, farm labourer, aged 69 years.


GREENOP-On the 16th June, 1897, at 4, Duke-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. GREENOP, brazier, aged 61 years.

GREGG. - On the 1st May, 1882, at Harrington, Henry GREGG.

GREGG-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at Bigrigg, John Leeming, infant son of Matthew GREGG, miner.

GREGG- On Monday, the 10th Aug. 1846, of apoplexy, Thomas GREGG, Esq., Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland, in the 67th year of his age

GREGGAINS -In King Street, Maryport, on the 30th Jan 1880 Julia, widow of Mr. Peter GREGGAINS, carter, aged 87 years.


GREGORY - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Geo. Gregory, labourer, aged 81 years.

GREGORY-Joseph, manager of Messrs. Lightfoot and Cockbain's Ltd., drapers, of Maryport, May 1931.

GREGORY. - On the 19th June 1897, at Back Ginns, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of G. H. GREGORY, coalminer, aged 36 years.

GREGSON-At Brough Sowerby, Mrs GREGSON, aged 86.Feb. 1812

GREVESON - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Orchard House, Dean, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. George GREVESON, coalowner, aged 74 years.

GRIBBIN, Whitehaven, MRS. JANE GRIBBIN, widow, aged 55 years, Oct. 1844

GRIBBIN ~ On the 12th May 1899, at Briggs Court, Scotch Street Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr. John Gribbin, tailor, aged 20 years.

GRIBBONS - On the 4thFeb.1902, at Seaton Moor, John GRIBBONS, of Great Broughton, aged 91years.

GRIFFITH-Elizabeth, in Percy-Street, Newcastle, Mrs Elizabeth GRIFFITH,aged 65, the last surviving daughter of the late Mr. Gabriel GRIFFITH, ofthis town. Feb. 1812

GRIEVES-William the dearly beloved son of Archibald and Hannah Grieves, who died December 5th, 1903.

GRIFFITH-Gladys, infant daughter of Thomas, At the Tinplate Works, Seaton, 26th March 1884.

GRINDALL - On the 17th March 1882, at Baker's-Court, Market-Place,Whitehaven, Ann Steel, daughter of Mr Patrick GRINDALL,mariner, aged 2 years and 3 months.

GRINDALL-Thomas, who resided at Low Houses, Brigham. Sept. 1903 aged 72.

GRINDLEY-At Weaver Bank, Wigton, on the 4th Oct. 1903. Margaret Jane (Maggie), daughter of Catherine and the late Wm. GRINDLEY, aged 23 years.

GRISDALE-At 94, Main Street, Keswick, on the 27th May, 1895, Alice, the beloved daughter of the late William and Jane Grisdale, aged 10 years. Iterred at Crosthwaite Parish

GRISDALE - On the 31st Jan.1902, at 47, Front Street, Brampton, John GRISDALE, aged 67 years.

GUNSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of HENRY GUNSON, of Yottenfews, Who died at Mockerkin, on Tuesday, April 5th, 1887, AGED 41 YEARS. To be interred at St. Bridget’s Low Church, Beckermont, on Saturday, the 9th inst., at 3 o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

GUNSON - At Waterloo Terrace, Near Whitehaven, on Sept. 1844, after a long and painful indisposition, Mr. JAMES GUNSON, Aged 62.

GUNSON-At Baggrow, on the 26th April 1844., at the advanced age of 82, Mary, the wife of Mr. Christopher GUNSON.

GUNSON-Rev. William Mandell, Baggrow near Aspatria, Cumberland, had been suffering of late, it is feared, from the effects of overwork. Oct. 1881

GUY-at Maryport, Mrs GUY, widow, at the advanced aged of 84.Feb. 1812

HADWIN, In the 24th Jan. 1897, at 62 Market-place, Whitehaven, James Walker, son of Daniel HADWIN, messenger, aged 14  1/2 years.

HAIG-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Woodend Farm, Irton, John, eldest son of the late Walter and Isabella HAIG, aged 52 years. Interred at St. Bees

HALE,On the 24th Jan. 1897, at St. Helena, Annie Mary, infant daughter of John HALE, farm bailiff.

HALES - At Whitehaven July 1844, Jonathan HALES, publican, in the 37th year of his age.

HALL - On the 26th Nov. 1882, at Quy (Quay) Folds, Wutham, near Keswick, Mr. John HALL, aged 51 years.

HALL. - At the Cockermouth Union Workhouse, on the 4th March 1844, Mr SAMUEL HALL, formerly of Workington, aged 78.


HALL-On Friday, the 25th October 1844, THOMAS HALL, infant son of MR. JOSEPH HALL, of the Coffee House Hotel,Whitehaven

HALL-on the 27th Aug. 1905, at Keekle-terrace, Mr. William HALL, aged 49 years.

HALL - In new South Wales, on the 6th March, 1844, Mr. William HALL of Upperby, who went out to New Zealand as a Chuch Missionary, in the year 1810.

HALLIBURTON - At Douglas, Isle of Man, on the 5th Oct. 1855, JOHN HALLIBURTON, second son of the late MR. JOHN HALLIBURTON, surgeon, Brampton, aged 48.

HALSAL - At Parton, on the 1 Feb. 1880, Thomas Henry, son of Mr. Thomas HALSAL, coalminer, aged 7 years.


HAMILL-Alexander, who died at 129, MainStreet, Distington, On November 29th, 1918.

HAMILTON. - At 31, Graham Street, Penrith, on the 17th Feb. 1877, HARRIET NISBETT HAMILTON, daughter of MR. W. HAMILTON, aged 3 years and 6 months.


HAMILTON- At the Bush Hotel, in this City, [Friday] morning, after a lingeringillness, JAMES HAMILTON, Jun., aged 22 years, Oct, 1844.

HAMILTON. - On the 16th May, 1897 at Hensingham, John HAMILTON, coal miner, aged 69 years.

HAMILTON - At Botcherby, on the 7th Feb. 1880, Joseph HAMILTON, aged 78 years.


HAMILTON-Lady Maria HAMILTON,eldest surviving daughter of the Marquis of Abercorn.Feb. 1814

HANLEY-On the 29th March 1897, at 22, New Street, Whitehaven, JAMES, son of JOHN HANLEY, painter, aged 17 years.

HANNAH. - On the 27th Feb. 1897 at Whillimoor, David Alexander, son of Thos. Hannah, farmer, aged 10 years.

HANNAH- At 49, Strand Street, Whitehaven, 18th March 1884, Mary, daughter of the late Mr. John HANNAH, master mariner, aged 82 years.

HANNAY- Henry who died 10 Mar 1771 at 11 Leconfield St. in Cleator Moor.

HARDING - In Queen Street, Carlsile, on the 22nd Aprol 1880, DANIEL HARDING, infant.

HARDY- Last week, at Caldwell, near Greta Bridge, in his 102nd year, Wm. HARDY, blacksmith. April 1812

HARKER-At 45, High Street, Cleator Moor, 23rd March 1903, Elizabeth Mary, relict of the late John HARKER, aged 68 years. Interred at St. George's Church, Millom

HARKER-On June 6th,1895, Florence HARKER, aged 13 years. Interred at Bridekirk Death by scalding.

HARKER.-On the 23rd April, 1899, at Troutbeck, Marion, daughter of Mr. William HARKER, in her 19th year.

HARKNESS-Nellie, who died November 27th, 1919.

HARLEY-At 84, West Street, Aspatria, on the 13th inst,Margaret HARTLEY, aged 85 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 16th 1932.

HARPER-At Potts Gill, on the 22nd inst., Henry Mounsey Harper, aged 71 years. Interred at Caldbeck, on Thursday. Nov. 1920.

HARPER-James Harper, who died at Stocks Hill, Harrington, April 14th 1926.

HARPER. - At 25, Cumberland Street, Workington on the 28th Oct. 1903, Robert HUGH beloved son of Joseph and Sarah HARPER, aged 16 months. - Interred to-day (Wednesday) at Harrington Road Cemetery

HARPER - At Rose Terrace, Keswick, on the 1 Feb. 1880, Thomas HARPER, cart driver, aged 76 years.


HARRIMAN - On the 25th Nov. 1882, at the Hawes, Bassenthwaite, near Keswick, Mr. Thomas HARRIMAN, aged 79 years.

HARRINGTON-Joseph HARRINGTON, who passed awayat the Blue Bell Inn, Workington, April 15th 1930.

HARRINGTON-At Low Biggins, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Mrs. HARRINGTON, advanced in years. Nov. 1858

HARRIS-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at 16, Waterloo Terrace, HAnnah, Whitehaven and Woodbourne Square, Dougloas, Isle of Man, widow in her 76th years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery.

HARRIS. - On the 29th April, 1882, at his residence, Derwent Lodge, Cockermouth, Joseph HARRIS aged 69 years.

HARRIS-On the 25th Jan 1863, at Greysouthen, Cumberland, JOHN HARRIS, Esq., in the ??[probably 35th] year of his age.

HARRIS. - At Seacombe, near Liverpool, on the 18th May 1877, MR. WILLIAM HARRIS, landlord of the Victoria Hotel, and formerly of Westnewton, near Allonby, aged 35 years.


HARRISON-On the 18th Feb.1861, in Brunswick-square, Penrith, MAJOR-GENERAL A. R.HARRISON, Royal Artillery, aged 71.

HARRISON. On the 16th July 1882, at Fleming-street, Maryport, MR. ISAAC HARRISON, labourer, aged 73 years.

HARRISON. - At Burrels, near Appleby, March 1844, Mr JAMES HARRISON, labourer, aged 73 years.


HARRISON. - At Kirkland, March 1844, Mr JOHN HARRISON, aged 87 years, formerly of Blencow Hall.

HARRISON-On the 7th Feb. 1897, at 98 Duke-street. Whitehaven, Brown, infant son of John HARRISON, postman.

HARRISON - In Arthur Terrace, Penrith on the 2 Feb. 1880, Mr. John HARRISON, wool stapler and skinner, aged 67 years.


HARRISON - At Beckbrow, in the parish of Ainstable, on Saturday the 7th Sept. 1844, suddenly, Mr. JOHN HARRISON, aged 45 years.

HARRISON-Elizabeth, At Brigham, 25th March 1884, wife of Jonathan and daughter of the late Mr. John RICHARDSON, sen., Cockermouth, aged 64 years.

HARRISON- Hilda Margaret, the dearly beloved child of John and Phoebe Harrison, who died November 25th, 1920.  To be interred at Dearham Churchyard

HARRISON- At Axholme House, Eskin Street, Keswick, on the 20th Dec. 1920, Joseph, retired draper, aged 69. Interred at St. John's-in-the-Vale Church

HARRISON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at Charles-street, Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Harrison, aged 29 years.

HARRISON- At Wigton, on Saturday last, MARY, infant daughter of MR. DANIEL HARRISON, spirit mechant. Oct. 1844.

HARRISON - January 8th, 1920 at Whitbeck Vicarage, Cumberland, suddenly,the Rev John HARRISON, aged 72 years

HARRISON- In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY HARRISON, of Mockerkin, Who died on Tuesday, July 19th, 1887, AGED 72 YEARS. To be Interred at Lamplugh Church, on Friday, the 22nd, at 3, leaving Mockerkin at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

HARRISON - At Watermillock, Ullswater, Nov. 1855, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN HARRISON, yeoman.

HARRISON-Thomas,1797-Bridgefoot - 24th Jan. Run down by cart.

HARTLEY. - At Whins Mill, near Wigton, on the 15th Feb. 1877, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of MR. JOHN HARTLEY, timber merchant, and youngest daughter of MR. FRANCIS LITTLE, Dalston, aged 32 years.

HARTLEY. - At Head Haile, near Egremont, March 1844, Mr JOSEPH HARTLEY late of Gosforth aged 66 years.


HARTLEY- Roger, aged 34 years, at Ulverston Cottage Hospital, March 1903, deceased, with his elder brother, who died last week, were working in the Press House when the explosion happened, and they were blown into the river Leven. They were both terribly burned and disfigured.

HARTNESS.- At Skelton, on the 25th June 1887. Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Joseph
HARTNESS, farmer, and only daughter of George & Jane WALKER, aged 54 years.

HAUGH-On the 14th Aug 1903. at 1, Ellenborough Old Road, Netherton, Maryport, Jane Haugh, beloved wife of Jefferson Haugh (late of South End, Wigton) aged 74 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

HAWKINS. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at 21 Front row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of John HAWKINS, coalminer, aged 22 months.

HAWORTH- On the 21st June 1856, at Inglewood Bank, near Penrith, Cumberland, EDWARDLUMLEY HAWORTH, Esq., late of H.M. 25th Regiment, aged 24 years.

HAY–At 25 Charles Street, 3rd May 1895, Thomas second son of John and Tamar HAY, aged 6 years; also William, who died the 2nd of April, aged 8 years

HAYES-At Craikhow road, Dearham, on Sunday 19th June 1898, Joseph Hayes, thebeloved son of William and Margaret Hayes, aged 7 years. Interred at Dearham Parish Church

HAYES-On the 3rd Feb.1902, At Craika Road, Dearham, Margaret, wife of William HAYES, aged 44 years.

HAYNES - At Blennerhassett, on the 12th July, 1844,, Ann HAYNES, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas GIBSON.

HAYSTON - At Wiley Cottages, Newton Arloah on the 2nd Feb. 1933 Matthew Hayston, aged 80 years. To be interred at Newton Arloah

HAYTON-Issac, On the 8th of July, 1852 in the 50th year of his age. actuary of the Savings Bank,Whitehaven.

HAYTON-At Welbeck Nursing Home, London (of pneumonia) on April 8th,1932 aged 73 years, John Moore, dearly beloved husband of Alice HAYTON, Derwent Lodge, Westoe Village, South Shields.

HAYTON - At Gill Foot, Abbey Town (formerly of Barrow-in-Furness), on the 23rd June, 1938 Thomas, dearly loved husband of Martha HAYTON, aged 67 years. Was interred at Holm St. Cuthbert's

HAWKE - At Greenside Cottage, Caldbeck, on the 20th Jan. 1880, after a long illness, borne with Christian fortitude, Edward, eldest son of Phillip and Mary Ann HAWKE, aged 30 years.


HAWKE-At Rimu, Waganui, New Zealand, on the 25th of June,1898 John Albert Hawke, M.R.C.V.S.,youngest son of Philip Hawke, Workington, aged 33 years.

HAWKRIGG - At Yew Bank, Hawkshead, on the 24 Jan. 1880, Simeon Townson, second son of Mr. J. HAWKRIGG, aged 39 years.


HAWTHORN-Ann, the beloved wife of Henry Hawthorn, who died November 21st, 1918.

HAY. - On the 19th April, 1882, at Distington, Edith Jane, daughter of Mr. James CARR, master of a workhouse, aged 12 years.

HAYSTON - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Ellenborough, Jane, daughter of Mr. Joseph HAYSTON, waller, aged 4 years.

HAYTON-ANN, dearly beloved wife of GEORGEHAYTON,  who died at 7, Chapel Street, Flimby, on April 1st 1928, aged 65

HAYTON. On the 20th July 1882, at Cockermouth, ELIZABETH HAYTON, widow of the late JOSEPH HAYTON, of Cross Hill, Wigton, aged 85 years. Interred at Allonby

HAYTON. - At Webeck Nursing Home, London (of pneumonia), on April 8th 1932, aged 73 years, John Moore, dearly beloved husband of Alice HAYTON, Derwent Lodge, Westoe Village, South Shields.

HAYTON-April 14th, at his residence, "Rose Lea," Green Lane, Stoneycroft, Liverpool, Captain William Hayton, aged 76 years. To be interred at Liverpool.

HAYWARD-On the 25t Oct. 1879, at the Crown and Mitre Hotel, Carlisle, Mr Fred W Hayward, aged 53 years.

HEAD- In Affectionate Remembrance of ANN HEAD, who died on Saturday, February 21st 1885, AGED 87 YEARS. Internment at the Whitehaven Cemetery, on Wednesday, the 25th, leaving No. 24, West Strand, at 2 o’clock. Her end was peace. Verse with card- none **

HEAD-Jane, beloved wife of Thomas Head, Low Hollins, who died 16th Jan 1926. Also their son, Private Thomas Head, who lost his life near the Dardanelles, 13th August 1915. Also their son Walter Head, who was accidentally killed on Rannerdale Knott, 31st Mat 1931.

HEAD- In affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH HEAD, Of High Netherscales, Embleton, WHO DIED NOVEMBER 14th, 1887, AGED 65 YEARS. To be interred at Embleton Church, on Thursday, the 17th inst., at 2 o’clock, p.m. Verse with card- “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” **

HEAD-On the 17th Oct. 1879, at South-street, Cockermouth, Mary, daughter of Mr C Head, aged 2 years.

HEAD- In loving Remembrance of MARY, THE BELOVED WIFE OF OSWALD HEAD, of Gilbrea, Lorton, WHO DIED THE 29th of October, 1888, AGED 51 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Thursday, the 1st of November, at 2 o’clock p.m. ** Verse with card- “ THE LORD GAVE, AND THE LORD HATH TAKEN AWAY: BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD.”

HEAD- Ronald, dearly loved son of John and Elizabeth M. Head, who died at Rickerby, November 18th, 1918, aged 11 years.  Also of our dear little daughter, Hilda, who died November 28th, 1919, in her sixth year.

HEAD- In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH, Widow of the late Joseph Head, of High Netherscales, Embleton, Who died February 26th, 1906, AGED 68 Years. To be interred at Embleton Church on Thursday, the 1st March, at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- “HER END WAS PEACE” **

HEAD-Walter , beloved son of Thomas and the late Jane Head, who was accidently killed on Rannerdale Knott, on May 31st, 1931, aged 33 years. Interred at Lorton Church.

HEARD-At Liverpool, on the 26th Oct. 1844, ALICE, the wife of MR. JOSEPH HEARD,portrait painter, aged 45 years.

HEARSAY. - in Wood Street, Carlisle, 20th Feb. 1877, MARY AGNES HEARSAY, aged 2 years and 9 months


HEDLEY-At Workington, on the 12th Dec.1844, after a lingering illness, which he bore with patience and resignation to the will of God, MR. WILLIAM HEDLEY,officer of excise, aged 63 years

HEBSON-At Ousby,on the 18th Dec. 1844, the REV. HENRY HEBSON, B.A. in the prime of life, eldest son of the late CAPTAIN HEBSON, of Penrith, Justice of the Peace

HECKLE-On the 20th April 1882, at Ullock, Mr. John HECKLE, aged 60 years.

HEELIS.- At Helsington Parsonage, Kendal, Ada Loraine, infant daughter of
the Rev. Thos. HEELIS. Born May 17th; died May 19th 1896.

HELDER-On June 4th, 1931, at Callao, Whitehaven, Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Sir Augustus Helder, aged 68 years.

HENDERSON-At Penrith, on the 5th May 1844, Mrs. Elizabeth HENDERSON, widow, aged 88 years

HENDERSON. On the 16th July 1882, at Kirkland House, near Wigton, MR. JAMES HENDERSON, in his 90th year.

HENDERSON. - At the house of his brother-in-law, The Green, on the 14th Feb. 1877, JAMES HENDERSON, aged 37 years.


HENDERSON-On the 16th Dec. 1882, at Grasslot, Rachel Ann, infant daughter of Mr. T. HENDERSON.

HENDERSON - On the 31st Jan.1902, at Grinsdale, Joseph HENDERSON, aged 60 years.

HENDERSON-On the 20th Nov. 1902, at Parsonby, Mr. Joseph HENDERSON, aged 70 years.

HENDERSON- Perished in the wreck of the Royal Charter, ROBERT WADILOVE, sixth son of the late ROBERT HENDERSON, Esq., of Rylston House, Yorkshire, and formerly of Justus town, Cumberland, aged 28 Nov. 1859

HENDRY - At 11 Redbank Terrace, February 1st, 1933, Marion Smith, dearly beloved daughter of Mr andMrs A. BELL, of 210 Scalegate Road, aged 26 years. To be interred at Upperby

HENNIKER - At the Vicarage, Frocester, on the 1st Feb. 1880, the Rev. Robert HENNIKER, M.A., late Head Master of Rossall School, aged 46 years.


HERRING - At 16 Beaconsfield Street, on January 1933, 78th year. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HENRY- Off the Cape of Good Hope, on board the John Dugdale, bound for China,JOHN HENRY, second son of JOHN GREY, Esq. of Dilston, aged 26 years. Dec. 1844

HERALD-On the 5th June, 1897, at Lowca, Harrington, Frances, wife of Patrick HERALD, aged 33 years.

HERRING - In Duke-street, Penrith, on the 20th Feb. 1874, MR. JOS. HERRING, aged 57 years.


HERRON. - On the 17th June 1882, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Alice Herron, aged 34 years.

HESKETT-On the 28th Oct. 1884, at The Grotto, Yanwath, Penrith, Cumberland, WILLIAM HESKETT, Land Agent, late of Plumpton Hall, aged 76 years.

HESLOP- Robert William, beloved husband of Annie Heslop, who died at Derwent Street, Cockermouth, November 24th, 1918.

HETHERINGTON- At Orchard Farm, Allonby, Caleb Dixon HETHERINGTON, the beloved husband of Hannah, late of Fletchertown. To be interred to-day (Wednesday) April 13th 1932 at 3 p.m.. Leaving residence at 2-30. Friends please accept this only intimation.

HETHERINGTON- On the 10th August, 1882, at Garborough, Crosby, Mr. Daniel HETHERINGTON, labourer, aged 78 years.

HETHERINGTON-At Mealrigg, 8th June 1884, Joseph HETHERINGTON, yeoman, in his 71st years - much respected.

HETHERINGTON. On the 16th July 1882, at Aspatria, MR. JOSEPH HETHERINGTON, for upwards of 15 years reporter on the staff of the 'Carlisle Journal', aged 31 years.

HETHERINGTON-At Clifton Vicarage, near Workington, on the 25th April 1882, the Rev. Joseph HETHERINGTON, M.A., Vicar of Clifton, aged 72 years.

HETHERINGTON-On the 29th March, 1897, at Rottington, MABEL ISABEL, daughter of THOMAS HETHERINGTON, husbandman, aged 2 years.

HETHERINGTON-On the 6th Jan. 1883, at Penrith, Cumberland, MISS MARGARET HETHERINGTON, in her 80th year.

HETHERINGTON. - On the 5th March 1844, Mrs MARGARET HETHERINGTON, Three Crowns Lane, English Street, aged 69 years.


HETHERINGTON - At Wigton, on the 30 Jan, 1880, Mary, relict of the late John HETHERINGTON, of Lamplugh Hall, aged 78 years.


HETHERINGTON-Nellie, Beloved wife of William HETHERINGTON, who died at Heather Lea, Seaton, April 2nd, 1920.

HETHERINGTON - At Thrustonfield, in the parish of Burgh-by-Sands, on Saturday, the 20th Oct. 1855, RICHARD HETHERINGTON, aged 65 years

HETHERINGTON-Robert On Sunday last, 25th July, 1852, in Queen Street, ship carpenter, aged 53 years.

HEWETSON- In Loving Remembrance of SIMPSON HEWETSON, Of the Apple Tree Hotel, Cockermouth, Who died on April 24th, 1880, AGED 61 YEARS. To be interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery, on Tuesday, April 27th, at 11 o’clock A.M. Verse with card- “Oh, why should your tears run down, And the heart be sorely riven? For another gem, in the Savior’s Crown, And another soul in Heaven.” *

HEWITT-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at 13 Bardy-lane-steps, Whitehaven. Bridget, daughter of Mr. George HEWITT, aged 2 years.

HEWITT – RICHARD, the beloved son of JOHN and JANE HEWITT, of Ellenborough, Maryport, who died 16th June, 1894, aged 2 years and 3 months.

HEWSON-On the 24th April 1882, at Roper-street, Whitehaven, Ann, wife of Mr. Jonathan HEWSON, stonemason, aged 54 years.

HEWSON - In Rickergate, in this city, on the 8th Feb 1880 Robert HEWSON, aged 18 days.


HEXAM- ALEXANDER. son of Martin, died August 21st 1902 aged 16 years

HEXAM-Betsy,who departed this life August 30th 1902.

HEXAM, wife of MARTIN HEXAM.who died August 30th 1902 aged 58 years

HIGGINS-Patrick, HIGGINS, residing in Church Street, Workington,May, 1895

HILL - At Wigton on the 29th May, 1843, aged 50 years.


HILL-On the 6th June, 1897 at Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, Lily, infant daughter of Joseph HILL, labourer.

HILL - On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Longtown, Catherine, widow of Mr. Thomas Mitchell Hill in her 84th year.

HILL-Edward1809 - Great Clifton -Fell from cart.

HILLARY-On the 2nd December 1902, at 13, William-street, great Clifton, Workington, Catherine, wife of Mr. William HILLARY, aged 64 years.

HILLARY-At Solway Villas, Flimby, on the 6th inst., Margaret Lizzie, beloved daughter of Geo. Ernest and Sarah HILLARY, aged 16 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

HILTON- At Hensingham, on the 30th Oct. 1853, after a lingering illness, Mr. Jacob HILTON, of the firm of I and J. HILTON, tobacco manufacturers, Whitehaven, aged 24 years, much respected by all who knew him.

HIND-On the 25th Oct. 1879, in Pack Horse Lane, Carlisle, Mr Michael Hind, aged 54 years.

HIND-At Whitehaven, May 1844, Mr William HIND, aged 48 years

HINDE.-On the 18th April, 1899, at Pica, Distington, Ann, wife of Mr. Jonathan HINDE, aged 38 years.

HINDE - At Levens on January 31st, 1933, Jane, wife of the late Joseph Hinde. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HINDSON-On Sunday, the 15th May 1864, at St. Andrew's-place, Penrith, RICHARD GRAVE

HINDSON, Esq., in the 69th year of his age.

HINE  At 41 Shelley Street, Bootle, Lancashire, JOHN, the beloved husband of HANNAH HINE, late of East Mill, Aspatria. Sept. 1903.

HIRD-On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Kirkby Ireleth, Mr. James HIRD, aged 72 years.

HIRD-On the 23rd Oct.1879, at Chaloner-street, Cockermouth, MR. JOHN EDWARD HIRD, aged 32 years.

HIRD-Mary, Broughton Lodge Farm, May, 1895

HODGSON,at Blennerhasset, Feb. 1814 aged 90 years.

HODGSON-The 2nd March 1814 at Grisdale, near Hawkshead, Agnes HODGSON.

HODGSON-Ann, At Allonby, 23rd March 1884, of Wigton, aged 66 years.

HODGSON -In loving and affectionate rememberance of our dear father, and beloved husband of Dinah HODGSON, who died at Greysouthen, March 25th, 1901, aged 66 years.

HODGSON - At Stanwix Bank, on the 12th Feb. 1880 Clemintina JANE, relict of Thomas HODGSON.


HODGSON - At Broad Street Hospital, on February 1st 1933, (suddenly), Edith E., widow of Thomas J. Hodgson, aged 69 years. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HODGSON-Elizabeth,1828 2nd October- Buried by fall of earth on Common while illegally getting coal.

HODGSON- At Brook Street, Flimby, 2nd inst, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Hodgson, age 49 years. Was interred on Wednesday, the 5th Aug. 1903

HODGSON - At 9, West Street, Fletchertown, on the 14th January 1932, Francis Leslie, beloved infant son of John and Annie Hodgson. Interred at All Hallows New Church.

HODGSON - At 3, Henry Street, Cockermouth, on the 5th Feb. 1880, Mr. George HODGSON, aged 93 years.


HODGSON-On the 11th Sept. 1879 in Main Street Keswick MR ISAAC HODGSON retired sexton in the 84th year of his age.

HODGSON-Dr. Isaac Clark, of Ramsey Brow, died Nov. 27th 1913

HODGSON-On the 19th Oct. 1879, at Crosby, Isabella, daughter of Mr J Hodgson, aged3 years.

HODGSON. - On the 13th June 1882, at New Town, Whitehaven, Mr John Hodgson, aged 53 years.

HODGSON - At Kirkbampton, on the 8th Feb. 1880 Jane, relict of Richard HODGSON, late of Oughterby, aged 94 years.


HODGSON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at Gaitsgill, Mr. John Hodgson, joiner, aged 74 years.

HODGSON - Suddenly, at the Vicarage, Netherwaslale, on the 14th Jan. 1920, the Rev, John HODGSON, vicar of Netherwasdale, aged 62 years. Interred at Netherwasdale

HODGSON-At Kirkbride, May, 1844, very suddenly, Mr. Joseph HODGSON, aged 74 years.

HODGSON-Mary, the dearly beloved daughter of Robinson and Mary A.Hodgson, who died at Sycamore Terrace, High Harrington, November 26th, 1918.

HODGSON-At Stockport Infirmary, Cheshire, 6 Aug. 1903 Lancelot, son of the late Mary Ann Hodgson, of Cockermouth, age 44 years

HODGSON - On the 1st April 1882, at Camp-street, Maryport, Rachel, widow of Mr. Richard HODGSON, seaman, aged 72 years.

HODGSON-On the 15th August 1903, at 16, Catherine Street, Maryport, Rebecca Jane Hodgson,aged 20 years.  Also Sarah, infant daughter of above, who died on the 14th August. Interred at the Cemetery on Tuesday, August 18th.

HODGSON. - On the 13th June 1882, at New Town, Whitehaven, Mr John Hodgson, aged 53 years.

HODGSON.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Joseph, son of Mr. William HODGSON, aged 16 years.

HODGSON - On the 14th April, 1897, at Demesne, Sandwith, Robert HODGSON, handyman aged 73 years.

HODGSON - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at the Sun Inn, Aspatria, Mr. Sibson Hodgson, innkeeper, aged 48 years.

HODGSON-TOM, the beloved husband of MABEL HODGSON, who died at Gilcrux, on April 6th 1930.

HODGSON-Tom, At Broughton Hall, 22nd March 1884. Aged 70 years.

HODGSON-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Chapel Street Whitehaven WILLIAM,son of MR J HODGSON accountant aged 2 years.

HODGSON-William Ewart, infant son of Tom and Sarah. At 3 Brow Top, Workington, on the 5th Nov. 1884

HODSON-At the Stables, Highfield, Ashton-on-Kibble, Preston, August 2nd 1902, John Simpson Eli, the dearly love son of Henry and Mary Hodson andgrandson of Mrs M Simpson Gilcrux, age 5 months.

HODSON-At the Rectory, Bootle, Cumberland, on the 25th Sept. 1903, the Rev Thomas HODSON, rector.

HOGG - At 123, Denton Holme, in this city, on the 10th Feb. 1880 Andrew HOGG, aged 71 years.


HOGG-At 11 Brunswick Street, Carlisle on 17th Oct. 1903, PRISCILLA, the widow of the late GEORGE HOGG, Black Bull Hotel, Cockermouth and the dearly beloved mother of MARY ANN WHARTON.

HOLLIDAY-Betsy HOLLIDAY, who died at 114 Victoria Road, Workington, April 15th 1931.

HOLLIDAY-At Pardshaw Hall, 20th Aug, 1895, Edward aged 6o years

HOLLIDAY-Herbert James, the dearly loved son of Henry and Annie Holliday who died November 24th, 1919.

HOLLIDAY-John HOLLIDAY, beloved husband of Betsy HOLLIDAY, who was killed at Aspatria Station, on March 7th, 1903, aged 51 years. Interred at Hayton Churchyard.

HOLLIDAY-On the 6th May 1899, at Scawthwaite Close, Ireby, George, son of Mr. Daniel Holliday, aged 20 years.

HOLLIDAY-At High Lowca, on the 17th March 1903, Sarah widow of the late Joseph Holliday, aged 52 years. Interred at Harrington.

HOLLIDAY-William Holliday, Croft Terrace, Lowca.(no date)1920

HOLME-On the 25th Sept.1879, at Mansriggs, near Ulverston, ELLEN, wife of MR JOHN HOLME, aged 71 years.

HOLME. - At Mardale Parsonage, on the 23rd April, 1880, the REV. THOS. HOLME, M.A., aged 70 years.


HOLMES.-On the 15th Jan., 1897 at the Infirmary,Whitehaven, Clarence Augustus, son of George Holmes, signalman, aged 14 months.

HOLMES-On the 13th Dec 1882, at St. Helen's-street, Cockermouth,Ann, widow of Mr. John HOLMES (COOPER), stonemason, aged 72 years.

HOLMES-Isaac, at Highcoathill, in the parish of Wetheral, Mr. Isaac HOLMES, aged 92. Nov. 1819

HOLMES. - At Workington, March 1844, Mrs MARGARET HOLMES, widow, aged 65 years.


HOLMES-At Guard Street, Workington, 29th May 1895, Mr Thomas, aged 64 years.

HOLMES-On the 22nd Oct. 1879, at the Soapery, Workington, Sarah Holmes, relict of Mr W Holmes,aged 74 years.

HOLMES-On the 16th Sept. 1879at Ulverston MR RICHARD HOLMES aged 82 years.

HOLMES-On the 14th July, at the Village Main Relf Gold Mining Company, Johannesburg, South Africa, William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann Holmes, and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes, Winder Gate, Frizington, aged 30 years. Interred at Johannesburg Cemetery on 15th July, 1898.

HOLYWELL-On the 23rd November, 1902, at Trumpet ??, Cleator Moor, Samuel HOLYWELL, aged 1 year.

HOODLESS-On the 4th Feb.1902, at West Street, Wigton, William Henry HOODLESS, aged 61 years.

HOPE- In affectionate Remembrance of ADAM HOPE, of Pardshaw, Who died September 15th, 1885, AGED 62 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Saturday, the 19th instant, leaving Pardshaw at 2-30 o’clock, p.m. Verse with card- Farewell, wife and children dear, my life is past, My love to you so long did last; And now for me no sorrow take, But love each other for my sake. Weep not for me, but, pray repent, I was not yours but only lent; Dry up those tears and weep no more, I am not lost, but gone before. **

HOPE-Mary, infant daughter of Mr. Joseph Cook, carter. At Bolton Street, Workington, 27th March 1884.

HOPE - At Bridge House, Ainstable, on 26th January, 1933, (suddenly), Thomas William, dearly beloved husband of Evelyn Hope, in his 51st year. Was interred at Ainstable Church

HOPPER- At Blencathra View, Saint John's 2nd June 1895, Mr James HOPPER, aged 66 years.

HOOPER-On the 20th Feb. 1897, at 39 Scotch-street, Whitehaven, Martha Isabella Crosthwaite, daughter of Robert Dickinson HOOPER, piano tuner, aged 16 years.

HOPE - At Wigton, Nov. 16,1855, THOMAS, son of ISAAC HOPE, labourer, aged 6 years

HOPE - On the 12th July, 1844, Mr. Walter HOPE, aged 77 years.

HORN. - At Crackenthrope, near Appleby, on the 23rd April 1880, AGNES, relict of the late JONATHAN HORN, and last surviving daughter of the late JOHN WALTON, aged 60 years.


HORNCASTLE- On the 20th Oct. 1844, aged 45, at his residence, No. 12, Tavistock-place, Russell-square, MR. GEORGE HORNCASTLE, of ***Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

HORROCKS-Thomas, killed in William Pit, March 1903. Interred in Whitehaven Cemetery

HOST-Henry HOST, beloved husband of Mary HOST, who died at Millyeat, Frizington, on April 10th, 1929 aged 69 years,and was interre at St Paul's Frizington.

