ABBOT - COUPLAND - At Warrington, on the 16th July, 1844, by the Hon. and Rev. Horace POWYS, Mr. Mark ABBOT, to Miss. COUPLAND, both of Penrith.

ABRAHAM-PEEL - At Crosthwaite Church, on April 12th 1932, Geoffrey Perry ABRAHAM, second son of Mr and Mrs Ashley P Abraham, "The Screes", Keswick, to Mary PEEL, only daughter of Mr and Mrs E Peel, "Greenrigg", Blencathra Street, Keswick April 1932.

ADAIR - McCLELLAN. - On the 15th Aug. 1898, at the Parish Church,Egremont, by the Rev. Edwin Cannington BENNETT, curate of Dean, assisted by the Rev. W. THWAITES, rector, Thomas, son of Joseph ADAIR, Holme Lea,and Ruth TAMAR, youngest daughter of the late Christopher McCLELLAN, of Egremont.

ADDINSON-LORD, On the 20th March 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, Thomas ADDINSON, to Mary Elizabeth LORD, both of Parton.

ALEXANDER-HESLOP On June 4th,1895 at Holy Trinity Church, Pelton, Durham by the vicar the Rev H.H. BIRLEY, the Rev Christian ALEXANDER, son of the late Kelsick ALEXANDER, of Papcastle, Cumberland, and Liverpool, to Mary Elizabeth second daughter of the Late Isaac HESLOP of Urpeth, Chester-le-Street. No Cards.

ALLAN-PRESTON.- At Great Musgrave, on the 23rd May 1896, by the Rev. S.A.HAINES, Robert ALLAN, Great Musgrave, to Hannah PRESTON, Langrigg.

ALLISON-JOHNSON- At Carlisle, on the 4th Nov. 1844, MR. GEORGE ALLISON, hairdresser, to MISS ANN JOHNSON, both of Carlisle.

ANDERSON-KENNEDY,At St. Bees John Anderson married Mary Ann Kennedy 20 Aug 1827; Wit. Joseph Brocklebank & John Reavley

ANDERSON-SPRING, Thomas Anderson marrying Mary Spring in 1807 at St Bees.

ANDERSON-WHARTON. At St. Andrews, Greystoke, on the 25th May 1887, by the Rev.E A ASKEW, George ANDERSON of Skelton, to Sarah WHARTON, of Low Mill, Mungrisedale.

ARCHER.- FLETCHER. - Dec. 1855, at Matfen, Northumberland, by the Rev. John S. PRIESTMAN, B. A., incumbent, Mr. Thomas ARCHER, to Miss. Elizabeth FLETCHER.

ARDREY-THOMPSON, At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, 6th Nov.1884, by license, by the Rev. H. D.  RAWNSLEY, Mr. William ARDREY, bookseller, Keswick, to Miss. Sarah THOMPSON, Lawson Street, Workington and formerly of Newtownwards, County Down Ireland.

ARMSTRONG-RICHARDSON: At Ascension Church, Manchester, on the 3rd May 1895, by the Rev. T. HAUGHTON, William Taggart ARMSTRONG, of Elswick, formally of Workington, to Elizabeth RICHARDSON, of Manchester, formally of Aspatria

ASHBURN - ARMSTRONG. - On the 4th July, 1882, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, MR. ISAAC ASHBURN, platelayer, to MISS MARY ARMSTRONG, both of Hensingham.

ASKEW-JEFFERSON. At All Saint, Bolton, Mealsgate, 18th June 1884, by the Rev J. M. LOWTHER, Rector, John ASKEW, of Waverton, Wigton, mariner, to Elizabeth JEFFERSON, of Angerton Bank, Bolton.

ASKINS-KEYS, Sarah KEYS (KEY) married William ASKINS in 1848 at Cockermouth.

ASPINALL-FREARS At St. James's Church, Whitehaven, on the 12th Oct. 1855, Mr. GEORGE ASPINALL, of Sandwith, to CATHERINE, daughter of Mr. DAVID FREARS, of Scotch Street.

ATKINSON-BROOKS on 10th August 1889 at the Parish Church Aspatria, Joseph Atkinson husbandman of Setmurthy to Isabella Brooks of Aspatria.

ATKINSON-CURWEN on 24th July 1920 at Dearham Parish Church, Daniel Brooks Atkinson coal miner of Camerton to Jane Curwen of Craika road Dearham

ATKINSON - POWLEY - At Longwathby, on the 15th July, 1844, James ATKINSON, Esq., of Winderwath Hall, to Ann, second daughter of the late John POWLEY, Esq., Longwathby.

ATKINSON-WEBSTER-On the 21st August 1844, at Christ Church, Montreal, by the Rev. Mr. ADAMSON,Mr. HENRYATKINSON, of that city, merchant, second son of HENRY ATKINSON, Esq., solicitor, of Whitehaven, to ALICE, daughter of JOSEPH WEBSTER, Esq., Montreal.

BAINES - HORNBY. - At Beetham, on the 20th Feb. 1844, Mr JOHN BAINES, horse dealer, to Miss ANN HORNBY, both of Storth, near Milnthorpe.

BAILEY-WATSON, On the 3rd of July,1852 at Brigham, by the Rev. C. H. WYBERGH, vicar of Isell, Mr. Thomas BAILEY, bookseller, Cockermouth, to Mary, eldest daughter of John WATSON, esq., of Mosser.

BAILLIE- DOUGLAS. - On the 20th Dec. 1855, at St. Mary’s, Bryanston-square, by the Rev. George MURRAY, rector of Hand-worth, and rural dean, Evan H. BAILLIE, Esq., of Glocester-place, Portman-square, to Emma, widow of the late Lt.-Colonel BAILLIE, of the Bombay Army, and the youngest daughter of the late Major-General Sir William DOUGLAS, L. C. H., of Timperdean, Roxboroughshire.

BAIRD-PORTER, At Egremont Parish Church, 23rd March 1884, Mr. W.O. BAIRD, eldest son of Mr. Baird, Park House, to Miss PORTER, second daughter of the late Mr. W. Porter, Egremont.

BAKER-PHELPS-At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 10th Nov. 1844, by licence, by the REV. H. GOUGH, LIEUT. VASHON BAKER, R.N., of Leintwardine, Hereford, to HESTER PHELPS, of Littleton, Gloucestershire.

BANKS-EDGAR- At the Parish Church, Workington, on the 15th Sept. 1844, by the Rev. J. HETHERINGTON, A.M., Mr. WILLIAM BANKS, painter, to MRS. MARY EDGAR.

BANKS - EVE - On the 20th Dedc. 1882, at the Register Office, Cockermouth, Mr. John HAYTON-BANKS, Maryport, to Mrs. Elizabeth EVE, Fothergill, Flimby.

BANKS-HOWE, At All Saints Church, Cockermouth, on Saturday, January 23rd, by the Rev.J. Higgs, Gilbert Leslie, second son of Mr. and Mrs. T.G.Banks, 10 Castlegate, Cockermouth, to Georgina Helene, second daughter of the late George Howe and Mrs. Simpson, 32, Diggle Road, Long Sowerby, Carlisle.

BARBER-HUDDLESTONE, Apr. 1812 Mr. JOHN BARBER, of Longlands, Nr. Cartmel. To Miss HUDDLESTONE, daughter of Mr. T. HUDDLESTONE, of Milnthorpe.

BARKER - KAY - On the 10th Oct 1903. by the Rev. HAROLD FIRTH, MA, J.W. BARKER of Bradford, to SARAH ROBINSON, youngest daughter of the late CAPT. JOHN KAY of Maryport

BARKER - SMITH. - On the 1st July, 1882, at Christ Church, Silloth, by the REV. SEPTIMUS HOBERT, M.A., HENRY LINDSAY BARKER, Sillloth, to MARY, youngest daughter of the late CHARLES SMITH, Esq., of Cockermouth.

BARNES. - HEWITSON. - At Wigton on the 25th Dec. 1855 Mr. Alexander BARNES, weaver, Longmoor to Miss. Elizabeth HEWITSON.

BARNES-McBRIDE- MR. ELIJAH BARNES, to MRS. J. MCBRIDE, itinerant merchants.Oct. 1844

BARNES - PARKINSON. -At Crosscanonby, on the 27th, May, 1843, Mr. Thomas BARNES, joiner to Miss. Arabella PARKINSON, both of Maryport.

BARNES-SLOAN, Thomas to Elizabeth, 14th November 1857, Parish Church of Aspatria

BARNFATHER-HODGE- At Orton, in this county, on the 8th Feb.1812 Mr. Thos. BARNFATHER, to MissMary HODGE, of Orton Rig.

BARWISE. - WHARTON. - On the 15th Dec. 1855, at the Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, Liverpool, by the Rev. D. ANDERSON, Hetherington, youngest son of the late John BARWISE, Esq., of Everton, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Lieut. W. W. WHARTON, R. N.

BEATTIE - GRAVE - On the 23rdSept.1869 at St. Mary's Chapel, Maryport, Mr. Daniel Beattie, to Miss Nancy Dixon Grave, both of Maryport.

BEATTIE-PATON- On the 23 rd June 1898 St. Mary's Church, Edinburgh,Dr J.C BEATTIE to Bessie PATON, third daughter of Mr William Paton, uperintendent of the Waverley Station, Edinburgh.

BEATTY-RODDICK-At Arthuret Church, on Friday, the 10th May 1844, by the Rev. W. GRAHAM, rector of Arthuret and Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, Mr. William BEATY, schoolmaster, Longtown, to Miss Mary RODDICK, of the same place.

BEAUCLERK-DILLEN- June 1813, at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, the Right Hon, Lord Frederick BEAUCLERK [?], to Elizabeth, daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount DILLEN.

BEAUMONT-MITCHINSON.- On the 11th Sept.1909, at All Saints', West Dulwich, by the Rev. James BEEBY, Chevalier Worby BEAUMONT, A.R.I.B.A., elder son of W.Worby BEAUMONT, to Sarah Agnes, second daughter of William MITCHINSON, of Kirkbride, Cumberland.

BELL-BEATTIEMR. WILLIAM BELL, of Wigton, colour mixer, to MISS JANE BEATTIE, of Union-street, Botchergate, Nov. 9, 1844

BELL-IRVING, On the 20th Nove. 1879, at St. Mary's Church, Wreay, Joseph, son of Thomas BELL of Cotehill, to Mary Jane, daughter of Andrew IRVING, Wreay.

BELLAS - DOWTHWAITE. - On the 29th June 1882, at St. John's-in-the-Vale, MR. JOHN BELLAS, Causeway Foot, to SARAH, daughter of MR. JOHN DOWTHWAITE, of The Green, St. John's-in-the-Vale.

BELLGRAVE-GOWER - 16th Sept, 1819. at Trentham, Staffordshire, Lord Viscount BELGRAVE, eldest son of Earl Grosvenor, to Lady Elizabeth Mary Leveson GOWER, youngest daughter of the Marquis of Stafford.

BENNETT-McCLELLAN, Rev E C BENNETT, of Cockermouth, fourth son of the late Mr W Garrett Bennett, Manchester, was married to Miss S McCLELLAN, Egremont.June 1895

BENSON-JOHNSTON, John BENSON - born 07/02/1806 - christened 22/05/1806 - married Margaret JOHNSTON 06/1938 in Liverpool.

BENSON-FLETCHER, THOMAS BENSON & MARGARET FLETCHER. Married 22/10/1805 in Bridekirk by Banns.

BENSON-McKEE-On the 27th March 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, JOSEPH BENSON, of Parton, to RUTH McKEE, of Whitehaven.

BENSON-TINKLER-On the 27th Sept. 1819,at Kirkham, Mr. John BENSON, of Half Penny Hall, Freckleton, a sprightly youth of 63, to Miss. Agnes TINKLER, aged 22.

BERRY-GORDON. On the 7th March 1882, at the register office, Whitehaven, Mr Richard BERRY, hawker, to Miss Mary GORDON, both of Whitehaven.

BESWICK- de Deus, June 1813 At Lisbon, Mr Samuel BESWICK, late of Lanchester, to Senhora Pelagio de Madre de Deus of Senza.

BEWSHER - SHEPHERD. On the 13th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Ennerdale, MR. THOMPSON BEWSHER, Scales Farm, Embleton, to MISS FRANCIS SHEPHERD, Moor End, Ennerdale.

BLACKBURN-LINDSAY, Ann Jane LINDSAY was married to Mr Geo. BLACKBURN. Both are representatives of old and esteemed families inArlecdon. The ceremony which took place at St Paul's Church, Frizington Sept. 1903

BLACKBURN-LOMAS At Stowell Church, Salford, on the 12th Sept. 1903, by Rev Arthur BOTTERILL, James, son of James LOMAS, Maryport to Annie Mary, daughter of Mrs BELL, Cross Keys Inn, King Street, Maryport.

BLAIN-HODGSON, On the 24th November 1879 at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Thomas Blain, railway clerk to Priscilla Hodgson, both of Maryport.

BLAIR-LECKENBY-on the 14th Dec. 1844, MR. GEORGE BLAIR, of Union-street, whip maker, to MISS SARAHLECKENBY, of Botchergate

BOADLE-MAXTON, At the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, on 5th April 1932, by the Rev Thomas BLACKWOOD, Archie BOADLE, Westend Farm, Flimby, Maryport, to Mary McNISH, daughter of Mrs MAXTON, Rhynd Farm, Braco, Perthshire.

BOADLE-MAXTON, At the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, on 5th April 1932, by the Rev Thomas BLACKWOOD, Archie BOADLE, Westend Farm, Flimby, Maryport, to Mary McNISH, daughter of Mrs MAXTON, Rhynd Farm, Braco, Perthshire.

BOADLE-ELLWOODJun 29th 1889 - James BOADLE aged 27, Bachelor and Farmer of All Saints, Cockermouth - father Chambers Boadle (dec.) - Farmer and Sarah Jane ELLWOOD aged 29, Spinster of All Saints, Cockermouth -father John Ellwood - Drayman. Witnessed by James Ellwood and Mary Jane Boadle.

BOOTHBY- NISBETT -on the 15th Oct. 1844, SIR WILLIAM BOOTHBY,Bart, comptroller of customs, to MRS. LOUISA CRANSTOUN NISBETT, thecelebrated actress.

BONE-FLETCHER, Robert Bone of Sella Fields a Farmer married on Jan 11, 1783 St. James Whitehaven, Cumberland England Ann Fletcher

BORROWSCALE-PAPE. At Christ Church, Cockermouth 13th June 1884, by licence, by the Rev M. H. FISHER, Robert, eldest son of Mr Joseph BORROWSCALE, Cockermouth, to Mary Ellen, second daughter of the late Mr Thomas PAPE, London.

BOUCH-HAYSTON-At St. Kentigern's Church, Aspatria, November 25th 1920, by the Rev. T. Hackworth, William, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Jonathan Bouch, of Pringle, to Martha Evelyn,only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hayston, 10, Brough Street, Aspatria.

BOUSFIELD-HARKER, James married Agnes on 8-29-1790 in Kirby Stephen

BOUSFIELD-HARKER, Matthew married Isabella married on 10-31-1821 in Kirby Stephen

BOWE - SWINBURN - On the 23rd Sept.1869 at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, Mr. Joseph Bow, Cockermouth , eldest son of Mr. C. Bowe, Kirkhouse, Setmurthy, to Lizzie, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Swinburn, Millbeck Hall, Keswick

BOWES-FISHER, married 23 Oct 1771, was residing at Millom Castle

BOWSTEAD-DIXON On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Dearham Parish Church MR JONATHON OSTLE BOWSTEAD of Dearham to MISS JANE DIXON of Maryport

BOYLE-ROBARDS- At London, at St. George's Church, Hanover-square, on the 23rdOct. 1844, the HON. CAPT. ROBERT EDWARD BOYLE, second son of the EARL OF CORK AND ORRERY, to MISS GEORGINA ROBARTS, second daughter of MR. W. A. ROBARTS.

BRAGG - LIDDLE - St. Nicholas Whitehaven. Henry Bragg of this parish, bachelor, and Hannah Liddle of this parish, spinster, were married in this chapel by banns on 22nd day of September 1828. Witnesses were Martha Bragg and David Hick.

BRANTHWAITE - DAVIES. - On the 29th June 1882, at Arlecdon Church, by the REV. W.F. IVES, MR. J. BRANTHWAITE, The Beck, Lamplugh, to AGNES, youngestdaughter of the late JOSEPH DAVIES, of Brombrough, Cheshire, andgrand-daughter of HENRY BRAGG, Egremont.

BRAITHWAITE - MINTO, On the 31st May 1879. at Bensham Church, Robert, fifth son of Henry Braithwaite, Hall Flat, Irton, to Isabella Jamesins, daughter of Captain Minto, Gateshead.

BRAMWELL-CATHEY, Mr Alfred H. BRAMWELL and Miss Katie CATHEY were married at the Wesleyan Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev B.C. BARKER Sept. 1903

BRANTON-JOHNSTON, Henry John to Elizabeth, 12th November 1913, at Flimby.

BRETHERTON-SMITH-Sept. 1844, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Workington, by the Rev. FRANCIS WILLIAMS, PETER BRETHERTON, Esq. of Woodland Mount, Maghull, Lancashire, to MARY, eldest daughter of EDWARD SMITH, Esq., harbour-master, Workington.

BRINDLE-FLEMING- On the 1st January, 1877 at Broughton-in-Furness, by the Rev. F. A. MALLESON, M. A., vicar, Mr. Thomas BRINDLE, of Sea Cote Hotel, St. Bees, to Isabelle, daughter of the late Mr. James FLEMING, of Broughton-in-Furness.

BRIGGS-JACKSON--At St. John's Parish Church, Workington, on November 18th,1920 by special license, by the Rev. J. R. Croft, William, second son of Mr. William and the Mrs. BRIGGS, of Kingside Hill Farm, Abbeytown, and Emily Mary Victoria, fourth daughter of Clement and Dorothy JACKSON, 10 Devonshire Street, Workington.

BRIGGS - JACKSON - At Gilcrux, Nov. 1855, JOHN, eldest son of MR. WM. BRIGGS, farmer, Tallentire, to MARY, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN JACKSON, of Whitehaven.

BRISCO-COCHRANE, At St Andrew's Church, Thursby, on Saturday afternoon,the marriage took place of Miss Helen Mary BRISCO, eldest daughter of thelate Mr Robert George Brisco and of Mrs Brisco, Parton Heights, Wigton,and Mr William Frances COCHRANE, of Cochrane Ranch, Macleod, Canada, 13 July, 1895.

BRISCOE-WILKINSIN-On the 19th June, 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William BRISCOE, of Distington, to Mrs. Ann WILKINSON, Gosforth.

BROCKBANK-HINDE, July 1814, Mr. BROCKBANK, tobacconist, to Miss HINDE, daughter of Mr.Robert Hinde; all of Kendal.

BROCKBANK-HORTON-At the Friends' Meeting House, at Coalbrockdale on the 5thDec. 1844, MR.ELLWOOD BROCKBANK, of Carlisle, timber merchant, to ELIZABETH HORTON, of Prior Lee Hall, in the county of Salop.

BROCKBANK - PARKER - John Brockbank & Ruth (Herbert) Parker, November 5, 1850, Gosforth, Cumberland, England

BROCKBANK-POSTLETHWAITE, On the 1st December 1879, at Ulpha Church, George BROCKBANK, Kirkby, Ireleth, to Jane, daughter of the late Robert POSTLETHWAITE, Kirkby, Ireleth.

BROCKLEBANK-ABBOTT-On the 1st January 1877 at St. Mary's, Maryport, Mr. Fisher BROCKLEBANK, master mariner, Harrington to Mary, daughter of the late John ABBOTT.

BROCKLEBANK-FEARNLEY- On the 23rd December 1876 at the Parish Church, Preston, Mr. James BROCKLEBANK, of the Ironworks, Barrow, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Peter FEARNLEY.

BROCKLEBANK-MOSSOP.-On the 14th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Broughton-in-Furness, Mr Benjamin Brocklebank, to Miss Ellen Mossop, both of Drigg.

BRODRICK - MIDDLETON. - At VISCOUNT MIDDLETON's, Upper Brook-street, Londin, by special license, the REV. WM. J. BRODRICK, to the HON. HARRIET BRODRICK, third daughter of LORD MIDDLETON. April, 1829

BROUGH-JOHNSTON.-On the 29th Oct. 1869 at Browness, Cumberland, Mr. Pattinson BROUGH, Farmer, Fingland Rigg, to Hannah, second daughter of the late Mr. George JOHNSTON, of Fingland.

BROUGH-REGAN, On the 26th Nove. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, John BROUGH, master of the bargue William RITSON, to Mary Ann REGAN, both of Maryport.

BROWN-ELLIOT-At St. Mary's Chapel, Maryport, on Sunday, the 27th Oct, 1844,by the REV. J. HALLIFAX, MR. GEORGE BROWN, of Workington, to MRS.ELLIOT, of Mayrport.

BROWN-HODGSON, The Parish Church, Threkeld, 5th Nov.1884, by the Rev. J. BRUNSKILL, rector. Mr. Thomas BROWN of Caldbeck, to Miss. Mary HODGSON, Towngate, Threkeld.

BROWN-ROBINSON-Monday-fe'ennight, at Workington, Feb. 1812 Capt John BROWN, to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON, both of that place.

BROWNRIGG-IRVIN-Sunday fe'ennight,Feb. 1812 at Crosthwaite Church, Mr W. BROWNRIGG, to Miss IRVIN, daughter of Mr Thomas IRVIN, also Keswick

BRUCE - LIGHTFOOT. - On the 25th April, 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, George BRUCE to Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT, both of Egremont.

BRYDGES-BERESFORD-At Marylebone church,Apr. 1812 on Tuesday last, JOHN W. H. BRYDGES, Esq, of Worton Court, Kent, to the Right. Hon. Lady ISABELLA ANN BERESFORD, daughter of the late and sister of the present Marquis of Waterford.

BULLER-MACDONALD -At St. John-la-Sandoe, by the Rev. CHARLES LEE, Major-General Sir GEORGE BULLER, K.C.B., to HENRIETTA, youngest daughter of the late General Sir JOHN MACDONALD, G.C.B., Adjutant-General of the Forces. Oct. 1855.

BULLOCK-IRVEN.-At St. Michael's Parish Church, Workington, on the 9th Feb. 1903, by special licence, John Bullock,eldest son of the late James Bullock, to Emma, second daughter of the lateEdward Irven, Harbour Place, Workington.

BURN-PERRY-Feb. 1812, in Liverpool, Mr John BURN, to Miss PERRY, daughter of Capt. PERRY, of the Resolution, both of Parkgate.

BURNEY-SMITH, On the 29th Nov., 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William BURNEY, coalminer, to M. A. SMITH, Low Road.

BURNS~BIRTWELL - On the 1st Feb. 1923. at St. Clements Church, Urmston, by the Rev. E. H. Cooke, M.A., assisted by the Rev. C.O. Griffiths M.A., Alan Chamley BURNS, M. Sc. A.I.C. of Cairo, Egypt, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Burns, Fernacre Whitehaven, to Margery BIRTWELL third daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Birtwell, The Elms, Urmston

BURNYEAT-WHITESIDE On the 18th Sept 1879 at Lorton Church by the Rev. W.S.DAVIS ALFRED DALZELL son of WILLIAM BURNYEAT merchant Liverpool to MARY STEELE only daughter of RICHARD S WHITESIDE of Kirkfell House Lorton.