HOUGHTON on the 19th Feb.1889, at Brow street, Maryport, Georgina, infant daughter of Mr James. E. Houghton.

HOULGATE-On the 21 Sept. 1903, at the York City and County Bank House,Whitehaven, after a brief illness, Wm HOULGATE; in his 80th year

HOW, Mrs. Relict of late Peter, Esq., Whitehaven, March, 1777

HOWARD- On Tuesday, the 16th Jan. 1849, at her house in Brook-street, Catherine Mary HOWARD, widow of Henry HOWARD, of Corby Castle, Cumberland, in the 79th year of her age.

HOWARD - At Crosby, on the 5th Oct. 1855, WILLIAM, son of WM. HOWARD, labourer, aged 6 years.

HOWE - Joseph HOWE, 31 May, 1843, of Rickergate, aged 67 years.


HOWDEN-At Whitfield Crescent, Workington, James infant son of Mr William HOWDEN, blacksmith's striker.June 1884

HOWE-At 93, High Queen Street, Whitehaven, on Sunday September 6th 1903, DAVID JOHNSTON  HOWE. Interred at the Cemetery, Whitehaven

HOWE-At "the Garth" Chestnut Hill, Keswick, on June 1st, Jacob Howe, V.S. aged 91 years.  Was interred at Keswick St. John's Church, on Thursday, June 4th, 1931.

HOWE-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at Fleecy Ram Inn, Cleator Moor, Joseph Mason HOWE, chemist, aged 50 years.

HOWELL-On the 8th Sept. 1879 ALICE daughter of MR JOHNHOWELL Salthouse Barrow-in-Furness aged 20 years.

HOWES-At 3 Victoria Terrace, St Bees, on Wednesday April 9th 1930 in his 51st year, Hubert (Bertie) HOWES late secretary St Bees School only son of Mrs and the late Mr James HOWES formerly of Workington. Interred at Workington Cemetery.

HUCK - At Rydal, Nov. 1855, MR. .THOMAS HUCK, formerly footman to LADY le FLEMING, aged 75.

HUDDART-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Bank LaneWorkington HANNAH wife of MR JOSEPH HUDDART seaman aged 55 years.

HUDDART-In memory of Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr Is. Huddart, Senr, of Arlecdon, who departed this life, August 5th, 1892, aged 69 years.

HUDDLESTON.--On the 4th Nov. 1869, at his residence, Crosshill, Workington, John HUDDLESTON, Esq.

HUDLESS - At Cockermouth, Sept. 1844, Mr. WILLIAM HUDLESS, labourer, in the 57th year of his age.

HUDSON. - February, 1844, at the Horse and Farrier Inn, MISS

AGNES HUDSON, aged 21 years.


HUDSON-At Whitriggs Cottage, Seascale, on the 24th Sept. 1903, George Tyson HUDSON, aged 36 years

HUGGEN-At Longtown Union Workhouse, on the 7th Nov. 1844, MR. MARY HUGGEN, aged 74.

HUGGIN-On the 2nd Oct. 1869, in Swan-street, Longtown, Mr. Arthur HUGGIN, aged 26 years.

HUGHES- On the 2d Dec, 1856., ELIZABETH, relict of the late J. C. HUGHES, Esq., anddaughter of GEORGE STANLEY, Esq., of Ponsonby Hall, Cumberland.

HUGHES - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Greysouthen, Mary, widow of Mr. John HUGHES, schoolmaster, aged 77 years.

HUGHES-William at his Lodgings, in Castle-street, London,in the 63rd year of his age, formerly faro-dealer (?),at the Lad's Banks. This person never had a day's illness or went to bed sober for the last 30 years, and drank an average of a quart of gin everyday during that period, making in the whole 2792 gallons.Feb. 1814.

HUGHES-On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR WILLIAM HUGHES aged 70 years.

HUGO-On the 18th May, 1897, at Frizington, George, son of Michael HUGO. aged 4 years.

HULLOCK. At Marion Lodge, Little Salkeld, on the 14th Apr. 1918, Elizabeth,
widow of George Hullock, aged 82 years.

HULLOCK-WILLIAM, at the Poorhouse Dec. 6th 1844, aged 76

HULLY-At Kirkgate, Cockermouth, on the 15thAug 1898, Violet, only daughter of William and Lizzie Hully, aged 7 months. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery

HUMPHREYS-On the 21st Sept. 1879at Quay Street Whitehaven MARY ADA infant daughterof MR WILLIAM HUMPHREYS.

HUNTER- At the Manse of Kirkpatrick Fleming, on the 8th Sept. 1844, the REV ARCHIBALD HUNTER, minister of that parish.

HUNTER - In Whitfield Street, Workington on the 6th Feb. 1880, Isaac aged 3 years; and on the 8th Margaret Eleanor, aged 1 year 3 months, children of Mr. John HUNTER, potato dealer.


HUNTER - On the 19th March 1897, at Pica, Distington, Margaret, infant daughter of Joseph Hunter, miner.

HUNTER - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Wood Street, Maryport, James, son of Mr. Thomas HUNTER, stoker, aged 2 years

HUNTER- At Akehead, Wigton, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Jane, widow of the late GeorgeHUNTER, aged 74.

HUNTER - At Highbank Hill, Kirkoswald, on the 9th Feb. 1880, Mr. Jos. HUNTER, farmer, aged 60 years.

HUNTER - In Nelson Street, Maryport, on the 9th Feb. 1880, Mary Jane, widow of Mr. James HUNTER, labourer, aged 51 years.



HUNTER-At 4, Fleming Square, Maryport, 27th July 1898., Murial Russell, daughter of Robert and Sissy Hunter, aged 10 months.

HURD-At Station Cottage, Camerton, on the 20th of December 1920, John, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann hurd.  To be interred at Camerton Churchyard.

HURST-Ann, wife of Thomas Hurst, Hill Farm, Abbey Town, who died November 6th, 1918.

HUTCHINSON. - On the 28th April, 1882 in New Street, Keswick, James, Infant son of Mr. Albert HUTCHINSON.

HUTCHINSON-Jas, Crookdake in the parish of Bromfield on the 18th Jan. 1847.

HUTCHINSON–At Hurrock Wood, 18th June 1884, the Rev John Robinson HUTCHINSON, B.D., senior fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, surviving son of the late Rev John HUTCHINSON, of Hurrock Wood, Penrith.

HUTCHINSON. At Skelcies Hall, Kirkby Stephen, on the 19th Apr. 1918
Isabella, wife of William Hutchinson, aged 61 years. Interment at
Kirkby Stephen Cemetery

HUTCHINSON. - At Sebergham Hall, on the 2nd Feb. 1877, JANE, relict of MR. ROBERT HUTCHINSON, formerly of Northumberland.


HUTTON-Dorothy, In Carlisle,Feb. 1814, aged 80.

HUTTON. - On the 3rd March 1844, Mr EDWARD HUTTON, of Caldewgate, tailor, aged 25 years.


HUTTON- At Soulby, near Kirkby-stephen, Elizabeth HUTTON, relict of Mr. Thomas HUTTON, of that place, aged 86, Nov. 1819

I'ANSON-On the 19th Aug, 1898, at 20, Irish Street, Whitehaven, Thomas Francis I'Anson M.D., J.P., aged 73 years.

INGHAM. - In Caldcoats, on the 5TH March 1844, MARGARET, the wife of Mr INGHAM, and last surviving daughter of Mr WILLIAM POTTS late of Wintershields, Lanercost.


INGLIS-James INGLIS, of South End, Wigton, who died March 24th 1901, aged 10 years.

INMAN-James, weaver died Nith Lodge, Dockhead, Dumfries April 6, 1906 aged 73 years.

IREDALE-At West Nook Terrace,Cockermouth, on the 6th Dec 1920, Nancy the dearly beloved wife of Peter Iredale, aged 66 years.

IREDALE-At Mountain View, Workington, 15th June 1884, Robert, infant son of Henry IREDALE.

IRELAND, - At the villas, Egremont, 1st July 1898, William Ireland, senr., aged 83 years, - To be interred on Monday, 1st inst., at the cemetery, Egremont.

IRVING- Abigail, At Stanwix on the 19th Jan. 1847.

IRVING. - At Skirsgill, Penrith, on the 14th Feb. 1877, AGNES, the beloved wife of JAMES IRVING, aged 31 years.


IRVING - At East Curthwaite, Thursby on February 1st, 1933, Annie, eldest daughter of the late John and Elizabeth, Irving, Plumpton. To be interred at Plumpton Churchyard

IRVING-At the Post Office, Flimby, 27th May 1895. Dinah, widow of the late Joseph IRVING, aged 56 years. Interred at Flimby.

IRVING. - At the Cemetery House, Carlisle, on the 21st Feb. 1877, EVA MAGGIE, the beloved and only child of JOHN and JANE IRVING, aged 18 months.


IRVING - On the 22nd of August, 1855, after being dangerously wounded in the trenches before Sebastopol, on the 14th of August, GEORGE IRVING, grandson of MR. GEORGE IRVING, Botchergate, in this city, in his 24th year.

IRVING. - At 27, Main Street, Frizington, on Monday, Sept. 28th, 1903, Hannah Mary (Annie), fourth daughter of Joseph and Agnes IRVING, aged 6 years and 2 months. - Interred at St. Paul's Churchyard

IRVING-On Monday, 11th Jan.1932, at the home of her son, Dr. Irving, Stockton on Tees, Margaret, the beloved widow of the late Thomas Irving, Maryport.

IRVING-Fell asleep in Jesus, at Westnewton, 29th July 1898, Isabella Irving, aged 22 years, the beloved and only sister of William Irving,-Interred at Westnewton Church.

IRVING - In Scotch Street, in this city, on the 10th Feb 1880 James Ina IRVING, aged 6 years 8 months.


IRVING - Sept.12th 1844, at Bellsfield, Carwindlaw, in the parish of Kirkandrews, Mr. JOHN IRVING, bleacher, aged 66 years.

IRVING. - On the 18th June 1882, at Queen-street, Maryport, Mr Joseph Irving, railway engine-driver, aged 61 years.

IRVING- At the Post Office, Flimby, 27th May 1895.dow of the late Joseph Irving, aged 56 years. Iterred at Flimby

IRVING-At Whitehaven Hospital on December 2nd,1930, Robert Conway IRVING, husband of Maggie IRVING, aged 41.Interred at Harrington

IRVING-Sarah Ann Irving,who died at 36, Crosby Villa, December 5th, 1918.

IRVING-At Ireby, 29th Aug. 1898, Jane, widow of Thomas IRVING, aged 64 years.

IRVING-On the 17th Oct. 1879, at Dearham, Mr William Irving, tailor, aged 59 years.



IRVING-On the 21st May,1870 at Barrett's Hotel, Cecil-street, Strand, WILLIAM IRVING,Esq., F.R.C.S., late of Crown-square, Penrith, Cumberland, aged 61.

IRVING - Ellen, beloved wife of William IRVING, Egremont, died June 29th, 1938, aged 68 years. Interment to-day (Saturday) at Egremont Cemetery

IRVING-William Irving, who died at West Moor End, November 30th, 1918.  Also our dear brother, Robert Turnbull, killed in France.  October 20th, 1918.

IRVING - In Lorne Street, in this city, on the 6th Feb 1880, William IRVING, aged 50 years.


IRWIN-Ann, At Blengfell Gate, Gosforth, ANN IRWIN, wife of MR.WILLIAM IRWIN, aged 39 years. The deceased was daughter of MR. ANDREW M'CORMICK, of Seascale, in the same parish, and was highly respected through life.Oct. 1844

IRWIN, (Child) 16 months, Oct. 9, 1879, Parton, Drowned in pail of water.

IRWIN-On the 24th May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Richard IRWIN, farm labourer, aged 79 years.

IRWIN-Thomas, At Hazareebaugh, East Indies, on the 16th of June 1850, Lieutenant Thomas Somerville

IRWIN, Bengal Engineers, grandson of the late Thomas IRWIN, Esq.,Cumberland.

ISMAY - At Lawrenceholme, Wigton, on the 11th June 1920. John, eldest son of the late Thomas and Mary ISMAY, Lawrenceholme, aged 63 years, Interment at Wigton Cemetery

JACK-Grace, widow of John, At Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 27th March 1884, aged 81 years.

JACKSON-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Plough Inn, Market-street, Cockermouth, ANN, widow of MR. JAMES JACKSON, aged 34 years.

JACKSON-Ann, On the 18th at Little Salkeld, in the parish of Addingham, single woman, aged 70 years. Jan. 18th 1847.

JACKSON-At Brow Top, Workington, 9th June 1895, Arthur, son of Thomas aged 23 years. - Interment at Camerton Church

JACKSON. - On the evening of the 28th Jan. 1844, after a protracted illness, MRS. DOROTHY JACKSON, wife of MR. DAVID JACKSON, of Routon Syke, Arlecdon, aged 44 years, much respected.


JACKSON-On the 5th Sept. 1905, at Kirsgillhow, Frizington, Eleanor, daughter of Henry JACKSON, yeoman, aged 75 years. Interred at Arlecdon Church

JACKSON. - in South John Street, Carlsile, 17th Feb. 1877, ESTHER JACKSON, aged 21 years


JACKSON at Schoose, Workington, on the 7th Feb.1889, Isaac Jackson, farmer, aged 78 yrs. Internment at Distington Church.

JACKSON. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at 74 Main Street, Cleator, Isabella, wife of William JACKSON, aged 75 years.

JACKSON- Whitehaven, MRS. JANE JACKSON, widow, aged

77. Dec. 1844

JACKSON. - On the 17th October 1902, at Underwood, Mosser, Jonathan, son of Matthew and Jane JACKSON, aged 27 years.

JACKSON - At No 1 Catherine Street, Whitehaven, on the 21st Jan. 1920,Joseph Wiilliam, second son of the late Joseph JACKSON, of Scotch street,Whitehaven aged 70 years.

JACKSON - At Hunberdale Farm, Jan. 1920 John Tyson,dearly beloved son of John and Jane JACKSON, aged 6 years to be interredat Arlecdon Church

JACKSON-At the Cottage Hospital November 28th,1930, Lillian Isabel, youngest dearly loved daughter of Philip and Maria Jackson, Waterloo Street, Cockermouth, and grand-daughter of Mr and Mrs George NICHOLSON, 22 Kirkgate, aged 2 years, 7 months.

JACKSON- At the Sun Inn Close, High Street, Dumfries, on the 14thNov. 1858, Jane,daughter of Mr. John JACKSON.

JACKSON-20th June 1898, Harker Marsh, Broughton, John, son of John,coalminer, aged 6 months.

JACKSON-John, At his residence, Holly House, Silecroft, 20th March 1884, Mr. John JACKSON, in the 90th year of his age.

JACKSON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at St. Bees, Mr. Joseph Jackson, farmer, aged 68 years.

JACKSON-Martha relict of the late William JACKSON, of York Terrace, Liverpool, formerly of Allonby, Cumberland.

JACKSON-On the 25th May, 1897, at  Midtown, Distington, Mary, wife of George JACKSON, farmer.

JACKSON-Mary, the beloved wife of Robert Jackson, of Buttermere, who died Jan. 16th 1928. Also Jack, their son, who died Jan 13th 1908.

JACKSON - In Drovers Lane, on the 14th Nov. 1855, MRS. JANE JACKSON, aged 75 years.

JACKSON - Penrith, on the 6th Oct. 1855, MARY JACKSON, aged 57 years.

JACKSON- In Loving Remembrance of Rachel Jackson, (Widow of Robert Jackson, of Waterend,) Who died on the 2nd of 5th Month, 1892, AGED 75 YEARS. The internment is intended to take place at the Friend’s Meeting House, Pardshaw Hall, on Fifth day the 5th inst., at 11 o’clock a.m. Refreshments will be provided at the Meeting House after the Funeral. Verse with card- none **

JACKSON-Sarah , who died at 19,Cocker Lane, Cockermouth, November 29th, 1918.

JACKSON-On the 5th June 1897, at Fell Dyke, Lamplugh, Sarah JACKSON, landowner, aged 87 years.

JACKSON - At Greenodd, on the 28th Sept, 1855, THOMAS WILSON, son of MR. ABRAHAM JACKSON, mariner, aged 19 years.

JACKSON - At Mereside, on the 18th Sept. 1903, William JACKSON, of Southfield. Interred at Abbeytown.

JAMES. - At Haltcliff, on the 21st April, 1880, MR. JOHN JAMES, in his 73 year.


JAMES-At the Wath, on the 10th Sept. 1903, Ann the beloved wife of Thomas JAMES, Aged 60 years.

JAMES- At Beech Hill, Oughterside, on the 18th June 1898, Margaret, widow of John Scott James, formerly of Oughterside Mills in her 75th year.

JAMES - At Rockliffe, on the 3 Feb. 1880, Mrs. Mary JAMES, relict of Mr. Robert JAMES, in her 82 year.


JAMES-On the 4th May 1861, at Barrock, Cumberland, in his 71st year, WILLIAM JAMES,Esq.

JAMESON-On the 21st. Aug.1881, at the residence of his son-in-law, J. CAPEL CREEME,Esq., Bageudon House, Cirencester, JOHN JAMESON, Esq., of Moorhouses,Penrith, aged 90 years.

JAMESON - At Dungarvan, Waterford, on the 16th Feb. 1874, MR. JOSEPH JAMESON, formerly of Crackenthorpe, aged 54 years.


JAMIESON -On the 28th Sept. 1869, at 7, Senhouse-lane, Senhouse-street, George Thomas, son of Mr. Samuel Jamieson, aged 2 years.

JARDINE. -At 27a, Castle Terrace, Aspatria, on the 23rd March, 1958, Elizabeth, widow of James Gray JARDINE, aged 91 years. Was interred at St. Kentigern’s Church, Aspatria.


JARDINE - At Byreburnfoot, Canonbie, on the 22nd Jan. 1933, Joseph, the beloved husband of Maggie Ann Jardine, aged 46 years.

JEFFERSON. - At the House of Recovery, in Carlisle, on the 27th April, 1880. ELIZABETH JEFFERSON, aged 3-1/2 years.


JEFFERSON, At Wigton, Mrs., Feb. 1812, grocer, aged 53.

JEFFERSON - At Well-Houses, Penny Bridge, on the 27th Sept. 1855, JANE, daughter of ROBERT JEFFERSON, labourer, aged 22 years.

JEFFERSON-At 74 Pica Cottages, on the 14th Jan.1932, Robert, the beloved husband of Henrietta Jefferson, aged 73 years. Interred at Distington Church.

JEFFREY - On the 22nd Dec. 1882, at Paper-mill Terrace. Workington, Dinah, wife of Mr. John JEFFREY, aged 58 years.

JENKINS-On the 24th March, 1897 at Keekle Grove, Cleator Moor, Mr. JOHN JENKINS, mine manager, aged 66 years.

JENKINSON-At Christian Street, Workington 5th June 1895, Elizabeth Ann JENKINSON aged50 years.

JENKINSON-At 4, East Row, Kells, Whitehaven, 14th Sept.1903, Joseph JENKINSON, aged  70 years. Was interred at St Bees Parish Church.

JENKINSON - on the 18th Nov. 1855, in Robinson Fold, Queen Street, MARY, relict of MR. JOHN JENKINSON, master mariner, aged 44 years.

JENKINSON-Nicholas, 1829-20th March, Caught in thrashing machine.

JENKINSON - At 85 Bowthorn Road, Cleator Moor, 25th Oct. 1903, suddenly, William, the beloved husband of Mary Jenkinson, aged 53 years. Was interred on Tuesday at Cleator Church.

JENKINSON. - Mr WILLIAM JENKINSON, farmer, aged 65 years. March 1844


JENKINSON-on the 24th Feb.1889, at Bel House, Seaton, Mr Wilson Jenkinson aged 69 yrs.

JENNINGS - In Carlisle, on the 24th Nov. 1855 MARY SARAH JENNINGS, eldest daughter of MR. CHARLES JENNINGS, late of Stepney, London, in the 15th year of her age.

JEWELL-On the 22nd Feb. 1897, at Cleator Moor, George, infant son of Charles JEWELL, iron miner.

JOHNSON - In Jackson’s Place, Carlisle, on the 2 Feb. 1880, Agnes Jane Howorth JOHNSON, aged 8 weeks.

JOHNSON. - At Allishaw, Windermere, March 1844, Mrs ELIZABETH JOHNSON, aged 52 years.

JOHNSON- on the 11th Oct. 1844, much lamented, MARY, youngest daughter of MR. ROBERT JOHNSON, of Harker Lodge, aged 17.

JOHNSTON. - On the 16th April, 1897, at 18, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, ANN, widow of JAMES JOHNSTON, master mariner, aged 81 years.

JOHNSTON-On the 10th Feb. 1897, at Kells, Whitehaven, Charolette, wife of Jno. JOHNSTON, aged 45 years.

JOHNSTON-David, 1823 19th December- Clifton - Roof fell in Good Intent Pit.

JOHNSTON-22nd June 1898, Wood View, Broughton, David John, son of James Johnston, coalminer, aged 11 months.

JOHNSTON-At Kirkbride, 24th March 1903, Harriet, beloved wife of Joseph JOHNSTON and third daughter of the late John LIDDLE, Blamire, Littlebampton. Interred at Kirkbride

JOHNSTON - In London, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, of H. M.'s Customs, London, and of Wetheral, near this city, much lamented by all who knew him.

JOHNSTON-On the 30th Nov.1879, at Queen Street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of John JOHNSTON, ware house manager, aged 65 years.

JOHNSTONon the 11th Nov. 1844, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, labourer, aged 63

JOHNSTON-William,1828 - Great Clifton – Fell down shaft of coal pit while affected by choke damp.

JOHNSTON - On the 28th Sept.1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Isabella, wife of Mr. William Johnston, ship carpenter, aged 33 years.

JOHNSTON-Joseph, of No. 8, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, retired Farmer, who died on 26th March 1931.

JOHNSTON-On the 21st Oct. 1879, in Scotch-street, Carlisle, Margaret Johnston, aged 26 years.

JOHNSTON. - On the 14th May, 1897, at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Mary JOHNSTON, chairwoman of 3, Patterson's-buildings, aged 41 years.

JOHNSTON. - On the 12th May 1897, at 3, Old Town, Whitehaven, Mary Louisa, infant daughter of John JOHNSTON, labourer.

JOHNSTON - On the 19th March 1882, at George's-place, George-street, Whitehaven, Rebecca, daughter of Mr John JOHNSTON, labourer, aged 11 years.

JOHNSTON - On the 2nd April, 1882, at Flimby, Sarah, widow of Mr. James JOHNSTON, tailor, aged 81 years.

JOHNSTON-At Yearngill,on the 29th November,1920,Thomas, the beloved husband of Jane Johnston, aged 67 years.Interred at Westnewton Churchyard.

JOHNSTON-William Johnston, who died at Siddick, December 3rd, 1916. Also our dear mother, Elizabeth Johnson, who died February 13th, 1897.

JOHNSTON-William, At Moresby Parks, 22nd March 1884,shoemaker, aged 66 years.

JOHNSTONE-At Leeds, 25th July 1898, Elizabeth, the wife of John Johnstone, late of Cockermouth, age 70 years.

JOHNSTONE - On the 16th Oct. 1855, at Queensberry Square, Dumfries, MARGARET,
second daughter of Mr. W. F. JOHNSTONE, bookseller, of scarlet fever, after an illness of three days, aged four years and four months; and on the 19th Oct. 1855. HENRIETTA, his third daughter, of the same disease, after an illness of six days, aged one year and seven months. They were buried together in one grave.

JOHNSTONE - On the 17th March 1882, at Harrington, Mr Thomas JOHNSTONE, labourer, aged 32 years.

JOHNSTONE-Thomas Hodgson, dear little son of David and Mary Johnstone, who died at Dearham Mill, December 8th aged 9 months.

JONES. - On the 1st March, 1897, at Salter, Edward Peter, son of Richard JONES, ironminer, aged 14 months.

JONES-ELIZA, the dearly loved wife of RICHARDJONES, Seatoller, Borrowdale, who fell asleep, April 6th 1928.

JONES - On the 7th Oct. 1855, FREDERICK, infant son of MR. JONES, Citadel Station.

JONES-Sept. 1903 at his residence, 1, North Street, Maryport, JOHN JONES, stationer, Crosby Street, beloved husband of JANE JONES, aged 63 years.

JONES-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Barrow, MARGARET, wife of MR.JOHN JONES, aged 48 years.

JORDAN-On the 10th May 1899, at Longmire Court Whitehaven, Mr. Henry Jordan, mason, aged 56 years.

JORDON - At Wigton, Elizabeth, wife of Richard JORDON, 28 May, 1843.



JOUGHIN - On the 19th March 1897, at Temple Lane, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, Dorothy, widow of Thomas JOUGHIN, mariner, aged 76 years.

JUKES-Paul, of Broadfield, Egremont, Died quite without warning, from heart failure. Feb. 1925 Mr JUKES who was 74 years of age, was a son of the Rev. W. JUKES, who was vicar of Ennerdale for over 20 years.

JUMP - On the 18th March 1882, aged 57 years, Catherine, wife of theRev. Edward JUMP, vicar of St. Paul's, Bolton.

KAVANAGH. - On the 5th July 1882, at Queen-street, Whitehaven, MR. DANIEL KAVANAGH, master mariner, aged 53 years.

KAY.--On the 3rd Nov. 1869, in Curwen-street, Workington, Ann, relict of John KAY, Esq., of the H.M. Customs, advanced in years.

KEENAN-At Distington, 1st Aug. 1903, Nancy, widow of the late Hugh Keenan,age 79 years.

KEENAN-On the 24th April, 1899, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Martha, wife of Mr. Thomas KEENAN, coalminer, aged 64 years.

KEENLISIDE-On the 13th May 1899, at 50 Jane Street Workington, Edith BAINBRIDGE, infant daughter of Mr. Tom D. Keenliside.

KELLY-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at Egremont, Hannah, wife of Thomas KELLY, labourer, aged 40 years.

KELLY-On the 1st December, 39, Ennerdale?? Cleator Moor, Margaret, wife of Edward.

KELSALL-On the 7th June, 1897 at 12, Irish-street, Whitehaven, John KELSALL, grocer, aged 53 years.

KELT-At Great Broughton, 17th inst, William Kelt in his 81st year. Interred at the Broughton Baptist Church.

KEMP - In Isabella Street, Carlisle, on the 31 Jan. 1880, Agnes KEMP, aged 3 years 9 months.


KENDALL-In sweet remembrance of our dear father, who passed away at Robinson Terrace, Ellenborough, March 31st 1929.

KENDALL - At 10, Findlay Place, Workington, 10 Sept.1903, Henry KENDALL, the beloved husband of Elizabeth KENDALL, aged 70 years.  Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

KENDALL-At St James's Road, Carlisle, 13th June 1884, Miss Isabella KENDALL, formerly of Cockermouth, aged 38 years.

KENDALL- ISABELLA , the beloved wife of JOHN KENDALL, late of Clifton. Sept. 1903 Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery, Workington.

KENDALL-At Camerton, Workington, on the 14th March 1903, Mary Ellen, the beloved daughter of Jeremiah and Ellen Kendall, aged 22 years 6 months.  Was interred at Camerton Church.

KENDALL-At Home Farm Cottages, Whitehall, 27h Aug. 1898, Sarah, the dearly beloved wife of Joseph KENDALL, and daughter of Richard and Mary KENDALL, Greysouthen, aged 24 years.

KENMARE-John Joseph KENMARE, who died June 11th 1919, aged 10 months.

KENNEAR-On the 15th April, 1899, at Newtown, Aspatria, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas KENNEAR, aged 60 years.

KENNISH-On the 4th Feb. 1902; at 7, Marine Terrace, Hensingham, Ann, wife of William, aged 71 years.

KENNEDY-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at Station-road, Flimby, Catherine, widow of the late Mr. William KENNEDY, aged 75 years.

KENNEDY, On the 4th Oct. 1855, Whitehaven, ISABELLA, the beloved daughter of MR. JOHN KENNEDY, furniture broker, &c., aged 10 months.

KENNEDY - On the 18th Sep. 1855, in her 88th year, JANET KENNEDY, relict of ROBERT GRANGE, Ayr. She was a native of the district of Carrick in Ayrshire, and some fourscore years ago, was a schoolmate of BURNS, when attending Kirkoswald School, taught by MR. RODGER, whither BURNS went in his nineteenth summer, "to learn mensuration, surveying, dialling, &c."

KENNEDY - On the 22nd March 1897, at 108 Queen Street, Whitehave, Mary HAYES, wife of James KENNEDY, grocer, aged 51 years.

KENNEDY. - On the 24th April, 1882, in Greta Street, Keswick, Mr. Thomas KENNEDY, aged 85 years.

KENNEDY-On the 19th August 1879 of heart disease on board the ship Sierra Nevada on his passage from Bassein aged 36 years Captain THOMAS KENNEDY of this town and Calderbridge and grandson of MR LUMLEY KENNEDY of Beckermet formely and for many years shipbuilder at this port.

KENT-On the 10th June 1903, at Carlisle, Mary, relict of the late William KENT, of Maryport aged 55 years. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery.

KERMODE-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Barrow, ANN, widow of MR. JOHN KERMODE, aged 64 years.

KEOUGH-on the 22nd Feb.1889, at 10, Irish street, Whitehaven, Anxastasia, widow of Mr John Keough, iron monger, aged 58 yrs

KERR. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, at 46 Queen Street, Whitehaven, Sarah, wife of Francis James KERR, aged 45 years.

KEWLEY - At Woodgate-terrace, Egremont, on the 10th Oct. 1855, ANN, Wife of MR. THOMAS KEWLEY, miner, aged 59 years - highly respected.

KEY- George, the infant son of the late George KEY, spirit merchant.Oct. 1819.

KEY -On the 1st jan. 1902 at 16, Church road, Harrington, Maria, widow of the late Captain Joseph KEY, in her 89th years.

KEY-At Cockermouth Institution Thomas beloved son of the late John and Mrs. KEY 75 John Street, Maryport, who died on May 15th 1930,aged 35 years. Interred at Mary port Cemetery

KILLEN.-On the 15th Jan,. 1897, at the Harbour Railway Siding, Whitehaven, John Thomas, son of Joseph KILLEN, mason, aged 10 years.

KILPATRICK, Margaret Coin, aged 4 years and 9 months, daughter of John KILPATRICK, Innkeeper, who had died Dec 1879 from injuries received from burning.

KING- Sarah, dearly beloved daughter of Fred and Ruth King, who died at Great Broughton, November 28th, 1918.

KING - On the 11th Feb. 1897 at 21, Hope-street, Millom, Thomas, son of James King, miner, aged 3 years.

KINSEY. - On the 2nd July 1882, in Portland-place, Carlisle, MR. WILLIAM KINSEY, aged 35 years.

KIRK-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Skinner Street Cockermouth LILY HARPER infant daughter of MR R KIRK.

KIRKBRIDE-On the 12thOct. 1879, at Asby,Arlecdon, Mr E Kirkbride, colliery manager, aged 48 years.

KIRKBRIDE-Ephraim, 1856 - Great Clifton - 29th September - 19 - Fell down coal shaft.

KIRKBRIDE - On the 10th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, J. Kirkbride, labourer, aged 61 years.

KIRKBRIDE-At his residence on Sunday, Jan. 10th,1932 John Kirkbride aged 84. Interred at Dearham Churchyardon

KIRKBRIDE-John KIRKBRIDE, who died  June 19th, 1902 at Queen's Head Inn, Workington; also our dear mother,who died  July 1st, 1892.

KIRKBRIDE-Mary At Penrith, Nov. 1819, aged 24.

KIRKBRIDE - On the 2nd Jan. 1902, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Isabel Kirkbride, Globe Inn, Hensingham.

KIRKBRIDE. - On the 28th June 1882, at Dearham, THOMAS, son of MR. JOSEPH KIRKBRIDE, railway guard, aged 3 years.

KIRKWOOD. - in Charlotte Street, Carlisle, 20th Feb. 1877, ELIZABETH KIRKWOOD, aged 80 years



KITCHIN - On the 24th June, 1897, at 1, Johns-lane, Whitehaven, Jane, widow of William KITCHIN, plasterer, aged 70 years.

KITCHIN- On the 21st Dec 1920, John Turner Kitchin, dearly beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchin, H. M. Customs, 167 Ruby Terrece, Vulcan's Lane, Workington, late 2nd-Lieutenant,  Lancashire Fusiliers.

KITCHIN - On the 10th Sept. 1869, at Chicago, United States of America, John A. Atkinson, son of Mr. Henry Kitchin, joiner, formerly of Whitehaven, aged 4-1/2 years.

KITCHIN- At his father's house, 11, Carton-lane, Whitehaven, on the 13th Nov. 1858,after a short illness in scarlet fever, James, son of Mr. Jonathan KITCHIN,joiner, aged 20 years and 3 months

KNEEN-On August 12th,1903, at Fever Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne, John, second son of Thomas and the late Margaret Jane Kneen, of Frizington, aged 32 years. Interred at Elswick Cemetery.

KNIGHT. - On the 14th May, 1897 at Kitchin Ground, Irton, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. John KNIGHT, farmer, aged 57 years.

KNIGHT-At Silecroft, 11th June 1884, Elizabeth,wife of Mr William KNIGHT, postmaster, Silecroft, aged 53 years.

KNIPE. - At Appleby, February 8, 1844, MR. WILLIAM KNIPE, grocer and tea dealer, aged 65 years, much respected.


KNOWLES. - On the 20th June 1882, at Crosby, Mr Paul Knowles, stonemason, aged 42 years.

KNOX-On the 8th Feb. 1897, at 1 Mark-lane, Whitehaven, Jackson, infant son of Robert KNOX, coalminer.

KNUBLEY-On the 15th June 1863. at Whitehaven, MARY, relict of the late E. C. KNUBLEY, Esq., and daughter of the late MILES PONSONBY, Esq., of Hale Hall,Cumberland.

LABROWS (or could be LABROWA) - at Whitehaven, Mrs. MARTHA LABROWS, Quay-street, much respected. Sept. 1844

LACE- On the 21st April 1882, at Mandle-street, Ellenborough, James, son of Mr. Daniel LACE, labourer, aged 8 years.

LAIDLER. - In Harraby Street, in Carlisle, on the 28th April, 1880, JAS. LAIDLER, aged 2 years.


LAIDLOW - At Temple Bank, Prospect, on the 20th March 1932, Jane the dearly loved wife of Thomas. To be interred at Aspatria Church.

LAIRD- Jessie, daughter of Mr. Thomas, At Harrington, 3rd Nov. 1884, 1 year and 3 months.

LAMB-April 14th,1932, Elizabeth, wife of Edward LAMB, and eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Nathan COATES, Deanscales, aged 61 years. To be interred at Dean Church.

LAMB. - At Wigton, on the 3rd February, 1844, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. GEORGE LAMB, aged 42.


LAMB- At Kelswick Hill, in the parish of Irthington, on the 9th Nov. 1844, MARY,widow of the late MR. LAMB, of that place, aged 67 years.

LAMONBY - On the 19th March 1882, at Glasson, Maryport, Margaret, daughter of Robert LAMONBY, seaman, aged 9 years.

LAMONBY - On the 17th Sept. 1869, at the County Hotel, Carlisle, Margaret, third daughter of Lightfoot and Margaret Lamonby, of Fingland.

LANCASTER, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at Bransty, Agnes, wife of Jos. Lancaster, joiner, aged 66 years.

LANCASTER. - The Crook district, and indeed the whole Lake country, received a great shock when the news of the sudden death of Jack LANCASTER, that champion boy fell runner, became known. The youngest son of MR. J. LANCASTER, of Crook Brow, he was only fifteen years of age, and his bright and cheerful disposition made him a great many friends. 13 November 1926.


LANCASTER - At Belle Vue, on the 25th Sept. 1855, MR. JOHN LANCASTER, aged 55 years.

LANCASTER- At High Forge, Keswick, on hte 27th Jan. 1885, Margaret, wife of Mr John Lancaster, aged 72 years.

LANCASTER - At Denton Hill, Carlisle, on the 22nd Apr. 1855. THOMAS LANCASTER, aged 7 years.

LANGCAKE- At Row Beck, Dearham, 19th Dec 1920, Sarah Jane, wife of Thomas Langcake. Interred at Bridekirk

LANCASTER-At Dovenby, 21st Aug.1898, Olive, the dearly beloved daughter of Joseph and Sarah Jane LANCASTER, aged 6 months.

LANGLEY- Mary, Penrith, Nov. 1819, aged 36.

LATTIMER-At Watch Hill, near Aspatria, 12th August 1895,Elizabeth Ann, youngest child of George and Margaret Lattimer aged 3 ½ years.

LATTIMER. - on the 3rd, March 1844, Mr ROBERT LATTIMER, chair maker, a native of Linstock, near Carlisle, aged 75 years.


LAW. - In Abbey-street, Mrs ABIGAIL LAW, aged 83 years. March 1844


LAW- At Etterby Nursery, on the 15th July, 1844, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas LAW, aged 16 months.

LAWS- At Haltwhistle, on the 15th Nov. 1858, Mrs. LAWS, wife of Mr. John LAWS,postmaster, aged 60.

LAWSON-Francis, of Corporation-road, Carlisle. 35 years of age, son of the late Mr. John LAWSON, Sept. 27th, 1869 who died November 3rd, 1916, at Allonby

LAWSON- On the June 1847, at his residence, at Holloway, in the 65th year of his age, of enlargement of the heart, after a lingering illness, John LAWSON,Esq., of Shooter's-hill and Bexley-heath, Kent, second son of the late John LAWSON, Esq., of Bowness-hill, in the county of Cumberland.

LAWSON - At Longhirst Hall, Northumberland, on the 20th inst., WILLIAM
LAWSON, Esq., aged 80. Oct. 1855.

LAWSON. - February, 1844 , MRS. LAWSON, widow, aged 78


LEACH - At 11 Grey Street, Carlisle, on the 3 Feb, 1880, James LEACH, aged 1 year 5 months.

LEE - At Fusehill, Carlisle, on the 3 Feb. 1880, James LEE, infant.

LEE - At Gateacre, near Liverpool, on the 20th Feb. 1874, MARIA, eldest daughter of MR. WM. LEE, late of Penrith, aged 30 years.

LEES-At 6, Church Road Terrace, Harrington, on the 6th instant, Ruth the beloved wife of Samuel LEES and second daughter of Alfred and Ann WHITTLE, Workington, aged 32 years. Interred at the cemetery Workington.

LEESON - (By cablegram) - On the 12th August, 1913, died from the result of an accident. Andrew, the beloved husband of Ada LEESON, of Jeppes Extension, Transvaal, formerly of Henry Street, Bransty, Whitehaven.

LEICESTER-On the 3rd Feb. 1902, at Hayton, near Carlisle, Edward LEICESTER, aged 67 years.

LEIGHTON - In Boundary Row, in this city, on the 11th Feb 1880 Wm. LEIGHTON, aged 65 years.


LEIGHTON-William, at his residence in Christian Street, Maryport, June 1895, 71 yrs of age.

LEISHMAN. - In Margaret Street, in Carlisle, on the 28th April, 1880, ROBT. LEISHMAN, aged 8 weeks.


LEMON-On the 7th March 1858, at Wigton, Cumberland, aged 49, MARGARET, wife of MR. JOHN LEMON, manufacturer.

LENNON-On the 31st May, 1897, at Cleator, John LENNON, ironminer, aged 52 years.

LENNON: On the 16th Apr. 1882, at 18 Back Street, Ginns, Whitehaven, Sarah, wife of Mr Thomas LENNON, coalminer, aged 51 years.

LENNOX- At Crosby-on-Eden, on the 25th Oct. 1844, MRS. ELISABETH LENNOX, aged 66 years.She survived her husband less than seven weeks.

LENNOX-Sarah, the beloved wife of Joseph Lennox, Low Lorton, who died March 6th, 1925, aged 72 years.

LESLIE - On the 4th Nov. 1882 at Tarmington, Memphis, United States of America, Robert, second son of the late William and Ann LESLIE, late of Carlisle, aged 31 years.

LEVASON-On the 4th Feb.1902, at 33 Tangier Street, Whitehaven, George Smith LEVASON, aged 56 years.

LEWIN.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at 2, Senhouse-lane, Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, Sarah Frances Ellen Scott, daughter of Mr. Alexander LEWIN, mariner, aged 4 years and 1 month.

LEWIS-On the 25th Nov.1879, At Ellenborough, Ann LEWIS, aged 47 years.

LEWIS, Elizabeth, wife of William, At Nelson Street,Maryport, 2nd Nov. 1884, aged 72 years.

LEWIS-At 29, Milburn Street, Workington, 23rd June 1898, Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of Robt. and Mina Lewis, aged 7 days.

LEWTHWAITE - On the 4th Jan. 1902 at Cockermouth John Lowther, aged 66 years.

LEWTHWAITE-On the 9th Feb.1903 at 14, Main Street, Egremont, William Lewthwaite, aged 64 years.  To be interred at Egremont Cemetery.

LIDDELL-At Bowness, 23rd May 1895, Janet LIDDELL, aged 66 years

LIETCH - David Ross, physician and author,  Derwent Bank, Keswick, died Aug 16, 1881 age 72, son of the late Rev. William LIETCH of North Shields.  Wrote "The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth" and helped to establish the Volunteer Corps at Keswick in 1860.  Interred at Crosthwaite churchyard.

LIDDLE - On the 19th March, 1882, Mary Ann, wife of Mr John LIDDLE, coalminer, aged 71 years.

LIGHTFOOT-Elizabeth, beloved wife of Tom Lightfoot, Brough Hill, Bolton, on the 15th April 1932. To be interred at Boltongate Church.

LIGHTFOOT. - On the 26th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, MRS. MARY LIGHTFOOT, late of Maryport, aged 67 years.

LINDSAY - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Belle Vue, Papcastle, Cockermouth, Ann, daughter of Mr. John Charles LINDSAY, joiner, aged 5 years.

LINDSAY-At Braithwaite, 27th Oct. 1903, after a long and painful illness, Dorcas, the dearly beloved wife of James Lindsay, aged 7(?4) years and 11 months. Interred at Thorrnthwaite Church

LINDSAY- Lenny, who died at Park Cottages, Seaton, December 4th 1919.

LINDSAY-At Carlisle Infirmary, 29th Nov. 1920 Sarah Jane (Sallie), dealy loved wife of William Lindsay, Cockermouth, age 42.

LINDSAY-On the 19th Oct. 1903, at Croft House, Ellenborough, Maryport, MARY BELL LINDSAY, beloved wife of THOMAS LINDSAY, aged 34 years.

LINDSAY-Thomas Carlyle LINDSAY, who died in hospital at Freetown, Sierra Leone, June 12th,1917.

LINDSAY-At 14, Gladstone Street, Workington, on the 8th Feb. 1903, Thomas Lindsay, in his 84th year.  To be interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

LINTON: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Monkwray, John LINTON, of Parton, aged 60 years.

LINTON - On the 6th Jan. 1902 at Church Road, Distington, Joseph husband of Ann LINTON, aged 51 years.

LISTER-At Temple Terrace, Aspatria, on the 7th inst, Annie, beloved wife of Robinson LISTER, aged 48 years. Was interred at Aspatria Church on Sunday April 10th 1932.

LISTER-On the 5th Oct.1879, at Crown-street, Cockermouth, GEORGINA, infant daughter of MR. GEORGE LISTER, stonemason.

LISTER: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Herbert Hill, Whitehaven, Isaac Collius, infant son of Mr. Henry LISTER, master mariner.

LISTER-At Maryport Cottage Hospital on the 3rd May, 1931 John Cottier, dearly beloved son of James and the late Isabel Lister, and dearly beloved husband of Nancy Lister, Outgang Farm, Dearham, aged 26 years. Interred Dearham Churchyard.

LISTER- Minnie, beloved granddaughter of Lucy Lister, of Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1918.

LISTER- Sarah Ann, who died at Coulderton, November 29, 1918.

LITHGOW - At 22, Highland View, Bransty, Whitehaven, on Sunday March 20th 1932, Robert dearly beloved husband of Annie LITHGOW, aged 48. To be interred at the Cemetery, Whitehaven.

LITT-Elizabeth LItt, who died January 28th, 1920.

LITT-On January 10th, 1932, at the Nursing Home, Whitehaven, Mary, only surviving daughter of the late John and Mary Ann LITT, late of Birks Farm, Cleator Moor. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

LITTLE - At Oak Bank, Scotby, on the 5th Feb 1880 Agnes Jane LITTLE, aged 10 months.


LITTLE - On January 21st 1920, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J. WILSON,Aragella, widow of the late William LITTLE, of St Bees, aged 81 YEARS.Interred at the Priory Church St. Bees

LITTLE-On the 3rd June 1897, at Rose Hill, Harrington, Ann, widow of William LITTLE, aged 87 years.

LITTLE, JOHN, Abbey Town, died on the 31st day of March, 1931.

LITTLE. -March 1844 , Mr JOHN LITTLE, Rickergate, aged 23 years; and Mrs ELIZABETH MILBURN, aged 50.


LITTLE-Joseph Henry, beloved son of Thomas and Mary LITTLE, 9, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, who died March 31st 1930, aged 25 years.

LITTLE. At the 30th General Hospital, Calais, on 16th April, 1918, Lance
-Corporal James Little, Border Regiment, the dearly beloved husband
of Agnes Ann Little, Langwathby, aged 25 years. Deeply lamented.

LITTLE-At Bolton Wood Lane, Wigton, 31 July 1903., Mary the beloved wife of John Little (late of Atkinson House), age 69 years.

LITTLE-Robert Hunter, Charters Towers Goldfields, Northern Queensland, August 26th 1884 aged 27 years.

LITTLE-On the 23rd April, 1899, at Islay-place, Workington, Thomas, son of Mr. William LITTLE, aged 2 years and 5 months.

LITTLE-William, Mr. William LITTLE, spirit-merchant, Longtown, after a few days illness, of an inflammation in the brain, aged 34, Nov. 1819.

LITTLEDALE. At Anderson Creek, Melbourne, Australia, MR. WILLIAMLITTLEDALE, late of Harrington, Cumberland, aged 72 years. July 1882.

LITTLETON-At Seymour House, on the 15th March 1903, Jane Hannah beloved wife of Robert Littleton, aged 31 years.  Interred at Beckfoot.

LIVESAY, At Cockermouth, on the 3d Oct. 1855, MR. WM. LIVESAY, hatter, of Preston, in his 29th year.

LIVESLEY-Richard, April 1812 in the 74th year of his age, at his home in Formby, and on the Tuesday following, his wife, Mrs MARY LIVESLEY in the 74th year of her age.

LOCKE-At Barrow, 16th June 1884, William F., son of the late Mr Frederick R. LOCKE, of Whitehaven, aged 49 years.

LOCKERBY - On the 14th Oct. 1855, at Closeburn Lodge, JOHN LOCKERBY, third son
of WILLIAM LOCKERBY, aged 4 years and 6 months.

LOCKYER-On March 5th 1930, at Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth, Emma

Lockyer, aged 85.

LONG. - On the 17th June, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Moses LONG, farm labourer, aged 84 years.

LONG - In James Street, Carlisle, on the 11th Nov. 1855, of scarlatina, JAMES, son of MR. JOHN LONG, aged 7 years.


LONG-At Blea Bank, 20thJune 1898, Sarah, widow of Francis Long, aged 83 years. Interred at Brigham Church

LONGSTAFF-At Crosby Villa, 15thSept.1903, Jane LONGSTAFF, widow of the Late Wm. LONGSTAFF, aged 78 years. was interred at Crosscononby Church.

LORRAINE-At Park Lane, Workington, on the 2nd Dec. 1920, Marion Lorraine, beloved wife of James Lorraine, aged 78 years. Interred at Harrington Road.

LOSH-Elizabeth 1817-Great Clifton-1st February- Throat cut by husband.

LOSH-John 1817-Great Clifton- 1st February. Cut his throat, lunatic.

LOUSON - At 14 Bolton Place on the 31, Jan. 1880, the Rev. David Robe LOUSON, M. A., minister of the Scotch National Church, Carlisle, aged 73 years.


LOWDEN. - On the 19th July 1913, in her 70th dear, at the residence of her son, 22, Balliol-road, Bootle, Liverpool, Martha, widow of the late Hugh Williamson, shipbuilder, of Whitehaven. Was interred at Moresby

LOWES-At Egremont, since our last, Mr. John LOWES, joiner, aged 81. Nov. 1819

LOWES-At Lonthwaite Road, Wigton, 24th May 1895, Mr Joseph LOWES, aged 70 years.

LOWTHER-At 10 Derwent Street, Cockermouth, 15th April 1932, Hugh, fourth and dearly loved son of Jane and the late William Lowther, aged 21 years.

LOWTHER-At Umballah, on the 9th of September last, 1844 in the 29th year of his age, from a coup de sollel, WILLIAM, only surviving son of the REV. HENRY LOWTHER, of Distington Rectory, Lieutenant in the 41st Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry.

LOWTHER. - On the 16th May, 1897, at Gale-court, Market Place, Whitehaven, Thomas, son of Joseph LOWTHER, dock labourer.

LOWTHIAN-On Whit-Sunday, at 2,June 1882 Cavendish-place, Carlisle, ISAAC LOWTHIAN, formerly of Penrith, aged 80 years.

LOWTHIAN-21stJune 1898, Goat, Papcastle, Margaret, daughter of Robert Lowthian, clogger, aged 15 years.

LOXLEY-On the 14thAug, 1898, at Westfield, Sarah Ann, wife of Thomas Loxley, aged 65 years.

LUCAS-Elizabeth (Elsie) Lucas, the beloved daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth LUCAS, of Moor Row, who died June 20th, 1895.

LUCOCK. - At Plumbland, on the 2nd March 1844, Mrs MARY LUCOCK, aged 46.


LUMB-On the 24th Apr. 1866, at Bank's Hall, Cumberland, MARY, the eldest daughter of WILLIAM LUMB, jun., Esq., aged 18 years.

LUMSDAINE-at the South Parade,Feb. 1812 Bath, Vice-Admiral LUMSDAINE.

LUNTON-Oct.30, 1844, MR. JAMES LUNTON, Penrith, Townhead.

LUNSTOE-At Penrith, on the 10th Nov. 1844, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. JOHN LUNSTOE, labourer, aged 62 years;

LYNCH-John, Whitehaven, Mr Lynch who was 67 years of age, died April 1932.

LYNN.- At 72 Wordsworth Street, Penrith, on the 22nd June 1887, Wm. LYNN, aged 81

LYON-On the 1st Feb. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, James LYON, carter, aged 52 years.

LYON-On the 26th June 1819, at Chamberry, Savoy, where he went for the benefit of hishealth, James Wedderburne LYON, Esq., late of the Temple, London, andUllswater, Cumberland, in the 27th year of his age.

MACKERETH-The 27th February, 1814, Mrs. Agnes MACKERETH, 72.

MACLEAN-On the 8th Dec. 1863, at Lazonby Hall, Cumberland, LT.-COLONEL HENRY DUNDASMACLEAN

MACLEAN-On the 29th Sept.1870, at Lazonby Hall, Penrith, Eleanor, widow of the late Lieut-Colonel Henry Dundas MACLEAN, and daughter of the late REV. Joseph Dacre CARLYLE, Professor of Arabie at the University of Cambridge, and Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlisle.

MacCOSS-THISEL, who died 25th March 1926.

MACULLOCH- At Ayr, on the 28thMarch 1812. EUPHEMIA, aged 6 years; on the 1st inst. HELLEN SHAW, aged 2 years; and on the 4thApril 1812. JANET aged 4 years; daughters of Mr. THOMAS MACULLOCH, innkeeper.The two last were carried off by the croup, and the firstby the dregs of the measles.

MADDOCK. - At Mount Pleasant Gateshead, on the 1st Feb. 1877, JOHN MADDOCK, formerly shoemaker, Houghton, aged 50 years.


MAGEE-At Park End Road, Workington, 28th May 1895, Catherine MAGEE, aged 78 years.

MAGEE-At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, MR. CHARLES MAGEE, grocer, in the 69th year of his age.

MAGEEAN- On the 24th March 1897. at 7 Littledale Lane, Whitehaven, Daniel MAGEEAN, stone mason, aged 70 years.

MAGRADY-On the 21st Sept, 1879 at 35 Ginns Whitehaven JOHN infant son of MR JOHN MAGRADY.MAJOR, Mrs. Wife of James, Cockermouth, Feb. 1777.

MAKEPEACE-on the 12thAud. 1904. at Rowrah, suddenly, Eliza wife of Mr William Makepeace, age 53 years.

MALKINSON - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, Mr. John Malkinson, compositor, aged 23 years, only son of the late Mr. John Malkinson, painter, of this town.

MALLARD. - On the 5th July, 1882., at Kirkby-street, Maryport, JOHN JAMES, infant son of MR. JOHN MALLARD, labourer.

MALLISON - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Crosby Street, Carlisle, Mr. Joseph MALLISON, aged 77 years.

MALLINSON. At 19 Foster Street, Penrith, on the 17th Apr. 1918. Thomas,
beloved husband of Barbara Mallinson, aged 65 years. To be interred at
Penrith Cemetery

M'ALLISTER. - On the 2nd July 1882, at George-street, Whitehaven, HENRY, infant son of MR. ISAAC M'ALLISTER, joiner.

M'ALLISTER-On the 1st Dec.1879 at West Strand, Whitehaven, Mr. James M'ALLISTER, joiner, aged 63 years.

M'ALLISTER - On the 5th January, 1902 at Bransty Hospital, Whitehaven, Ruth Jessie, wife of Thomas M'Allister, coal miner aged 35 years.

MALONEY. - At New Zealand, in June last, 1843, THOMAS AWDOS MALONEY, Esq., late of Sunderland, Lieutenant in the Royal Westmorland Militia. He was one of the unfortunate individuals killed by the natives in the late melancholy affair at Wairau. He held the office of Captain-Commander of the Civil Force for the city and province of Nelson, and has left a widow and two young children to mourn his untimely fate.


MANDALE-Mary, At Queen's Street, Whitehaven, 27 Nov. 1884, relict of the late Matthew,81 years.

MANLEY-On the 4th Feb. 1820, at Manley, near Tiverton, Devon, Mary, widow ofthe late Henry MANLEY, Esq.,

MARMION-On the 17th Sept. 1879at Nelson Street Maryport PATRICK MARMION aged 10 years.

MARR -Caroline, wife of Samuel, Highfield Place, died, March 1930. At the early age of 39 years.

MARSH-Alfred Marsh,who departed this life, broken hearted, on Jan. 15th 1929, and was laid to rest in Distington Churchyard.

MARSHALL- Jane Ann, infant of Arthur, At Leegate Cottages. 28th Nov. 1884, aged 14 days.

MARSHALL-On the 24th March 1897, at Gosforth, JULIA, daughter of JOHN MARSHALL, labourer, aged 34 years.

MARSHELL-On the 18th Sept. 1879at Glasson JOSEPH son of MR EDWARD MARSHALL aged 8 years.

MARTIN - At Kenmore, Craig Road, Workington, on the 8th Jan.1932 Margaret, widow of the late Joseph Martin, aged 78 years. Interred at Dearham Church

MARTIN On the 10th Sept.1903 at 3, Earl Street, Cleator Moor, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of JAMES MARTIN, aged 60 years. Interred at St. John's Church.

MARTIN-At West End Farm, Gilcrux, on November 27th 1930 James Robinson, the dearly beloved husband of Maggie E. MARTIN, aged 38 years. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

MARTIN- At Silly Banks, near this town, Oct. 1853, William MARTIN, in the 5th year of his age.

MARTIN.--On the 10th Oct. 1869, at High Dyke, Frizington, William, third son of Mr. William MARTIN, aged 17 years.

MARTINDALE. - On the 27th June 1882, at Broughton Cross, Brigham, MRS. ELIZABETH MARTINDALE, aged 73 years.

MARTINDALE-At Birks Hill, in Castle Sowerby, on Sunday last, MR. ISAAC MARTINDALE, of Liverpool, third son of MR. GEORGE MARTINDALE, aged 35 years.Oct. 1844.

MARTINDALE.- At Greystoke, on the 23rd May 1887, James MARTINDALE, formally farmer at Bunkers Hill, aged 78 years.

MARTINDALE-At Motherby, Penrith, on May 30th,1895 John James, second son of James and Margaret MARTINDALE, aged 28 years. Interred at Greystoke Church.

MARSH.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at Gosforth Gate, William, son of the late Mr. Henry MARSH, joiner, in the 18th year of his age.

MARSHALL-On the 11th Feb, 1881., at 40, Lowndes-street, S.W., in his 52d year, JOHN WILLIAM MARSHALL, of Patterdale Hall, Penrith.

MARTON (or could be MARION) - On the 8th Sept. 1844, at Capernwray Hall, near Lancaster, GEORGIANA, eldest daughter of George MARTON, Esq., M.P.

MASHITER- At Kendal, Mrs., aged 72.Feb. 1812

MASHITER- In Affectionate Remembrance of Thomas Mashiter, ( Late of Ponsonby Old Hall), Who died at Mockerkin, on March 12th, 1895, AGED 83 YEARS. To be interred at Ponsonby Church, on the 16th inst., at Half-past 2 o’clock. Refreshments at Stanley Arms.Verse with card- none **

MASON- Emma, at Workington, on the 1st August 1879, murdered by her husband, Johnston MASON.

MASON-Colonel D. J., Penny Bridge, Great Broughton,Nov.1920

MATCHES - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at Distington, Ann Louisa Matches, aged 63 years.

MATTHEWS - At Greenside Lodge, Patterdale, on the 15th Nov. 1855, THOMAS, son of MR. JAMES MATTHEWS, in his 21st year.

MATTINSON-At Oulton Grange, Wigton, on the 24thJune 1898. John Humble, youngest son of George and Margaret Mattinson, aged 7 years. Interred at Wigton Cemetery

M’AVOY-John, At 44, Grasslot, 22nd March 1884, Mr. John M'AVOY, aged 36 years.

MAUGHAM–Ruth the beloved wife of Wm. MAUGHAM. May 16th 1927.

MAWSON–At Co-operative Cottage Seaton, 16th May, 1930. Albert, dear beloved eldest son of Jos and Eleanor, aged 20 years. Interred at Camerton Churchyard

MAWSON-On the 15thMarch 1903, at Cringlethwaite, near Egremont, Jane, widow ofthe late Isaac Mawson, aged 93 years. To be interred at St Johns Church, Beckermet.

MAYHOLLAMS-At th Bungalow on April 5th 1932 Ada, the beloved wife of William MAYHOLLAMS, died aged 56 years.  Interred at Dearham Cemetery

MAYNARD- On the 4th Nov. 1858, the Lady Frances Julia MAYNARD, wife of Colonel the Hon.Charles Henry MAYNARD, only son of Viscount MAYNARD, Lord-Lieutenant of thecounty of Essex. Her Ladyship died at Shern Hall, Walthamstow, on the anniversary of her birthday,

MAYNE-John beloved husband of Mary MAYNE, who died at Netherton, June 12th, 1914.

M'BAIN on the 23rd Feb.1889, at 33 George Street, Whitehaven, Margaret Clark, infant daughter of Mr John Jas. M'Bain, ship-plater.

M'BRIDE-Elizabeth, at her daughter's in Liverpool, aged 71, wife of Mr John M'Bride, of Garston. Feb. 1814

M’BRIDEIn Preston Street, on the 28th Oct. 1853, Mr. James M’BRIDE, son fo Alexander M’BRIDE, late tide surveyor at this port, aged 21 years.

M'CARTNEY - At Belle Vue, On the 21st July, 1844, Mr. Alexander M'CARTNEY, aged 20 years.

M'CARTNEY-On the 24th April, 1899, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Mr. John M'CARTNEY, coalminer aged 24 years.

M'CARTNEY. On the 18th Jan. 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Thomas, son of John, coalminer, aged 1 year.

M'CAUGHERN - On the 11th Feb. 1897, at 3 James-place, West Strand, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of Alexander M'CAUGHERN, labourer.

M'CAUGHERN - On the 14th Feb. 1897, at 21 Fox-lane, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of Daniel M'CAUGHERN, labourer, aged 28 years.

M’GEE - In English Damside, Carlisle, on the 4th Feb. 1880, Eliza M’GEE, aged 39 years.


McALLEN - On the 16th March 1882, at the Infirmary, Maryport, Mr John McALLEN, labourer, aged 26 years.

McALPINE-at Wigton, Mr Hugh McALPINE, aged 77.Feb. 1814

McATEER-(Mrs., no first name) resident of Egremont, who passed away at the age of 60. April 1930.

MACAULEY-JANE, who died at 28. Croft Terrace, Aspatria, on April 4th 1926.

M’CAA-At Newton-Stewartry, on the 11thFeb. 1812. Mr. Anthony M'CAA, aged 74.

McCRACKEN. - On the 25th 1903, at Carlisle, Elspeth (Elsie) COCHRANE, beloved daughter of Jane Ann and Andrew McCRACKEN, Police Station, Dearham, aged 9 years 2 weeks. Interred at the Carlisle Cemetery.

M'COLL-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Barrow, Margaret, daughter of Mr John M'Coll, aged 16 years.

M'CONVEY-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at 1, Barnyeat-b??, Chapel Street, Whitehaven, Sarah wife of Edward, aged 70 years.

McCORMICK - In Robert Street, Carlisle, on the 24th Apr. 1880, JOHN M'CORMICK, aged 10 years.

M'CLORRY-On the 21st Dec 1882, at Wood-street, Maryport, Mary Ellen, infant daughter of Mr. Edward M'CLORRY, saddler.

M’CLURRY. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Robert M’CLURRY, coalminer, of Whitehaven aged 66 years.

M'CREDIE - On the 23 rd Oct. 1882, at Williamson lane, Tangier-street, Whitehaven, Mary, widow of Mr. Alexander M'CREDIE, aged 65 years.

McCULLOGH-At Henry Street, Harrington, on the 10th June 1903, John the beloved husband of Agnes McCULLOGH, aged 44 years. Interred at Harrington Church

McDEVITT - At 53 Rigg Street, on January 27th, 1933, Hugh Mcdevittaged 79 years. was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

McDONALD-At Laversdale, Brampton, on the 18th May 1895, Catherine Railton, widow of David McDONALD, formerly of Wigton, aged 65 years.

McDONALD-Elizabeth, wife of James INMAN, died January 14, 1856 in Dumfries aged 28 years

McDONALD - On the 8th Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of WM. MCDONALD, shipwright. Maryport.

McDONALD-On the 8th June, 1897, at the house of her father, J. S. PEILE, Esq., Parton, Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Peter McDONALD, aged 33 years. Interred at Moresby Church

McDOUGALL - At Kirkby Street, Maryport, on the 28th Feb. 1880, Mr. F. McDOUGALL, aged 40 years.


M'KENDREY. On the 15th July 1882, at Collin's-terrace, Ellenborough, JAMES,infant son of MR. PATRICK M'KENDREY, labourer.

McLEAN: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Kirkgate, Cockermouth, Mr. Alexander McLEAN, aged 77 years.

MCMEIKEN - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at 45, Market-place, Martha, wife of Mr. Archibald McMeiken, aged 40 years.

MCMEIKEN - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at 45, Market-place, Henry, son of Mr. Archibald McMeiken, aged 8 years and 9 months.

McFALL-Elizabeth Anne, 45 Milburn Street, Workington, died April 1932.

McFARLANE- At the Carlisle Infirmary, 3rdAug 1903,Malcolm, of Maryport, age 64 years.

McGANN-Peter,Maryport, died June 1918, injuries from a fall.

McGRAA - On the 2nd April, 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Hugh, son of Mr. Samuel McGRAA, aged 2 years.

McGUFFIE-Hannah, the dear wife of James McGUFFIE, who died April 19th 1922; also of Catherine, daughter of the above, who died October 26th 1923.

McGUINESS. Private J. H McGuiness, Kirbythore, of the W. and C.
Yeomanry (attached to the Border Regiment) killed in France, 23rd March
1918, aged 22 years.

McGUIRK-JAMES, October 9  1879, 19 years of age at the Henry Pit.

McGURK-On the 23rd April 1882, at the Workhouse,Whitehaven, Jane, widow of Mr. John McGURK, mariner, aged 49 years.

McKENZIE- Ann McKENZIE, who died at No. 1, Newtown, Whitehaven, on June 12th 1919.

McKENZIE-At Lonsdale Terrace, Parton, 4th June 1895, David Dallas, the beloved son of Forrester and Sarah Jane McKENZIE, aged 15 months.

McKENZIE-William, at Maryport, at the great age of 94 years, Jan. 1814, The deceased has left a widow in her 88th year, to whom he had been married not less than 67 years.

McKITTEN- Samuel, At Derwent Street, Workington, 1st Nov. 1884, aged 46 years.

McMANUS - At Hodgson's Court, Church Street, Stanwix, on February 1st. 1933, Catherine McManus, aged 72 years. Funeral at Carlisle Cemetery

MCMASTER-Suddenly, at 2 New Street, Cockermouth, on January 21st 1932, Martha Jane, beloved wife of the late Robert McMaster, and eldest daughter of late Joseph and Jane Tolson, postman , of Cockermouth, in her 80th year.

M'MILLEN - On the 19th March 1897, at Cleator Moor, Joseph William, infant son of Thomas M'MILLEN, miner.

McMILLIN- Martha, the beloved wife of John McMillin, died May 27th, 1894, aged 62.

McNAE-At 5, Holly Square, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 22 March 1903, George SMITH, youngest son of John McKENZIE and Agnes McNAE, aged 7 years, 7 months. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

M’COID. - On the 1st May, 1882, at Littledale Lane, Quay-street, Whitehaven, Ellen, wife of Mr. Daniel M’COID, carter, aged 57 years.

MCQUILLAM - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at 11, Bardy-lane, Rose McQuillam, spinster, aged 50 years.

McTAGGART-On the 17th instant, at Temple Terrace, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, Robert McTaggart, aged 83 years.

McWILLIAMS-On the 14th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR ROBERT McWILLIAMS aged 27 years

McWHIRR-Elizabeth, widow 73 years of age,last at Whitehaven Workhouse June 1895

M'DINE - In Botchergate, July, 1844, Mrs. Mary M'DINE, aged 31 years.

M'DINE.- MRS. MARY M'DINE, Water-street, aged 84. February, 1844 CARLISLE


M'DONALD - On the 9th April, 1897, at Trumpet-terrace, Cleator, Julia, infant daughter of William M'DONALD, engine fitter.

M'KAIG. - February 2, 1844, MR. JAMES M'KAIG, aged 46 years.


M’KEEN - At 6 Charles Street, Carlisle, on the 31 Jan. 1880, William M’KEEN, aged 17 years.


M’VITTIE. - At High Lorton, on the 10th Feb. 1877, MARY, daughter of MR. NELSON M'VITTIE, labourer, aged 3-3/4 years.


MEAKIN-On the 6th Oct. 1845, at Speenhamland, Berks., aged 34, Julia Rachel, thebeloved wife of the Rev. John A. D. MEAKIN, and only child of the late JohnMYERS, Esq., of Millom, Cumberland.

MEALS-At Cockermouth, Dec. 1844, Mr MEALS, in the 94th year of his age

MEGANNON-Mr. J., Frizington, died March, 1903.

MELVILLE-At South Marsh Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, Henry BURNS, the dearly beloved son of William and Sarah Jane MELVILLE, aged 3 years.

MESSENGER-David the beloved husband of Eleanor Messenger, who died at Crow Park, Ingwell, Hensingham, on March 15th 1900 aged 33 years and was interred at Distington Church.

MESSENGER - In Morton Street, Carlisle, on the 27th April 1880, HENRY MESSENGER, aged 2-1/2 years.

MESSENGER-At Allonby, on the 1st June 1895, after a short but painful illness, John Elliot, the dearly beloved and only son of William and Mary Messenger, Rogerscale, aged 15 years. Was interred at Aspatria Church

MESSENGER- Joseph, of Seaton, March 1882.

MESSENGER-At Spring Bank, Brigham, 26th Oct. 1903, Joseph Messenger, aged 59 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

MESSENGER- On the 21st Dec. 1859, in his 33d year, much regretted by his numerous friends, MR.JOSEPH MESSENGER, of Keswick, Cumberland

MESSENGER.- William, who died at 22, Bolton Street, Workington, November 23rd, 1917.

MESTER-At Gale Terrace, Low Seaton, on the 15th May 1930, James Robert, husband of Isabella MESTER, aged 47 years. To Interred at Camerton

METCALF- Benjamin Dec. 1879, 23 years of age. Deceased was employed at the Londale Pit, Dearham

METCALFE- Gunner Joseph METCALFE, beloved son of William and Ann METCALFE, late of Broughton Moor, killed in action in France, June 12th, 1917.

METCALF. - On the 23rd April, 1882, at Nook Street, Frizington, Mr. Thomas METCALF, iron miner aged 65 years.

M'EWEN: On the 15th Apr. 1882, at 87 Middle Row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Betsy, infant daughter of Mr. John M'EWEN, coalminer.

M'GINN-On the 21st Feb. 1897, at Bigrigg, Hannah, widow of Charles M'GINN, engine fitter, aged 67 years.

M’GLASSON- At Stone Know, in the parish of Scaleby, on the 20thOct. 1844, MRS. MARY M'GLASSON, aged 77 years, widow of MR. ROBERT M'GLASSON, and mother of JOHN M'GLASSON, of the Carlisle post-office.

M'GRATH - On the 31st December, 1901 at Dixon'd Square, Ginns, Whitehaven, Margaret M'Grath aged 63 years.

M'GRIEVY.--On the 6th Oct1869, at the Marketplace, Whitehaven, Mr. Hugh M'GRIEVY, tailor, aged 39 years.


M'HALE-On the 28thOct. 1879, at Longmire's-court, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, daughter of Mr Michael M'Hale, aged4 years and 4 months.

MIDDLETON, On the 20th Jan. 1897, at St. Bees, Mary, wife of Isaac MIDDLETON, gardener, aged 66 years.

MILBURN,John Edwards, son of John and Sarah Jane Milburn, who died at Church View, Seaton, December 2nd, 1918, aged 1 year5 months.