BURROW. - THEXTON. - At Heversham, on the 26th Feb. 1844, JOSEPH, son of Mr JAMES BURROW of Hill Top, Crosthwaite, to MARY, only daughter of Mr ROBERT THEXTON, of Thornthwaite

BURTON - ARMSTRONG - On the 28th Nov. 1882, at St. John's Church, Hensingham, by the Rev. W. H. WILKINSON, Walter LITTLEDALE, youngest son of the late Robert BURTON, Whitehaven to Mary Jane (Pollie) only daughter of the late Tom ARMSTRONG of Hensingham.

BUTLER-RAWLINSON -On the 9th Oct. 1855, at St. Mark's, Myddleton Square, London, Mr. JOHN BUTLER, of Winder Hall, Cartmel, to MARGARET, only daughter of the late ROWLAND RAWLINSON, Esq., Flookburgh, Cartmel, Lancashire.

CAIN-MAYWELL at Glasgow,July 1814 Mr. Henry CAIN, being the 6th time he has been married, aged 84, to Mrs. MAYWELL, of Clark's Bridge, aged 66, being the 9th time of her joining in wedlock ! ! !

CALVERT-MOUNSEY, Raisley m. Dorothy in Novermber 1768 in Greystoke.

CAMPBELL - NICHOLSON - On the 16th February, 1897 at the Register-office, Whitehaven, William Robert Andrew CAMPBELL, to Emma NICHOLSON, both of Whitehaven.

CANNELL-GRAHAM- At Grinsdale Church, on the 10th Sept. 1844, by the Rev. J. WILSON, Mr. CANNELL, of Carlisle, to MISS GRAHAM, of Grinsdale.

CARR-M'GRATTAN, At Presbyterian Church, High Street, Whitehaven, 4th Nov.1884, Mr. Willaim CARR, to Miss. Frances Ann M'GRATTAN both of Whitehaven.

CARINGTON - CONDER. - At St. Edward’s, Romford, on the 30th January 1880, by the Rev. G. F. PRICE, M. A., Vicar. Richard Carington Smith CARINGTON, of Blea Beck, Hallow, Worcester, younger son of Richard Smith CARINGTON, of Barbourne House, Worcester, to Alice Susanna, only daughter of Edward CONDER, of Elm Jurst, Romford, and Terry Bank, Old Town, Lonsdale, Westmorland.

CARRUTHERS-BELL, Thomas m. Sarah  on December 29, 1808 (place unkwn)

CARRUTHERS-BULMAN On the 18th Sept. 1879 at St James Church Carlisle MR J CARRUTHERS to ELIZABETH BULMAN both of Carlisle.

CARRUTHERS-EDMONDSON, Richard m. Jane on on May 14, 1776, in Irthington

CARRUTHERS-FAINT, Richard m. Mary (bn.May 22, 1816 in Westmoreland) on October 1, 1838 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

CASSON-JENKINSON, On the 29th November, 1879, at St. Ann's Church, Thwaites, Joseph CASSON, Wholepippin, Whicham, to Tamar, youngest daughter of John JENKINSON, farmer, Bankhouse, Thwaites.

CAWDWELL-ASHMORE- 31stAug. 1819, at Bawtry, Mr Joshua Cawdwell to Miss ASHMORE. This is the fifth time the bridegroom has entered into the holy state of Matrimony

CHARLTON-FERGUSON-At Middlesbrough, on November 13th, 1920 James Arthur, younger son of Mr.and Mrs. Charlton, 45, Langley Avenue, Thornaby-on-Tees, to Maria, younger daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. Ferguson, 1, Challoner Street, Cockermouth

CHIPPING - SPEIGHT. - at Kirkby Lonsdale, MR. THOMAS CHIPPING, tanner, to MRS. ANN SPEIGHT. NOV. 1844

CHORLEY-JACKSON-at Lancaster, William CHORLEY, Esq. of Bolton-le-Sands to Miss Mary JACKSON of Lancaster. Nov. 1819

CLARK - GRAVES - At St. Mary's Parish Church, Wigton, on January 12th 1882, Thomas, son of the late James and Sarah Clark, Cockermouth, to Jane, daughter of the late Samuel and Mary Graves, Wigton. Present address: 80 St. Helen's Street, Cockermouth

CLARK- PHILLIPSON, Joseph CLARK wed Frances PHILLIPSON in Alston in 1832.

CLARK-THOMPSON-At Barton Church, on the 12th Sept. 1844, Mr. JAMES CLARK, of Widewath, to MARGARET, the youngest daughter of Mr. JOSEPH THOMPSON, of Seat.

CLARKE-CLEMENTSON, Feb. 1812, at Moresby, (by the Rev. M. NICHOLSON) Capt. CLARKE, of Maryport, to Miss CLEMENTSON, daughter of Mr. Wilfrid CLEMENTSON, of Parton.

CLARKE--CRAWLEY.--On the 10 Oct. 1869at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. John CLARKE, labourer, to Miss Jane Ann CRAWLEY, both of Whitehaven.

CLAYTON~FARRIES - On the 31st of January, 1923 at the Presbyterian Church by the Rev. J.V. McNeil, Edmund H. CLAYON youngest son of Mrs. J. Clayton, Hilton House, Seesay, Yorks, to Violet Isabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. FARRIES Bransty Farm Whitehaven

CLAYTON - FLETCHER - At St. John's Church, Workington, on Weds. 14th Oct. 1903, by the REV. A.A. FfOSTER, Mr. H.B.CLAYTON, of Seaton, to Miss ISABELLA FLETCHER of Workington

CLUCAS-HALCROW on the 21st Sept. 1879 inst at the Register Office Whitehaven MR T R CLUCAS baker to MISS F E HALCROW both of Cleator Moor

COADE-SMITH: On the 12th Apr. 1882, at St. George's Church, Barrow-in-Furness, by the Rev. A.B. CROSSE, M.A., vicar, Samuel, only son of S. COADE, Esq., Redruth, Cornwall, to Annie Tyson, third surviving daughter of the late Mr. Charles SMITH, Kell Bank, Gosforth.

COCKTON-WILLIAMSON-10 November 1849, after banns, George Cockton, miller of Harrington, father William Cockton, and Jane Williamson, full age, spinster of Harrington, father Nicholas Williamson, in the presence of John Williamson and Sarah Cockton.

COLLIN-TAYLOR, George COLLIN married Hannah TAYLOR on 21.2.1852 at St Cuthberts, Carlisle by Supt Registrars Certificate.

COOK - MCCOLL - At the Royal hotel Edinburgh, 30 the Dec. by the Rev. R.R. Fisher M.M.M.A, John Porter Cook, M.R.C.V.S, Market Weighton, Yorks.,and of Annfeld, Ccockermouth, to Catherine McColl, M.A. , 28, Charles Street,Inverness.

COCHRANE-BRISCO, Miss Helen Mary BRISCO, eldest daughter of the late Mr Robert George Brisco and of Mrs Brisco, Parton Heights, Wigton, and Mr William Frances COCHRANE, of Cochrane Ranch, Macleod, Canada, second son of the Hon. M H Cochrane, Senator, of Hillburst, Quebec, Canada. June 1895

COLVIN - HODGSON. - At the Register Office, Whitehaven on the 27th January, 1880, Mr. John COLVIN to Mrs. Mary HODGSON, both of Parton.

COMBERMERE- GREVILLE 21st June, 1814. the Right Honourable General Lord COMBERMERE, to Miss GREVILLE, niece to Lady CROWE.

CONKEY - STEELE - Robert Conkey & Ann Steele, December 25, 1860, Egremont, Cumberland, England

CONLEY - KENDALL. - At the Register Office, Cockermouth, on the 25th January, 1880, Mr. William CONLEY to Miss. Dinah KENDALL, both of Workington.

COOKSON-ELTON, 1st of February,1812 at Clifton, Joseph COOKSON, Esq. son of Isaac Cookson, Esq. to Elizabeth, daughter of William ELTON, Esq. of Clifton Wood.

CORKHILL-KNOWLES - On the 31st Jan. 1902 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Anthony CORKHILL to Miss Ann KNOWLES, both of Whitehaven.

CORKHILL - M'LAUGHLIN - On the 16th Feb. 1897 at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Thomas CORKHILL, to Mary Ann M'LAUGHLIN, both of Whitehaven.

COTTAM - KNOWLES - 0n the 15th Jan. 1920 at St Cuthberts Church, Seascale, by the Rev H. M. FAIRLIE, Joseph youngest son of the late William COTTAM, Seascale Hall to Ada, younger daughter of the late J. W. KNOWLES, Town End, Seascale.

COULTHARD-CALLOW-Sept. 1819, at Trinity, Mr Wm. COULTHARD, mate of the ship Richard Walker of Liverpool, to Miss CALLOW, of this town.

COULTHARD-STEPHENSON, MARRIED IN U.S.A.. - Mr. Tom Coulthard, formerly resided in East Road before going to U.S.A. was recently married at Long Beach, California, to Miss Elizabeth Stephenson.March 1930

COWARD - HAYES - At Hawkshead, on the 17th Nov. 1855, MR. WM. COWARD, Sawrey, to MISS AGNES HAYES, Ferry Hotel.

COWARD-PROCTOR.-At the Parish Church, Coniston, Mr Jackson Coward, to Miss Alice Proctor, both of Coniston. Oct. 1879

COWPERTHWAITE - WALKER. At our Parish Church, since our last, MR. JOSEPH COWPERTHWAITE to MISS JANE WALKER, both of Barneside; and MR. GEORGE PARK to MISS ISABELLA HOLMES, both of this town. NOVEMBER 1844.

CRACOFT-INGILBY at Harrington,July 1814 in Lincolnshire, Robert CRACROFT, Esq., of Hackthorn, to Augusta, second daughter of Sir John INGILBY, Bart. of Ripley Park, Yorkshire.

CRAIG-RUDD- At St Michael's Church, Isel, on Thursday, November 5th 1931 by the Rev.C.W. WAKEFIELD. Thomas W Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig, High Farm,Blindcrake, to Rachel Ann (Nan) Rudd, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudd, Croft House, Blindcrake.

CRANKE-PARKER.-On the 29th Oct. 1879, at St Mary's Church, Whitbeck, by the Rev Joseph WATSON, Mr Henry Cranke, farmer, Kirksanton, Millom, to Jane, daughter of Mr Anthony Parker, farmer, Holmgate, Whitbeck.

CRONE-HARRISON.-On the 21st Oct,1879, at St James's Church, Carlisle, Mr Richard Crone to Miss Isabel Harrison, both of Carlisle.

CROSTHWAITE-BOWMAN- at Cockermouth, Mr CROSTHWAITE, of Liverpool, to Miss Elizabeth BOWMAN, of the former place. Sept. 1819.

CUBBY-DIXON.-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Wigton, Mr John Cubby, compositor, to Miss Mary Dixon, both of Wigton.

CURWEN-ARMSTRONG on 3rd March 1890 at the register office Wilkinson Curwen coal miner to Margaret Armstrong both of Great Clifton

CURWEN - JAMES - At St. Botolph’s Church, Redgrave, Suffolk, on the 3rd Feb. 1880, by the Rev. T. D. H. WILSON, Rector, assisted by the Rev. J. D. PARAMORE, John CURWEN, third son of the late Major-General POTTINGER, C. B., of Mount Pottinger, County Leitrim, to Hannah Katherine, fourth daughter of the late W. E. JAMES, Esq., of Barrock Park, Cumberland.