MILBY - At Ingwell, near Whitehaven, Mrs. ANN MILBY,(in her 68th year, Oct. 1855.

MILLAR - On the 18th June, 1897, at Moresby, William MILLAR, coalminer, aged 24 years.

MILLER-Ann, 1825 20th July- Killed by a cow being driven by an Irish drover.

MILLER. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Harrington, Ann, widow of William MILLER, aged 81 years.

MILLER-At the residence of his sister, at Ulverston, on the 4th May, 1931. Arthur, fourth son of the late Thomas and Mary Miller, of Bassenthwaite. Interred at St. Johns, Bassenthwwiate.

MILLER-At Cockermouth, on Tuesday, the 14th May 1844, Margaret, the daughter of Mr. Jonah MILLER, grocer, aged nine years.

MILLER- Mary MILLER, beloved wife of James MILLER, 117, King Street, Maryport, who died March 26th, 1901, aged 53 years.

MILLER- Pvt. Richard Jackson MILLER, 5th Border Regiment, who was killed in action June 8th 1917.

MILLER-At Penrith Union Workhouse, on the 10th May 1844, Mrs. Sarah MILLER, Widow, aged 67 years.

MILLER - At 15 John Street, Caldewgate, on February 1st. 1933, William, the dearly beloved son of Catherine and later Robert Miller. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

MILLICAN-On the 22nd May 1897, at Harrington, Mary Isabella, infant daughter of Richard MILLICAN, draper.

MILLING, Sarah, At 14, Gauntlet Street, Middlesbrough, 1st inst., late of Workington, aged 38 years. the wife of Robert,Nov. 1884

MILLINGTON. - At her home, Peel Wyke, Wivenhoe, Essex, on March 22nd, 1958, Annie, wife of the late Alfred MILLINGTON and daughter of the late Joseph and Janet BEATTIE, of Workington, in her 76th year, Committal at Colchester Crematorium on Wednesday, 26th March.

MILTON. - 5th February, 1844 ANNE, the wife of THOMAS MILTON, Esq., of Lesson Hall - beloved and esteemed by all who knew her.



MIREHOUSE- In affectionate Remembrance of Jonathan Mirehouse, of Mockerkin, Who died on Wednesday, January 20th, 1892, AGED 70 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Saturday, the 23rd inst., at 2-30 p.m., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock. Verse with card- Affliction sore, long time I bore, Physicians were in vain ; Till God did please to give me ease, And free me from my pain.In Affectionate Remembrance of BETSY, Widow of Jonathan Mirehouse, of Mockerkin, Who died July 2nd, 1905. AGED 67 YEARS. “Her end was Peace.”Verse with card- none **

MIREHOUSE- In Loving Remembrance of Mary, Widow of the late James Mirehouse, of Ullock, Who died 6th. Day of November, 1889, AGED 73 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Saturday, November 9th, at 2 o’clock p.m.

Verse with card- She has gone from amongst us, her spirit has fled. We number he now amongst those who are dead ; Her last sigh is heaved, her last words are given, She has gone from this world to a better in heaven. **

MIREHOUSE- In Affectionate Remembrance of Sarah, The Beloved Wife of James Mirehouse, Ullock, Who died on Tuesday, June 9th, 1885, AGED 28 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Friday, 12th inst, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

No verse with card-**

MIREHOUSE- Died at her late residence, No 1302 King Street, London, Ontario, Sarah Ann Aged Fifty Years, Beloved Wife of Jonathan Mirehouse, Who died October 14th. 1926. Funeral from her late residence to Mount Pleasant Cemetary, Saturday, October Sixteenth, Service at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- none**

MITCHELL - On the 22nd June, 1897, at Parton, Ellen, wife of Tom MITCHELL, aged 42 years.

MITCHELL - In Eldon-street, Newcastle, on the 17th July, 1844, aged 31, Ann, wife of Henry A. MITCHELL, Esq.

MITCHELL,- Isaac, dearly loved son of John and Elizabeth Mitchell, of Fairfield Farm, who died at 51, Roper Street, Whitehaven, on November 27th, 1918, aged 11 years and 3 months.

MITCHELL -At St. Helens Street, on the 23rd inst., Jane Mitchell, aged 85 years. Was interred at the Cemetery on Thursday, 25, 1920

MITCHELL-the 11th May 1844 John MITCHELL, At Newtown-of-Rockliff aged 78 years

MITCHELL - John, beloved husband of Mary Ann Mitchell, of West View, High Scales, near Aspatria, who diend suddenly on February 2nd, 1933, in his 65th year. To be interred at Bromfield Church

MITCHELL-At Crindledyke, on the 11th May 1844, Mr. John MITCHELL, aged 73 years.

MITCHELL-At Bothel, on the 21 Sept.1903, Joseph, the beloved husband of Ann Mitchell, aged 77 years.

MITCHELL-On July 24th 1879 at Skelsmergh Hall Hyneton Victoria Australia ESTHER the wife of JOSIAH MITCHELL and daughter of the late JOHN DICKINSON Kidburngill.

MITCHELL- Joseph, who died at Hollin, Lamplugh, March 30th 1871, aged 54. Also of Isabella, beloved wife of the above, who died at Egremont, on September 8th, aged 80. Interred at Arlecdon Church.

MITCHELL- At Plumbland Moor, on the 6th Oct,1903 Mary, the

youngest daughter of the late Robert Mitchell, sen. of Threapland Moss,aged 73 years.

MITCHINSON. - At Croft House, Irthington, on the 13th April, 1880, ELIZABETH, MITCHINSON, aged 22 years.


MITCHINSON - At Portinscale, on November 5th.John Hetherington, beloved husband of Sarah Ann Mitchinson, aged 83.Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

MITCHINSON - At Mawbray House, Crosby, on the 12th Jan. 1932,William, beloved husband of the late Margaret Mitchinson, aged 87 years. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

M'KEE.- On the 17th May, 1897 at Branary Hospital, Whitehaven, Ada, daughter of James M'KEE, tailor, aged 3 years.

M'KEE. - On the 19th June 1897, st Hensingham, Christina, wife of Mr. David M'KEE, stone mason, aged, 63 years.

M’KEE- On the 1st Sept. 1819. at the advanced age of 101, Mrs Susannah M'KEE

M'KENZIE - On the 24 th Nov 1882 at Dearham, Mary, wife of Mr. Edward M'KENZIE, labourer, aged 48 years.

M'KEOWN. - On the 3rd July 1882, at 15, Keekle-terrace, Hensingham, ANN, widow of MR. JOSEPH M'KEOWN, farm labourer, aged 71 years.

M'LEAN. - At Whitehaven, March 1844, Mrs SARAH M'LEAN, widow, aged 84


M'MANUS - On the 5th April, 1897 at Cleator, Mary, widow of Bernard M'MANUS, farmer, aged 70 years.

M'MEAKIN. - On the 2nd July 1882., at Harmless-hill, Whitehaven, MR. ARCHIBALDM'MEAKIN, shipwright, aged 53 years.

M'MILLAN-On the 4th June 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Joseph M'MILLAN, saddler, aged 66 years.

M'MULLEN. - On the 28th May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, James M'Mullen, labourer, aged 28 years.

M'NEIL - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at South George Street, Carlisle, Mary M'NEIL, aged 70 years.

MODLIN-At the house of his broher, at Nixon Head, in the parish of Castlecarrock. on the 6thDec. 1844, MR.HOLMES MODLIN, yeoman, aged 61 years.

MOFFAT-On the 20th Sept. 1903, John eldest son of the late John and Martha Moffat, Anchor Hotel, Frizington, aged 40 years

MOFFAT. - At Yanwath Hall, on the 12th Feb. 1877, MRS. MARTHA MOFFAT, housekeeper to MR. A. GRAHAM, in the 51st year of her age.


MOFFAT-Robert, the beloved son of Thomas and Elizabeth Moffat, who died Oct 26th, 1900, aged 23 years and 9 months. Interred at Cocckermouth Cemetary.

MOFFAT-At Newtown of Rockliff, in the parish of Kirklinton, on the 1st Dec. 1844,ROBERT, the infant son of Mr ROBERT MOFFAT, farmer, aged 10 months; and on the 5th MARGARET, his daughter aged 2 1/2 years.

MOFFAT. With the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Palestine, on the 31st
March 1918, Trooper Wilson, Lincolnshire Yeomanry, older son of the late Mr
J. Moffat, Bampton and Shap, aged 36 years

MOG-Samuel, at Corpusty, Norfolk, aged 102, one of the last survivors of that brave army which fought at the battle of Quebec, under the celebrated General WOLFE. April, 1812

MONCRIEFF. - At Brigham, on the 14th Feb. 1877, MR. WILLIAM MONCRIEFF, aged 24 years.


MONKHOUSE- On the 31st Jan. 1845, Mr. J. MONKHOUSE, of High-bridge, Cumberland, andSidney-place, Clapham-road, aged 77.

MONKHOUSE- Penrith, May 5, 1844, Mrs. Margaret MONKHOUSE, widow, aged 87 years

MONTEITH-On the 11th Dec. 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth,Sarah MONTEITH, aged 30 years, late of Workington.

MOOR - At Brampton, on the 18th July 1844, Mrs. Ann MOOR, aged 72.

MOORDAFF - At Harrington, on Saturday, WILLIAM, eldest son of the late Capt.
SHADRACH MOORDAFF, in the 26th year of his age. Oct. 1855

MOORE-At Garth Cottage, Blennerhasset, on the 11th Jan. 1932,Bertha, beloved wife of William MOORE. Interred at Maryport Cemetery

MOORE-On the 31st March 1931, Elizabeth , the beloved wife of Issac  Moore,Station Road, Cark-in-Cartmell.

MOORE-On the 1st Oct. 1869, at St. Bees, Joseph, son of Robert and Mary Moore, aged 3 months.

MOORE-Miss. (no 1st name) Scotch Street, On the 2nd of July,1852 in the 81st year of her age.

MOORE-At Egremont, near Whitehaven,Nov. 1844, MRS. SARAH MOORE, aged 70 years.

MOORE-On the 5th Feb. 1897, at Whineray, Gosforth, Sarah Arabella, infant daughter of Thomas MOORE, farmer.

MOORE-On the 21st Nov.1879, at Dearham, Sarah, daughter of Mr. William MOORE, coalminer, aged 1 year and 6 months.

MOORE - on the 19th Nov. 1855, at Maryport, MR. WM. MOORE, labourer, aged 29

MOORE-At 10 Arlecdon Road, Arlecdon, on Saturday, 13th June 1903, after a  lingering illness William, beloved son of the late Joseph and Mary MOORE,aged 24 years. Was interred at Arlecdon Parish Church.

MORESBY - At Penrith, on the 18th Sept, 1844, MARGARET MORESBY, widow, aged 83 years.

MORELAND-At Dendry Banks, Newby, in the parish of Morland, on the 10th Oct. 1844, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. JOHN MORLAND, late of Plover-riggs, farmer, advanced in years.

MORGAN. - On the 17th Jan. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Charles MORGAN, master Mariner, aged 64 years.

MORGAN- Elizabeth MORGAN (50), wife of Patrick MORGAN, a miner, of 13, Church Street, Cleator, Aug. 1898.

MORGAN. - On the 15th Oct. 1902 at 68 Middle Row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, John MORGAN, coalminer, aged 61 years.

MORRIS-Ann, of Bath aged 104.Feb. 1812

MORRIS-On the 16th Oct. 1879, at the residence of her uncle, Lowther-street,Carlisle, Bessie Morris, aged 28 years.

MORRIS. - In Church Street, Workington, on the 25th April, 1880, MISS ELIZABETH MORRIS, aged 42 years.


MORRIS-On the 30th Nov. 1902 at 13 Black Row, ??houses, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of William MORRIS.

MORRISON-On the 5th Oct.1879, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, JANE MORRISON, aged 39 years.

MORRISON- On the 27th April 1882, at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, after a long and painful illness, Mr. John MORRISON, of Collins-terrace, Maryport, aged 42 years.

MORRISON-Mary, wife of Thomas INMAN died January 20, 1875 in Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire aged 84 years.

MORTON. - On the 28th May, 1897, at Netherwasdale, Crowther MORTON, born November 21st, 1825. Interred at Netherwasdale

MORTON-on the 19th Feb.1889, at 5, Graslot, Maryport, Martha, wife of Mr James Morton, labourer, aged 70 yrs.

MORTON: On the 8th Apr. 1882, at Lane House, Burton, Westmorland, Richard Canon MORTON, aged 51 years.

MOSLEY-ISABELLA, wife of Mr JAMES MOSLEY, aged 78 years.Dec. 1844

MOSSOP-(no first name) who died November 25th, 1918, aged 28.  Interred at St. Columbia Church, Broughton Moor.

MOSSOP - At Coniston, near Broughton-in-Furness, on the 25th Sept. 1855, MR. GEORGE MOSSOP, slate quarryman, third son of the late MR. MOSES MOSSOP, junior, formerly of High Prior Scale, near Calderbridge, aged 53 years.

MOSSOP.--On the 29th uSept. 1869, at Low Petton, in the parish of Gosforth, James, youngest son of the late Mr. Thomas MOSSOP, veterinary surgeon, aged 32 years.

MOSSOP-John, killed in William Pit, March 1903. Interred in Whitehaven Cemetery.

MOSSOP-On the 24th March 1897, at the Workhouse, JOHN MOSSOP, labourer, aged 60 years.

MOSSOP-At West Nook Terrace, Cockermouth, 29th July 1898, Jane Ann, the youngest daughter of the late Charles Mossop, of Montreal, - To be interred at the cemetery, Cockermouth.

MOSSOP-At Low Leys, near Gilcrux, on the 12thDec. 1844, SARAH, the wife of MR. ISAAC MOSSOP, aged 26 years.

MOUNSEY, at 89, Duke-street, Whitehaven, on the 4th Oct. 1855, JOHN, son of HANNAH MOUNSEY, aged 2-1/4 years.

MOUNSEY-Nancy, who died at Oughterside, on November 29th, 1918; also my dear little grandson,Leslie Mounsey, who died at Oughterside, December 11th, 1919.

MULGREW-On the 27th Nov.1879, at 10 Milton Street, Carlisle, Jane MULGREW, aged 20 years.

MULLINS. - On the 16th July 1897, at 8, Newtown, Whitehaven, ELIZA, wife of JOHN MULLINS, coalminer, aged 55 years.

MUMBERSON-On the 20th April 1882, at Keswick, Mr. Mathias MUMBERSON, formerly of Eskett, and *** Old Park, aged 85 years.

MUNCASTER- Thomas On Saturday last, 24th July, 1852, at Egremont, aged 76 years.

MUNDY-On the 16th Feb. 1844, at Stanwix-cottage, Carlisle, Frances, the infantdaughter of R. M. MUNDY, Esq., Royal Horse Artillery, aged 2 months.

MURPHY - On the 21st March 1897, at Cleator Moor, Eliza Ann, daughter of the late James MURPHY, aged 25 years

MURPHY. - On the 27th May, 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Patrick Murphy, coalminer, aged 50 years.

MURPHY-On the 11th May 1899, at her residence, 48 Duke Street Whitehaven, Mary, relict of the late Captain William Murphy, in her 89th year.

MURPHY.- On the 29th January, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Michael MURPHY, labourer, aged 40 years.

MURRAY. - At Whitehaven Hospital, on the 22nd March, 1958, Hilda Christine, dearly loved wife of C. W. MURRAY, “Balcraig,” Stainburn, Workington, aged 50 years. Was interred at St. John’s Churchyard, Bassenthwaite.


MURRAY-On the 27th March, 1897, at the Newhouses, CHARLES MURRAY, son of JOHN BRADLEY, coalminer, aged 1 month.

MURRAY-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Church Street Maryport MARY widow of MR JOHN MURRAY aged 77 years.

MURRAY-At 33, Nelson Street, Maryport, 15th June 1884, James, infant son of Sarah MURRAY.

MURRAY-Ruth, the six-year-old daughter of Mr Samuel E MURRAY, drowned April 1931.

MURRAY-Sarah of Hexham, aged 91, Feb. 1814

MURRAY-David beloved husband of Sarah Jane MURRAY, who died at 69, John St, Workington on April 6th, 1918. 

MURRAY, Francis, aged 46, of 34, Northumberland Street, Workington, Dec. 1920.

MURRAY - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at 15 Chapel-street, Whitehaven, Mary daughter of Mr. Michael Murray, aged 7 years and 11 months.

MURRAY-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Wilson-street, Workington, MATTHEW BARNES, son of MR. JOSEPH MURRAY, innkeeper, aged 1 year and 7 months.

MURRAY- At Sealands, in the parish of Arthuret, on the 16th Sept. 1844, aged 83 years, MARGARET MURRAY, spinster.

MURRAY - At Tarnrigg Moor, in the parish of Wigton, on the 22nd July 1844, Mary, the daughter of Mr. Robert MURRAY, aged 11 years.

MURRAY. - On the 3rd July, 1882., at Queen-street, Whitehaven, MR. THOMAS MURRAY, master painter, aged 60 years.

MURTON-James,24th August, 1753 Clifton, Fell down coal pit

MUSGRAVE- On the 3d Dec. 1844, at Rome, in her 19th year, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of theDowager LADY MUSGRAVE and the late SIR PHILIP MUSGRAVE, Bart., of Eden-hall, Cumberland.

MUSGRAVE.- In loving memory of Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of John, who died at No. 1? Frizington Road, Frizington, on May 14th 1921.

MUSGRAVE- On the 16thMay 1859., at Madrid, PHILIP MUSGRAVE, Esq., eldest son of SIR ***E MUSGRAVE, Bart., of Edenhall, Cumberland.

M'VEA-On the 28th Nov. 1902, at Hugh Street, Bra???, Whitehaven, Mr. Edward M'VEA, aged 67.

M'VEY-On the 29th Jan.1902, at Fusehill, Carlisle, George M'VEY, aged 73 years.

NANSON.- At the Manor Lodge, Hackney London, on the 13th May 1887, Sarah, widow of Isaac martin NANSON, aged 74 years.

NANSON-On the 20th Dec. 1881, at Woodcroft, Penrith, MARY, the wife of WILLIAM NANSON,AGED 67.

NASH-At Queen Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, on the 25th November 1920, following operation, Margaretta A. (Greta), beloved wife of Thomas S. Nash, and dearly beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Jackson, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, aged 24 years. Interred at Postling, near Hythe, Kent.

NASH - On the 25th June, 1897, at the Albion Hotel, Whitehaven, Samuel Daniels NASH, steelworker, aged 55 years.

NEEDHAM. On the 13th July 1882, at Marsh-side, Workington, MARY BEATTIE, infant daughter of MR. ALEXANDER NEEDHAM.

NEIL- Mary Jane, At Church Street, Workington, 27th March 1884, aged 23 years.

NELSON-At Pennington,11th June 1884, Ann, widow of Mr James NELSON, aged 68 years.

NELSON-On the 23d May, 1883 at Eden Bank, Langwathby, Penrith, HENRIETTA ADA, wife of J.W. NELSON, aged 28.

NELSON-At Springkell, Aspatria, on the 30th May,1895, John William, son of Walter and Margaret Ann Nelson, aged three weeks.

NELSON-At High Street, Maryport, 16th Aug. 1903. Jonathan Nelson.

NELSON.- At Dufton, on the 25th May 1887 after a short illness, at the house of
his father in law, H. PARKIN, Thomas NELSON, aged 31 years.

NELSON - At 26, Plumbland's Lane, Whitehaven, on the 10th Feb. 1880, Nancy Gertrude Lavinia, infant daughter of Mr. James NELSON, grocer.


NEWAL- Since our last in Carter Lane, in this town, Mrs. Dorothy NEWAL, widow, in an advanced age. Oct. 1953.

NEWBOLD-George Richard Newbold, Jenkin, Embleton, who died at Warren House, Brampton, on December 2nd, 1918, aged 23 years.

NEWBY-On the 5th Sept. 1905, Jane NEWBY, widow of  the late John NEWBY (Muncaster Head) aged 84 years. Interred at St. Catherines Church,Eskdale,

NEWMAN-On the 16th Sept. 1879at Furnace Road Maryport MARY ANN infant daughter of MR F NEWMAN.

NEWTON - On the 21 st. Nov. 1882, at Millom, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. John NEWTON, in her 80th year.

NEWTON: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Wood Street, Maryport, Mr John NEWTON, joiner, aged 66 years.

NEVIN-At 4 Foxhill, Distington, in her 84th year.Matilda, beloved wife of the late Thomas James Nevin, of Liverpool. Was interred at Distington.

NEWTON-At 13,Kelawick Lane, Whitehaven, 14th June 1884 Mr Benjamin NEWTON, tailor, aged 33 years.

NICHOL-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Crosby Street Maryport MR JOHN NICHOL aged 20 years.

NICHOL-At 14, Homeside, Southport on the 5th May 1895, Mary, late of Allonby,Cumberland.

NICHOLSON, Christopher, On the 30th May, 1851, at Harrington, Cumberland, Mr. Christopher NICHOLSON, aged79.

NICHOLSON-Ann, who died at 25, Coronation Street, Grasslot, November 26th, 1918.  Also our dear brother, John Barton Henderson, who died at Marshall's Place, Nelson Street, December **th, 1918.

NICHOLSON-At Steam Packet Inn, Workington, 5th,Aug. 1903, Annie Jane, wife of Frederick Nicholson, age 39 yrs.  To be interred at Maryport Cemetery.

NICHOLSON - At the Post-office, Ambleside, on the 17th Nov. 1855, AGNES eldest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS NICHOLSON, aged 19.

NICHOLSON-On the 24th Oct. 1879, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Clara Mary, infant daughter of Mr S Nicholson.

NICHOLSON-David, At Queen Street, Whitehaven, 21st inst., Mr. David NICHOLSON, painter, aged 50 years.

NICHOLSON. - On the 28th April, 1882, at Hamilton Lane, Whitehaven, Mr. Edward NICHOLSON, carter aged 72 years.

NICHOLSON- At Appleby, Mrs ELIZABETH NICHOLSON, widow, aged 90.Dec. 1844

NICHOLSON - At Bowness, Oct. 4, 1855, ELIZABETH ISABELLA, granddaughter of the above, and eldest daughter of MR. JOHN NICHOLSON, of Liverpool, aged 3 years - deeply lamented

NICHOLSON. - On the 27th Oct. 1903, at the Steam Packet Inn, Workington, Frederick NICHOLSON, aged 44 years, late of Flimby Cottage. - Interred at Maryport Cemetery

NICHOLSON. - On the 21st April 1897, at 34, Nicholson-lane,

Whitehaven, HANNAH, wife of WILLIAM NICHOLSON, tailor, aged 34 years.

NICHOLSON-on the 19th Feb.1889, at Seaview, Broughton Moor, Henry Nicholson, aged 57 yrs.

NICHOLSON - On the 15th Sept. 1869, at Under-lodge, Workington, the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Boadle, Mr. Isaac Nicholson, aged 69 years.

NICHOLSON. - LETITIA, wife of MR. ISAAC NICHOLSON, Finkle-street, aged 62 February, 1844 CARLISLE


NICHOLSON- In Loving Remembrance of ISAAC NICHOLSON, Who died at Eaglesfield, March 26th, 1879, AGED 56 YEARS, Internment at Brigham Church, on Saturday, 29th, at 3 o’clock. Verse with card- We’ll bid farewell to all our grief, And anguish know no more, From every storm we shall be safe On Heaven’s eternal shore. **

NICHOLSON- At Albany Place, Dumfries, Helen, relict of the late Mr. James NICHOLSON,farmer, Riggheads, Torthorwald, aged 79. Nov. 1858

NICHOLSON-At Long Close, Isel, on the 2nd April,1931, Jennie  (Twin), infant daughter, of Jonathon and Margaret Nicholson.

NICHOLSON. - On the 15th Oct. 1902, at 60 Queen Street, Whitehaven, John George NICHOLSON, coalminer, aged 30 years.

NICHOLSON-Margaret, the dearly loved daughter of Robert and Agnes Nicholson, 8, Brookside, Cleator, died December 5th, 1918.

NICHOLSON-Onthe 17th Oct. 1879, at Fleming-street, Maryport, Mary, daughter of Mr RobertNicholson, currier, aged 1 year and 8 months.

NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY NICHOLSON, Who departed this life July 28th, 1865, AGED 79 YEARS, And was interred on the 31st, at the Friend’s Meeting, Eaglesfield .Verse with card- She learned through fasting to control The flesh that weigheth down the soul, And then by prayers sweet food sustained, To seek the joys she now has gained.**

NICHOLSON-Mary Ann, the beloved daughter of William and Eleanor Nicholson, Flimby, who died on August 5th, 1898 age 6 years. Also their son, Fletcher, who died June 26th 1891, age 7 months.

NICHOLSON, On the 24th Jan. 1897, at Hensingham, Robert Nicholson, iron miner, aged 73 years.

NICHOLSON - At 40, Sticklandgate, Penrith, on the 6th Feb. 1880, Robt. NICHOLSON, aged 51 years.


NICHOLSON-On the 17thOct. 1879, at Cragg's View, Brigham, Sarah Jane, (twin)infant daughter of Mr R Nicholson, Thornthwaite, joiner.

NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH MARIA NICHOLSON, of “The Cottage,” Pardshaw, Who Died on the 16th of Forth Month, 1899, AGED 68 YEARS. The interment in intended to take place at Pardshaw Hall, on the 19th inst., at 11-15, leaving Pardshaw at 11 o’clock. Verse with card- none**

NICHOLSON - At Orton Park, on the 11th Feb. 1880, Theodora NICHOLSON, aged 5 years 9 months.


NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of THOMAS NICHOLSON, of Ullock, Who died on the 16th of the 10th Month , 1872, Aged 78 Years. The interment is intended to take place at Pardshaw Hall, on 1st day the 20th, at 11 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

NICHOLSON-At Rigg of Gretna, Wm. NICHOLSON, tailor, in the 81st year of his age, Nov. 1858

NICHOLSON-ON March 28th .1931 at the Victoria Cottage Hospital, Maryport, (Following road accident),  William, the beloved husband of Eleanor Nicholson Snn Dial Villas, Flimby, aged 68 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

NILES. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Frizington, Ann, widow of John NILES, aged 68 years.

NIXON-Ellen, Aspatria, 2nd Nov. 1884, daughter of the late John NIXON, in her 30th year.

NIXON-At 69, Main Street, Ellenborough. Jane, beloved wife of John NIXON who died on Wednesday November 4th, 1931, aged 76 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetary.

NIXON-At 21, Church Street, Stanwix, 24th March 1903, John, the dearly beloved son of James and Elizabeth NIXON, aged 2 years. Interred at Dearham.

NIXON - At Brampton on the 29th May 1843, Mr. John NIXON, boot & shoe maker, aged 73 years.


NIXON-On the 24th May 1897, at St. Bees, Joseph NIXON, engineman, aged 24 years.

NIXON-On the 29th Sept.1879, at South End, Wigton, MARGARET, wife of MR. ROBERT NIXON, aged 52 years.

NIXON-At the residence of her daughter and son-in-law "Deancross" on November 29th,1930 suddenly, Mary A. NIXON, of Ullock, wife of the late Reuben NIXON.

NIXON - At Boustead Hill, on the 3rd Feb. 1880, Mary, relict of the late Wm. NIXON, Esq., in her 81st year.


NIXON - At Wigton on the 29th May, 1843, Nancy, daughter of John NIXON, aged 20 years.


NIXON - At 2 Broad Street, Carlisle, on the 23rd January, 1933 Thomas, the beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Nixon, late of Nether Row, Newcastleton. Was interred at Minton Cemetery

NOBLE-On the 3rdFeb.1902, at Castle View, Egremont, Thomas NOBLE, aged 75 years.

NORMAN-At High Dike, in the parish of Brigham, MRS. NORMAN, wife of MR. NORMAN,

yeoman of that place, aged 69 years, much and deservedly respected. Oct. 1844

NORMAN-Johnston, the 15-month old son of James and Louisa NORMAN, who have two rooms taken at J. TWEEDIE'S, 69, Church Street, Workington. Died March 1903.

NORMAN-John, the beloved husband of Isabella NORMAN, who died at Ramsay House, Camerton, on April 15th 1930.

NORMAN-Samuel, 20th August, 1792-Infant,Drowned by River Derwent.

NORMAN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE of WILLIAM NORMAN, of Loweswater, Born August 26th, 1826; Died February 5th, 1900. Will be interred at Loweswater Church, on Thursday, the 8th, at Half-past One o’clock.

Verse with card- “May we bear as fair a name when we are called to go.” **

NORWOOD-On the 29th Sept.1869, at Robinson's fold, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Samuel Norwood, aged 5 years and 6 months.

NULTY-On the 20th Feb. 1897 at 25, Low Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Turner, wife of William NULTY, labourer, aged 36 years.

NUNN-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Easthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead, ISABELLA NUNN, in her 66th year.

O’BRIEN-At Longtown, on Monday the 16th Sept. 1844, very suddenly, FRANCIS O'BRIEN, of Dumfries, cattle driver, aged 60 years.

O'BRIEN-Michael, Low Mill, Egremont, Dec., 1920, 85 years.

O'DONNEL - On the 21st March 1882, at Cleator Moor, Bernard O'DONNEL, eldest son of the late James O'DONNEL, of Whitehaven, aged 32 years.

O'DONNELL-Elizabeth, 45 High Street, Cleator Moor, widow of the late James, March 17th 1903, aged 72 years.

O'FEE - On the 21st March 1897, at 2 Peat Place, Mark Lane, Whitehaven, James, infant son of Anthony Sewell O'FEE, butcher.

OGLETHORPE - At Pow Street, Workington on the 16th Oct. 1903, suddenly, JOHN OGLETHORPE aged 59yrs.

OLDFIELD.- On the 13th May, 1897, at Kells, Isabella, daughter of Juno. OLDFIELD, coalminer, aged 17 years.

OLDFIELD.—At 1, marine Terrace, Whitehaven, on the 8th May, 1932, John Gaythorp OLDFIELD, the beloved husband of Esther OLDFIELD, aged 79. To be interred at Whitehaven Cemetery today (Wednesday), leaving residence at 11 a.m. for service in the Congregational Church.


OLIPHANT - On the 25th Nov.1879, at South Henry Street, Carlisle, Mr. Edward OLIPHANT, aged 65 years.

OLIPHANT- On Saturday, the 28th Sept 1843, Henry OLIPHANT, Esq., of Broadfield-house, andMoorhouse-hill, Cumberland, aged 58.

OLIPHANT-On the 21st Feb. 1819, in the 79th year of his age, John OLIPHANT, Esq.,brother of the late Lancelot OLIPHANT, Esq., of Itonfield,

OLIVER-At Calvert Bridge Lodge, Keswick, on the 31st May,1895 Mary Ann Oliver, aged 21 years, daughter of Mr C Oliver, water bailiff. Interment St John's Church.

OLPHERT-at 6, Mandle Terrace, Netherton, Maryport, in the 2nd June 1895, Elizabeth Ann Olphert, aged 53 years, beloved wife of Matthew Olphert,late of the Ordnance Survey Department, and daughter of the late John COOPER, builder, of St Helen's Street, Cockermouth. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

OLIPHANT - On the 19th March, 1882, in Lamplugh-street, Carlisle,Elizabeth OLIPHANT, aged 79 years.

O'NEIL - On the 28th Nov. 1882, at Mount Pleasant, Whitehaven, Alice, widow of Mr. James O'Neil, labourer, aged 52 years.

O’NEIL - William - September 22, 1846, Carlisle, Cumberlnd, England


O'NEILL-At Low William Street, Workington, 11th June 1884, Patrick, son of the late Mr Daniel O'NEILL, aged 1 year and 4 months.

O'NEIL-At Southey Street, Workington, 29th May 1895, Mr William O'NEIL, aged 22 years.

O'NEILL-Dennis, At the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, 22nd March 1884, iron ore miner, aged 60 years.

ORR-On the 8th Feb. 1897, at Prospect, Whitehaven, Eleanor, daughter of Peter ORR, coalminer, aged 3 years.

OSBORNE-On the 28th July, 1904 at Houston Texas, America Dinah, widow of Mr Miles Osborne of Mawbray, third daughter of the late Mr Edmund Gibson, Pasture Side, Bolton, Cumberland.

OSBORNE-At St. Ann's, in the Island of Jamaica, on the 8th of July 1844, after aresidence in the Island of eighteen years, MR. JOSEPH OSBORNE, son of the late MR. JOSEPH OSBORNE, of Rae Beck, Dearham, aged 42 years.

OSBORNE-At Myrtle Manor, Church Road, Seaton, Workington, on the 7th Feb. 1903,George, the dearly beloved (twin) son of Robert and Jane Osborne, aged5-1/2 months.

OSBOURNE-Robert, died Jan 19th, 1931.Ever remembered by Tom, Ellen and family, Gilcrux

OSTLE-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Curzon-street, Maryport, Eleanor, widow of Mr William Ostle, aged 75 yrs.

OSTLE-On the 20th Nov.1879, at Dearham, Mr. Jonathan OSTLE, joiner and cabinet maker, aged 30 years.

OSTLE- Jonathan OSTLE, eldest son of Thomas and Mary OSTLE,  who did at Newtown, Aspatria, Sept. 19th 1900.

OSTLE-On the 20th Sept.1879 at Little Broughton MARGARET daughter of MR JOHN OSTLE aged 12years.

OSTLE-Mary Elizabeth (Liddy) Ostle, who died at Threapland, January 31st, 1931, age 48 years. Interred at Plumbland,

OUSBY-JANE, wife of Mr GEORGE OUSBY, of the Crown Inn taproom, aged 24. Dec 8th 1844.

OWEN-Edward, At Flimby, 4th Nov. 1884, coalminer, aged 67 years.

OWEN-Mary, At Soapery, Workington, 15th March 1884, Mary wife of Thomas OWEN, farmer, aged 84 years.

OWEN - On the 6th Jan. 1902, at Lonsdale Street, Workington,

William Mille Owen, aged 49 years.

OWENS-Annie OWENS, who died at Camerton, May 17th, 1928.

OWENS-Isaac, the beloved son of John and Mary Owens, died at Workington Infirmary on the 19th May, 1893, aged 18 years.

OXFORD - On the 19th March 1882, in Willow Holme, Carlisle, Margaret OXFORD, aged 30 years.

OXLEY - At Lonning-head, Spark Bridge, on the 1st. Oct. 1855, STEPHEN, son of MR. ROBERT OXLEY, beerhouse-keeper, aged 21 years.

PAGAN-Mary, who died at Papcastle, November 27th, 1916.

PARK-At the Isolation Hospital, Aldershot, on the 26th April 1931, Private Christopher, the beloved son of john James and Grace Park, 13, Lonsdale Place, Flimby, aged 20 years.  Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

PARK - On June 30th, 1938 at Irt Cottage, Wasdale, Edward PARK, aged 76 years. Interment at Wasdale

PARK - At Hethersgill, on the 17th July 1844, aged 85 years, Mary PARK, widow of Mr. John PARK

PARK-MARY, the beloved wife of JAMES PARK, who died at 32 Main street Frizington, April 3rd 1915, in her 69th year. Also WILLIAM, their eldest son , and dearly beloved husband of ELIZABETH PARK, who died at Wallsend-On-Tyne, March 24th 1908, in his 38th year, and was interred at Wallsend-on-tyne Cemetery.