DAKIN-ARMSTRONG-On the 21st June 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Jonathan DAKIN to Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Cleator Moor.

DALGLEISH-TEMPLETON On the 13th Sept, 1879 at St Johns Church Carlisle WILLIAM son of MR THOMAS DAGLEISH to JANE daughter of MR JOHN TEMPLETON both of Carlisle.

DALTON-PEACOCK, at Penrith, Mr John DALTON to Miss Ja*** PEACOCK, Both of that place. Sept. 1819

DALLZELL-BURNYEAT-At Hensingham, Dec. 1844, MR. JOHN DALLZELL, butcher of Whitehaven, to ESTHER, Second daughter of the late MR. JOHN BURNYEAT, butcher, Chapel Street.

DALSTON - FINLINSON - At St. Cuthberts Church on the 11th July 1844 Mr. Thomas DALSTON to Miss. Mary FINLINSON, both of Botchergate.

DAND-HEWETSON-Jana Dand married Josephus Hewetson on 24 May 1696 at Wigton.

DANIEL-BROWN, At Julian City, California, U. S. A., 2nd Oct.1884, Mr. Henry DANIEL, formerly of Moor Row, to Miss. Mary Jane BROWN, eldest daughter of Mr. John BROWN of Moor Row.

DANSON-MYERS at Heversham,April 1812 Mr. W. DANSON of Gressingham, to Miss MYERS, daughter of Mr. T. MYERS, of Milnsthorpe, millwright.

D'ARCY-WHITTAKER - On the 15th Oct. 1855, at the Cathedral, Manchester, by the Rev. R. BUXTON, WILLIAM BAGOT D'ARCY, Esq., 6th Royal Lancashire Militia, son of the late JOHN D'ARCY, Esq., D.L., of Clifden Castle, and Kiltulla House, county Galway, to HANNAH, eldest daughter of the late ROBERT WHITTAKER, Esq., of Hurst, Ashton-under-Lyne.

DARGAVEL - MESSENGER.  At West Seaton Church, November 20th, (by licence) by the Rev. F. Ogden, Robert, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dargavel, to Isabella, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Messenger, Barepot,

DAVY-APREECE-April 1812, by special licence, Sir HUMPHREY DAVY, toMrs. APREECE. The ceremoney was performed in her mother's house, in Portland Place, by the Lord Bishop of Carlisle.

DAVIDSON - ATKINSON.  Philip Davidson married Margaret (Peggy) Atkinson 10 Nov 1844 in Castle Carrock, Cumberland, Eng. Philip was born in Irthington 4 Mar 1822; father's name George. Margaret/Peggy was born in Castle Carrock about June 1824; father's name Christopher.

DAVIDSON-M’CORMICK on the 19th Oct. 1844, MR. JAMES DAVIDSON, Damside, to MISS JANE M'CORMICK,English-street

DAVIDSON - ROBSON. Isaac Davidson, age 21 years, Bachelor, Coalminer, Fletchertown, married Annie Robson, 21 years Spinsers, resided Aspatria, father Andrew Robson, Coalminer. Witnesses Crosthwait Davidson (possible brother) and Jane Robson (sister or aunt?). They were married in the Register Office in the District of Wigton on18 Oct 1884.

DAVIDSON-STEPHENSON.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Carlisle, Mr John Davidson, Carlisle, to Miss Ann Stephenson, Warwick Bridge.

DAVY-CARRUTHERS, 20th July 1814. at Addle, (by the Rev. George LEWTHWAITE)Lieutenant-Colonel DAVY, to Mrs. CARRUTHERS, of Arlington-hall, Yorkshire

DAYSON-MILBURN. At Ivegill Church, on the 26th January, 1882 (by license) by Rev. Canon Phillip, John Dayson, Home Hill Lodge. Dalston, to Jane Milburn, Bekfoot, Dalston. Present address; Beck Cottages, Skinner Street, Cockermouth. Late of Woodhall Lodge, Cockermouth.

DENT - BRAITHWAITE._ At Clifton Parish Church, on Sunday, April 26th,1931 Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs T. Dent, of Great Clifton, to Muriel Dorothy, daughter of the late Henry Braithwaite, of Bridgefoot.

DEVON - PARR - On the 5th January 1902 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Nicholas DEVON, to Miss. Mary PARR, both of Whitehaven.

DIXON-AKETT, On the 23rd January, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William DIXON to Ann AKETT, both of Whitehaven.

DIXON-GIBSON-Nov. 1819, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas DICKSON, to Miss. Margaret GIBSON.

DIXON-MOORE, At St. Philemon's Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 23rd Oct,1884 Mr. Thomas DIXON to Miss. Annie MOORE, both of Liverpool but formerly of Cockermouth.

DIXON-NULTY-On the 9th June 1897, at the Methodist Free Church, Whitehaven, Isaac DIXON, Moor Row, to Fannie NULTY, Cleator Moor.

DOBINSON-GIBSON- At St. Mary's Church, on the 17th Oct. 1844, MR. THOMAS DOBINSON to MISS JANE GIBSON, both of Cummersdale;

DOBSON-BULMAN, Thomas DOBSON and Mary BULMAN m. 25 JUL 1808 in Caldbeck, Cumberland.

DOCKERAY- STODDERT - at Carlisle, Mr Robert DOCKERAY, to Miss Bridget STODDERT. Sept. 1819.

DOCKERTY-BRYAN.-On the 27th Sept.1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. Matthew DOCKERTY, coalminer, to Miss. Ann BRYAN, both of West-strand, Whitehaven.

DODGSON-NORMAN, At the parish church of Beaumont and Kirkandrews-on-Eden, near Carlisle, on the 12th Oct. 1847, by the Rev. W. BENN, B.A., rector, the Rev. Isaac DODGSON, M.A., of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and incumbent of Lanercost Abbey and Upper Denton, Cumberland, to MArgaret, second surviving daughter of Robert NORMAN, Esq., of Kirkandrews-on-Eden.

DONALD-ARMSTRONG- 19th Sept. 1819. At the same place, Mr Wm. DONALD, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG.

DORAN - M'DONALD - On the 25th April, 1897 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, James DORAN to Elizabeth M'DONALD, both of Whitehaven.

DOUGLAS-HARTLEY-On the 28th December 1876, St. Mary's Church, Harrington, Mr. Hugh DOUGLAS, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. John HARTLEY, both of Harrington.

DOUGLAS-OSTLE-JOHN DOUGLAS, police officer, to Miss Ann OSTLE, dressmaker, youngest daughter of MR. Henry OSTLE, of Greysouthen. Nov. 1844

DOUGLAS-PROUD, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. William DOUGLAS, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, to Miss Ellen PROUD, Cockermouth.

DOUGLAS-STAINTON.At the Evangelical Union Church, Carlisle, 3rd June 1884, by Rev J. McILDOWIE(?), Robert DOUGLAS, gardener, Whitehaven, to Margaret STAINTON, Carlisle.

DOUTHWAITE-FOX-At Welton Church, Sebergham, on November 24th Nov. 1920 by the Rev. R. P. H. Malim,Joseph youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Douthwaite, Borrans Hill, Welton,to Mary A. L. Fox daughter of the late Wm. and Mary Ann Fox, formerly of Mealsgate.

DRYDEN-LAMB, Alexander m. Margaret on 7th January 1834 in St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle

DUNCAN - SALKELD. - On the 26th June 1882, at St. John's Church,Newcastle-on-Tyne, MR. PHILLIP DUNCAN, to ISBELLA MARY SALKELD, daughter of the late THOMAS SALKELD, of Workington.

DUPRE-TROLLOPE, Apr. 1812, in Lincolnshire, Corporal DUPRE, to

Miss N. TROLLOPE, with a fortune of 12,000L. Miss T. fell in love with him while he was on parade with the soldiers; the next morning, she communicated her sentiments to him, which he joyfully accepted, and on the following day he led her to the altar of Hymen

EDGAR-FULTON, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. John EDGAR,miner, Mealsgate, to Miss Elizabeth FULTON, Cockermouth.

EDGAR-PAUL, August 11th, 1904 at Brunswick Wesleyan Church, Liverpool by the Rev. WJ Baker, John Drape, son of the late Captain and Joseph Edgar of Maryport to Mary (Lily) daughter of the late Alfred Paul of Liverpool.

EDWARD - FOWLER - At the Parish Church, Corsham, Wilts, on the 10th Feb. 1880, by the Rev. Mandell CREIGHTON, Vicar of Emblenton, Northumberland, assisted by the Rev. George LINTON, Vicar of Corsham, Alfred EDWARD, eldest son of Joseph WHITWELL PEASE, Esq., M.P., of Hutton Hall, Gisborough, Yorkshire, to Helen Ann, third daughter of Robert Nicholas FOWLER, Esq., Alderman, of Cornhill, and of Gastard, Corsham.


EDWARDS - DAWSON. - , at Lancaster, the REV. EDWARD EDWARDS, of Marsden, near Huddersfield, to SOPHIA, second daughter of the late JOHN DAWSON, Est., of
Aldcliffe Hall. April, 1829


EIFFE- CLAYTON -At Dacre, Cumberland, on the 12th Sept. 1844, J.S. Eiffe, Esq. F.R.A.S., M.R.I.A., to CHARLOTTE CLAYTON, eldest child of the late JOHN GARNETT, Esq., of Penrith, in the same county.

EILBECK-KIRKBRIDE, LIZZIE KIRKBRIDE, youngest daughter of MRS. KIRKBRIDE, Globe Inn, Hensingham, was married to MR. ROBERT EILBECK, Hensingham. March 1903.


ELLIS - WHALLEY - On the 26th Nov. 1882 at the Parish Church, Cleator, by the Rev. G. B. ARMES, Mr. Robert ELLIS, overman at Cleator Mill to Miss. Mary WHALLEY of Cleator.

ELLWOOD-COCKBAIN, At St John's Church, Uldale on the 5th by the Rev J C CANTLOW, Vicar, John BARBER, only son of Mr and Mrs ELLWOOD, Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite, Keswick, to Mabel, youngest daughter of Mrs COCKBAIN, Low Mill, Troutbeck, Penrith. April 1930

ENGLAND-WILSON- At Walcot Church, Bath., on the 22nd Oct. 1844, COLONEL SIR RICHARD ENGLAND,K.C.B., Commander of the 41st Regiment, to THEODOSIA, daughter of RICHARD FOUNTAYNE WILSON, Esq., of Melton, Yorkshire.

ENGLISH - HARDY. - In Charlotte Street Church, in this city on the 31st January, 1880 by the Rev. W. A. WRIGLEY, Thomas Charles ENGLISH, Kendal Street, to Elizabeth HARDY, of Wetheral Street, Carlisle.


EWBANK – GERRANS, John Ewbank, second son of Mr Joseph Ewbank, Yeathouse Road, and Miss Lily Gerrans, third daughter of the late Mr Joseph Gerrans, Kimberley. August 1903.

FALLOWFIELD-WEAVER- On the 1st Feb. 1902, at St Begh's Church, Coach Road, Whitehaven Thomas FALLOWFIELD to Miss Margaret WEAVER, both of Whitehaven.

FALONA - FITZSIMONS. - On the 28th Apr. 1897, at the Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. THOS. PATRICK FALONA, Consett, to MISS ELLEN FITZSIMONS, Whitehaven.

FARMER - McDONALD - On the 27th May 1879. at Christ Church, Claughton, Birkenhead, by the Rev. W. H. F. Robson, Hon. Canon of Peterborough Cathedral assisted by the Rev. R. W. Britton, Henry Richard Farmer, of the Madras Civil Service, son of the late Rev. H. B. Farmer, rector of Donaghmore, Queen's County, to Margaret, fifth daughter of James Macdonald, Esq. of Ennerdale Lodge, Claughton.