PARK. - On the 15th Oct. 1902 at Frizington, Thomas Tyson PARK, iron miner, aged 58 years.

PARK-Samuel, At the Old Brewery, Irish-street, Whitehaven, Dec. 1844, employed in the capacity of drayman, for the last 23 years, MR. SAMUEL PARK, at an advanced age.

PARK. In loving memory of Private William Walker Park, Border
Regiment, who was killed in action on 27th March 1918, youngest son of
the late John Park, Brown Beck, Naddle, Keswick, aged 24 years. Deeply

PARKER- At the residence of her son, William, at Glenville House, Haltwhistle, 23rd March 1903, Elizabeth, widow of the late John PARKER, of Asby,Cumberland, aged 66 years. Interred at Haltwhistle Cemetery.

PARKER: On the 10th Apr. 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. William PARKER, labourer, aged 77 years.

PARKER-At 14 Devonshire Street, Workington, on the 12th June 1903, Jane, widow of the late Joseph PARKER, of Camerton, aged 76 years. Was interred at Camerton Church

PARKER - On the 2nd Oct. 1855, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES PARKER, innkeeper, Annan, late of Castlecarrock, aged 31 years - much respected.

PARKER-On the 24th Jan.1884, at Skirwith Abbey, Penrith, MARY VIOLET, eldest daughter of E. W. PARKER, Esq., Skirwith Abbey, Penrith, aged two years and six months.

PARKER - At Barco Lodge, on the 23rd Feb. 1874, MARY, relict of the late CHRISTOPHER PARKER, Esq., Petteril Green, aged 81 years.


PARKER. - At the workhouse, Penrith, on the 16th Feb. 1877, SARAH ANN PARKER, aged 5 months.


PARKER- On the 23d Jan, 1856, at his residence, Skirwith Abbey, Cumberland, WILLIAM PARKER, Esq., in the 67th year of his age.

PARKIN-At Langrigg, on the 29th May 1895. Henry, infant son of Joseph GREENUP and Annie PARKIN.

PARKIN- On the 6th June 1860., at Norwood JAMES PARKIN, Esq., of the Leathes, Cumberland,aged 64.

PARKIN - At Benson Row, Penrith, on the 21st Fe. 1874, MR. JOSEPH PARKIN, aged 69 years.


PARKIN-Robert Parkin, late of High Scotch Street, Whitehaven, who was killed at Haig Pit, January 29th, 1931.

PARKIN- At Eamont-lodge, on the 16th June 1858, SARAH MARGARET, relict of the late HUGH PARKIN, Esq., of Skirsgill, in the county of Cumberland, in the 88th year of her age.

PARKIN-Walter, Whitehaven, son of Robert, died January 11th, 1928.

PARKINGTON, Catherine, Kings Arm Inn, Workington, Feb. 1777

PARSLEY-On the 2nd June 1897 at Frizington, Joseph William, infant son of Joseph PARSLEY.

PARTRIDGE, On the 2d April, 1819, at his native place, Ambleside, in Westmorland, aged 76, MR. PARTRIDGE, sen., for above 40 years an inhabitant of St. Paul, Covent-garden, London.

PASCOE-Pvt. James Pascoe, who died in the Military Hospital, London, December 1918. Was interred at Arlecdon.

PATRICKSON.- At the Workhouse, Penrith, on the 20th May 1986. Edith PATRICKSON, infant.

PATRICKSON-On the 8th 1932, at 77 Duke Street, Southport, Mary PATRICKSON, wife of William Charles PATRICKSON. Interred at Southport Cemetery.

PATTERSON-Elizabeth the beloved wife of William Hunter Patterson, of Keekle Terrace, Hensingham, who died at Moor Row, March 16th 1901.

PATTERSON - In Botchergate, July 1844, Mr. James PATTERSON, aged 92 years.

PATTERSON-SARAH, the wife of MR. JOSEPH PATTERSON, in the 28th year of her age; Whitehaven, Dec. 1844

PATTERSON-On the 6th Feb. 1897, at Town Hall Buildings, Scotch-street, Whitehaven, William Tweddle WILSON, infant son of James PATTERSON, police sergeant.

PATTINSON. - On April 2, 1931, Albert, dearly beloved son of Thomas and Hannah PATTINSON, aged 10 months. Was interred at Westnewton

PATTINSON-George, formerly of Whitehaven, died in Winnipeg General Hospital, Canada, Jan. 1932.

PATTINSON-Accidentally killed, at Gillfoot Station, on the 15th Sept. 1903, Henry of Kerbeck Cottage, Beckermet, aged 44 years. Interred at St John's Church, Beckermet.

PATTINSON. - At Ravenstone, on Thursday August 7, 1913, Margaret, widow of the late John PATTINSON.

PATTINSON - At Wordsworth Terrace, Penrith, on the 23rd Feb. 1874, MARGARET EMILY, the beloved wife of MR. RICHARD PATTINSON, ironmonger, aged 28 years.


PATTINSON-On the 28th Nov. 1902, at Moore ??, Dearham, Mr. Robert PATTINSON.

PATTINSON-At Blencogo, on the 22nd inst., Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Pattinson, Bromfield Hall.  Was interred at Bromfield on November 24th, 1920

PATTINSON-Capt. John, at Seaton, near Workington, Feb. 1812

PATTINSON-Mary Lister (Polly), wife of Tom, who died at 55, Harriston, Aspatria, May 17th 1925

PATTINSON. - On the 28th June 1882, at Seaton, MR. THOMAS PATTINSON, aged 70years.

PATTINSON-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Burlington-place, Carlisle, MR. TYSON PATTINSON, aged 61 years.

PEACHY. - On the 24th 1897, at Frizington, ARTHUR F., infant son of WILLIAMJOHN PEACHY, railway platelayer.

PEARCE-At 76, Trumpet-road, Wath Brow, Cleator Moor, On Wednesday, Sept. 6th, 1905, James, the beloved husband of the late Mary A. PEARCE.To be interred at St. John's Church, Cleator Moor.

PEARS-Frances, the dear adopted daughter of James and Sarah Ann MOORE, Brigham, died April 18th, 1931, aged 22 years.

PEARS-On the 1st Dec. 1902, at 41 Main-street, Kes??, Tamar, widow of the late Mr. Nathaniel, aged 66 years.

PEARSON - On the 19th March 1882, at Orchard-House, Dearham,Alfred, son of Mr George PEARSON, general merchant, aged 13 months

PEARSON-B. PEARSON, who died at Lodge Farm, Great Clifton, on September 13th 1902.

PEARSON,Daniel High, the beloved husband of ELIZA PEARSON, who died at 49 Jacktrees-road, Cleator Moor on August 29th 1897.

PEARSON-At 136, Main Street, Frizington, on September 11th, 1903, EDNA MARY, the  dearly beloved daughter of THOMAS and ELEANOR PEARSON, aged 12 months. Interred at St. Paul's Churchyard.

PEARSON - On the 1st April, 1882, at 27, Sheffield-street, Carlisle, Margaret, widow of William PEARSON, Cote Hill, aged 81 years.

PEARSON-On the 20thOct. 1879,at Queen-street, Carlisle, Mary Pearson, aged 50 years.

PEARSON-On the 15th April 1882, at High Hesket, Thomas, aged 30 years

PEFFEY-aged 13 years. Interred at Camerton Church, on Friday,  the 18th Sept. 1903.

PEILE - In Aglionby, Carlisle, on the 4th Feb. 1880, Lucy PEILE, aged 39 Years.


PEILE–On the 26th Nov.1879, at Washington Street, Workington, Mary, relict of Captain Joseph PEILE, aged 55 years.

PEILE - At Stainburn House, near Workington, on the 29th Jan. 1880, Maud Nicholson, daughter of Mr. A. PEILE, aged 9 months.


PEIRSON.--On the 2nd Oct. 1869, at South View, near York, Charles HARLAND, son of

Harland PEIRSON, Esq., formerly of this town.

PENN - At the Irish Damside, on the 29th Sept. 1855, MR. JAMES PENN, dyer, aged 79 years - much respected.

PENNINGTON-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Sawrey, Mr John Pennington, in his 74th year

PENNINGTON, In Charles-street, Whitehaven on the 4th Oct. 1855, MARY JANE, daughter of MR. JOHN PENNINGTON, mariner, aged 4-1/2 years

PENNINGTON, At London, on the 30th Sept. 1855, OCTAVIUS CUTHBERT, youngest son of ROWLAND PENNINGTON, Esq., of Whitehaven, aged 22 years.

PENNY - At Harrington, Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. Alan PENNY, July 1844, aged 26 years.

PERCY-On the 23rd Nov. 1902 at Cleator Moor, William, printer, aged 53 years.

PERRING-At 5 Brunton-place, Carlisle, Robert PERRING, Esq., in his 82nd year. Oct. 1869

PERRY-On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Greenodd near Ulverston MR GEORGE JAMES PERRY of Barrow-in-Furness aged 34 years.

PERRYMAN-George, the beloved husband of Florence Perryman (nee Lawson), who died at 3, Clay Street, Workington, December 3rd, 1918.

PETERS-Whilimina Connor, who died at 91 Nelson Street, Maryport, on November 20th, 1919, aged 9 months.

PEAK-On the 5th June 1895, at No. 2 Murraydale Terrace, Workington, the residence of his sister, after a long and painful illness, Thomas PEAK, son of Thomas and Ann PEAK, late of Wilson Street, aged 43 years, Interred at St John's Church.

PEARS - In Queen Street, Penrith on the 2 Feb. 1880, Mr. Robert PEARS, aged 73 years.


PEARSON-Daniel High PEARSON, the beloved husband of Eliza, who departed this life at No. 49, Jacktrees Road, Cleator Moor, August 29th, 1897, aged 52 years.

PEARSON- On the 2d Feb. 1857, at Bury St. Edmund's, ELIZA HINCKES, relict of JOHNPEARSON, Esq., of Hawkesdale Ladge, Cumberland, in her 82d year.

PEARSON- On the 8th May, 1833, of apoplexy, Henry PEARSON, Esq., for many years an eminent solicitor of Carlisle, aged 57.

PEARSON-On the 9th March 1884, at Brunswick-square, Penrith, Cumberland MARGARET HARKNESS, widow of ROBT. PEARSON, Esq., M. D., and sister of the late PROFESSOR HARKNESS, of Queen's College, Cork.

PEARSON- Sarah Pearson, who died November 30th, 1918, at 64, Senhouse Street, Maryport.

PEERS. At Chester on the 12 the Apr. 1918Diana, the dearly beloved wife
of Richard Barrow Peers, eldest daughter of the late Thomas and
Isabella ATKINSON, formerly of Pooley Bridge.

PICKTHALL-On the 16th May 1899, at Lonsdale Place, John Pickthall, aged 70 years. Interred at the Whitehaven Cemetary

PICKUP - At 14 Morton Street, on the 27th January 1933. Henry James (Harry), dearly loved husband of Margaret Pickup. Was interred at Scotby

PICKUP - In Sowerby Street, in this city, on the 10th Feb 1880 John Thomas PICKUP, aged 3 months.


PIERCE- At Harrington,Dec 1844, Capt. HENRY PIERCE, aged 78 years

PILGRIM-On the 23rd Nov.1879, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, Mr. John PILGRIM, aged 54 years.

PIRT: On the 14th Apr. 1882, at Green Gill, Gilcrux, Mary, widow of Mr Thomas PIRT, farmer and innkeeper, aged 65 years.

PIRT. On the 13th July 1882, at Croft House, Bethel, MR. ROBERT PIRT, late of Torpenhow Hall, aged 65 years.

PLANT-at Birmingham, a gardener, of the name of PLANT, aged 106.Feb. 1814

PLASKETT-At 17 Brayton Street, Workington, on the 18th Sept. 1903, Jane Ann,the beloved daughter of John and Mary Ann PLASKETT, aged 22 years

PLENDERLEATH-At Redeleugh, in the parish of Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, on Sunday, the 10th znov. 1844, Mrs. Mary PLENDERLEATH, wife of MR. Robert PLENDERLEATH, farmer, aged 84 years

PLOMER-, Sir Wm. PLOMER, Knt. Alderman of the City of London. April 1812

PLUMMER-At Yew Close Farm, Plumbland, on May 31st, 1895, Mary, beloved wife of Robinson, aged 67 years, Interred at Plumbland

PLUMMER. - On the 26th Feb. 1897 at High Harrington, Ann, wife of John PLUMMER, railway platelayer, aged 41 years.

POLLARD-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at Jefferson's Court, John POLLARD, tanner, aged 85 years.

POOL-At Banks Lane, George Street, Whitehaven, on May 2nd,1931, Leonard, beloved husband of Annie G Pool, aged 49 years. Interred at Whitehaven.

POOLE-at 17, Bridge ST., Workington, very suddenly, George, beloved husband of Eunice A. Poole, aged 62. Interred at Clifton Church.

PONSONBY-Pvt. T., 8th Oxford and Bucks. Forces, who died from pneumonia in Salonica, November 29th, 1918, aged 30 years, dearly beloved son of Peter and Mary J. Ponsonby, New Grange Farm, Dearham.

PONSONBY-in Kinnyside, near this town, Mr John PONSONBY, a respectable yeoman, in the 69th year of his age.Feb. 1812

POOLE - On the 18th March 1882, at Senhouse-street, Maryport,Mary Isabella, daughter of Mr Watson POOLE, watchmaker,aged 10 weeks.

PORTER-At no. 1 Abbotsford Place, Maryport, Hannah, loved wife of WILLIAM PORTER and second daughter of MARGARET and the late WILLIAM YOUNG, Dearham aged 38yrs.Oct. 1903

PORTHOUSE–On the 26th Oct. 1879, at Quay-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr John Baxter Porthouse, slater, aged 2 years and 11 months.

POSTGATE-On the 5th. June 1931, Thomas the beloved husband of Sarah Postgate aged 69 years.  To be interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

POSTLETHWAITE - on the 27th Nov. 1882, at Low House, Millom, Betty, eldest and last surviving daughter of the late George POSTLETHWAITE, age 76 years.

POSTLETHWAITE.--On the 11th Oct. 1869, at 38, Charles-street, Mr. Robert POSTLETHWAITE, aged 19 years.


POSTLETHWAITE-Elizabeth Postlethwaite, second daughter of Dinah Wardlow (late of Dearham) and the late Thomas Wardlow, who died at No. 4, Southey Street,Keswick, December 3rd, 1919.

POSTLETHWAITE-Florence Postlethwaite who died at 2, Springfield Villas, Hensingham, on April 27th, 1931, aged 56 years. IntermentApril 20th, 1931, at the Whitehaven Cemetery.

POSTLETHWAITE, wife of James, retired registrar, Bank End House, Kirkby-in-Furness, which took place on Friday, after a very long illness, extending about twenty years.

POTTS-At 120 Harrington Road, Workington, 23rd June 1898, Anne Jackson, aged 2 years and 5 months, and on the 24th inst, Alan Victor, aged 10 months, the dearly beloved children of Thos. F. and Mary POTTS. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

POTTS - On the 1st April 1882, at 38, Etterby-at-Stanwix, Grace Ellwood, second daughter of the late Frederick Fletcher Vane POTTS of Carlisle and Hosket Hill, Cumberland.

POTTS. - on the 2nd March 1844, at Blackford in the same parish, JOHN, son of Mr THOMAS POTTS, aged 19 months


POTTS-Feb. 1793, in the 88th year of his age, Joseph POTTS, Esq. Mayor of Carlisle, in his third Mayoralty, and a Justice of the Peace for the County of Cumberland.

POTTS - At Haydon Bridge, on the 25th Jan. 1880, Margaretta (Daisy), daughter of William and Mary Isabella POTTS, aged 2 years 1 month.


POTTS - On the 29th Nov.1879, at the Ironworks, Seaton. Mr. William POTTS, labourer, aged 59 years.

PRATT-of Wigton, Feb. 1814 officer of excise in the prime of his life.

PRESTON - On the 18th March 1897, at Woodside, Waberthwaite, William, son of William PRESTON, farmer, aged 9 years.

PRIESTMAN - At the 16th Oct. 1855, at Rosgill, parish of Shap, Mr. William PRIESTMAN.

PRINGLE.- At Keswick, on the 27th Jan. 1885, Mr Richard Pringle, stone cutter, aged 35 years.

PRIOR-On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Market Place, Cockermouth, Mary, infant daughter of Mr. PRIOR, draper, and outfitter

PRITT-Jane Pritt, who died at Parton, Jan. 11th 1931.

PRITT - On the 2nd March 1897, at Arlecdon, Jane, widow of John PRITT, miner, aged 55 years.

PROUDFOOT-On the 17th Feb. 1897, at Walkmill, Moresby, George PROUDFOOT, labourer, aged 23 years.

PROUDFOOT - At 7 Wigton Road, in this city on the 4th Feb. 1880, John PROUDFOOT aged 29 years. To be interred at the Cemetery on Saturday, the 7th Feb. 1880.


PUNSHON- At 11, Horbury Crescent, Notting Hill, London, on the 10th Nov. 1858, aged 35,Maria Anne, wife of the Rev. Wm. PUNSHON, Wesleyan Minister.

PURDY-Cornelius, the beloved husband of Mary Purdy, Bullgill, who departed this life, August 9th 190_

PURDY-Jane, in Scotch-street, Sept. 1819 widow aged 70.

PURCHAS- On the 11th Nov. 1858, aged 73 years, William PURCHAS, Esq., of Flanders Hall, West Burton, Wensleydale.

QUARRY-Margaret, wife of John, police-officer, At Parton, 22nd March 1884, aged 33 years.

QUAYLE-At Carlisle Infirmary, on Monday, Nov. 2, 1931, in his 24th year, George William, dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Hannah Quayle, and beloved and only son of Robert and Mary Jane Quayle, Beck Grove, Lamplugh. Was interred at Lamplugh Church.

QUAYLE. - On the 29th April, 1882, at 96 Mount Pleasant, Whitehaven, Sarah Ann, daughter of Mr. John QUAYLE, fisherman, aged 6 years.

QUEEN - In English Damside, Carlisle, on the 23rd April 1880, ELLEN QUEEN, aged 24 years.

*QUINN-Ann, Moresby, Infant daughter of Michael and Mary QUINN. April 7th, 1881. R. I. P.

QUINN - On the 9th Feb. 1897, at Frizington, Jane, infant daughter of Patrick Quinn, iron miner.

*QUINN/QUEEN- Julia, beloved wife , died June 1919, Whitehaven. R.I.P.

*QUINN-Mary, 72 Moresby Parks Cottages, beloved wife of Michael, died Dec. 25th 1919, aged 59 years. R.I.P.

*QUINN-Michael, 34 Solway Road, Moresby R.D., husband of the late Mary, died March 27, 1933, aged 73 years. R.I.P.

*QUINN-Nicholas, son of Michael and Mary, 72 Moresby Parks, died in Walk Mill Colliery while working beside his father from a fall of stone 15 foot long and 2 tons in weight. Aged 15 years. March 29, 1900,R.I.P.

*QUINN-Rose, beloved daughter of Michael and Mary QUINN, Moresby Parks, Feb. 11th, 1900. R. I. P.

QUIRK. - On the 14th June, 1882, at Waterloo-street, Cockermouth, Mr George Quirk, aged 63 years.

RACE - On the 10th Feb. 1897 at Parton, George Race, gardener, aged 52 years.

RADCLIFFE - At Middlesburgh Hospital, South Africa, December 20th, 1901, Private Alfred Radcliffe (formerly of Workington), aged 23 years.

RAE-On the 3rd May 1931, at 8, Coates Lane, Whitehaven, William Moir, the beloved husband of Christina Rae, aged 62 years. Interred at Whitehaven

RAGAN-On the 29th Sept.1869, in Hart-street, Ulverston, Rose, wife of Mr. John RAGAN, aged 58 years.

RAILTON-On the 4th May 1899, at Horsman Street, Cockermouth, Ann Railton (late of Harrington) aged 74 years.

RAILTON- At Ireby, on the 9thNov. 1858, Mr. William RAILTON, yeoman, aged 74. He wasmuch esteemed and highly respected, and his loss as a man of business willbe greatly felt in his immediate neighbourhood.

RAMSAY-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, wife of George Ramsay, slate quarrier, aged 54 years.


RATHBONE-At Bassenfell, on the 13 March 1903, Samuel Greg Rathbone, age 79years.  Highly respected.

RATTENBURY-William, at Lappit, near Houlton, aged 106 years, Feb. 1814.

RAVELL-On the 24thOct. 1879, at Westgate Farm, Great Broughton, Mrs Betty Ravell,aged 71 years, formerly of Crosby.

RAVELL-At Allonby, on the 6th June 1895, Elizabeth (Betty), wife of Collin RAVELL, aged 54 years _ To be interred at Allonby

RAVEN - On the 19th March 1882, at Crosby-Street, Maryport,Mary Ellen, daughter of Mr James Jordan RAVEN, aged 3 years.

RAVEN-At High Close Aspatria, 22nd Aug 1898, Bridget, widow of the late John Raven, and younger daughter of Mr Rothery, Great Clifton aged 66 years. Interred at Plumbland

RAVEN-At 57, Crosby Street, Maryport, on the 17th Sept, 1903, Margaret RAVEN, Beloved  wife of Joseph Bell RAVEN, and daughter of Hugh and Sarah McKENDRY

RAWSON-On the 2d June 1863, at Downing Lodge, Cambridge, CHARLES STANSFELD RAWSON,Esq., of Wastdale Hall, Cumberland, aged 50.

RAY - At the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, on the 20th Nov. 1855. MARK, son of CHRISTOPHER RAY, husbandman, aged 4 years.

RAY - At Wigton, on the 30th May, 1843, Thomas RAY, aged 48 years.


REA-At Orchard House, Embleton, on March 3rd 1930 (suddenly), Alexander James, beloved husband of Ruth H. Rea, aged 65 years.  Was interred at St. Cutherbert's, Embleton.

REA -At Esk Villa, Eskdale, 18th March 1884, Mr. Daniel Key REA, aged 73 years.

REAY-On the 24th March 1897, at Hensingham, ANN, widow of CHRISTOPHER REAY, aged 62 years.

REAY- On the 18th Nov. 1856, aged 60, JANE ELIZABETH, the wife of JOHN REAY, Esq., of Glocester-gardens, Hyde-park, and of the Gill, Cumberland.

REAY. - At St. Mungo's Park, Aspatria, on the 9th 1931, Jane beloved wife of Thomas REAY, aged 56 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church,

REAY. - On the 15th June 1882, at Crosby, near Maryport, Mary, widow of Mr Edward Reay, aged 70 years.

REAY. - On the 27th April, 1882, at St. Leonard’s Mary S. REAY, daughter of the late Mr. John REAY, of the Gill, Cumberland.

REAY- In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN, The beloved Wife of John McNight Reay, Who died at Rowrah Hall, Rowrah, Jan. 4th, 1904, AGED 37 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Thursday, Jan. 7th, At Two o’clock, leaving Rowrah Hall at 12 o’clock. Verse with card- Joy after sorrow, calm after blast, Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last. **

REAY- On the 6th March 1846, at Gill-house, in the county of Cumberland, after a lingering illness, William REAY, Esq., late of Mark-lane, London, aged 43.

REDHEAD - At Dent House, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, on the 11th June 1920. James REDHEAD, aged 58 years.Interred at St Paul's Churchyard.

REDFERN-On the 2nd Oct.1879, at Barrow, ROSE ANN, wife of MR.WILLIAM REDFERN, aged 33 years.

REDMAN-On the 17th March 1903, at 38, Lawson Street, Maryport, Isabella Redman,beloved wife of James Redman, in her 71st year. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

REDPATH.-On the 1st February, 1897, at Eller Bank, Harrington, George Ennis, infant son of James Edward REDPATH, labourer.

REED-Benjamin, 49, Kirby Street, died May 5th 1931.

REED - On the 16th March 1882, at Harrington, Ellen, daughter of MrThomas REED, laboured, aged 10 years.

REED-At Fairhaven, Blue House Lane, Limpsfield, on the 3rd March 1930, Bertha Wood, youngest daughter of the late Frederick John Reed, of Hassness, Cockermouth.

REED-On September 29th,1903. aged 81 years, John REED, at Kirkland Car (formerly of Lamplugh Cross).

REED. - On the 16th June 1897, at Kells, Whitehaven, Julia Ann, wife of John REED, coalminer, aged 26 years.

REED-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Great Corby, Mary Elizabeth REED, aged 17 years.

REED-RICHARD, who died April 3rd 1926.

REED-At the residence of his brother, 7,Victoria Street, Keswick, suddenly, Sept. 1903 JOHN, beloved son of JOHN and MARY REED, Portinscale. Interred at Crossthwaite Church

REED-At Wakefield on June 4th,1903, Oliver, the dear loving husband of Mary Alice REED, and second son of the late Robert REED of Workington, aged 37 years. Interred at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery

REED-Elizabeth, the relict of the late Joseph REED, of  Weary Hall, who died on the 13th Sept,1903 aged 82 years. Interred at Bromfield Church

REED- MRS. ISABELLA REED, widow, aged 80 years, Oct. 1844, Whitehaven.

REED-At Wigton, on the 18th June 1898, William Reed, aged 69 years.

REED - At Dearham Bridge, on the 7th Feb. 1880, Mr. Wm. REED, railway engine-driver, aged 25 years.


REEVE-on the 4th May 1931.(suddenly), William Herbert Reeve, late Headmaster at Victoria School, Workinton.  Interred at Salterbeck Cemetery.

REEVELEY-Henry, Lately in London, Henry REEVELEY Esq of Newby Wiske near Northallerton, own cousin to the late Duke of Northumberland and uncle to Sir John Midford the present Attorney-general. June 14th 1800

REEVES-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Etterby- street, Stanwix, MR.WILLIAM HODGSON REEVES, in his 49th years.

REID-At Workington, on the 15th June 1903, at 65 High Street, Frederick, only  child of Joseph and Christina REID, aged 1 year and 4 months. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

REIKIE-William, at Kinghorn, postmaster, aged 79, April 1812.

RELPH. - In Appleby Gaol, March 1844, EDWARD RELPH, a prisoner, aged 18 years.


RELPH-Deborah Relph died 3 Nov 1849 at Wilson's Court, Scotch Street,
Whitehaven aged 61 (from certificate)

RELPH-On the 22nd April, 1899, At the Workhouse Wigton, Jane RELPH, aged 72 years.

RELPH-At Station Road, Workington, 15th June 1884, William RELPH, pattern-maker, aged 41 years.

RENFREY-On the 3rd Feb. 1897, at Arlecdon, James, son of James RENFREY, aged 2 years.

RENNICK-John, Fern Villa, died April 11th 1932.

RENNY-Isaac RENNY, who died at Benson's Court St Helen's St, Cockermouth, April 9th 1927.

RENNEY-Albert, the beloved son of William and Elizabeth RENNEY. who died at Greysouthen on March 22nd, 1902, aged 2 years. Was interred at Brigham Church.

REYNOLDS-At Broughton Cross, on the 18th Aug. 1898, Agnes, beloved wife of John Reynolds, aged 37 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

REYNOLDS-John, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret, who died at 13 Craika Road, Dearham, April 15th 1919. Also Thomas CARTER, brother-in-law of the above, died March 26th, 1923.

RICHARDSON - At Annan, on the 16th Oct. 1855, at the advanced age of 87 years,
CHRISTOPHER RICHARDSON, carrier betwixt Annan and Edinburgh for many years.

RICHARDSON - At his cottage, Susan-place, Kingstown, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, aged 100, HENRY RICHARDSON, Esq. He was the oldest solicitor on record, and was also a notary public, proctor of admiralty, and stockbroker, being one of the original committee.

RICHARDSON-At Railway Terrace, Cockermouth, on the 23rd June 1898, Margaret, widow of the late Clement Richardson, aged 78 years.

RICHARDSON-At Railway Cottages, Workington, 5th June 1895, Agnes RICHARDSON infant.

RICHARDSON-On the 21st Sept.1879 at Aspatria, JANE, wife of Mr.BENJAMIN RICHARDSON, aged 86 years.

RICHARDSON. - On the 22nd April 1882, killed at Dromo* Station, Kirkcudbright, Henry RICHARDSON, stationmaster, formerly of Holme Head, Carlisle, aged 3* years.

RICHARDSON. –At Bolton, on the 23rd May 1896, Jonathan, infant son of Samuel RICHARDSON.

RICHARDSON-On the 4th Nov. 1869, at the house of his father, in Water-street, Longtown, John, eldest son of Mr. John RICHARDSON, barber &c., and late of the 6th Enniskillen Dragoons, aged 32 years.

RICHARDSON-On the 5th Dec. 1844, JOSEPH RICHARDSON, Esq. of Nunwick Hall, aged 72 years.

RICHARDSON - At Manchester, in his 80th year, Mr. JOSEPH RICHARDSON,
formerly of Whitehaven. Oct. 1855

RICHARDSON - At Edentown, Stanwix, on the 30th Jan. 1880 Margaret RICHARDSON, aged 63 years.

RICHARDSON: On the 14th Apr. 1882, at Robinson's-fold, Queen Street, Whitehaven, Mary, widow of Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, labourer, aged 66 years.

RICHARDSON-On the 30th April,1861 at Cockermouth, Cumberland, MR. ROBERT RICHARDSON, in his74th year

RICHARDSON.--On the 10th Oct. 1869, at 35, Chapel-street, William, son of Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, aged 12 days.

RICHARDSON - In Duke Street, Carlisle on the 30 Jan. 1880, Thomas Henry RICHARDSON, aged 2 years.


RICHARDSON-In loving memory of Pvt. Thomas RICHARDSON, who died from wounds received in France, June 10th 1916.

RICHARDSON-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Flimby WILLIAM SCALLOW son of MR R RICHARDSON aged 17 months.

RICKERBY-At Blennerhasset, Eleanor, widow of the late Thomas Rickerby, aged 78 years.Interred at Torpenhow Church on August 19th 1898

RIDDICK-At Scales Terrace, 17th Aug 1903, Mary, the beloved wife of William

RIDDICK-age 56 years.  To be interred at Bromfield.

RIDLEY- In the Willow Holme,May, 1844, Mary RIDLEY, aged 40 years.

RIDLEY - At 3 Hugh Street, Wallsend on January 29th, 1933 Furnessbeloved husband of Mary E. Ridley, and son of Cuthbert and the late Elizabeth Ridley, Croft House, Netherby Street, Longtown.Was interred at Holly Cross Cemetery

RIGG-On the 26th Oct. 1879, at Buttermere, Mr James Rigg, slate quarrier, aged 56 years.

RIGG-At Keswick on Sunday, the 14thAug, 1898, suddenly, James Clement Rigg, second son of Mrs. Youdale, of the Lake Hotel, Keswick, aged 22 years.

RIGG. - At Grasslot, Maryport, on the 21st April 1880 , MR. JOHN RIGG, aged 58 years.


RIGG-John Rigg (Bromley), the beloved husband of Sarah Rigg, Egremont, who died at Kimberley, South Africa, August21st, 1895.

RIGG-The 21st February 1814. suddenly, Mr. John RIGG, of Skinner How, in the parish of Hawkshead, aged 66.

RILEY - On the 19th March 1882, at Hensingham, Hannah, widow ofthe late John RILEY, master mariner, aged 71 years.

RIMINGTON-On the 10th Jan.1885, at Castlegate, Penrith, ELIZABETH, only surviving daughter of the late WILLIAM RIMINGTON, of Castlegate, Penrith, aged 78 years.

RITSON. On the 12th July 1882, at Tallentire, GEORGE, son of the late MR.GEORGE RITSON, aged 30 years.

RITSON-On the 1st June 1897, at Sandhills lane, Whitehaven, James RITSON, stonemason, aged 49 years.R-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at 4 Strand-street, Whitehaven, John RIMMER, engineman, aged 53 years.

RITSON-on the 11th No. 1844, JOHN RITSON, Esq., late ship builder, after several years' affliction of paralysis, which he bore with great resignation, aged 67 years.

RITSON - In Loving memory of our dear mother, who died at Shiney Brow Row Brow, Dearham, June 29th, 1925. Also our dear Grand-dad, who died at Maryport Cottage Hospital, October 7th, 1935.

ROBERTS- in George Street, Mr. HENRY ROBERTS, mariner, aged 82, Oct. 1855

ROBERTSON. - in Bridge Street, Carlisle on the 17th Feb, 1877, DAVID ROBERTSON, aged 43 years


ROBERTSON - On the 14th Feb. 1897, at 29, Plumblands-lane, Whitehaven, Edward James Robertson, aged 30 years.

ROBINSON, Mr., of Poe Street, Whitehaven aged 66, formerly of the 1st Troop of His Majesty’s Life Guards.

ROBINSON-Annie, Penrith, Oct. 1844 Church-yard, aged 60 years.

ROBINSON-Ann, The 21stJune, 1813. at Great Broughton

ROBINSON-Agnes, The 22ndJan. 1812. at Penrith, aged 72, Mrs Agnes ROBINSON, mother of the Rev.John ROBINSON of Ravenstondale.

ROBINSON-Arthur, beloved son of John and Elizabeth Robinson, who died in the Whitehaven Infirmary, 27th of November, 1919, aged 1 year 5 months.

ROBINSON - On the 3rd Jan. 1902 at Cottage Hospital, Keswick, Christopher Robinson, late of Castle Inn, Bassenthwaite.

ROBINSON-David the beloved husband of Jane Robinson, who died at Nook Cottages, Great Broughton, November 27th 1916.

ROBINSON-Dinah Robinson, who died November 23rd, 1918.

ROBINSON-On the 2d March 1862, at Cockermouth, Cumberland, JANE, widow of the late JAMES ROBINSON, deeply and sincerely regretted, aged 68.

ROBINSON - In Close Street, in this city on the 22 Jan. 1880, Jas. ROBINSON, late of Plumbland, aged 31 years.


ROBINSON-On the 1st May,1883 at The Thorne, Penrith, Cumberland, JANE, the wife of D.B.ROBINSON, aged 78.

ROBINSON-In loving memory of John BUSHBY, the dearly loved son of William and Hannah ROBINSON, who died at 35 Queen Street, Aspatria, April 15th 1921, aged 21 years. Also of dear little Olive, who died April 9th 1905, aged7 months.

ROBINSON-On the 18th Feb. 1897 at Egremont, John Ellwood Robinson, aged 45 years.

ROBINSON. - On the 26th May, 1897 at Frizington, Jonathan Robinson, ironmaster, aged 44 years.

ROBINSON-Margaret, 1861 - Little Clifton - 10th May, Hanged herself - unsound mind.

ROBINSON-In Gibbon's-Court, Scotch-street, on the 7th Dec, 1844, MARY ROBINSON, relict of the late Mr JOHN ROBINSON, woollen manufacturer,Cockermouth, in her 80th year

ROBINSON - On the 23rd Oct 1879, at Robinson's-brow,Workington, Mary Ann, widow of Mr J Robinson, labourer, aged 53 years.

ROBINSON-Henry, beloved husband of Mary Robinson, Aspatria, who died August 3rd 1901, age 67 years.