FELL-HARRISON, Feb. 1812, at the Friend's Meeting-house, at Penketh, Mr Joseph FELL, of Warrington, to Miss HARRISON, daughter of Mr John HARRISON, of Liverpool, merchant.

FELL-JACKSON- Nov. 1844, Mr. John FELL, to Miss JACKSON, both of Blennerhasseett.

FELL-KENNEDY, On the 24th March 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, Walter James FELL, to Ann Williamson KENNEDY, both of Whitehaven.

FELL-THORNBURN- MR. JOSEPH FELL,farmer, of Park Lane, Cockermouth, to MISS ELIZABETH THORNBURN, of Southwaite; Oct. 1844

FERGUSON-BELL- At St Kentigern's Parish Church, Aspatria, on the 5th Nov 1931, by the Rev. A.H. HODSON, M.A., James F., youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.Ferguson, 1 Challoner Street, Cockermouth to Mildred, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Bell, 75, King Street, Aspatria.

FLEMING-STOREY-Holy Trinity Church, West Seaton, the wedding took place of Mr. Joshua Bowe FLEMING, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew FLEMING, of 7, Mountain View, Harrington, and Miss. Ethel STOREY, second daughter of Mr. amd Mrs. John STOREY, of North Side. April 1931

FINLINSON. - AITCHISON. - On the 26th Dec. 1855, Mr. W. FINLINSON, postmaster, to Mrs. Isabella AITCHISON, of St. Bees.

FISHER-BROCKLEBANK, Apr. 1812 at Trinity, (by the Rev. T. HARRISON, A.M.) Mr. WILSON FISHER , merchant, to Miss ANN BROCKLEBANK, second daughter of the late Mr. DANIEL BROCKLEBANK.

FISHER - RIDLEY. - At Defford, Worcestershire, on the 10thAug. 1898, by the Rev. Geo. SWINDEN, Mr. Will L. Fisher, formerly of Workington, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Matthew RIDLEY, Esq., engineer, Worcester

FLETCHER-FLETCHER- the 4th Nov. 1844, at Birkenhead, Cheshire, Mr. J. FLETCHER, of Lorton, to Miss. Hannah FLETCHER, late of Harrowhead, Netherwasdale.

FLETCHER-HOLLIDAY.—At St. Cuthbert's Church, Plumbland, on Monday, June 1st 1931, by the Rev. E. B.Formston, John, only son of Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Fletcher, High Street, Maryport, to Isabel Winifred, youngest daughter of the late W. M. Holliday, ArklebyHouse, and Mrs. Holliday, Green Hill, Arkleby

FORMBY-PEEL, the 16th June 1814., M. G. FORMBY, Esq. of Formby Hall, to Catharine,daughter of Jonathan PEEL, Esq. of Accrington. (Arlcedon?)

FORSTER-SPOTTISWOOD-At Arthuret Church, on the 14th Sept 1844, by the Rev. John WANNOP, curate, Mr. JOHN FORSTER, weaver, to MISS MARY SPOTTISWOOD, both of Longtown

FORSYTH-POSTLETWAITE, at Keswick St. John's Church, Hilda Postlethwaite, second daughter of Mr. J. W. and the late Mrs. Postlethwaite, 14, Blencathra Street, Keswick, and Mr. FrankForsyth, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Forsyth, Woolpack Hotel,Keswick Jan. 1932.

FORSYTH-SWAINSON.-On the 15th Oct. 1879, at St Peter's Church, Sawrey, Mr Thomas Forsyth, Windermere, to Miss Alice Swainson, of the Ferry Hotel.

FOSTER-BARNES October 6, 1855 at the Independent Chapel, Wigton, by the Rev. GEORGE YOUNG, Mr. ANDREW FOSTER, Bolton, to Miss MARGARET BARNES, Bolton.

FOX - DICKINSON. On the 17th Apr. 1897, at the Methodist Free Church,Whitehaven, THOMAS FOX, to HENRIETTA DICKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

FOX - HELLING. On the 17th June 1882, at Broughton-in-Furness, by the Rev F A MALLEASON, Mr William Fox, of Foxfield, to Miss Mary Helling, Broughton-in-Furness.

FRAZIER-TOPPIN-On Monday Nov. 1819, at St. James's, John FRAZIER, Mariner to Jane TOPPIN, Straw hat maker.

FRECKLETON-ROWLANDS - October 5, 1901, at the Presbyterian Church, Paddington, Sydney, N. S. W., Robert Freckleton, of Whitehaven, master mariner, to Annie, second daughter of John Rowlands, Esq., of Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.

FROST-EDKIN-At Tynemouth, by the REV. CHRISTOPHER REED, Vicar, MR. RALPH SHIPLEY FROST,to ELEANOR ANN [both of that parish], eldest daughter of BARWISE EDKIN,Esq., ship owner, Harrington. Oct. 1844

FULTON-GRAVES-At St. Bees, Mr. David FULTON, mariner, to Miss Agnesd GRAVES, both of Whitehaven, Oct. 1819

GAMBLES-BOWMAN-On the 1st January, 1877, at St. John's Church, Workington, by the Rev. J. J. THORNLEY, the vicar, John GAMBLES, of East Croft Harrington, to Annie, the fourth daughter of Thomas BOWMAN, Workington.

GARDNER-BROOME, On the 15th Nov. 1879, at Kirkby, Ireleth, James GARDNER, Dalton, to Eleanor BROOME, Kirkby Ireleth.

GARNER-KENNEDY-On the 6th Apr.1897, at the Wesleyan church, Whitehaven, Frederick GARNER, of Cleator Moor, to Mary Hayes KENNEDY, Whitehaven.

GARNETT-JACKSON, On the 9th Sept. 1879 at Kendal MT L GARNETT solicitor, Barrow-in-Furness to MISS FRANCIS SARAH JACKSON of Kendal.

GEORGE- FORSYTHE- On the 10th March, 1897. At the Congregational Church,Whitehaven, JOHN HERBERT GEORGE, Belfast, to MARY FORSYTHE, Parton.

GEORGE-MOON-At Whitcombe, near Bath, Mr. Robert GEORGE, aged 80, to Mrs. MOON, aged 52. Feb. 1812

GIBSON-WEAVER At St. John's Church, Chester, on the 11th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. W. B. MARSDEN, JAMES, only son of Mr. JAMES GIBSON, of Waterloo Terrace, Whitehaven, to ANNE WEAVER, step-daughter of Mr. CHIVAS, Queen's Park, Chester.

GILLBANKS-BATESMAN, On the 26th Nov. 1879, at St. Maurice's Church, York, Jacob GILLBANKS, Wythburn, near Keswick to Eliza BATESMAN, York.

GLAISTER-DUNGLISON, 18th May 1839 Robert GLAISTER, Cabinet Maker, Whitehaven Parish of St Bee's FatherJohn Glaister, Cabinet Maker. Jane DUNGLISON,Father: Joseph Dunglison. Stationer

GLENDINNING-HYSLOP.-On the 16th Oct 1879, at St Peter's Church, Liverpool, Mr Alexander Glendinning, Liverpool, to Meggie, daughter of Mr T R Hyslop, master, Workhouse, Brampton.

GORNALL-HAMILTON, On the 20th Nov. 1879 at Congregationl Church Penrith, Richard GORNALL, Blackburn to Mary, daughter of the late John HAMILTON, formerly of Fowler Syke Cottage, Penrith.

GORRIE-BANKS, Apr. 1812, Lately, Mr. RICHARD GORRIE, of Birknot, near Kearsden, aged 50 to Miss MARY BANKS, aged 16.

GORRY-CREER-On the 19th Jan. 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William Henry GORRY, to Clara Ann CREER, both of Whitehaven.

GRAHAM – CLAYTON At the Primitive Methodist Church, Cecil Street, Carlisle, on the 10th Sept. 1903, by the REV D McKINLEY, the REV IRVING GRAHAM, Middleham, to SARAH JANE CLAYTON of Carlisle.

GRAHAM-DIXON, At Wigton Parish Church. 3rd Nov. 1884, by the Rev. J. B. KAYSS, vicar. Robert GRAHAM, East Hense, Brigham, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Jonathan DIXON, Yeoman, Lesson Hall.

GRAHAM-DOWTHWAITE-At the Wesleyan Church, Keswick, on December 3rd,1930 by the Rev. S SWITHENBANK, Fredrick Joseph, son of the late Mr GRAHAM and of Mrs GRAHAM, Wythop Hall, to Hilda Margaret, only daughter of the late Mr DOWTHWAITE and of Mrs DOWTHWAITE, Thirlmere House, Stanger Street,Keswick.

GRAHAM-FELL-On the 35d January, 1877 at the Parish Church, Workington, Mr. John T. GRAHAM, of the Cumberland Union Bank, to Eleanor (Nellie), daughter of the late Mr. Jonathan FELL, shipbuilder, Workington.

GRAHAM – KEY, Betty KEY (fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. KEY, Beech Cottage, Tallantire), and Mr Spencer GRAHAM, youngest son of Mr and Mrs. GRAHAM, Clifton Hall, Clifton.Nov. 1920

GRAHAM-NEIL, George GRAHAM, eldest son of Mrs and the late Mr Daniel GRAHAM, of Netherton, was married to Miss Mary NEIL, daughter of Mrs and the late Mr George NEIL, of Hutton Place. April 1932

GRAHAM-HAILL, Mr William GRAHAM, Gentl. of KIRK St ANDREWS in CUMBERLAND. & Mrs Susan HAILL of BLAXHALL by a licence June 5th 1735.

GRAHAM - PLUMMER. - On the 30th June 1897, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Harrington, by Rev. William H. BRIGHT, Henry GRAHAM, joiner and builder to Alice PLUMMER, both of Harrington.

GRAHAM-STRONG-on the 12thNov. 1844, MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM, of How, in the parish of Hayton, husbandman, to MISS MARY ANN STRONG, of Ferguson's-lane

GRAHAM-WILSON, Mr. Wilson Graham, youngest son of Mr. Graham, farmer, Threapland, and Miss Wilson, elder daughter of Mr. Joseph Wilson, farmer, New Cowper.Feb. 1903

GRAVES - ADCOCKSept. 10th 1903 At St. Michael's Church, Isel, By the vicar, REV H. B. HAWKER, JOHN GRAVES, late of Mirkholme, to MARY HANNAH, second daughter of the late JOSEPH ADCOCK, of Blindcrake.

GRAVES-HETHERINGTON, Joseph to Mary, 4th April 1846 by Banns, at Aspatria.

GREEN - STABLE - On the 3rdSept. 1869. at Beaver County, Pennsylvania, U.S. of America, Mr. John Green, late of Cleator, Cumberland to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. David Stable, Whitehaven.

GREEN - SWIFT - At St. Mary's Church, on the 22 July 1844, Robert GREEN, private in the 43rd Regiment to Miss. Ann SWIFT.

GREEN-WILSON-On the 10th Sept. 1844, at Grasmere, by the Rev. E. JEFFERIES, M.A., Mr. WILLIAM GREEN, of Town End Cottage, to MISS WILSON, of Butterlip-how, Grasmere.

GREENOP-MILLIGAN, On the 22nd Nov. 1879 at Holy Trinity Church, Langdale, John GREENOP to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas MILLIGAN, Langdale.

GREIG - CARVEN. - On the 28th June 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, William GREIG, labourer, to Margaret CARVEN, both of Whitehaven.

GREGORY-MIDDLETON. - On the 3rd July, 1882, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, MR. JAMES GREGORY, quarryman, to MRS. JANE MIDDLETON, both of Whitehaven.

GREGORY-REVELY- At St. Bees, James Gregory (bach) married Margaret Revely (spinst)11 Aug 1793; Wit. JohnSmith & Thomas Welch

GRONOW-NORMAN-At St. Mary's Church, on the 19th Dec. 1844, WILLIAM LETTSOM GRONOW, Esq., of Christ's Church College, Oxford, eldest son of the REV. THOMAS GRONOW, of Brompton Square, Middlesex, and Court Herbert, Glamorganshire, South Wales, to CATHERINE ANNE, only daughter of the late WILLIAM NORMAN, Esq., of Carlisle.

GRINDALE-MACKLINSON-At Egremont, by the REV. W. H. LEECH, rector, MR. JOHN GRINDALE, tipman, to MISS ANN MACKLINSON. Oct. 1844

GUNNION. - IRVING. - Dec. 25, 1855, at St. John’s Church, Workington, by the Rev. W. JACKSON, M. A., Mr. Joseph GUNNION, shipwright, to Ann, daughter of the late Mr. William IRVING, clerk of the said church.

HAILE. - NOBLE. - At St. Bees Church, by the Rev. Mr. MIDDLETON, M. A., Tutor of Theological College, St. Bees, on the 23rd Dec. 1855, Mr. William HAILE, to Miss. Catherine NOBLE, both of Nethertown.


HAILEY-MORTON.At the Register Office, Whitehaven, 16th June 1884, Mr James HAILEY, sawyer, to Miss Kate MORTON, both of Whitehaven.

HALES-MURRAY: On the 11th Apr. 1882, at the Parish Church of Harrington, Mr John HALES, son of M. Jonathan HALES to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Robert MURRAY, both late of Whitehaven.

HALL - CRAWFORD. - On the 27th April, 1897 at the Register office, Whitehaven, Robert HALL to Mary Ann CRAWFORD, both of Distington.

HALL-DUGGAN-At Crosscanonby, on the 15th May, 1844, Robert Hall SANDERSON, Esq., to Mrs. Ann DUGGAN, widow, both of Maryport.

HALL-KIRKBRIDE, Charles m. Hannah on Oct.22,1811 at Distington,Cumberland. daughter of John Kirkbride and Jane Gaity

HALL-STODDART-On the 9th June, 1897 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, bu the Rev. C.  SWANNELL, Mr. William Henry HALL, of Kirkstead, Lincoln, to Miss. Mary STODDART, daughter of Councillor STODDART, of 10, Scotch Street, Whitehaven.

HALLEY - REAY. On the 17th April 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven,GEORGE MILLER HALLEY, Cleator Moor, to MARY REAY,


HAMILTON - BAIRD. - On the 2nd June 1897 at the congregational Church, Whitehaven, Thomas HAMILTON, Dalry, Ayrshire, to Jessie Macaulay BAIRD, Whitehaven.

HAMMOND-BARKER-July 1814at St. Nicholas's (by the Rev. A. HUDDLESTON, A.M.), Capt.Thomas HAMMOND, to Margaret, the youngest daughter of Mr. BARKER, merchant;all of this town.

HANNON-THOMPSON, July 1814 Mr. Brian HANNON, to Miss Jane THOMPSON.

HARKER - HASTINGS - At Holy Trinity Church, Whitehaven on the 29th January, 1880 by the Rev. Canon DALTON, Mr. Simon HARKER, reporter, to Miss. Lizzie HASTINGS, both of Whitehaven.


HARKNESS-MOORE - On the 4th January, 1902, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, John Fisher Harkness to Miss. Elizabeth Benn Moore, both of Whitehaven.

HARRISON - DODD. - At Torpenhow, March 1844 by the Rev. JOSEPH THEXTON, B.A., Mr J. HARRISON, Overgates, to Miss DODD, Bothel

HARRISON - THORNBORROW - At Grasmere, Nov. 1855, MR. WM. HARRISON, tailor, to MISS ELIZABETH THORNBORROW, of the Hollins Hotel, Grasmere

HARRISON-ROE-at Trinity, Mr Anthony HARRISON, to Miss Sarah ROE, of Catherine-street. Sept. 1819

HARRISON-WHEELWRIGHT, At Crosscannonby, July 1814, Mr. William HARRISON, sail maker, to Mrs Eleanor WHEELWRIGHT, widow.

HARVEY-BROWN, On the 7th of July,1852 at the Independent Chapel, Cockermouth, by the Rev. Wm. GORDON, of Workington, the Rev. Moses HARVEY, Presbyterian Minister of Maryport, to Sarah Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. Issac BROWN, of the former place.

HARVEY. - ERSKINE. - On the 18th Dec. 1855, at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Dalmahoyr by the Rev. H. AUBERY, Henry Lee HARVEY, Esq., second surviving son of the late Colonel HARVEY, of Castlesemple and Moatewald, to Lady Elizabeth ERSKINE, fourth daughter of the Right Hon. The Earl of Buchan.

HASSEL-WHITEHEAD-At Ormside, on the 20th Feb. 1812. (by the Rev. Wm. PHILLIPS, M. A.) Edward HASSEL, Esq. of Islemain, in this county, to Jane, elder daughter of the Rev. R. WHITEHEAD, of Ormside Lodge, Westmorland.

HASTINGS-YATES. On the 18th MARCH 1882, at the WesleyanMethodist Church, Whitehaven, Mr Samuel HASTINGS, railway clerk, to Miss Mary Ann YATES, both of Rowrah.

HAWKRIGG-PARKER, On the 19th Nov. 1879 at Windermere, Hugh HAWKRIGG of Castle, Sawrey, to Mary Jane PARKER of Cragg House, near Bowness.

HAYES. - PARKER. - At St. John’s Church, Keswick, by the Rev. T.D.H. BATTERSBY, incumbent, Dec. 1855, Mr. Robert HAYES, pencil maker, to Miss. Ruth PARKER, both of Keswick.

HAYST-WESTRY- at Harrington, Mr Wm HAYST mariner to Miss WESTRY both of that place. Sept, 1819

HEAPS-ATKINSON- John HEAPS (sp.), Esq., of Kew Green (sp.), near London, to Miss E. ATKINSON, of Lancaster.Nov. 1819

HEATHCOTE - ASKEW-at Holy Trinity Church, Mr. Thomas HEATHCOTE, youngest son of Mrs. HEATHCOTE, of Moss Bay, and the late Mr. HEATHCOTE, married Miss. Catherine ASKEW, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James ASKEW, North Side. Apr. 1931

HEDDLES - SCURR. - At Embleton Church, 4th inst. by the Rev J. Moorhouse, John, eldest son of Mr James Heddles, King Street, Maryport, to Eleanor Jane (Nelly), fifth daughter of Mrs Scurr, Embleton, and the late James Scurr, Maryport.

HENDERSON-ELLIS-At St. Mary's Church, on the 10th May 1844, Mr. Matthew HENDERSON, to Miss Mary ELLIS.

HENDERSON-STAMPER- at Workington, Mr Robert HENDERSON, Tailor, to Miss STAMPERSept. 1819.

HENRY-RIGG -At Boston, U.S., on the 22nd September1855, EVAN JAMES HENRY, barrister-at-law, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to LUCY, daughter of the late Mr. THOMAS RIGG, Mid Kelton, Kirkcudbrightshire.


HERBERT-LANCASTER, Daniel Herbert, youngest son of Mr & Mrs R.S. Watson, The Oaks, Gilcrux, and Anne (Annie), younger daughter of Mr & Mrs T. Lancaster, Park Road, Aspatria, took place at the Wesleyan Church, Aspatria, Nov. 1920.

HESKETH-IRVING, On the 29th Sept. 1869, at St. Michael's Church, Great Lever,near Bolton, by the Rev. J. S. MULCASTER, rector of Great Salkeld, assisted by the Rev. T. LOXHAM, James, second son of Thomas Manley HESKETH, Esq., Summerfield, near Bolton, to Nathalie Mary, daughter of William IRVING, Esq., Penrith.


HETHERINGTON-WALKER-At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 9thDec. 1844, MR. ROBERT HETHERINGTON, to MISS MARY WALKER, both of Burthwaite Lane

HEWITSON-BIRRELL, Jane Birrell married Joseph Hewitson at Wigton in 1824.

HEWITSON-ROUTLEDGE-At Gretna, Nov. 1819, Mr. Thomas HEWITSON, of Wigton, butcher, to Miss. Sarah ROUTLEDGE, of Jenkincross, near Wigton.

HEWETSON - YORK. - At Long Marston, on the 3rd February, 1880, by the Ven. The Archdeacon of York, assisted by the Rev. F. LAWRENCE, Rector of St. Mary’s, Castlegate, Richard HEWETSON, Esq., of York, and Ellergill, Westmorland, to Harriot, youngest daughter of the late Edward YORK, Esq., of Wighill Park.


HEWS-RICHARDSON, at Carlisle, Nov. 1819, Mr. Thomas HEWS, to Miss Margaret RICHARDSON.

HIGGIN-ARMSTRONG- The 20th June 1814. Mr. John HIGGIN, solicitor, to Miss Susannah ARMSTRONG, both of Lancaster.

HIGGIN-At Trinity Chapel, Whitehaven, by the REV. THOMAS DALTON, incumbent, MR.ROBERT HIGGIN, mariner, to MISS ELIZABETH MARGARET M'NULTY. Dec. 1844

HIGGINS - BRISCOE. - On the 2nd May, 1897 at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Harrington, William HIGGINS to Martha BRISCOE, both of Distington.

HIGGINS-M'KANNY, On the 17th Nov. 1879 at the Catholic Church, Duke-street, Barrow, Tom HIGGINS, to Mary Josephine M'KANNY, both of Barrow.

HILL-POWIS, On the 6th Oct. 1819, by special license, at Newham Paddocks, the seat of the Earl of Denbigh, Sir Francis Brian HILL, od Hawkstone, to Miss. POWIS, of Berwick House.


HINDE - THOMPSON. - On the 10th June 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the Rev R Bower, Mr Thomas Matthew Hinde, joiner, Bolton-le-Moors, to Miss Eleanor Thompson, Maryport.

HINDMOOR-BROWNRIGG, On the 22nd, Nov. 1879 at the Parish Church, Threlkeld, Thomas HINDMOOR to Ann BROWNRIGG, both of Threlkeld.

HODGSON-BARNES-On December 9th, 1880, at the Parish Church of Workington, by the late Rev. E.M.RICE, M.A., Thomas HODGSON and Elizabeth Christian BARNES. Present address: 12, Gray Street, Workington.

HODGSON-ELLWOOD- At Penrith, on the 12th May, 1844, Mr. Thomas HODGSON, farmer, to Miss Jane ELLWOOD, both of Penrith.

HODGSON-GRAHAM-At St. Mary's Church, Carlisle, on the 20th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. Wm. REES, Mr. WILLIAM HODGSON, of Crown Street, to Miss CATHERINE GRAHAM, of Byron Street.

HODGSON-HENDERSON.At St John;s Church, Carlisle, 19th June 1884, Mr Tom HODGSON, station master, Wigton, to Susannah, eldest surviving daughter of the late Mr James HENDERSON of Kirkland House, Wigton.

HODGSON-HOBSON, At Stanwix, Sept, 1819, Mr Thomas HODGSON of the firm HODGSON and BOWES, drapers in Carlisle, to Miss HOBSON of Stanwix.

HODGSON-HODGSON, The wedding of Miss Elsie Hodgson, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Hodgson, Thwaite Hill Cottage, Thornthwaite, and Mr. Thomas Hodgson, only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hodgson, Skiddaw View, Thornthwaite, took place at St.Mary's Church, Thornthwaite, Jan. 1932.