ROBINSON-John, At his residence, The Bank, Eaglesfield, 25th March, 1884. Aged 77 years.

ROBINSON,Mary, widow of the late JOHN ROBINSON, master mariner, Workington,who died June 13th 1891, aged 84 years.

ROBINSON-On 25th January, 1932, at Skiddaw Grove, Keswick, Norman Robinson, solicitor, youngest son the the late Captain and Mrs. Robinson,of Thorncroft, Workington, aged 52 years.

ROBINSON- the 25th Oct 1866, at Brunstock Cottage, Plaistow, Essex, REBECCA, widow of the late JOSEPH ROBINSON, Esq., of the same place, and oldest daughter of the late WILLIAM ROBINSON, of Wigton, Cumberland, Esq., aged 88

ROBINSON-Pvt Sam Robinson.  Boarder Regiment, died of wounds in France, December 6th 1915.

ROBINSON-Sarah, beloved wife of James ROBINSON, Rose Cottage, High Seaton, who died April 16th 1926.

ROBINSON-Sarah, of Moresby Terrace, Parton, the widow of Henry Dalton Robinson, died April 1932, interred at Moresby Churchyard.

ROBINSON-In loving memory of Thomas, beloved husband of Catherine Robinson, who died at Mill Street, Frizington, on Sunday, December 6th, 1914.

ROBINSON-WILLIAM, at Wigton, aged 70. Mr Philip ROBINSON,much esteemed through life; many years a bookseller, and latterly librarianof the Book-club of that place.Feb. 1814

ROBSON, Andrew born 11 Dec 1840 - died 14 Jan 1906  (Andrew is Jane's [above] oldest son; he was born in Aspatria, Cul) In ORCHARD HILL CEMETERY

ROBSON-At Gowrie, Aspatria, 7th June 1895, Ann the beloved wife of George Robson aged 71 years. Interred at Aspatria Church.

ROBSON- AT Lough, on the 28thNov. 1844, Mr EDWARD ROBSON, skinner

ROBSON- James born 1871 - 1953 (son, born in Aspatria, Cul)

ROBSON-Margaret born 1 March 1832 - died 4 July 1921 (Margaret Blackburn, bDearham, Cul)ORCHARD, ANTELOPE CTY, NE:

ROBSON, William born 1870 - died 1922 (son of Andrew and Margaret buried at Orchard Hill, LAUREL CEMETERY, LAUREL, CEDAR CTY, NE:  Will's wife, Alice Ross, is buried next to him.  She was born in Iowa, so is only a footnote.)  Will was born in Aspatria, Cul.

RODGERSON-On the 18th Nov.1879, at Frizington, Elizabeth Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. William RODGERSON, mason.

RODGERSON-Tom RODGERSON, beloved son of James and Esther, of Patron and grandson of David and Esther MARTIN, who died on Friday, the 13th Sept 1903, from injuries received at No 7 Harrington Colliery on January 6th 1897, aged 29 years

ROE-At "Etwall," Egremont Road, Hensingham, on the 5th inst., Emily, wife of Tom ROE, aged 60 years. Interred at Hensingham

ROGAN-On the 22nd Feb. 1897, at 50 Scotch Street, Whitehaven, James, infant son of James ROGAN, butcher.

ROGER - At the house of Mr. John SHEPHERD, of Gosforth Hall, on Monday last (July 1844), after a short illness, Mr. John ROGER, son of the late Mr. John ROGER, of Kirkland, in the parish of Irton, aged 27 years.

ROGERS-At Kirkoswald, on the 11thOct. 1844, MR. THOMAS ROGERS, grocer, aged 47 years.

ROGERS-Thomas Henry H. Rogers, who passed away at Rowrah Road. Rowrah, on June 6th,1927

ROGERSON-On the 25th Sept.1879, at Dearham, MR. JOSEPH ROGERSON, coalminer, aged 51 years.

ROGERSON-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Barrow, Mr Thomas Rogerson, aged 69 years.

ROLAND- at Edinburgh, Adam ROLAND, of Gask, Esq. advocate and deputy governor of the Bank of Scotland. Sept. 1819

RONEY. - MR. BARNARD RONEY, Annetwell-street, aged 53 February, 1844 CARLISLE


ROOK-At Castle Terrace, Aspatria, 16th Aug 1903. Joseph Rook, aged 74 years. Interred on Tuesday, at Aspatria Churchyard.

ROOK, Mrs., Strand St., Whitehaven March 1777, aged 68.

ROOKE-On October 12th 1902, at his home, Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, Canada, Mr. Jo?? ROOKE, late of Whitehaven, aged 71 years and ?? months.

ROOKE-on the 13th Feb.1889, at Hensingham, John Tyson Rooke, aged 35 yrs.

ROOME- At Wigton, on the 10th Nov. 1844, MRS. ANN ROOME, widow, aged 37 years.

ROONEY - On the 12th April, 1897, at Cleator, Eliza, wife of John ROONEY, ironminer, aged 48 years.

ROPER-On the 30th Sept.1869, at Marsh-villa, Barrow-in-Furness, the residence of Mr. James LINTON, his son-in-law, after a lingering illness, Mr. John ROPER, late of Whitehaven, aged 70 years.

ROSS-Acccidentally killed at Watergate Pit, 26th Oct. 1903, David Tinnion Ross, beloved husband of Charlotte Ross, Ellenborough, aged 63 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

ROSS-Jane On the 24thJuly 1852, at Workington, widow, aged 82 years.

ROSS. - MRS. MARY ROSS, English-street, aged 85 February, 1844 CARLISLE


ROSS-William, of 18, Long Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne, died June 1898, 19 years of age.

ROTHERY. - At Town Head, Beckermont, on the 27th April 1880, CLEMENT ROTHERY, yeoman, aged 81 years.


ROTHERY-On the 12th May 1899,at Snebro Head, Hensignham, Mr. Henry Rothery, stonemason, aged 44 years.

ROTHERY-At Garden Cottage, Parton, on the 18th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved wife of George William ROTHERY. Interment at Moresby.

ROTHERY-At Home Lea, Eaglesfield, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph Whinney Rothery, aged 28 years. Interment at Brigham Church.

ROTHERY- the 20thOct. 1844, in Liverpool, after a short illness, MISS MARY ROTHERY, aged 22 years, formerly of Bouch-house in Embleton

ROTHERY-At Westend, Aspatria, June 22nd,1898 William Rothery, farmer, aged 64years.- To be interred at Aspatria Church

ROUTLEDGE-At Newlands Row, on the 29th May 1895, Jacob Hewitson ROUTLEDGE, eldest surviving son of the late Joseph ROUTLEDGE, Grove Cottage, Mealsgate, aged 45 years. Interred at Boltongate.

ROUTLEDGE-At "The Golden Lion" Harrington, 20thAug, 1898. John, formerly of Belle Vue Cockermouth, born July 1838 died August 20th 1898.Interred at Bridekirk

ROUTLEDGE-At the Sun Inn, Boltongate, August 19th 1898, Jane, third daughter of Annie Elizabeth and the late Jacob Routledge, aged 5 years and 6 months.Interred at Boltongate Church

ROUTLEDGE. - At Potshills, in the parish of Bewcastle, on Thursday, the 19th FEB. 1844, Mr RICHARD ROUTLEDGE, at the advanced age of 89.


ROUTLEDGE-At No.11, Lawson Street, Workington, on the 7th Feb. 1903, Thomas the beloved husband of Mary A. Routledge, aged 43 years.  Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

ROUTLEDGE - On the 19th March 1882, in Willow Holme, Carlisle,Sarah ROUTLEDGE, infant.

RUDD-JACOB RUDD, who died 3oth March, 1930. Also MARY, his wife, who passed away , May 22nd, 1922.Moresby Park.

RUDD-James, son of Mrs Ellen Rudd, Mill, Street, Frizington, succumbed on August 6th 1903 to enteric fever.

RUDD-Mary, at Scalegill,aged 35. Sept, 1819

RUDD-On the 20th Nov.1879, at Kirkland, Lamplugh, Joseph, infant son of Mr. Thomas Adamthwaite RUDD, butcher.

RUDD-Sarah, The 24th of December 1813, at the Park in Loweswater,Sarah, aged 96, late of Whitehaven

RUDDOCK. - in Robert Street, Carlisle, 16th Feb. 1877, JAMES RUDDOCK, aged 74 years


RUMNEY-At 9, Union Street, Wigton on the 3rd inst., Joseph, dearly beloved husband of  Barbara Rumney, aged 65 years. Interred at Wigton Cemetery.

RUMNEY - At Bank End, near Sandford, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, MARY RUMNEY, relict of THOS. RUMNEY, Esq., of Bank End, aged 83.

RUSSELL-On the 31st Jan.1902, at Lismore Street,Carlisle, Elizabeth RUSSELL, aged 58.

RUSSELL- in Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, after a short illness, Mrs. Grace RUSSELL, widow, aged 72. Nov. 1858

RUSSELL-On the 2nd April,1897 at Netherwasdale, John RUSSELL, formerly of Sheepfields, aged 67. Interred at Haile Church

RUTH-At the house of her aunt, Mrs. PEA???, Fisher-Street, Workington, on the 18th Nov. 1902, ?? Eleanor, eldest daughter of the late Capt. James, ?? Faith RUTH, aged 38 years.

RUTHERFORD-At Eller Vale, 25th May 1895,Hilda Alice youngest daughter of Thomas and Ada Rutherford, aged 5 years  Was interred at Harrington Churchyard

RYCROFT - At 20 Margaret Creighton Gardens, on the 27th 1933January, Mary Ann, widow of John Rycroft.

RYLANDS-At Penrith on the 6thDec. 1844, Mr ISAAC RYLANDS, shoemaker aged 18 years.

RYRIE - On the 26th Nov. 1882, at 511, Springburn-road, Glasgow, Mr. Alexander RYRIE, aged 79 years.

RYRIE - At Holly House, Hensingham, on the 30th Jan. 1880, Jane, wife of Mr. George RYRIE, aged 60 years.


SALKELD - On the 11th April, 1897, at Ginns, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas SALKELD, coal pit engineer, aged 53 years.

SALKELD-Thomas, dearly beloved son of John and M.A. Salkeld, who died at 3, Station Street, Cockermouth, November 23rd, 1918, age 35 years.

SALMOND- On the 11th Apr. 1856, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, aged 12 years, DAVID, fourthsurviving son of JAMES SALMOND, Esq., of Waterfoot, Cumberland

SANDELANDS-Joseph, the beloved son of John and Margaret E. Sandelands, who died at Newhouse, Seaton, on December 5th, 1919, aged 3 years and 5 months.

SANDELANDS-Matthew (Matt) the beloved husband of G. SANDELANDS, Sunnysides, Seaton, who died April 9th 1929.

SANDER-at Keswick, Mr Robert SANDER, brother to Mr John SANDER, nurseryman.Feb. 1812

SANDERSON-At the Infirmary, Workington, on the 15th May, 1930. Alfred, the dearly beloved husband of Mary SANDERSON, aged 55 years, and son of Mary and the late John SANDERSON, of Keswick. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

SANDERSON.- At Temple Sowerby, on the 22nd May 1896, Margaret Sanderson, aged 92 years.

SANDERSON-At Bothel, 13th Sept.1903, John, the beloved husband of Mary SANDERSON. Was interred at Torpenhow Church

SANDERSON-At the Wool Pack Inn, Keswick on the 30th May,1895 Joseph, the loved husband of Mary SANDERSON, aged 40 years. To be interred at Crosthwaite Church.

SANDERSON. - In Botchergate, March 1844, Mrs SUSANNAH SANDERSON, aged 67 years, much and deservedly respected.


SANDERSON–Tommy SANDERSON, died May 15th, 1928, at Chapel Brow.

SANDHAM-William. beloved husband of Ada May SANDHAM, and beloved son of Thompson and Jane SANDHAM, who was accidentally killed (coal mine) on the 14thSept.1903, aged 28 years. Was interred at Dearham Church

SANDWITH - On the 17th Jan 1920, at Quantock, Seascale. Jane SANDWITH, of Haile, youngest daughter of the late Henry and Elizabeth SANDWITH ofHaile. Interred at Haile

SARTORE-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, Ellen,wife of Mr George Sartore, hawker, aged 19 years.

SATTERTHWAITE-Jane Elizabeth, beloved wife of George, who died May 12th, 1925.

SATTERTHWAITE-At Rosewell Cottages, Egremont, on December 7th 1920. John Beloved husband of Annie Satterthwaite born June 16th 1867. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

SAUL - On the 29th June 1882, at the Criffel Hotel, Silloth, MR. JOSEPH SAUL, aged 25 years.

SAVAGE-On the 21st May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Edward SAVAGE, labourer, aged 70 years.

SAVILLE-On the 26th Aug. 1905. at Glebe House, Waberthwaite.JAMES SAVILLE, of Newport, East York aged 75 years.

SAYER-At Kirkby Stephen, on Thursday, the 9th May 1844, Agnes SAYER, daughter of Mr James SAYER, aged 18 years.

SCALES - At Outgate, near Hawkshead, on the 18th Nov. 1855, MR. ROWLAND SCALES, aged 72 years.

SCAMBLER-John, On Friday last, the 23rd July 1852, of consumption, farmer, Millbeck, Under-skiddaw, aged 50.

SCHNIUBEN-At the Sugar House, Whitehaven, on the 7th instant, Mr SCHNIUBEN, aged63 years. Dec 1844

SCOTT–ANN, who died 15th June 1892, at Bowcale, Allonby.

SCOTT-At 4 Gleafield Place, Barepot, 24th Oct. 1903, Blanche E M Scott, beloved daughter of James and Margaret Scott, aged 7 weeks. Was interred at Camerton.

SCOTT. - On the 21st Oct. 1902, at the East End, Wigton, Catherine, wife of James SCOTT, aged 38 years.

SCOTT. - in William Street, Carlisle on the 20th Feb. 1877, CATHERINE SCOTT, aged 54 years


SCOTT - Edith Vera, dearly loved wife of Edward SCOTT, 6, Comely Bank, Aspartia, and beloved daughter of R. and M. F. LIGHTFOOT, aged 31 years. Was interred at Aspatria Churchyard, March 22, 1932.

SCOTT-At West Woodside, on the 19th Sept 1903 (at the house of her brother)Elizabeth SCOTT, aged 58 years

SCOTT-Elizabeth, On the 7th Oct. 1856, at Workington, Cumberland, ELIZABETH, relict of the lateISAAC SCOTT, Esq., in the 87th year of her age.

SCOTT- In Loving Remembrance of HANNAH ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of J. W. Scott, Who died on Sunday, September 14th, 1884, at Leatherhead, Surrey, AGED 24 YEARS. Interred in Lamplugh Churchyard, on Tuesday, September 16th. Verse with card- “She died as she had lived : trusting in the Lord.” **

SCOTT-Jane Scott, who died at Bullgill, April 13th 1929. Also our dear father, John Scott, who died at Bullgill, November 2nd 1918.

SCOTT-Jane, 5thDec 1844, JANE, second daughter of Mr JOHN SCOTT, aged 21 years.

SCOTT-Bridget, beloved wife of Robert Scott, who died at 76 Kirkgate, Cockermouth, March 5th, 1926

SCOTT. - On the 29th April, 1882, at Little Crosthwaite, near Keswick, , Edward, infant twin son of Mr. Jonathan SCOTT, auctioneer.

SCOTT-At Fitz House, Keswick, 3rd Aug. 1903, John Scott, age 65 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

SCOTT - In loving memory of Private John SCOTT, killed in action, April 16th 1916, aged 25 years; and Private Harry SCOTT, killed in action on July 1st 1916, aged 35 years, dearly beloved sons of Hannah and the late John SCOTT. Also my husband, John SCOTT (late of Dearham), who died May 20th at Hobson, Durham.

SCOTT-At 2, Station Street, Maryport, on May 30th, 1931 James, the dearly beloved husband of M.A. Scott.  Was interred at Maryport Cemetery.

SCOTT-John Scott, insurance agent, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann SCOTT, who died at 49, Lonsdale Street, Workington, on March 27th, 1900.

SCOTT-on the 13th Sept. 1879 at Catherine Street Maryport MARGARET wife of MR J SCOTT aged 64 years.

SCOTT-At Newbiggin Townhead, on the 10th May 1844, Mary, wife of Mr. John SCOTT, aged 66 years

SCOTT,On the 25th January, 1897,at 1 Temple-terrace, Catharine-street, Whitehaven, William, son of William SCOTT, joiner, aged 4 years.

SCOTT-At Winifred Street, Workington 4th June 1895. Mary Ann Messenger SCOTT,infant.

SCURR-On the 2nd Dec. 1902, at 22, Ellenborough-??, Maryport, Mr. James SCURR, aged 59 years.

SENHOUSE - At Sawley Parsonage, on the 5th Sept. 1844, the REV. JAMES LOWTHER SENHOUSE, M.A., Perpetual Curate of Sawley, and sometime Rector of Gosforth, in the county.

SERJEANT- At Carhullan, in the parish of Bampton, Dec. 1844, aged 59, MARGARET, the wife of MR. JOSEPH SERJEANT, farmer.

SEWELL - On the 14th August, 1882 at Well-lane, Maryport, Annie Hall, infant daughter of Captain Joseph SEWELL.

SEWELL - At Keswick, Sept. 1844, Mrs. Jane Sewell, at the advanced age of 84 years.

SEWELL-John,  husband of Mary  31 dec 1887 at 3 Waughs Lane Botchergate. Age,58 years.

SEWELL-At Queen's Head Inn, Disington, on the 13 March 1903, John Sewell, aged 81 years.  Was interred at St Leonard's Church, Cleator.

SEWELL-Pvt. Joseph Edwin SEWELL, 23rd Royal Fusiliers, who died of wounds 12th June 1918.

SEWELL - On the 26th Nov. 1882 at the Hayborough House, Nancy, widow of Mr. William Miller SEWELL , brewer, aged 70 years.

SEWELL-At Carlton Road, Workington, on May 30th, 1931, Thomas Selkeld Sewell, solicitor, aged 77 years.  Was interred Workington Cemetery.

SEYMOUR - At 10 Grosvenor Crescent, on the 2nd Feb. 1880, the Right Hon. Sir G. Hamilton SEYMOUR, G. C. B., G. C. H., aged 83.


SEYMOUR - At Maryport, on the 18th Oct, 1855, Mr. Joseph SEYMOUR, shipowner, aged 80.

SHALE-On the 5th Oct.1879, at the Ironworks, Seaton, ELEANOR DIXON, infant daughter of MR. JOSEPH SHALE.

SHANNON-on the 15th Aug. 1904. at Topping Head, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfriesshire, Mary, wife of Mr John Shannon, police sergeant Maryport.

SHARP-At 7, Plumbland's Lane, Whitehaven, 17th June 1884, Mr.Isaac SHARP, shoemaker, aged 72 years.

SHARP-suddenly at Thwaites, in Millom, MR. LAWRENCE SHARP, aged 85 years.Dec. 1844

SHARP. - On the 14th June 1882., at Stanley-street, Workington, Sarah, the wife of Mr William Sharp, aged 51 years.

SHARPE-At Hensingham, on Monday, 27th May, 1895 the Rev. John Sharpe, Primitive Methodist minister, in the 75th year of his age. Interment at Hensingham Cemetery

SHARPE-At the Oaks, Sussex, 29th July 1898, of heart disease, Margaret Jenkinson Sharpe, beloved wife of Robert Sharpe, and daughter of the late R.H.Dawson, of Lorton, aged 54 years. - To be interred at the Friends Burial Ground.

SHAW -, William - July 13, 1918, 31 Church St., moor Row, Cumberland, England

SHEARMAN-Robert, who fell asleep, November 25, 1918.

SHEFFIELD-At the Union Workhouse, Wigton, on the 27th May 1895, Mr George SHEFFIELD, aged 82 years.

SHIELDS. - On the 18th April 1897, at 25, Quay-street, Whitehaven, MARY MARGARET, daughter of HUGH SHIELDS, labourer, aged 9 years.

SHELDON-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Seaton Carew, Mr John Sheldon, late of Dearham.

SHEPHERD-On the 29th March 1897, at Kells, AGNES JANE, daughter of HARRY SHEPHERD, blacksmith, aged 14months.

SHEPHERD-At Penrith on the 26th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN SHEPHERD, Aged 83 years.

SHEPHERD. - In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary SHEPHERD, who died August 13, 1912.

SHEPHERD-William,at Temple Sowerby, Mr William, saddler, age 75. Feb. 1814

SHERIDAN-On the 4th June 1897, at 24, Duke-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of William SHERIDAN, master mariner, aged 54 years.

SHERWEN- In Affectionate Remembrance of Eleanor, Wife of John Sherwen, of Scallow, Lamplugh, who died on Wednesday, March 10th, 1875, AGED 70 YEARS. Interred at Arlecdon Church, on Sunday, March 14th, Leaving Scallow at 1 o’clock. Verse with card-none **

SHERWEN-Mr. Joseph H. third son of Mr. W. J. P. SHERWEN, late of Hensingham, which took place on Christmas Eve 1896 on board the German steamship "Zanzibar" off Mozambique.

SHERWEN - Nov. 1855, at Tarn How, in Gosforth, after a protracted illness, MR. PETER SHERWEN, aged 69 years.

SHERWEN-At High Church Street, Whitehaven, 11th Sept. 1903, Sarah Ellen (Sallie), beloved wife of Joseph SHERWEN, and daughter of the late John.

SHERWOOD- in Strand Street, Mr. JOHN SHERWOOD, in the 81st year of his age, Oct. 1855.

SHIMMINS-James, Winder Gate, Frizington, died Sept. 1903, 29 years of age.

SHORT. On the 13th July 1882, at Craika-terrace, Dearham, TOM, son of MR. JOHN SHORT, colliery overman, aged 14 months.

SILL-At Cliburn, on the 5th Dec. 1844, aged 78, MR. MILES SILL, many years gamekeeper to the EARL OF THANET.

SIM-Mary Sim of Hill House, who died at Mawbray Yard, August 11th 1880 aged 63 years.

SIMPSON - On the 17th March 1897, at 31 Roper Street, Whitehaven, Alfred, infant son of Henry Irwin SIMPSON, mariner.

SIMPSON - In Church Street, in this city, on the 11th Feb 1880 Benjamin SIMPSON, aged 29 years.


SIMPSON- On the 10th Apr. 1823, at Wigton, Cumberland, Mrs. Elizabeth SIMPSON, late ofLane-head, Sebergham, aged 85.


SIMPSON-October 30th, at Fribo, Whitby, Yorks., Caroline, widow of Henry Simpson (formerly of Cockermouth), in her 90th year.

SIMPSON-at 80, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 23rd Jan.1932 Edwin, dearlyl loved son of Joshua and  Amelia Simpson, aged 3 years.

SIMPSON-On the 19th April, 1899, at Hensingham, Hannah, widow of Mr. Henry SIMPSON, mariner, aged 72 years.

SIMPSON-On the 13th Dec. 1882, at Eaglesfield, Mr. Joseph SIMPSON, aged 80 years.

SIMPSON-On the 25th Dec. 1828, at Blennerhasset, of apoplexy, Mr. Joseph SIMPSON, late ofLonninghead, Sebergham, Cumberland, in the 52d year of his age.

SIMPSON-At 14, James Street, Frizington, on November 23rd,1920 Mabel youngest daughter of Margaret Ann and the late Jackson Simpson, aged 17 years and 8 months.

SIMPSON-August 5th,1898 at 9, Boardman Street, Eccles, Walter Everard, the dearly beloved little son of Walter and Annie Simpson, aged 9 months.

SINCLAIR-Christopher On Monday, the 26th instant, at the house of his father, in Roper Street,letter-press printer, in the 21st year of his age.

SINCLAIR - At the house of his son-in-law, 15 Etterby Street, Stanwix, on the 12th Feb. 1880 Mr. Thomas SINCLAIR, in his 84th year, much respected.


SINGERS-At No 7 Scalegill Road, Moor Row, James Singers, age 79.Aug. 1903

SINGLETON-At Moor Row, 16th June 1884, Mr Isaac SINGLETON, late of Whitehaven, aged 36 years.

SINGLETON-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Bransty-villa, Whitehaven, William Thomas, infant son of Mr Isaac Singleton, deputy-overman.

SKELLY-On the 15th June, 1897, at 2, College-lane, College-street, Whitehaven, Rachel Sarah, wife of Joseph SKELLY, fisherman, aged 41 years.

SKELTON. - On the 2nd July, 1882., at Dalston, ELIZABETH SKELTON, aged 38 years.

SKELTON-Jonathan, the beloved husband of Margaret Skelton, who died at Newtown, Aspatria, Oct. 27th 1900. Interred at Aspatria Churchyard.

SKINNER - On the 20th March 1882, at Harris Villa, Frizington, Abel, son of Mr Abel SKINNER, ironminer, aged 16 months.

SKURR- Oct. 19, 1844, , MISS MARTHA SKURR, aged 30. At Great Dockray, Penrith

SLADE- At Old New Quay, Whitehaven, 21st March 1884, Mr. John SLADE, shipwright,aged 61 years.

SLATER-At Rockdale House, Workington, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph John, infant son of Christopher and Annie Slater.

SLEE- At Lowther Village, on the 3rdNov. 1844, JANE, wife of MR. JOHN SLEE, sawyer,aged 71 years.

SLOAN- On the 26th Oct. 1879, in Denton-street, Carlisle, Mr David Sloan, aged 78years.

SLOAN - On the 17th March 1882, at 16, Back-street, Ginns, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Robert SLOAN, groom, aged 35 years.

SLOAN-At Lamplugh Green, on Friday, January 29th 1932, in his 73rd year, John, dearly beloved husband of Grace Sloan. To be interred at Lamplugh Church.

SLOAN - At Dornock, on the 1st July, 1844, the Rev. Nicholas SLOAN, in the 81st year of his age, and the 49th year of his ministry in that parish.

SMALLWOOD - At Distington, July 1844, Mary, daughter of Mr. SMALLWOOD, aged 33 years.

SMALLWOOD- On the 28th Feb.1859 last, accidentally shot during the riot at Valparaiso, ROBERT SMALLWOOD, formerly of Hitchin, Herts, but who had for some years assumed the name of SHERIDAN. He was nephew of the late JOSEPH BAILTON, Esq., of Smittlegarth, near Wigton, Cumberland.

SMALLWOOD-our dear father, who died April 6th 1926;also our dear brother JACK, who died at Ranfontien, South Africa, April 27th 1924. 

SMEDDLES-On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR BENJAMIN SMEDDLES aged 41 years.

SMILEY- 14 or 15 years of age, living with his parents in Senhouse  Street, Workington, met with a fatal accident at the New Yard Works of Messrs KIRK Bros. He was working with his father, who has the contract for making up and loading the finished iron into wagons. Deceased was assisting to move a wagon, when he was caught between its buffers and those of another in the process of shunting. His head was smashed between the buffers, death resulting instantaneously. March 1903.

SMITH. - Agnes (Rose), beloved daughter of James and Sarah Agnes SMITH, John Street, maryport, who fell asleep in Jesus, Sept. 30th, 1902.

SMITH-Annie, daughter of Thomas and Annie SMITH, 16 Hartington Street, Workington, who fell asleep in Jesus (aged 11 years)September 23rd, 1903.

SMITH-Catherine, wife of James, At 36 Gilmour Street, Ellenborough, 4th Nov. 1884, aged 58 years

SMITH-At 12, Pinfold Street, on the 23rd, Clara I. Smith, beloved daughter of I.F. and S.E. Smith, aged 13 years.  Was interred at Harrington Road Cemetery on the 26th inst., Nov. 1920

SMITH-At 10, North Street, Maryport, on the 13th Sept. 1903, Eleanor, the only daughter of Joseph and Isabella SMITH, aged 7 years and 10 months.

SMITH - At Wigton, 28th Nov. 1855, ELIZABETH, wife of CHARLES SMITH, weaver, aged 25 years.

SMITH. - At Fold House, High Harrington, on 24th Oct. 1903, Elizabeth Emma, beloved daughter of William John and Jane SMITH, aged four months.

SMITH-At Workington, Nov. 1844, ISABELLA, wife of MR. JACOB SMITH, aged 69years.

SMITH-At Brierholme, Keswick, on the 8th May, 1930. Lavinia Scott SMITH,aged 23 years. Interred at St. John's Church, Keswick

SMITH-John, At Brighton, John SMITH, Esq. brother to Mrs. FITZHERBERT.Feb. 1812

SMITH-John, At 60, Copenhagen Street, London, 26th March 1884, John SMITH, only son of Mr. P. B. Twentyman, aged 26 years.

SMITH-on the 19th Feb.1889, at Ewanrigg, Maryport, Mr George Smith, retired coalminer, aged 66 yrs.

SMITH-At 31, Rownley Street, Leeds, February 27th, 1930 (suddenly), Gertrude Louisa Smith, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Merrick, late  of Workington.  Was interred at Harehill Cemetery, Leeds

SMITH-JACOB MESSENGER, Sept. 1903, 85 years.

SMITH- At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on the 4th May, 1844, Mr. John SMITH, fishmonger, formerly of Cockermouth.

SMITH-Joseph Smith, Midtown Farm, Whillimoor, who was killed at Oatlands Colliery, December 8th, 1918.

SMITH-In Church-street, Wigton, on the 12thDec. 1844, MRS. LUCY SMITH, ageed 72 years

SMITH-Margaret SMITH, of Wright Green, Lamplugh, who died April 16th 1931.

SMITH-Aged 73, Colonel Matthew, Major of the Tower, London.Feb. 1812

SMITH-On the 11th June 1898, at Church Street, Moor Row, May, beloved daughter of Alexander and Jane Smith, aged 12 years

SMITH. - On the 13th May, 1897, at Moss Pit, Patrick SMITH, labourer, aged 80 years.

SMITH- On the 12th April 1932, at the house of his parents, 12 Corckickle, Whitehaven, Reginald Alton Smith, aged 41 years.

SMITH-at Bury St Edmund's, Wm. SMITH, Esq. in the 89th year of his age, formerly of Drury-lane Theatre. Sept. 1819

SMITH - at Maryport, on the 19th Nov. 1855. MR. WM. SMITH, stone mason, aged 64


SMITH: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Fothergill-row, Flimby, Barbara, wife of Mr William SMITH, coalminer, aged 32 years.

SNAITH-At Little Broughton 9th April 1930, Joseph SNAITH, aged 82 years. Interment at Broughton Church.

SNEDDON. - On the 25th April, 1882, At Moresby, William, son of Mr. James SNEDDON, labourer, aged 13 months.

SNOWDEN-On June 14th June 1903, at High Seaton, David the dearly beloved  husband of Dinah SNOWDEN, aged 67 years. Interred at Camerton Church.

SOFTLEY- At Camden Town, London, on the 10th Nov. 1858, Richard, third son of Mr.William SOFTLEY, painter, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 27.

SOULBY-Ann, 17th Jan. 1814, the wife of Anthony, printer, aged 63; after a lingering illness, which she bore with true Christian resignation. Blennerhasset.

SOUTHARD- 4thFeb. 1812. at Calder-bridge, Abram, mason, aged 45years.

SOUTHWARD - On the 20th March 1897, at Egremont, Barbara, wife of William SOUTHWARD, miner, aged 34 years.

SOUTHWARD-On the 28th Oct.1879, at the King's Arms Inn, Hensingham, Mr John Southward,aged 61 years.

SOUTHWARD. - On the 23rd Apr. 1897, at Cleator Moor, JOHN SOUTHWARD, ironminer, aged 63 years.

SOUTHWARD ~ On the 15th May 1899, John Southward, of Mill Gate, Waberthwaite, aged 57 years. Interred at Waberthwaite Church

SOUTHWELL. - On the 18th June 1882, at Queen-street, Maryport, Sarah, infant daughter of Mr Thomas Southwell, coalminer.

SPARK- Eleanor On Monday the 12th July.1852, at the house of her father, Mr. William BRAYTON, of Hunting How, Moresby, aged 42 years.

SPEDDING, Mrs., wife of James, Whitehaven, March 1777.

SPEDDING–On the 5th June 1895, at Dyke Nook, Frizington, James SPEDDING, aged 71 years. Interred at Arlecdon Church

SPEDDING. - At Cleator, February, 1844 MR. WILLIAM SPEDDING, miller, aged 54 years, much respected.

SPENCER-On the 1st Oct.1879, at Dalton, ANNIE ISABELLA, wife of MR. JOHN SLATER, aged 27 years.

SPENCER. - On the 29th June 1882, at Moresby Hall, MAJOR HENRY SPENCER, late of the Royal Cumberland Militia, aged 61 years.

SPROAD-At Wheat Sheaf Lane, Wigton, on the 29th May 1895. Matthew SPROAD, aged three weeks.

STABLER- At Fitzsimmons Yard, Ellenborough, 19th March 1903, John Wood STABLER, the dearly beloved son of William and Mary STABLER, aged 2 years and 10 months. Was interred at Dearham

STAFFORD - At Hollywood Hall, Wolsingham, on 29th 1933 January, David Story Stafford (late manager of the Royal Typewriter Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne), eldest son of Mr and Mrs Stafford, The Homestead, Bowness-on-Solway. Was interred at Bowness-On-Solway

STAFFORD-On the 2nd Feb. 1903, at Trumpet Terrace, Ephraim Stafford, aged 69 years. Interred at St. Leonard's Church, Cleator.

STAGG - At Brisco, on January 30th, 1933 Ellen, widow of the lateJohn Stagg, in her 93rd(?) year. Was interred at Upperby

STAGG- At Stanwix, near Carlisle, on the 8th instant, MR. ROBERT STAGG, aged 42 years.Dec. 1844

STAINTON-At Lowhouses, Wigton, on January 9th.1932 Elizabeth Ann, dearly beloved wife of Matthew STAINTON.

STALKER. - On the 20th April 1882, at Market-place, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. William STALKER, miller, aged 18 years.

STALKER, At Cockermouth, on the 4th Oct. 1855, ISABELLA, daughter of MR. ROBERT STALKER, hatter, aged 5 months.

STALKER - At Cow Gill, on the 25th Nov. 1855, of consumption, JANE, second daughter of MR. J. B. STALKER, aged 22 years

STALKER. - At Demesne, Whitehaven, on the 21st Oct. 1902, Jonathan STALKER in his 95th year. To be interred at St. Bees Priory Church

STALKER-Sally, aged 50 years, Murdered by her husband, William STALKER, by strangulation, Jan. 1847.

STAMPER-At The Result, High Harrington, 24th March 1903, Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Joseph, aged 79 years. Interred at Harrington.

STAMPER - At 23 Close Street, Carlisle, on the 31st Jan. 1880, Mary Ann STAMPER, aged 23 years.


STAMPER - On the 16th March 1882, at Belle Isle-place, Workington,William STAMPER, aged 11 years.

STANAWAY-On the 3rd Feb. 1897, at Kirkland Lamplugh, Elijah, infant son of William STANAWAY, ironminer.

STANDISH- at Huddersfield, of a fit of apoplexy, with which he was seized whilst walking in the street,Mr John STANDISH, printer, in the 22nd year of his age. Sept. 1819

STANDISH-On the 23d Dec. 1845, at Leamington Priory, in her 58th year, LADY LUCY STANDISH, second daughter of the late Earl of Limerick, and widow of the late ROWLAND STANDISH, Esq., of Farley-hill, Berks., and of Scaleby Castle,Cumberland.

STANLEY - At Bellvue, near Whitehaven, July 1844, very suddenly, Isabella, wife of Dr. STANLEY.

STANLEY-Timothy, at Shundrah, in St John's near Keswick, Feb. 1814,aged 87.

STARBUCK-Isaac, 1874-17th June - Great Clifton, 61, Lept down coal mine -of unsound mind.

STARKIE–At 50, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, on the 15th May,1930 Joseph, thedearly beloved husband of Sarah, aged 58 years. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

STARKEY-In treasured memory of my dear son Pvt. William STARKEY, who was killed in action on the 14th 1918.

STEEL. - Ann, the bloved wife of Thomas STEEL, Harriston, Aspartria, who died September 26th, 1900, in her 52nd year.

STEEL-On the 24th Nov.1879, at Kirkby Ireleth, Annie, wife of Mr. James STEEL, aged 30 years.

STEEL-On the 3d Jan. 1863, at Mire-end, Cockermouth, Cumberland, EDWARD BOWE STEEL, Esq., aged 49.

STEEL-On the 16th May 1899, at Bankend Cottages, Oughterside, Mr.  George Steel, aged 75 years.

STEEL-Jeremiah,1803- Bridgefoot -- run down by carriage.

STEEL-Mary, wife of Mr. James STEEL, aged 84, Nov. 1819.

STEELE-at Catta, in Kinnyside, Mr Henry STEELE, Feb. 1812 aged 71.

STEELE-At 7 Fitz Road, Cockermouth, October 31st, John William beloved husband of Hannah Steele, aged 72 years.

STEELE - At Brisco Mill, near Egremont, MARGARET, daughter of Mr. GEORGE
STEELE, miller, aged 18 months. Oct. 1855

STEELE-in George-Street, aged 32, Capt. Robert STEELE, late of the Lady Elizabeth Packet, Feb. 1812

STEPHEN-On the 24th April, 1899, at Little Scotland Court, Chapel-street, Whitehaven, Wm., son of Mr. John STEPHEN, labourer, aged 1 year and 10 months.

STEPHENS- At Biggrigg, 15th March 1884, Mr. Thomas STEPHENS, ironminer, aged 62 years.

STEPHENSON-On the 25th Oct. 1879, at Great Broughton, Eliza, infant daughter of Mr Joseph Stephenson.

STEPHENSON-At 11, Jane Street, Netherton, on Wednesday, March 5th, 1930, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Stephenson, aged 74 years (nee Elizabeth Eve).  To be interred at Flimby.

STEPHENSON-At Great Broughton, 29th May 1895, Martha, wife of Jos. STEPHENSON, coalminer, aged 65 years.

STEPHENSON - On the 13th Feb. 1897, at Distington, Samuel Dempster, infant son of Robert Stephenson, coalminer.

STEPHENSON-At 11, Coldgill Avenue, Great Broughton, 16th May, 1930, the residence of his daughter and son-in-law, William Thompson STEPHENSON, beloved husband of the late Sarah STEPHENSON. Interred at Brigham Parish Church

STEPHENSON - In loving memory of Sarah Jane, beloved wife of Samuel STEPHENSON, who died at Thornhill, July 3rd, 1935.

STEPHENSON-On the 26th Nov.1879, at Lamplugh, Mr. William STEPHENSON, labourer, aged 70 years.

STEWART-On the 28th March 1897, at Nicholson Lane, JOHN, son of JOHN STEWART, coalminer, aged 3 years.

STEWART-At Greysouthen, 12thAug 1895, William Stewart. late of Great Broughton, aged 69 years.

STEWART-On the 19th Feb. 1897, at Ripton-lane, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of William STEWART, general dealer.

STEELE-Margaret Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John Steele, formerly of Lindal-in - Furness and Arlecdon, who died in Johannesburg Hospital, South Africa, July 23rd aged 36 years.

STERNBERG- At No. 16, New Burlington-street, London, on the 7th Nov. 1858, the BARON DE STERNBERG, after a lingering and painful illness.

STERLING.--On the 9th Oct. 1869, at Barcaldine, Argyleshire, Arthur PATRICK, infant son of John Sterling, Esq., aged 6 months.

STOCKBRIDGE - At 7, Middlegate, Penrith, on the 23rd Feb. 1874, MARY ANN, daughter of the late MR. GEORGE STOCKBRIDGE, aged 15 years.


STOCKDALE-At Furnace Mill, Maryport, 3rd inst, Dorothy Annie, the beloved daughter of John and Hannah Stockdale age 6 months. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery on Wednesday, the 5 Aug. 1903.

STODDART. - At St. Matthew’s Cottages, Westnewton, on the 28th March 1958, Jane Elizabeth, beloved daughter of the late William and Ellen STODDART, aged 78 years. Interred at Westnewton Church.

“At Rest.”


STODDART-John, 10thOct.1819, at Cockermouth, Mary, the wife of Mr. John STODDART, Manufacturer, aged 68.

STODDART-Mary Ann, beloved wife of Thos. Stoddart, who died at Beehive, Deanscales, January 31st,1931

STODDART - In Bridge-street, Caldewgate, on the 21st Nov. 1855, SARAH STODDART, aged 73 years. same place, on the 24th inst., JOHN STODDART, aged 3 years.

STOREY - At 3, Meadow View, Egremont, on June 29th, 1938 Sarah, dearly beloved wife of Sam STOREY and daughter of the late Robert and Jane HARDING, of Bassenthwaite, aged 57 years.

STORROW-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Lancaster, Hannah Hilda STORROW, of Carlisle, aged 18 years.

STORY-On the 13th Aug. 1853, at No. 5, Upper Glocester-place, Dorset-square,CATHARINA STORY, formerly of Penrith, Cumberland, aged 79.

STOTHART-At Crossbankhead, Ecclefechan, 20thAug1898, William Stothart aged 68.

STOUP-On the 26th August,1869 abroad, Mr. William STOUP, master mariner, and eldest son of the late Mr. John STOUP, master mariner, of High-street, in this town, aged 48 years.

STRAUGHTON-Sarah J., the beloved wife of J.W. Straughton, who died at 54, Guard Street, Workington, April 26th, 1930.

STRONG-September 3rd,1903 at Ash Lea, Cranbury Avenue, Southampton, ANN WHITE PEARSON  STRONG, aged 54 years, eldest daughter of the late MR JOHN RICHARDSON-Towns Missionary at Workington, Cumberland, and the well-beloved wife of MR W. E. STRONG, late of Workington. Interred at Southampton Cemetery

STRONG. - At Toll Bar, Thoenthwaite, on April 3, 1931, Isaac beloved husband of Mary STRONG, aged 74. Was in terred at St. Mary's Thornthwaite

STRONG - At Rose Cottage, Dearham, 20th March 1932, Isabella, the beloved wife of the late Joseph STRONG, Harker Marsh Farm, Broughton Moor, aged 78 years. To be interred at Christ Church, Great Broughton.

STRONG-At Drumleaning, in the parish of Aikton, 18th June 1884, Mr Jonathan STRONG, aged 84 years.

STUART-John, At Trelkeld, 2nd Nov. 1884 aged 22 yrs.

STUBBS-At Workington,May 1844, Mrs. E. STUBBS, aged 82

STUBBS - At Green Row, Shaddongate, in this city on the 8th Feb 1880 Margaret STUBBS, aged 69 years.


STUBBS-On the 4th May 1931, at 13, Jubilee Terrace, Gasslot, Thomas William, beloved husband of Emma Stubbs, aged 76 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

STUDHOLME- At Station House, Bullgill, on the 14th Aug 1898, Amelia, the beloved wife of John Studholme, station master, aged 19 years. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

STUDHOLME-Very suddenly, Sept. 1819 in Carlisle, Thomas son of Mr. JohnSTUDHOLME, innkeeper, aged 15.

SUART. - On the 2nd May, 1882, at Scilly Banks, Moresby, John the son of John SUART, labourer, aged 5 years.

SUART-On the 1st April, 1930, at Hackney Hospital, London, William Edward, only son of Isabella and the late George Suart, aged 48 years. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery, Workington.

SUMPTON-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Great Broughton, Catherine, wife of Mr D Sumpton, aged 68 years.

SURTEES-Mr John SURTEES of Alston, aged 61.Feb. 1812

SWAINSON-On the 23rd Feb. 1897, at Pasture Gate, Lamplugh, Taylor Swainson, retired colliery viewer, aged 78 years. Interred at Ennerdale Churchyard.

SWAILS.--On the 11th Oct. 1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Mr. John SWAILS, grinder, aged 44 years.

SWINBURN-At High Hill, Keswick, 29th May 1895, Edith May, infant daughter of Henry SWINBURN.

SWINBURNE. - On the 24th June, 1897 at 4, Church-street, Whitehaven, John, infant son of William SWINBURNE, coalminer.

SWINDLE-At Crosby, on the 3rd June 1895, Walter Wilson, beloved son of Wilson and Martha SWINDLE, of Keswick, aged 2 years and 5 months. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

SYDNEY-Charles Henry, the beloved son of Charles and Mary Ann SYDNEY, who died at Barepot, Workington, on March 24th, 1902, aged 22 years. Was interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

TAGGART. - At the Whitehaven Union Workhouse, on the 5th March 1844, Mr JAMES TAGGART, aged 43. He was remarkable for his great weight and size; when a young man he weighed 20 stone, and latterly, it is supposed, he was not less than 30 stone, and his height was 6 feet 9 inches.


TAIT - At Ambleside, Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of MR. TAIT, of Lindale-in-Furness, aged 23 years.

TALLENTIRE - At 2 Rose Hill, Harrington (suddenly) on the 19th March 1932, Joseph WILSON, beloved husband of Mary, aged 61 years. To be interred at Harrington.

TALLENTIRE.- At Edenhall, on the 22nd June 1887, Richard John TALLENTIRE, infant son of William TALLENTIRE, of Edenhall.

TARLETON-at his house Poulteney-street, Bath the Lady of Thomas TARLETON, Esq. of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire.Feb. 1812

TATE- At the Deanery, in Carlisle, on the 13th Sept. 1819, Wm. TATE, aged 82.

TATHAM - At Cockermouth, on the 17th Sepy, 1844, MARY JANE, third daughter of Mr. C. TAHTAM, watchmaker, aged 9 years.

TAYLOR-Elizabeth, of Hexham, Feb. 1814 aged 109.

TAYLOR-On the 15th June, 1897, at 1, Newtown, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter, of James TAYLOR, labourer, aged 7 years.

TAYLOR - At the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle on March 19th 1932, George TAYLOR, 47, beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, of Stoneycroft Farm, Newlands, near Keswick. Internment at St. John's Keswick.

TAYLOR-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Mountain View, Irton, Frances, widow of John Taylor,mason, aged 68 yrs.

TAYLOR-On the 28th Nov.1879, at Sand Hills Lane, Whitehaven, Jane, daughter of Mr. Richard TAYLOR, joiner, aged 7 years and 8 months.

TAYLOR-At 38 New Lowther Street Whitehaven, on November 6th, suddenly, (Mark Parkie), second son of the late Mark TAYLOR, aged 55 years.

TAYLOR - Mary, the wife of John TAYLOR, aged 63 years.July 1844.

TAYLOR-HERD-On March 4th, 1930, at Riverside, Keswick, Rev. W. Taylor-Herd, aged 81 years. For 23 years Pastor of Lake Road Congregational Church, Keswick.

TAYLOR-At Brigham on the 16th March 1903, Margaret Taylor, in her 88th year. Interred at Brigham Church.

TAYLOR-Mary, beloved wife of Joseph Taylor, 3, Frazer Street,Workington,who died December 5th, 1913.

TEARE-On the 24th Aug.1905 ,at 24 Chapel-street. Whitehaven, Mr JAMES TEARE, blast furnace man,aged 64 years

TEARE-At 54 Main Street, Frizington, on 7th March 1930, William, beloved husband of Catherine Teare, aged 78 years. Interred at St. Paul's Church.

TEASDALE-Collingwood Teasdale, who died November 5th,1930.

TEBAY-Mary On Monday last,July 1852 at Soulby, near Kirkby Stephen, widow of the late Mr. TEBAY, formerly of King Street, in this town, aged 77 years.

TELFORD - In Corporation Road, in this city, on the 10th Feb 1880 Ann TELFORD, aged 66 years.


TELFORD-At 6, George Street, Wigton, 10th Sept.1903, Elizabeth, widow or John TELFORD, aged 78 years. Interred in Wigton Cemetery.

TELFORD. - On the 4th July 1882, at Scotch-street, Whitehaven, MR. JAMES TELFORD, stableman, aged 75 years.

TELFORD, Mary --At English Damside, Carlisle on 25 Dec 1846, age 70; wife of William TELFORD, mother of James of USA, and Mary Ann TWEDDLE of Carlisle. Interred at Christ Church.

TELFORD-William-At 73 Union Street, Carlisle, age 72, on 22 Sept 1849, widower; father of James and and Mary Ann [NUGENT] TELFORD of USA, and John TWEDDLE (son-in-law) of Carlisle; a pensioner of the  9th Battalion Royal Artillery, served in the Napoleonic Wars. Interred at Christ Church.

TEMBEY-On the 22nd May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, Albert, infant son of John Henry TEMBEY, iron miner.

TEMPLETON-Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Jane Templeton, single woman of 56 Mount Pleasant, died March, 1903.

THIRWALL. - At the Cockermouth Cottage Hospital on the 26th March, 1958, Jonathan THIRWALL in his 87th year. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.


THOMAS-On the 2nd June 1897, at Moor Row, Emily Jane, wife of William Henry THOMAS, labourer, aged 22 years.

THOMAS - On the 8th Feb. 1897, at 70 Lonsdale-road, Millom, William Robert THOMAS, ironminer, aged 61 years.

THOMPSON, At 77, Lowther Street, Whitehaven, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MRS. THOMPSON, wife of MR. THOMPSON, solicitor, aged 40 years.

THOMPSON-(no first name)At Keys Brow, High Harrington August 29th, 1905.

THOMPSON-At Solway View, Lowca Lane, Seaton, on the 16th Sept. 1903, Annie Mary, the  beloved daughter of John FAWCETT and Mary Jane THOMPSON, and grand daughter of John and Ellenor.

THOMPSON-Eleanor THOMPSON, who died April 15th 1931.Fondly remembered by her two sons, granddaughter and Eva.

THOMPSON-On the 20thOct. 1879, at High House, Whitbeck, Eleanor Thompson, aged 16 years.

THOMPSON-Elsie, the beloved twin daughter of Joseph P. and Mary Thompson, who died at Newtown, Gilerux, on November 24th, 1918, aged 1 year and 8 months.  Also of William Irving, beloved brother of the above, who died at West Moor End on November 30th, 1918, aged 33 years.

THOMPSON. - On the 21st June, 1897, at Newhouses, Elizabeth, wife of James THOMPSON, labourer, aged 58 years.

THOMPSON. - At Penrith, on the 1st March 1844, ELIZABETH THOMPSON, aged 9


THOMPSON-at Kirkoswald, Mrs Esther THOMPSON, aged 79.Feb. 1812

THOMPSON-At Victoria Terrace, Netherton, Maryport, 30th May 1895, Henry THOMPSON, bandmaster, aged 54 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

THOMPSON-Isaac, beloved son of Isaac Thompson, Chapel Brow, who died Oct 29th 1902, aged 7 months; also of Joseph, infant son of the above named, who died April 28th 1903.

THOMPSON-On the 2nd Feb,1902 at 2, Old Road, Netherton, Isabella THOMPSON, aged 69 years.

THOMPSON-At Primrose Cottage, Embleton, December 21st, 1920, Jane Thompson, aged 67 years. To be  interred at Embleton Church

THOMPSON-Jacob,1828-27th August -Great Clifton - Run down by cart.

THOMPSON-JAMES the beloved husband of CATHERINE THOMPSON,aged 58 years . Interment at Harrington Church ,on Saturday, Aug. 1905

THOMPSON-At 47, Main Street, St Bees, on Saturday, January 9th,1932 Hannah,dearly beloved wife of Mr Gerard THOMPSON, in her 69th year. Interred at St Bees Priory Churchyard.

THOMPSON, Thursday last, in Scotch Street, Mrs. Jane THOMPSON, widow, aged 73. (August 1798).

THOMPSON- At Rigg of Gretna on the 12th Nov. 1858, Mrs. Janet THOMPSON, aged 64.

THOMPSON. - On the 1st July 1882., at Sandhill's-lane, Whitehaven, MR. JOHN THOMPSON, shoemaker, aged 75 years.

THOMPSON - At Lowther Village, on the 1st Feb. 1880, Mr. John THOMPSON, aged 80 years.


THOMPSON - On the 19th Sept. 1869, at Havre, in France, Mr. Joseph Thompson, formerly of Maryport, in his 81st year.

THOMPSON-, Nov. 1844in Castlegate, MRS. MARGARET THOMPSON, advanced in years.

THOMPSON. - On the 26th May, 1897 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, , Martha THOMPSON, charwoman, aged 86 years.

THOMPSON-At 71 Queen Street, Aspatria, on the 24th Sept 1903, Mary Elizabeth,dearly loved daughter of William Walter and Maggie THOMPSON, aged 7 months.

THOMPSON. - in Milburn Street, Carlisle, Feb. 17th 1877, MARY THOMPSON, aged 66 years


THOMPSON-Nancy, the beloved wife of the late William THOMPSON, late of the Queen's Head, Distington, who died on the 20th of September, 1889, aged 54 years.

THOMPSON- JOHN THOMPSON, Who departed this life on the 28th July, 1876, Aged 66 Years. And was interred on the 31st at Anfield Cemetery.Verse with card- “In the midst of life we are in death”**

THOMPSON-On the 29th1903. at the residence of his brother, JOHN THOMPSON, 6, Mill Street, Maryport, WILLIAM THOMPSON, master mariner, aged 63 years.

THOMPSON-At Bridekird, on June 4th, 1931 Thomas Crozier Thompson, age 60yr. For 29 years a friend to all at Bridekirk Vicarage.

THOMPSON. - On the 23rd Apr. 1897, at Frizington, THOMAS ANTHONY, son of JOSEPH THOMPSON, aged 8 years.

THOMPSON-on the 27th Oct. 1879, at Sullart-street, Cockermouth, Mr Peter Thompson,aged 39 years.

THOMPSON. - On the on the 21st Oct. 1902, at his residence, 160 Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor, Robert THOMPSON, aged 47 years.

THOMPSON-Monday the 20thFeb.1812 at Workington, much respected, Sarah, widow, aged 73 years.

THOMPSON - At Croft House, Lazonby, on the 14th Jan. 1880, Thomas THOMPSON, aged 56 years.


THOMPSON - At Broad Street, on January 31st, 1933, William J. Thompson, beloved husband of the late Margaret Thompson, late of 29 Shaddongate.

THOMPSON. - At Mitford Vicarage, near Morpeth, on the 31st Jan. 1844, aged 64, the REV. WILLIAM D. THOMPSON. The reverend gentleman formerly officiated as curate of Horton, in the same county, from whence he removed, about ten years ago, to the vicarage of Mitford, and by a faithful discharge of the sacred duties of his office, and his many endearing social qualities, he had secured the unaffected love and respect of all to whom he was known.


THORNBURN. - in Thompson's Court, Fisher Street, Carlisle, on the 17th Feb. 1877, JAMES THORBURN, aged 5 years


THORNBURN- Joseph THORNBURN, of Papcastle, March 1882

THORNBURN-At How Gill, in the parish of Abbey Lanercost, on the 2ndDec. 1844, Mr WILLIAM THORNBURN, aged 75 years

THORNTHWAITE-On the 24th April 1882, at Netherton, Ellenborough, Harriet Alice, daughter of Mr. Robert THORNTHWAITE, joiner, aged 1 year and 3 months.

THORNTHWAITE- In Affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH THORNTHWAITE, Who died on May 11, 1888, IN HIS 71st YEAR. Will be interred in Flimbly Churchyard, on Monday, the 14th inst., at 4-30, leaving Brook Street at 3-45. Verse with card- “His end was peace. Be ye also ready” **

THORNTHWAITE-Joseph William,eldest son of Daniel and Margaret Elizabeth Thornthwaite, of Low Mire, Allonby, who died December 2nd, 1920, aged 47 years. Interred at Christ Church

THRELKELD. - In Kirkgate, Cockermouth, on the 20th April, 1880, MR. JOHN THRELKELD, skinner, aged 46 years.


THURLOW-At Westnewton on the 20th Sept. 1903, Margaret beloved daughter of Thomas and Hannah THURLOW, aged 10 years and 6 months

THURNAM-On the 25th Nov.1879, at 22 Hartington Place, Carlisle, Margaret Dorothy, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Charles THURNAM, of Carlisle, aged 60 years.

THURNAM - The 1st June 1843, at 5 English Street, Mary Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Charles THURNAM, of this city, aged 3 years.


THWAITE. - On the 24th April, 1882, in Heads-lane, Keswick, Mr. James THWAITE, farmer, aged 31 years (the age is blurred so may be incorrect.)

THWAITE - At Crosby Garrett, on the 20th Nov. 1855, suddenly, MARTHA wife of THOMAS THWAITE, aged 19

THWAITES-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Flimby, Joseph Stanley, son of Tom and Rachel THWAITES, aged 1 year and 10 months.

TICKELL- On the 6th Nov. 1858, near Keswick, Cumberland, Mr. George TICKELL, in his62nd year, many years a commercial traveller.

TICKLE - At 6 Pow Street, Workington, MARTHA ANN widow of the late FLETCHER TICKLE, aged 51yrs. Oct. 1903

TICKLE-Mary, at Wigton, Feb. 1814aged 74.

TIDYMAN - On the 21st March, 1932 at 4, Oddfellows Terrace, Egremont, Eleanor, widow of the late William TIDYMAN, aged 76 years. To be interred at Egremont Cemetery.

TINNING-John, On 8 Jan 1903 of Chatsworth Square, Carlisle.

TINNION-Annie, Allerby's oldest resident passed away at the age of 85 years and 8 months. April 1931.

TINNION-At 272, Bearwood Road, Smethwick, on September 6th,1903 JANE, the beloved wife of  JOHN TINNION, and the eldest daughter of the late THOMAS BANKS, Mountain View, Cockermouth.

TINNION. - On the 29th June 1882, at Moorside, Ewanrigg, MR. JOHN TINNION, labourer, aged 63 years.

TINNION-Edward Cowen, the beloved son of James and Jane Tinnion of Harriston who died August 4th, 1901 aged 18 years.

TINNION-At Harriston, on 14th June 1898, John Walker, the beloved son of James and Jane Tinnion, aged 6 months and 2 weeks.

TINNION-At Oughterside House, 1st inst, William Tinnion, age 68 yrs. Interred at Hayton Aug. 1903

TINNISWOOD. - In Abbey Street, the 31st May, 1843, Mrs. Joseph TINNISWOOD, aged 69 years.


TODD- On December 1st (suddenly) at 2 Cotswold Terrace, The Cliff Broughton, Manchester, Eleanor Isabel, the darling little child of Jim and Ella Todd and granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Oglethorpe, Lorton, aged 2 years and 4 Months

TODD. On the 12th July 1882, at Collin's-terrace, Ellenborough, ELEANORELIZABETH, infant daughter of MR. ISAAC TODD, provision dealer.

TODD-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Crosby, GEORGE, infant son of MR. THOMAS TODD.

TODD - On the 20th March 1897, at Low Road, Whitehaven, Hugh GIBSON, infant son of William TODD, coalminer.

TODD. - In Shakspeare Street, in Carlisle, on the 29th April, 1880, JOHN TODD, aged 8 years.


TODD-On the 16th Dec. 1882, at Moss Bay, Joshua TODD, aged 47 years.

TODD-Thomas, Moor Row, in his 90th year, at the home of his daughter in Newcastle. Died April 1930.

TODD-On the 4th Oct.1879, at Scarwell House, Cockermouth, MR.JOHN TODD, High Bailiff County Court and Registrar of Marriages, aged 45 years.

TODHUNTER, At Moffat, Scotland, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health, on the 1st Oct. 1855, MR. HUGH TODHUNTER, builder, Whitehaven, aged 44.

TOLSON- at Keswick, Mr John TOLSON, aged 70, formerly a Whitesmith, and allowed to possess superior mechanical genius and abilitiesin the line of his profession.Feb. 1914

TOLSON- At Dearham, on the 13th Nov. 1858, Mr. Joseph TOLSON, aged 77.

TOMLINSON. - Henry, beloved son of John and Hannah TOMLINSON, of Parton, who was found drowned in the Whitehaven Dock on Sept. 29th 1900, aged 30 years

TOMLINSON-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Seaton, MARGARET, wife of MR.JAMES TOMLINSON, aged 38 years.

TOMLINSON-Margaret, the beloved wife of Joseph Tomlinson, who died at 7 Derwent Street, Workington, August 11th1901 age 65 years.

TOMLINSON - At Holmefoot House, Carlisle, on the 29th April 1880, ROBT. THOMLINSON, formerly of Denton Mills, aged 78 years.

TOOLE. - On the 27th Feb. 1987 at Salter, Thos., son of James TOOLE, engine driver, aged 4 years.

TOPHAM - At Forrest Hall, near Kendal, July 1844, Jane TOPHAM, relict of the late Mr. Robert TOPHAM, of Hutton, aged 74 years.

TOPPIN. - On the 1st July, 1882, at the Queen's Hotel, Silloth, MR. WILLIAMWINGRAVE TOPPIN, aged 44 years.

TOPPING-Elizabeth, of Bowness, Nov. 1819 very suddenly, Elizabeth, daughter of John TOPPING, aged 25.

TOPPING - At Bowness, on the 4th Oct. 1855, JUDITH ISABELLA, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN TOPPING, aged 16 years

TOPPING-Accidentally drowned at Allhallows Vicarage, on the 4th June 1895. Ruth, the beloved daughter of  Barnfather and Isabella TOPPING, Mid Town, Aspatria, aged 17 years. Interred at Aspatria Church

TOSH-E. G. manager of the North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Company, Ulverston, and well known in business circles in West Cumberland Died on the 22 April, 1899, aged 52 years.

TOWERS. - On the 16th Apr. 1897, at Row End, Waberthwaite, WILLIAM TOWERS, aged 78 years.

TOWERSON-on the 23rd Feb,1889 at 42 South street, Egremont, Mr John Towerson, aged 53 yrs.

TOWERSON- On the 9thDec. 1844, in Rose Place, Liverpool, of Small Pox,MR. THOMAS TOWERSON, formerly of Redmain, near Cockermouth, aged 39 years.

TOWERSON - On Monday last, Oct. 1855, at Tod Holes, near Cleator, Mr. THOMAS TOWERSON, yeoman, aged 73.

TOWERSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of William Towerson, of Mockerkin, Who died on Thursday, Oct. 30th, 1902, AGED 83 YEARS. To be interred at Ennerdale, on Monday, November 3rd, at 3 p.m. Inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

TREMBLE.- In Friar Street, Penrith, on the 23rd June 1887, suddenly, Frances Jane
TREMBLE, daughter of Lot TREMBLE, aged 49 years.

TRINKEL- JAMES,son of MRS. ANN TRINKEL, aged 22 years.Oct. 1844.

TROUGHEAR-Maggie, the dearly beloved and only child of S. J. and the late J. Troughear, who died at Keekle Hotel on August 11th1894 aged 5 years

TROUGHTON-Mr Thos, TROUGHTON, master of the packet between Ulverston and Liverpool. Feb. 1812.

TUBMAN. - On the 20th Apr. 1897. at Cleator Moor, ELIZABETH, widow of ISAAC TUBMAN, clogger, aged 59 years.

TUBMAN. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at croft House, Arnside, Jane the youngest daughter of the late Isaac TUBMAN. Interred at Arnside Cemetery

TUER (or could be TOER) - In St. Ann's Hospital, Appleby, on the 4th Sept. 1844, Mrs. AGNES TUER, aged 84 years.

TUER - At Park Head, Kirkoswald, on the 26th Sept. 1855, after a painful illness, born with christian resignation, RACHEL, the beloved wife of JOSEPH TUER, aged 49 years.

TUNSTALL. - At 35 Slatefell Drive, Cockermouth, on the 27th March, Thomas, beloved husband of the late Jane TUNSTALL, aged 74 years. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.


TURBELL - At High Lorton, on the 8th Feb. 1880, Mr. Matthew TURBELL, aged 80 years.


Turner - At Hatter Went, Egremont, Oct, 1855, FREDERICK JAMES son of MR. JAMES TURNER, miner, aged 9 months.


TURNER-At Shaw Bank, St John's, Mr Henry TURNER,June 1895 aged 72 years.

TURNER-On the 5th Oct.1879, at Saint Herbert-street, Keswick, MARY, daughter of MR. ROBERT TURNER, aged 21 years.

TUNSTALL-At Church Street, Brigham, on March 6th 1930, Alice, beloved wife of the late William Tunstall, aged 68 years.  Interred at Brigham Church.

TUNSTALL - wife of the late James Tunstall of Little Broughton, who died August 10th, 1890, aged 54

TUNSTALL-John, the beloved son of Fletcher and Hannah Tunstall, who died June 6th, 1927, aged 20 years.

TURNER-At Boustead Hill, in the parish of Burgh-by-Sands, on the 17thOct. 1844,GEORGE TURNER, aged 77 years, much and deservedly respected through life.

TURNER-At the house of her nephew, W BELL, Whitrigg, Torpenhow, on the 21 Sept. 1903, Jane, late of Sunderland, in her 80th year.

TURNER-On the 7th March 1930, at 7 Brisco Road, Egremont, Wm. Woodend Turner, dearly beloved son of William and Jane Turner, aged 4½ years. Interred at Egremont Cemetery.

TURNER, Mary-mother of Mr. TURNER, tobacconist, Queen St. Whitehaven, February, 1777.

TURRELL: On the 15th Apr.1882, at Great Broughton, Mr. John TURRELL, coalminer, aged 69 years.

TWEDDLE, Mary Ann-At Castle Street, Carlisle, age 44, on 13 Aug 1847; wife of John TWEDDLE, mother of John and William, daughter of William TELFORD (all of Carlisle). Interred at Christ Church.

TWENTYMAN-On the 15th Sept. 1844, ARABELLA, the second daughter of the Rev. JOSEPH TWENTYMAN, aged 4 years and 7 months.

TWENTYMAN-At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Flimby, on the 2nd, John, the beloved husband of Mary Wills Twentyman, aged 72 years. Was interred at Flimby Cemetery.Nov. 1931

TWENTYMAN - ON the 9th Oct. 1882 at No. 25, Dorcas-Street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Thomas Twentyman, eldest son of the late John Twentyman of Angerton Bank, Bolton, aged 56 years.

TWIST- Ralph Leslie, aged 20, killed while riding a motor cycle, Nov. 1920.

TYSON - In East Street, Carlisle, on the 21st April, 1880, EDWARD TYSON, aged 32 years.

TYSON-Mrs.H.TYSON, widow of the late James TYSON, a well-known Gosforth master plasterer of his day, died at Torquay, where the family removed from Gosforth, May 1931

TYSON-At the County Hotel Keswick, on May 13th, 1930,

Dunglinson Dykes TYSON, relict of Lavinia Mary TYSON, aged 56. Interred at Keswick St. John's Church

TYSON-ELIZABETH, for 28 years the faithful and devoted friend servant of the family at Millom Vicarage, Aug. 1905

TYSON-On the 17th Oct. 1879,at Coniston Villa, Coniston, Mr George Tyson, aged 54 years.

TYSON - Nov. 1855, at St. Thomas Cross, near Egremont, MR. JOHN TYSON, stonemason, son of MR. JAMES TYSON, mason, aged 22 years.

TYSON- In Loving Memory of Tyson, The Beloved Husband of Ann Gill, of 17, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, Who died on February 1st, 1925, Aged 77 Years. To be interred at Lamplugh Church on Wednesday, February 4th, at 2-30 p.m., leaving residence at 1-45.

Verse with card- “Peace, Perfect Peace” **

TYSON - At Bootle, MARY, relict of the late THOMAS TYSON, aged 74. Oct.1855

TYSON - At Rakefoot, near Keswick, on the 19th Oct, 1855, Mr. Miles TYSON, formerly of Ullock, farmer, aged 61.

TYSON-At Egremont, on Sunday week, Mrs PHOEBE TYSON, grocer aged 56 years,Dec 1844

TYSON-Richard on the 20thFeb. 1812. at Egremont, Mr Richard TYSON, spirit dealer, aged 35.

UNDERWOOD - At Old Pit Cottages Mealsgate, June 10th,1920 Matthew, dearly beloved son of Arthur and Sarah J.UNDERWOOD, aged 2 years.

USWORTH-Joseph, Kendal, Westmorland Blacksmith, died on 17 October 1871 at Yard 82, 10, Stricklandgate, Kendal aged 82 yrs, died at 10, Stricklandgate, Kendal

VALLELY-At 5 Lamport Street, Workington, Michael John, the dearly loved husband of Sarah Jane Vallely, aged 27 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetary, Oct. 1903.

VANE-On the 17th Dec 1866, at her residence, 16, Royal-parade, Cheltenham, theDowager LADY VANE, aged 93, relict of the late SIR FREDERICK FLETCHER VANE,Bart. of Hutton Hall, Cumberland.

VARTY-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at Ellenborough, ??, John VARTY, aged 27 years.

VASEY-Catherine, of Durham, aged 91.Feb. 1814

VAVASOUR- On the 21stOct. 1819. at Rochdale, in his70th year, Thomas Hippon VAVASOUR, Esq.

VICCARS. - February, 1844, at Orgill, near Egremont, the REV. JOHN VICCARS, incumbent of Haile, aged 75 years. The deceased was of a kind, generous, and charitable disposition.


VICKERS, 19. Craika Road, Dearham, who died on April 4th, 1928, aged 84years.

VICKERS- IN LOVING MEMORY OF SARAH JANE, The Beloved Wife of William Vickers, Who died at Whinlatter, on Sunday, February 14th, 1897, In her 65th year. Interment at Thornthwaite Church, on Wednesday, the 17th, leaving Whinlatter at half-past One p.m. Verse with card- “THY WILL BE DONE” **

WADDILOVE-March 7 th 1878,At Beacon Grange Hexham Northumberland on the, Elizabeth Ann,relict of the late WJD WADDILOVE, aged 86 years.

WADDINGTON - On the 15th Feb. 1897, at Scillybanks, Moresby, Emily Bromley, infant daughter of M. Waddington, coalminer.

WAITE-ISABELLA WAITE, who died at 13, Cocker Lane, Cockermouth, April 1st. 1929.

WAITE - At 45 Gower Place, London, on the 20th Jan. 1880, Henry WAITE, formerly of Egremont, Cumberland, aged 39 years.


WAITE.--On the 9th Oct. 1869, at Sandhills-lane, Mr. John WAITE, schoolmaster, aged 74 years.

WAITE-On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Barrow, Ann, widow of  Mr. William WAITE, aged 71 years.

WAITHMAN-Mrs. Elizabeth, Kendal, Oct. 1819

WAKEFIELD-On the 1st April, 1931 at Infirmary Road,  

Workington.  Lottie beloved daughter of Nancy and the late James Wakefield, aged 27 years. Interred at Salterbeck.