HODGSON-KIRKHAUGH-At Aspatria, on Nov. 1844, MR. WILLIAM HODGSON, to MISS KIRKHAUGH, only daughter of J. KIRKHAUGH, Esq., of that place.

HODGSON - LIGHTFOOT. - At Holy Trinity Church, Carlisle, on the 7th Aug. 1898, by the Rev. J. PROWDE, William, second son of the late John HODGSON, Liverpool, formerly of Hawes, to Dinah GARDNER, youngest daughter of Joseph LIGHTFOOT, Gilcrux.

HODGSON - MURRAY. - At St. Mary’s Church, Carlisle, on the 27th Dec. 1855, by the Rev. Wm. REES, Mr. Abraham HODGSON, Westgate Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Miss. Elizabeth MURRAY, Caledonian Terrace.


HODGSON-SANDHAM- At Dearham Parish Church on Monday, 2nd November, 1931, by the Rev. A. HAWORTH. Mr. H. Hodgson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hodgson, Fleming Street, Maryport, was married to Miss Sarah Isabella Sandham, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Sandham, Brow House, Dearham.

HODGSON-STEELE- On the 22nd May 1879, at the Independend Chapel, Ulverston, Mr.John Hodgson, to Miss H. Steel, both of Ulverston.

HODGSON-TODHUNTER,Robert m. Sarah Jane 25 Sep 1895.

HODGSON-WRIGHT-18th Oct. 1819. At the same place, Mr Wm. HODGSON, to Miss Jane WRIGHT.

HOGGARTH - ROBINSON. - at Tottenham, Middlesex, MR. GEORGE HOGGARTH, Saddler, London, to MISS MARGARET ROBINSON, of the former place, and both formerly of this town. May 16, 1829

HOLLADAY. - BRAITHWAITE. - On the 25th Dec. 1855, at the parish church, Brigham, by the Rev. J. WORDSWORTH, M. A., rector, Mr. John HOLLADAY, hatter, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. John BRAITHWAITE, of Cockermouth.


HOLLIDAY-IRVING-Feb. 1812, at Cross Cannonby, Mr John HOLLIDAY, mariner to Miss Mary IRVING, both of Maryport.

HOLLAND/HIBBERT- LAWSON, Parish Church, Aspartia, on the 5th Nov. 1884, by Cannon HOLLAND, uncle of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. T. W. POWELL, MA., vicar, Arthur Henry HOLLAND-HIBBERT, second son of Sir Henry HOLLAND, Bart.,M.P., to Ellen, eldest daughter of Sir Wilfred LAWSON, Bart., M. P

HOLMES - QUIRK - At Trinity Chapel, Whitehaven, July 1844, Mr. J. HOLMES, miner to Miss. Catherine QUIRK.

HOPE-SCOPES. At St James Church, Barrow-in-Furness, 14th June 1884. by Rev J. HOWDEN, John, eldest son of Mr Joseph HOPE, Harrington, to Emma, youngest daughter of Mr A. W. SCOPES, Barrow-in-Furness.

HOROBIN - FERGUSON. - On the 2nd JULY, 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, bythe REV. R. BOWER, MR. THOMAS HOROBIN, plumber, to MISS CATHERINE FERGUSON, both of Maryport.

HUDDAR-TYSON, At the Register-office, Broughton-in Furness, Mr. WIlliam Huddart, of Millom, labourer, to Miss Mary Ann Tyson, of the same place. April 1879

HUGHES-WILLIAMSON, At the Register Office, Whitehaven, 3rd Nov.1884, Mr. George HUGHES, labourer, to Miss. Mary Ann WILLIAMSON, both of Whitehaven.

HUME-BROMFIELD, July 1814 Mr. James HUME, grocer, to Mrs. Mary

BROMFIELD, of the Salmon public house.

HUME-M’KITTRICK-Oct. 1844, by license, at St. Catherine's Church, Liverpool,ALEXANDER, eldest son of CAPTAIN HUME, of that port, to MARGARET M'KITTRICK,daughter of MR. JAMES JOHNSON, of Clare-street, Liverpool, and niece of the late MR. JOHN LOWTHER, of Wicham, Cumberland.

HUNTER-JACQUES-At St Mary's Church Thirlmere, November 29th 1930 by the Rev. E. RUSSELL, J.W.HUNTER, Crosby Ravenworth, to Agnes eldest daughter of John and Mary JACQUES, Bridge End, Threlkeld, Keswick.

HUSBANDMAN - DYKES - At the parish church, Workington, July 1844, Mr. Craig Hall HUSBANDMAN , cabinet maker, to Miss. Elizabeth DYKES.

HUTCHINSON - LOSH - The 26th July 1798, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas HUTCHINSON, of Bury, Lancashire, to Miss. LOSH, of the former place.

HYSLOP-AITKEN -At Creetown, on the 16th Oct. 1855, Mr. ANDREW HYSLOP, draper, Creetown, to CHRISTINA, second daughter of the late BAILIE AITKEN, architect, Creetown.

INGRAM-SIMPSON-at Carlisle Mr John Ingram, to Miss Sa*** Simpson.Sept. 1819.

IRVEN - GAITSKELL - At Bootle, July 1844, Mr. Joseph IRVEN, shoemaker, to Miss. GAITSKELL, dressmaker, both of Bootle.

IRVINE-PATERSON, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 24th March 1884, Mr. John IRVINE, engineman, Workington, to Miss Margaret PATERSON, North Side, near Harrington.

IRVING - BELL - At the Primitive Methodist Church, Cockermouth, on 2nd January, by the Rev. Roland Hind, BA, James Henry, only son of Mrs. and the late Herbert Irving, of Challoner Street, to Emily, daughter of Mrs. and the late Wilkin Bell, 63, Main Street,Cockermouth.

IRVING-FOWLEs On the 17th Aug. 1904 at the Wesleyan Church, Cleator Moor by the Rev. JC Harrison, Rockferry, Birkenhead assisted by the Rv. BC Barker, Whitehaven. Mr Leonard Irving, eldest son of Mr J Irving, Wyndham, Egremont to Miss Edith Jane (Cissie) eldest daughter of Mr JTE Fowles, High Street and Market Square, Cleator Moor.

IRVING-PATTINSON, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. George IRVING, husbandman, to Miss Jane PATTINSON, bothof Dearham.

IRWIN-BROWN, At St Nicholas Church, Whitehaven, Thomas Irwin married Jane Brown 4 Sep1792; Wit. George Raveley & Mary Raveley

IRWIN - STEWART - On the 24th Nov. 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. John IRWIN, labourer of Maryport to Miss. Annie STEWART, of Grasslot.

JACKMAN-WEBSTER-On the 6th Feb. 1897 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven, James Edward JACKMAN, Moor Row, to Sarah WEBSTER, Egremont.

JACKSON-BATEMAN -At the Parish Church, Kendal, on the 13th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. J.W. BARNES, vicar, Mr. JOHN JACKSON, farmer, Helsington, to Miss ANN BATEMAN, of Levens - after a rather tedious courtship of nearly twenty years.


JACKSON-BURNS, At St. John's Church,Keswick, 22nd March 1884, by the Rev. J. N. Hoare, vicar, Joseph JACKSON, of Maryport, joiner, to Lizzie, the only surviving daughter of the late James BURNS, gardener, Keswick.

JACKSON-DIXON-At Bolton, near Appleby, Dec. 1844, MR. JAMES JACKSON, of Cliburn Mill, to MISS DIXON, of Bolton.

JACKSON - GRAHAM - On the 18th Jan. 1920, at St John's Church, Cleator Moor, by licence, by the Rev. W. TAYLOR, Joseph JACKSON to Ann GRAHAM, of 2. Queen Street, Cleator Moor.

JACKSON-KENMARE-On the 3rd Apr. 2897, at the register-office, Whitehaven, John Henry JACKSON to Eleanor KENMARE, both of whitehaven

JACKSON- LAURIE- on the 6th March, 1897, at the register-office Whitehaven,CHARLES WILLIAM JACKSON, Parton, to JANET ANDREWS LAURIE, of Whitehaven.

JACKSON- PEARSON - At St. Cuthbert's Church, Lorton, 20th Oct. 1903,by the Rev. Copeland, William, son of Mr. Joseph Jackson, Camerton, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Pearson, Lorton

JACKSON.- PRICE. - Dec. 25, 1855, at St. John’s Church, Workington, by the Rev. W. JACKSON, M/ A., Mr. Andrew LEWIS, sawyer, to Miss. Hannah PRICE.

JACKSON-ROTHWELL, marriage of Captain W. JACKSON, Maryport, and Lieutenant B. ROTHWELL, Brighton Slums, was solemnised, the ceremony being conducted by Brigadier RICHARDS, June 1895.

JACKSON-WALKER-at Egremont, Mr. Joseph JACKSON, miller, to Miss Bridget WALKER, both of Egremont. Feb. 1812

JARDEN. - JOHNSTON. - On the 22nd Dec. 1855, at Arthuret, by the Rev. William GRAHAM, Mr. Richard JARDEN, farmer, Hallburn, to Miss. Mary JOHNSTON, Easton.

JENKINSON. - ARMSTRONG. - On the 16th Dec. 1855, at Hensingham, by the Rev. J. M. LOWTHER, incumbent, Mr. JENKINSON, of Biggrigg, to Miss. Agnes ARMSTRONG, late of Alston.

JOHNSTONE - MACDONALD-The last of a family of 17, to marry, Mr. Thomas JOHNSTONE, son of Mrs. and the late J. JOHNSTONE of Fleming Street, Maryport, went to the altar on Easter Monday. His bride, Miss. Jessie MACDONALD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. MACDONALD, of 3, Gavel Street, Maryport, is one of ten children. Apr. 1931.

JENKINSON-HODGSON, On the 13th Aug.1904 at Bridekirk Church, William Hodgson, son of the late Mr Dan Jenkinson of Greysouthern to Janie, daughter of Mr Hodgson of Belle Vue, Cockermouth.

JONES - ARMSTRONG. At St. Paul's Church Seaton, on Monday, July 1938 by the Rev. W.A. JOHNSTON, George Nicholson, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. JONES, Lawson Street, Workington, to Annie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ARMSTRONG, Crook Hall Gardens, Seaton.

JONES - WISE - At St. Mary's Church,5th Aug. 1895, by the Rev W. Taylor, Joseph Arthur Jones,' of Barrow-in-Furness, to Jennie youngest daughter of L. Wise, Maryport. August 1895.

JOHNSON-LEE-At Christ Church, Great Broughton. 3rd Dec. 1930., by the Rev. R.W.A.ECROYD, M.A., vicar, Clarence, second son of Mr and Mrs James JOHNSON, High Burnthwaite, Dalston, to Mary Esther, second daughter of Mr and Mrs John LEE, Ribton House, Camerton.

JOHNSON-WELLS-At Penrith, on the 27th Oct. 1844, MR. FRANCIS JOHNSTON, of Carlisle, to MISSSARAH WELLS;

JOHNSTON-KITCHIN-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Isaac Henry JOHNSTON, Sandwith, to Miss Jane KITCHIN, Whitehaven.

JOHNSTON-SMITH, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. Henry JOHNSTON, brickmaker, to Miss Sarah SMITH, both of Dearham.

JOHNSTON - SMITH. - On the 5th July 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the REV. R. BOWER, MR. JOSEPH WILLIAM JOHNSON, grocer, to MISS MARY SMITH, both of Maryport.

JOHNSTON-WATSON.At the Parish Church, Roughtonhead, 19th June 1884, Mr David JOHNSTON, of Hall Hill, Dalston, to Miss WATSON, of Greenfoot, Castlesowerby.