WALDEGRAVE-On the 1st Nov. 1869, at Rose Castle, Cumberland, the Hon. and Right Re. Samuel WALDEGRAVE, D. D., Bishop of Carlisle aged 52 years.

WALDEMAR-PRINCE CHRISTIAN,son of the DUKE OF CUMBERLAND, died yesterday Sept. 3, 1901 at Gmunden of appendicitis after a short illness. PRINCE CHRISTIAN FREDERIC WILLIAM GEORGE PETER WALDEMAR was the second son and the fifth child of the DUKE and DUCHESS of CUMBERLAND, and was born at Gmunden on July 4, 1885.

WALES. - On the 3rd May, 1882, at 38 King-street, Whitehaven, Mr. William Baty WALES, tobacconist, aged 84 years.

WALKER - On the 25th Nov. 1882 at Lamb-lane, Duke Street Whitehaven, Ann Walker, aged 25 years.

WALKER- On the 12th May 1859, of bronchitis, at her seat, Ashford Court, near Ludlow,BRIDGET CHRISTIAN WALKER, aged 71, relict of CHARLES WALKER, Esq., and eldest daughtr of the late JOHN CHRISTIAN CURWEN, Esq., of Workington Hall, Cumberland

WALKER. On the 11th July 1882, at Mullingar, Ireland, MR. DANIEL WALKER,musician, native of Keswick, aged 64 years.

WALKER-on the 5th Feb.1889, at Cleator Moor, Ernest Fearon, son of Mr William Walker, ironminer.

WALKER: On the 9th Apr. 1882, at the Cumberland Infirmary, Hugh WALKER, Corby Hill, aged 63 years.

WALKER-At Gale Field, Dean, May 25th,1895 Isable WALKER, beloved daughter of Joseph and Mary WALKER, aged 19.

WALKER: On the 15th Apr. 1882, at Catherine Street, Maryport, Isabella, daughter of Mr Thomas WALKER, coalminer, aged 3 years.

WALKER-on the 16th Feb.1889, at Brewery Terrace, Workington, Mr John Walker, boilermaker, aged 59 yrs.

WALKER. - On the 26th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, MR. JOHN WALKER, late of Workington, aged 67 years.

WALKER. - On the 25th April, 1882 at the Rosthwaite, Borrowdale, near Keswick, Mary, widow of Mr. Isaac WALKER, blacksmith, late of Grasmere, aged 77 years

WALKER. - On March 27th, 1958 at Rose Cottage, Little Broughton, Mary Ann, beloved wife of the late John WALKER, 78 Main Street, St. Bees, aged 86 years. Interred at St. Bees.


WALKER-At the residence of his brother, Gale Field, Dean, 17th Oct, 1903, THOMAS WALKER, aged 75yrs, late of Ireby

WALLACE-Bridget Mary WALLACE, who died at Great Clifton. June 19th 1919.

WALLACE-James, beloved son of John and the late Margaret WALLACE, who died at North Side, Workington, April 8th, 1928, aged 11 years.

WALLACE-Joseph Henry Wallace, eldest and beloved son of the late Henry and Jane Wallace of Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1919, aged 47 years.

WALLAS- At Longmoor, near Wigton, on the 24thDec. 1844, MR. Thomas WALLAS, one of the brethern of the Miners lodge of Oddfellows, Bolton, aged 26 years.

WALLEN - In Union Street, Carlisle, on the 29 Jan. 1880, Mary WALLEN, 73 years.


WALLER- At Ingleton, Oct. 1844, the REV. W. WALLER, B.D., aged 80. His memory will be long held in remembrance; he is deeply lamented by his parishioners, to whom he has preached the Gospel for the last forty years.

WALMSLEY - On the 19th March 1897, at 16 Fox Lane, Whitehaven, Edward James, son of James Buldridge WALMSLEY, plumber, aged 2 years.

WALTER - At Ireland Cottages, on the 2nd Feb. 1880 Alfred WALTER, son of John and Jane TAYLOR, aged 7 months.


WALTER-Maurice, 24, third officer of the steamer Huntingdon, who was buried at sea in the Pacific Ocean, April 1932.

WALTON-On the 1st Feb.1902, at Dalston House, Annie WALTON, aged 14 years.

WALTON - At Alston, on the 26th Nov. 1855, MRS. ELEANOR WALTON, aged 57 years.

WALTON - On the 20th March 1882, at 5, Gale Back-lane, Whitehaven, Emily Wood, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas WALTON, labourer.

WALTON - On the 27 th Nov. 1882, at Ribton, Moorside, Whitehaven, Esther Blanche, daughter of Mr. Joseph WALTON, shoemaker, aged 4 years.

WALTON-On the 15th June, 1897, at 14 New-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of Richard WALTON, shoemaker, aged 51 years.

WALTON - At Lezzes House, Alston, on the 3rd Oct. 1855, WILLIAM WALTON, jun., late of the establishment of MESSRS. RICHARDSON AND COXON, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 25 - deeply mourned by his family and friends.

WANNOP - At Hill Field, on the 16th May, 1848, Mrs. Ann Wannop, wife of

Mr. Arthur Wannop, aged 73, much and deservedly respected.

WANNOP - At Hillfield, in the parish of Walton, on the 30th June 1860, greatly respected

for his upright and Christian conduct through life, and deeply regretted by a large circle of friends and relatives, Mr. Arthur Wannop, yeoman, in the 88th year of his age. " Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace."

WANNOP - Also on the 8th July 1860, Mary, eldest daughter of the above named Arthur Wannop, in her 57th year

WARD-Ann Ward, who died at Distington, January 29th,1931.

WARE - on the 10th August at Challoner-street, Cockermouth, Mr. Henry WARE, aged 63 years.

WARTON - At St. Ann's Hospital, Appleby, on the 22nd Feb 1874, MARY, widow of the late MR. WILLIAM WARTON, draper, &c., Bridge Street, Appleby, aged 92 years.


WARWICK - At Crosby, near Maryport, Oct. 13, 1855 James, son of Mr. Walter WARWICK, aged 12 years.

WARWICK-In affectionate and loving remembrance of Sarah (Sally), dearly beloved wife of John WARWICK, who died April 17th 1929, at Kirksville, Mo. USA, formerly of Netherton, Maryport, aged 60 years 23 days.

WATERHOUSE.- On the 22nd June 1887, at Ennim, Thomas Parrington WATERHOUSE, groom, in his 22nd year.

WATERS-At 92 Beckside, 23rd Oct. 1903, Joseph, the dearly beloved son of Grace and the late Peter Walters, aged 27 years. Was interred at St. Michael's Church.

WATMAN - On the 18th Ot. 1855 at Barnaby-on-Don, Yorkshire, the Rev. P.
WATMAN, advanced in years.

WATSON-On 3rd May,1931, Ada, beloved wife of George Watson, Slayleigh, St Bees (and daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Graham, Solway House, Moresby). Interred at Moresby Church

WATSON: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Old Print Works, Wigton, Ann, wife of Mr John WATSON, aged 68 years.

WATSON - In Norfolk Street, Carlisle, on the 19th Apr. 1880, ANNIE WATSON, aged 2 years.

WATSON-Charlotte, Whitehaven, July 9th 1852, aged 29 years.

WATSON-At 36, Church Street,Egremont, 6th Aug. 1903,  Mrs H. Watson, wife of Mr T. Watson, age 44 years.

WATSON-Isaac Thomas, of Edderside, and dearly beloved husband of Lily Watson, who died at Low Mire, November 26th, 1918.

WATSON-(no first name), the dearly loved husband of Hannah WATSON, who died at 5 Queen Street, Aspatria, April 13th 1929, aged 77 years.

WATSON-JAMES, beloved husband of ELEANOR WATSON, Johannesburg,South Africa who died at 8,The Crescent Cleator Moor, August 27th 1903

WATSON-John WATSON, who fell asleep in Jesus on 13th April 1929, aged 77 years.

WATSON-On the 3rd November, at 20, Beaconsfield Road, Gosforth, Liverpool, John, beloved husband of Martha and younger son of the late James Watson, Carlisle, aged 60 years.

WATSON-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at Eaglesfield, Jonathan, infant son of Mr J Watson, labourer.

WATSON - In East Norfolk Street, in Carlisle, on the 27th April 1880, MARY JANE WATSON, aged 4 years 8 months.

WATSON. - At Penrith, February, 1844, MR. WATSON, late officer of excise, aged 73 years

WATSON-Thomas, beloved husband of Sarah Ann Watson, who died at Arlecdon on Jan. 5th 1929 Ever remembered by his wife and family.

WATSON - In loving memory of William WATSON, who died at 36, Maryport Road, Dearham, June 28th, 1834. Loved, honoured, remembered by Amy, Billy, and Jinnie.

WATSON - In Norfolk street, Carlisle, on the 22nd April 1880, WM. HENDERSON WATSON, infant.

WATTERS-At Preston Hows, on the 25th April, 1899, Henry WATTERS, aged 91. To be interred at Brigham

WATTLEWORTH. - At 28, Mill Street, Whitehaven, on the 21st Feb. 1877, MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. S. A. WATTLEWORTH, aged 2 months.


WAUGH-In loving memory of dear mother, who died 13th April 1929.

WAUGH- At Cockermouth, on the 9th Dec. 1844, CATHERINE MARY, the infant daughter of E. WAUGH, Esq.

WAUGH - At Atchinson's Bank, Parish of Gretna, on the 23rd July, 1844, aged 18 years, George, only son of George WAUGH of this city.

WEAR. - On the 2nd July 1882, at Newtown, Whitehaven, CATHERINE, wife of MR. DANIEL WEAR, coalminer, aged 64 years.

WEAR - On the 15th Feb. 1897 at 44 Peter-street, Whitehaven, Thomas William, son of the late Thomas Wear, coalminer, aged 2 years.

WEAR-on the 21st Feb.1889, at Quay Steps, West Strand, Whitehaven, Mr Thompson Wear. labourer, aged 48 yrs.

WEAR - On the 4th Jan. 1920, at the Workhouse Hospital, Whitehaven, William,beloved husband of Anna Jane WEAR, of 6, Nicholson's lane, Whitehaeven,aged 60 years

WEAR: On the 17th Apr. 1882, at Bardy Steps, Whitehaven, Mr. William WEAR, labourer, aged 61 years.

WEDGEWOOD-Joseph, At Flimby, 23rd March 1884, Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph WEDGWOOD, coalminer, aged 32 years.

WEDGE-Richard, At North Watts Street, Workington, 2nd Nov. 1884, aged 53 years.

WEIGHTMAN-At Wilson Terrace, Flimby, on the 5th March 1930, Isabella, the beloved wife of the late John Weightman, aged 81 years.  To be interred at Flimby Cemetery.

WEIR, At Egremont, on the 9th Oct. 1855, DOROTHY, the wife of MR. WM. WEIR, butcher, aged 45 years.

WEIR-On the 12th Sept. 1879 at Milbourne Crescent Carlisle THOMAS WILLIAM son of MR JOHN WEIR aged 28 years.

WELLS-At 57, Corporation Road, Workington, on January 16th,1932. John Wells, in his 82nd year. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

WELSH. - on the 2nd March 1844, Mr EDWARD WELSH, miner, aged 88


WERE-Onthe 27th July 1861, at 13, Newton-terrace, Westbourne-grove,Bayswater, Middlesex, CAROLINE, the beloved wife of ANTHONY WERE, Esq.,of Wigton,Cumberland, and daughter of the late LOVELL TODD, Esq., ofWeston-road, Bath.

WEST. - On the 28th January 1897, at Distington, William WEST, farmer, aged 65 years.

WHATLEY - In loving memory of Hannah, dearly loved daughter of T. and S.J. TINNION, Wife of Peter. Crossbarrow, who died July 5th, 1936.


WHINNERAH - At Ravenglass, HANNAH, relict of the late Mr. JONATHAN
WHINNERAH, in her 80th year. Oct. 1855

WHITFIELD - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at Harper Town, near Haltwhistle, Mr. Henry Whitfield, aged 70 years.

WHITAKER-At 6 Bolton Bridge Road, Ilkley, 10th June 1895, Catherine Jane, the beloved wife of John William WHITAKER.

WHITE - At Parham Beck, in this city, on the 9th Feb. 1880 Christopher WHITE, aged 31 years.


WHITE-On the 17th Sept. 1903, Elizabeth WHITE ("Aunt Libby"), the dearly beloved wife of Thomas WHITE, printer, of Garden terrace, Keswick. Her last words were-"I'll try to be brave," Interment at Crosthwaite Church.

WHITE-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at 91 Main Street, Keswick, Hanna WHITE, aged 57 years.

WHITE-On the 24th July,1869 drowned, on the capsizing of a small boat belonging to the Silver River (ss), at the River Paraguay,S. A., Mr. John Westray WHITE, eldest son of the late Mr. James WHITE,shipbroker of Whitehaven, aged 26 years. Deeply regretted.

WHITEHEAD. - On the 6th March 1896, very suddenly, at Lanercost Priory,Cumberland, Henry WHITEHEAD, aged 70.

WHITELOCK - In Eaglesfied Street, Maryport, on the 4th Feb. 1880, Denis, infant twin son of Mr. John WHITELOCK, tailor.


WHITESIDE. - At the Cottage, Highfield, Scarborough, on the 18th June, 1897, John WHITESIDE, aged 71 years, formerly of Whitehaven and Isel of Man.

WHYBROW-Frederick, of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Gosforth, died April 1931.

WIGHAM-Mary, Holemire, Lorton, who died on the 1st Aug. 1903 aged 79 years

WILCOCK, On Monday 21st June 1881 at Ambleside Ann WILCOCK, age 91

WILDMAN- At Belle Vue, on the 6th Feb. 1880 Jas. WILDMAN, aged 72 years.


WILKINSIN - On the 4th January, 1902, at Church Road Distington, Jonathan Crookdale, son of Charles and Rebecca Wilkinson, aged 6 months.

WILKINSON-Hannah, Feb. 1812, at Eskat, in Ennerdale, Mrs Hannah WILKINSON, aged 66 years

WILKINSON-On the 3rd Oct.1879, at Wellington House, Wellington-row, HENRIETTA BROWN, daughter of MR. JAMES WILKINSON, aged 6 years and 6 months.

WILKINSON. - On the 28th April, 1882 at Rowrah, Arlecdon, Herbert, son of Mr. John WILKINSON, stationmaster, aged 1 year.

WILKINSON - At 46, Moor Close Road, Harrington, on the 27th June, 1938 Jane Ellen, dearly beloved wife of John Kendall WILKINSON, aged 77 years. Interred at Harrington Churchyard

WILKINSON-On the 18th Oct. 1879,in the Cottage Hospital, Ulverston, Mr J F Wilkinson, aged 42 years.

WILKINSON.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at 11, Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, Mr. John WILKINSON, accountant, aged 63 years.


WILKINSON. - On the 30th June 1882, at West Newton, MR. JOHN WILKINSON, formerly of Plumbland mill, aged 75 years.

WILKINSON - On the 17th March 1882, at Fisher's-place, Legburthwaite, near Keswick, Mr Joseph WILKINSON, yeoman,aged 85 years.

WILKINSON-At 28, Duke Street, Whitehaven, on the 21 Sept. 1903, Joseph WILKINSON, brazier, aged 76 years.

WILKINSON-At 51, Main Street, Cockermouth, 13 Sept,1903 Joseph WILKINSON, assurance agent, aged 63 years. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

WILKINSON.- Mary Wilkinson, who died at 58, Brisco Mount, Egremont, November 27th, 1918, aged 5 years and 7 months.

WILKINSON-In loving memory of Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of John and Isabella Wilkinson, of Harriston, Aspatria who died August 19th 1897 aged 17 years.

WILKINSON - In affectionate remembrance of my dear sister, Phyllis, who died at 8, Westfield View, Flimby, July 4th, 1937.

WILKINSON-AT Moose Jaw, *Saskatchewan* Canada, Robert Hodgson,husband of Margaret Wilkinson, and son of the late Robert and Sarah Wilkinson, Flimby, died January 22nd, 1932, aged 41 years.

WILKINSON, at Cockermouth, the 7th Oct. 1855, THOMAS, son of MR. ISAAC WILKINSON, weaver, aged 19 years.

WILKINSON - At the Vicarage, Stanwix, on the 23 February, 1880, the Rev. Thomas WILKINSON, in his 83rd year.


WILKINSON-At Barron's Court Keswick, 17thAug, 1898, William, beloved husband of Sarah Wilkinson, aged 56 years.Interred at Crosthwaite Church

WILLAN-On the 16th Feb. 1897, At Beckside, Distington, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Willan, farmer, aged 78 years.

WILLIAMS- In loving memory of Richard Williams, husband of Elizabeth Hannah Williams, who died August 24th 1898 aged 32 years.

WILLIAMS-At Workington, since our last, (Oct. 853), Mrs. WILLIAMS, aged 58.

WILLIAMSON-James, On the 2ndOct. 1819. at Liverpool, much respected, Mr. James WILLIAMSON, jun. late of Moor End, in Ennerdale, aged 24 years.

WILLIAMSON, John-Watchmaker, Queen Street, Frizington Hall, near Whitehaen Feb. 1777.

WILLIAMSON. - At Workington, February, 1844, MR. JOHN WILLIAMSON, aged 29 years


WILLIAMSON - On the 28th Nov.1879, at George Street, Whitehaven, Edith, daughter of Mr. Joseph William WILLIAMSON, grocer, aged 1 year and 6 months

WILLIAMSON-Joseph, At Eden Vue, Lang***bby, 22nd March,1884, Mr. Joseph WILLIAMSON, M. D., aged 62 years.

WILLIAMSON-On the 21st April 1882, at Allerby, Mary, wife of Mr. James WILLIAMSON, coalminer, aged 21 years.

WILLIAMSON- Margaret, At the Goat, Cockermouth, June 17th 1894, MARGARET (MAGGIE), the beloved wife of JOHN WILLIAMSON, painter and decorator.

WILLIAMSON. - At Whitehaven, February, 1844, in George-street, MR. RICHARD WILLIAMSON, flax dresser, aged 63 years.


WILLIAMSON-At No 2, Devonshire Street, Workington, on the 17thMarch 1903, Sarah Williamson, aged 49 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

WILLIS-ANN WILLIS, beloved wife of CHAMBERS WILLIS, Craika Road, Dearham,who died June 17th 1894, aged 63.

WILSON-The 26th February 1814, Agnes WILSON

WILSON -Sept. 1844, at Whitehaven, Mrs. WILSON, Tangier-street.

WILSON - At Collins Terrace, Brigham, on the 6th Feb. 1880, Miss Ann WILSON, aged 83 years.


WILSON. - At Chapel Lane, Appleby, on the 19th Feb. 1877, ANN, wife of MR. GEORGE WILSON, formerly watchmaker and jeweller, Bridge Street, in the 84th year of her age.


WILSON. - On the 1st July 1882, at Longmire's-court, Queen-street, Whitehaven,ANNIE, infant daughter of MR. THOMAS WILSON, labourer.

WILSON - On the 19th Sept. 1869, at Hunter-place, in the parish of Gosforth, of scarlatina, Benjamin, son of the late Mr. Benjamin Wilson, farmer, aged 5 years.

WILSON-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Ellenborough, BETSY,infant daughter of MR. ROBERT WILSON.

WILSON-On the 3rd June 1897, at Distington, Catherine Jane, wife of Harold WILSON, aged 34 years.

WILSON-On the 6th Feb. 1897, at 86 George-street, Whitehaven, Christina, wife of James WILSON, life assurance agent, aged 48 years.

WILSON-on the 10th Feb.1889, at Egremont, Clarrie, daughter of Mr George Wilson, joiner,aged 3 yrs.

WILSON-At Flower Hill, Distington, on the 18th Sept. 1903, Dinah, Relict of the Late Capt. W. WILSON, aged 82 years. Interment at Harrington Church.

WILSON - At 2, Friar Street, Penrith, on the 7th Feb. 1880 Fearon WILSON, aged 74 years.


WILSON: On the 12th Apr. 1882, at Aspatria, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Jonathan WILSON, aged 48 years.

WILSON-On the 17th Feb. 1897, at Frizington, Elizabeth Jane, infant daughter of Thos. Wilson, fitter.

WILSON, Sunday morning at Workington, Mrs. Jane WILSON, aged 79. (August 1798).

WILSON-At Tallentire, 3rd June 1895, Elizabeth Ann, the beloved daughter of John and Jane WILSON, aged 11 years.

WILSON - At Kew Asylum, near Melbourne, Australia, on the 1st December, 1879, after a few days' illness from erysipelas, James Hamilton WILSON, M.B., C.M., aged 26 years, elder son of James WILSON, Cecil Street.


WILSON- At Gilcrux, on the 4thNov. 1858, Mr. James Wilson, aged 28.

WILSON-On the 12th Nov. 1902, at Cleator Moor, ?? Jane WILSON, aged 2 years.

WILSON-John, At High Street, Maryport, 26th (no year)., Mr. John WILSON, shipwright, aged 86 years.

WILSON - On the 6th Oct. 1855, JOHN son of CAPT. THOMAS WILSON, aged 10 months, Maryport

WILSON - At Hawkshead, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MR. JOHN WILSON, Hawkshead and Kendal carrier, aged 40 years.

WILSON-At St. Helen's cottages, Flimby, 16th. Aug, 1903 Jonathan, the beloved husband of Isabella Wilson, aged 44 years. Interred at the Flimby Cemetery.

WILSON-On the 25th April 1882, at Great Broughton, Joseph Daniel, son of Mr. Daniel WILSON, check-weighman, aged 4 years.

WILSON-Richard, the beloved husband of Catherine A.Wilson, Westfield Terrace, Flimby, who died December 1st, 1918.

WILSON At Gill Cottage, on the 26th Oct. 1844, MRS MARGARET WILSON, wife of MR. JAMES WILSON, gamekeeper, aged 22.

WILSON-At Moresby Parks, near Whitehaven, on the 21st of September1844, MRS.MARTHA WILSON, aged 39 years, highly respected through life.

WILSON - Found drowned in the river Eamont, on the 6th Feb. 1880, Sarah, daughter of Mr. Wm. WILSON, joiner, Brougham Street, Penrith aged 16 years.


WILSON-On the 14th Dec. 1882., at Flimby,Thomas WILSON, farm servant,aged 67 years.

WILSON- On the 29th May 1823, at Wigton, Cumberland, Mr. Thomas WILSON, aged 85.

WILSON. At 48, Lowther Street, Penrith, on the 18th Apr. 1918. Thos.
Wilson, aged 76 years.

WILSON-AT Wyndham Terrace, Egremont 22nd Aug 1898 Hannah, the beloved wife of William Wilson, aged 42 years - to be interred at the cemetary, Egremont.

WILSON- On the 17th Aug. 1849, at No. 9 Bevenden-street, Hoxton, Mr. William WILSON, ofCockermouth, Cumberland in the 48th year of his age.

WILSON-Henry 2nd July, 1712 Clifton - Fell down coal pit.

WILSON-Margaret Ann Wilson, who died at 12, Challoner Street, Cockermouth, 17th Jan. 1921

WILSON-Nellie, beloved daughter of Tom and Susannah WILSON, who fell asleep at Solway View, Westfield, June 15th, 1900, aged 21 years.

WILSON. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, at 3 John’s Lane, Whitehaven, Martha, daughter of Charles WILSON, coalminer, aged 10 months.

WILSON - On the 20th Sept. 1869, at Hunter-place, in the parish of Gosforth, of scarlatina, Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin Wilson, farmer, aged 10 years.

WILSON-Peter, The 17th June 1813. at Ireby, Mr Peter WILSON, aged 82.

WILSON-On the 28th Aug.1905,at Nook Cottages Great Broughton, WILFRED, son of Mr. DANIEL WILSON ,Aged 14 Yrs.

WILSON-May 18th 1877 - Susannah WILSON and Susannah WILSON of South William Street - 28 years and 21 hours - Both in one coffin.

WILSON-At Westnewton, 25th Oct. 1903, Thomas Wilson, retired farmer, aged 91 years. Interred at Westnewton.

WINDER-At Blennerhasset, on the 6th Nov. 1844, after a short illness,MR. WILLIAM WINDER, yeoman, in his 69th year.

WINN-Catherine WINN 70. Hawkshead, March 1814.

WINTER- At Durham,Jane, aged 98.Feb. 1814.

WINTER - in Kelsick Lane, Mrs. JANE WINTER, wife of Mr. R.
WINTER, horse dealer, aged 41. Oct. 1855

WINTER - In South Street, Carlisle, on the 25th April 1880, JOHN WINTER , infant.

WINTER - On the 1st April, 1882, at Rattan-row, Dearham, Joseph, infant son of Mr. John WINTER, Coalminer.

WINTHROP-Ann, On Thursday 17th Jan. 1847, At Longpark in the parish of Scaleby, on the body of Ann WINTHROP, infant daughter of James WINTHROP, agricultural labourer aged 16 weeks, who was found dead lying beside its mother, in bed, on the previous morning.

WISE-11  April 1874   George, of Lorton.

WISE-of Lorton, 13  Aug. 1887   Joseph (waller)  inquest

WISE-John, The 21stOct.1819 at Seville, Abbey-holme, aged 82 years; much respected throughout life.

WISE-of Lorton-1  Oct.  1887   Martha.

WISE-24  April 1875   Mary, of Lorton.

WISE-1  April  1891  Sarah Annie, of Lorton

WISE-8  Sept. 1897  Sarah – obituary, of Lorton.

WISE-12  Jan.  1884   Tom, of Lorton.

WISE-8  May   1875  William (waller), of Lorton.

WISE-At 23, Sullart Street, Cockermouth, Jan. 1932. William, husband of the late Sarah Wise, aged 66 years.

WOOD - At Brownrigg, Arlecdon, Oct. 1855, MRS. WOOD, relict of MR. HENRY WOOD, yeoman, aged 85 years.

WOOD-At the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, on the 22nd June 1898, Ernest, the dearly beloved son of Elizabeth Wood(late of Cockermouth) aged 15 years.

WOOD - On the 24th Nov. 1882., at Dovenby Close, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Thomas WOOD, railway carter, aged 90 years.

WOOD-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at William Street, Workington, Joseph WOOD, late of Thackthwiate, Loweswater, in his 94th year.

WOOD-Margaret, The 20th March 1812, at Bishop Auckland, aged 68,Mrs.(?) MARGARET WOOD, a maiden lady.

WOOD-At Tallautire on the 16th March 1903, Robert Wood (late of Aughertree) in his 80th year. To be interred at Uldale Old Church

WOOD. - On the 30th May, 1897, at Frizington, Phoebe Wood, Hawker, aged 80 years.

WOODEND-On the 11th Sept. 1879at Kirkby Ireleth MARY wife of MT JOHN WOODEND aged 44 years.

WOODHALL-At 57 Skipton Road, Harrogate on the 9th April 1930 ,Mary Jane (Minnie) beloved wife of Felix Wm WOODHALL, and eldest daughter of the late Robert and Ann WILSON of Cockermouth, aged 58 years. Interred at Harrogate.

WOODMAN-At Collin Terrace, Grasslot, Maryport, 24th March 1903, William, the eldest and beloved son of Henry and Isabella WOODMAN, late of Fletchertown, Mealsgate, aged 25 years and 11 months. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery

WOOD-William in Blackfriars-street, Carlisle, William WOOD, aged 68. Nov. 1819

WOOD. - On the 24th June 1882, at Bassen Beck, MR. WILLIAM WOOD, aged 72 years.

WORDSWORTH-At Lindsay's Court, Cockermouth, Betsy, the dear beloved wife of Robert WORDSWORTH, who died on the 19th Sept. 1903, aged 60 years.

WORDSWORTH-Henry, C., On the 27th Dec., 1865, at Echucha, Victoria, aged 31,Esq., eldest son of the REV. JOHN WORDSWORTH, vicar of Brigham, Cumberland.

WORDSWORTH- At Villa Perri, Bagni di Lucca, Italy, on Wednesday, the 13th Sept. 1848, in the 41st year of her age, Isabella Christiana, wife of the Rev. John WORDSWORTH, of Brigham, Cumberland, and eldest daughter of Henry CURWEN, Esq., of Workington-hall

WORDSWORTH-Rev John, On the 25th July 1875, Burton-Street, Eaton-Square, Vicar of Brigham, and Rector of Plumbland Cumberland, aged 72 years.

WORDSWORTH-On the 28th Sept. 1869, Rebecca, wife of John Wordsworth, Esq., Of Oakenshaw House, near Wakefield, and sister-in-law to Mr. FORSTER (Cumberland Pacquet), Whitehaven, aged 31 years.

WORKMAN- At Mire End, in Embleton, near Cockermouth,JOHN, yeoman,late of Elterwater, Westmoreland, aged 62 years.Dec 1844

WORKMAN: On the 12th Apr.1882, at Belle Vue, Papcastle, Mr. Robert WORKMAN, retired farmer, aged 71 years.

WORSLEY - On the 17th Oct. 1855 at Hovington Hall, near Malton, aged 28 years,
THOMAS ROBINSON WORSLEY, Esq., eldest son of Sir WM. WORSLEY, Bart.

WRANGHAM-At Lamplugh Mill, 14th Sept. 1903, George, the dearly beloved son of George and Mary WRANGHAM, aged 15 months. Interred at Dearham Church

WRAPE-Margaret, beloved wife of Martin Wrape, Brow Top, Bothel, died March 8th, 1929.

WREN-Annie, beloved wife of Benjamin Wren, who died at Flimby, November 28th, 1918, aged 24 years.

WREN - At Belle Vue, Distington, on the 20th March 1932, Thomas, husband of Dorothy WREN, aged 76 years. To be interred at the Distington Church Yard.

WREN-At the Cottage Hospital, Keswick, on April 1st,1930 Martin Wren, the beloved husband of Eliza Wren. To be interred at Crosthwaite Church.

WREN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF SARAH, The beloved wife of Fletcher Wren, (of Stonethwaite, Borrowdale), WHO DIED, APRIL 20th, 1895. AGED 58 YEARS. To be interred at Borrowdale Church, on Tuesday, April 23rd, at 2-45 p.m.

Verse with card- I was so long with pain oppressed, That wore my strength away, It made me long for eternal rest Which never can decay. Grieve not, dear husband, but be content, For unto you I was but lent ; Jesus brought me with His blood, And took me home when He thought good. **

WREN-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Brigham, Susannah,infant daughter of Mr E Wren, quarryman.

WRIGHT - On the 8th Feb. 1897, at Harrington, Amos Holliday, infant son of George Wright, grocer.

WRIGHT, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at Fishers-court, Irish-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, infant daughter of James Wright, brazier.

WRIGHT.-On the 1st February, 1897, at Lancet Villa, Harrington, Joseph, son of George WRIGHT, grocer, aged 2 years.

WRIGHT - On the 14th August at Ellenborough, Mr. George WRIGHT, coalminer aged 31 years.

WRIGHT-George, 10th Oct.1819, in the 66th year of his age, Mr. George WRIGHT, of Hall-foot Mills, in the parish of Kirklinton

WRIGHT-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Furness-lane, Maryport, George Ritson, infant sonof Mr G Wright.

WRIGHT-At the Laithers, 14th June 1884, Mr James WRIGHT, farmer, aged 57 years.

WRIGHT-Margaret, beloved wife ofInspector Wright, Millom, who died on 12th Jan 1931.

WRIGHT-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at George Street Maryport MARY wife of MR G WRIGHT aged 37 years.

WRIGHT - At the Sun Inn, Wath Brow, Cleator, on the 3rd Feb. 1880, Mr. Richard WRIGHT, innkeeper, formerly of Longtown, aged 48 years.


WRIGHT-Robert,1830, 9th February - Drowned in engine cistern at Cocksons Pit.

WRIGHT- In Memory of WILIAM WRIGHT, of Mockerkin, WHO DIED ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 26th, 1888, AGED 59 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church on Saturday, the 28th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock, p.m.

Verse with card- none **

WRIGLEY. - At Albert House, Seascale, on the 18th May 1877, MARY, the beloved wife of JOHN WRIGLEY,of Seascale, Cumberland, and Strangeways, Manchester, aged 42 years.


YARBERRY- On the 18th Aug,1898 at 155, Main Street, Frizington, Mrs. Sarah Yarberry, widow of the late Thomas Yarberry, aged 79 years. Interred at St. Paul's Church, Frizington.

YATES- In Affectionate Remembrance of JANE YATES, the dearly beloved wife of Joseph Yates, Rowrah, who died on Thursday, January 24th, 1878, AGED 79 YEARS. Internment at Arlecdon on Monday the 28th inst.; leaving Rowrah at 2-30 p.m. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” **

YEOWART-at Frizington, Mrs, wife of Mr. John YEOWART.Sept. 1819

YEOWART- At 45, Park Road, Aspatria, on the 4th Sept. 1903 THOMAS WILLIAM, beloved son of  JOSEPH and MARY ANN YEOWART, aged 2 years and 7 months, accidentally drowned. Was interred at Aspatria Church

YOUART- At Hensingham, near this town, yesterday evening, in consequence of the bursting of a blood vessel, during a fit of coughing, Mr. YOUART, mason, in the prime of life. Nov. 1, 1853.

YOUNG-At Mary Hewetson Hospital, Keswick, 4th June 1895, Amelia, infant daughterof Mr William YOUNG.

YOUNG-At Dent House, Frizington, 9th June 1895, Bridget, the dearly beloved wife of William YOUNG, aged 60 years. - Interred at St. Paul's Churchyard.

YOUNG. - On the 29th June 1882, at Selby's-terrace, Hensingham, ELIZABETH,daughter of MR. WILLIAM YOUNG, ironminer, aged 9 months.

YOUNG- Mary, who died at Springkell, Aspatria, November 26th, 1918.

YOUNG-At Sullart Street, Cockermouth, 5 Aug, 1903 Michael age 66 years.

YOUNG-Jane the dearly beloved wife of the late James, who departed this life, March 18th 1900, aged 65 years.  Was interred at Medomsley.

YOUNG-Robert, at Harrington, Mr. Robert YOUNG, in his 72 year.Oct. 1819

YOUNG-At Kimberley, B.C. Canada, March 27th. 1930, Tom, beloved son of the late William and Mary Young, Aspatria, aged 42 years.

YOUNG-On the 12th Dec 1882.at Dornock, Mary Pringle, widow of William YOUNG, formerly farmer and bacon-curer,aged 91 years.

YOUNGHUSBAND-Pearson, Suddenly, on Tuesday last, at Cockermouth, aged 87. Nov. 1819

YOUNGHUSBAND. - February 2, 1844, JANE wife of MR. PETER YOUNGHUSBAND, aged 30 years

YOUNGHUSBAND-At Keswick on the 18th Oct. 1903, SUSHANNA, the widow of the late THOMAS, aged 72yrs.

YOUNGHUSBAND-On the 13th Sept. 1879at Senhouse Street Maryport MR THOMAS YOUNGHUSBAND shipwright aged 85 years.

YOUNGSON-On the 17th June 1857, at Bowscar, near Penrith, Cumberland, ELIZA, relict of COL. WILLIAM YOUNGSON.


** There are funeral cards available for these names from Ken at “Gardinboy@aol.com”





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