JOHNSTONE - REED. - On the 20th June 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, on the 20th inst., by the Rev R Bower, Mr Robert Johnston, mariner, to Miss Sarah Ann Reed, both of Maryport. (this is typed exactly as written, including the different spellings of the groom's name)

JONES - USHER. - In the Catholic Chapel, Hexham, on the 28th May 1843, Mr. Robert JONES, printer to Miss. USHER.


JOYCE-MULLEN, Elizabeth MULLEN married James JOYCE, an engine fitter or engineer from Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1859.

KAY - STOPPERTON. - On the 18thAug. 1898, at St. Nicholas' Parish Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. Arthur Campion BROWN, Joseph Fearon KAY, son of the late Capt. John KAY, of Maryport, to Emily Francis STOPPERTON, third daughter of John STOPPERTON, of Liverpool.

KEENAN–BARRON-On the 8th June, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Peter KEENAN to Annie BARRON, both of Whitehaven.

KENDALL-HODGSON-27th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN KENDALL, Edenhall, to MISS MATILDA HODGSON, dressmaker of Penrith.

KENNEDY-JAMIESON- At St. Martin's Church, Brampton, on the 18th June,1898. Rev S. FALLE, vicar, Sergt.-Inst. F.W Kennedy, 1st V.B Border Regt., to ate, youngest daughter of George Jamieson, Brampton.

KENNEDY-WILSON-On the 6th Feb. 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, James Whittaker KENNEDY to Martha Ann WILSON, both of Whitehaven.

KERR - EAGER. - On the 1st July 1882, at St. Bees Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. PATRICK KERR, drayman, to MISS ELIZABETH EAGER, both of Whitehaven.

KEWLEY-FISHERAt Cleator, May, 1844, by the Rev. R. P. BUDDICOM, A.M., of St. Bees, Thomas Rigby KEWLEY, Esq., B.A., to Jane, youngest daughter of Wilson FISHER, Esq., of Keekle Bank, near Whitehaven.

KEY- GRAHAM, Betty KEY (fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. KEY, Beech Cottage, Tallantire), and Mr Spencer GRAHAM, youngest son of Mr and Mrs. GRAHAM, Clifton Hall, Clifton.Nov. 27th 1920.

KILLEN-KILLEN- On the 25th May.1879 at St. Bees Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. W. Dillon, Mr. Patrick Killen, labourer, to Miss Mary Jane Killen, both of Whitehaven.

KILNER-DIXON- at Kendal, Mr KILNER, printer, to Miss DIXON, both of that town. Sept. 1819.

KINNISH-BIRD, On the 20th March, 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, William Lewis KINNISH, of BIGRIGG, to Mary BIRD, of Moore Row.

KIRKBRIDE-BENNETTS-On the 18th January, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, James KIRKBRIDE, High Hensingham, to Elizabeth BENNETTS, Moor Row.

KIRKPATRICK - FEARON - At St. James's Church, Whitehaven, Nov. 1855, MR. WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, to FRANCES, fourth daughter of MR. THOMAS FEARON, shipwright.

KITCHIN-BANKS. At the Priory Church, St Bees, on the 17th Sept. 1903, by Rev Herbert SNAPE, vicar, Jonathan, fifth son of Mr Henry KITCHIN, St Bees to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr Isaac BANKS, St Bees.

KITCHIN- Kitchin, born at Egremont July 5th, 1819, attained his 76th birthday this year, and his wife, born at Biggar, in Lanarkshire, on April 1st, 1819,has consequently just reached that age. Mr. and Mrs. Kitchin were married at the South Leith Parish Church, near Edinburgh, on the 25th May, 1845,by th Rev. Francis Muir.

KNIPE-THEOBALDS- June 1813 at Hold Hutton, near Kendal, the Rev. Philip KNIPE, to Miss Frances THEOBALDS, daughter of the Rev. George THEOBALDS.

LACKLISON-BARR- at Cockermouth, Nov. 1844, MR. JOHN LACKLISON, cooper, to MISS MARY BARR.

LAMPORT-NOBLE- at Caton,July 1814 the Rev. William LAMPORT, minister of the Presbyterian chapel in Lancaster, to Miss Frances NOBLE, daughter of Mr.James Noble, of the former place.

LANCASTER-GORDON - On the 27th Jan.1902, at the Parish Church, Arlecdon, Richard LANCASTER, Bamber Bridge, to Sarah I. F. GORDON, Frizington.

LANCASTER - KIRKBY - on the 22nd Nov. 1855, MR. HENRY LANCASTER, of Ambleside, butcher, to MISS MARY ANN KIRKBY, of Satterthwaite.

LAW-BRUCE, At Leith, Apr. 1812 JAMES LAW, Esq. of the General Postoffice to Miss J. BRUCE of Constitution Street, Leith, daughter of JAMES BRUCE,Esq. banker, Edinburgh.

LAWRENCE-CLARK At Embleton, by the Rev. H. KITCHIN, Mr. THOMAS LAWRENCE, farmer, Shatton Hall, Embleton, to Miss CLARK, of Hanger, daughter of Mr. ROBERT CLARK, of Blinderake. Oct. 1855

LAWSON-BOUCH At the Parish Church, Towpenhow, Mr Thomas LAWSON, Blennerhasset, to Miss Ann BOUCH, Towpenhow. June 1895

LAWSON-BROWN- At Setmurthy Church, Bassenthwaite Lake, on March 30th 1931 THOMAS ROBINSON , son of Mrs. and the late RICHARD ROBINSON LAWSON, of Workington , to MARGARET (PEGGY) daughter of Mrs. and the late HERBERT WALKER BROWN, of Bassenthwaite Lake.

LECK-LUNSON-Anthony LECK, to Ann LUNSON, both of Kendal.Nov. 1819.

LEECH - GUNSON - At Ponsonby, July 1844, By the Rev. John FOX, A. m., Mr. Peter LEECH, only son of Mr. Isaac LEECH, of Seascale in Gosforth, yeoman, to Miss. GUNSON, only daughter of Mr. Isaac GUNSON, of Calder Hall in Ponsonby.

LEIGHTON - LONGMIRE - at the Superintendant Registrar's Office, Finkle Street, MR. HENRY LEIGHTON, nailor, to MISS AGNES LONGMIRE, both of this town. NOVEMBER 9, 1844


LEWIS - HUTCHINSON. - On the 1st July 1882, at the Register-office, Whitehaven,MR. WILLIAM LEWIS, coal miner, to MISS ANN HUTCHINSON, both of Whitehaven.

LEWTHWAITE - M'ALLISTER. On the 20th Apr. 1897, at the Register-office,Whitehaven, JAMES LEWTHWAITE, to MARY ANN M'ALLISTER, both of Whitehaven.

LINDSAY-LLOYD-Major Robert LINDSAY, of the Scots Fusilier Guards, led to the altar Miss JONES LLOYD, only daughter of LORD and LADY OVERSTONE, the heiress of a vast accumulation of wealth. Nov. 1858

LINDSAY-TROUGHTON, On the 30th Nov. 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Charles LINDSAY, railway pointsman, to B. E. TROUGHTON, both of this town.

LINTON-HARTLEY, On the 6th of July,1852 at St. Nicholas' Church, by the Rev. F. W. WICKS, Mr. LINTON, watch-maker and jeweller, Roper Street, to Anne, daughter of thelate Mr. HARTLEY, of Church Street, in this town.

LISTER - MULCASTER - At the Baptist Chapel, Broughton, 20th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. A. Greer, Alfred Lister to Amy Paul Muncaster

LITTLE - GRAY - On the 14th July 1844 at St. Cuthberts, Mr. John LITTLE, painter to Miss. Hannah GRAY, both of Blackfriars street.

LITTLE-ROUTLEDGE, at Carlisle, July 1814,Mr. Robert LITTLE, to Miss Ann ROUTLEDGE

LITTLE-SCOTT-At Torpenhow, Nov. 1844, MR. JOHN LITTLE, sheep dealer, to MISS BARBARA SCOTT, of the Low Wood Nook Inn

LODGE-CARTER, July 1814, Mr. LODGE, of Hawkshead, surgeon, to Miss CARTER, of Ridleys in Tatham.

LOFTUS-VERE-At St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, VISCOUNT LOFTUS, eldest son of the MARQUIS OF ELY, to JANE, daughter of the late JAMES JOSEPH HOPE VERE, Esq., of Craigie Hall, and Blackwood, N.B. Nov. 1844

LOGAN. - MUSE. - At Crosscononby Parish Church on the 26th January 1880, Mr. John LOGAN to Elizabeth MUSE, both of Maryport.


LOMAS-BLACKBURN, James LOMAS the brilliant three quarter back and captain of the Salford team who is a native of Maryport, was quietly married to MISS Annie BLACKBURN daughter of Mrs Bell, Cross Keys Inn, Maryport. The ceremony took place in Salford.Sept. 1903

LONGMORE-POTTS- Oct. 13th 1903 at St. John's Church, Cleator Moor, by the Rev. HAYTHORNTHWAITE,assisted by the Rev. G.B.ARMES, Rural Dean, the Rev. FREDERICK DEAN, andthe REV. DAWSON PARSONS, the Rev. H.R.LONGMORE Curate of the PArish of Cleator Moor, to Annie Thompson, daughter of Mrs. POTTS, of the MontrealOffices

LONGMORE-THOMPSON, the Rev. H. R. Longmore, BA curate of Cleator Moor and Mrs. A. Thompson, of Crossfield. Oct. 1903

LONGRIGG-RICHARDSON, On the 20th Nov. 1879 at St. Michael's, Bongate, Appleby, Thomas LONGRIGG, Battlebarrow, to Mary RICHARDSON, Bridge End, Appleby.

LONGSTAFF - CARRICK. - At the Parish Church, Soulby, Westmorland, on the 24th January, 1880, by the Rev. J. BOUSTEAD, M. A., Vicar, Mr. John LONGSTAFF, Soulby, to Miss. Mary CARRICK, daughter of Mr. Hugh CARRICK, Soulby.


LONSDALE-STORDY-On the 5th July 1882, at the parish church of Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland, by the Rev. Francis REDFORD, Rector of Silloth, assisted by the Rev. Edward FITCH, Vicar of Burgh-by-Sands, Horace B. LONSDALE, second son of the late Dr. LONSDALE, of Rose Hill, Carlisle, to Catherine Nancy, younger daughter of the late Thomas STORDY, of Thurstonfield.

LORD-MOULTON-July 1814 Mr. Edmund LORD, skinner, to Miss Hannah MOULDEN, both of


LOUGH-SERGESON MondayFeb. 1812, Mr Rd. LOUGH, printer, to Miss Ann SERGESON, both of Penrith.

LOW-ROBINSON.- At the Parish Church of St. Michaels, Appleby, on the 22nd June 1887, by thre Rev. Albert WARREN, M.A. vicar, Dr. John Houston LOW, of Appleby,
to Annie, second daughter of the late Jonathan ROBINSON, of the Friary, Appleby.

LOWREY - RITSON - At the Wesleyan Church, Whitehaven, on the 7th Feb. 1880, John LOWREY, ironminer, to Isabella RITSON, both of Frizington.

LOWES-ROBINSON, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas LOWES, spirit merchant to Miss Ann ROBINSON, Sept. 1819

LOWIS -INMAN. At St. Michael's Church Shap, on 30th March 1918 by the
Rev. J.P Haslem, Crosby Ravensworth, Sapper James Bateman Lowis,
Australian Engineers, fifth son of the late George Lowis and Mrs Lowis,
Hermitage, Shap, to Laurie, younger daughter of the late Robert Inman,
M.D, Sedbergh and Mrs Inman, Church View, Shap

LOWTHER-ERSKINE.-At St. Andrew’s Church, Penrith, on the 20th May 1896, by the
Rev. Canon MONNINGTON, Henry LOWTHER, Indian Staff Corps, eldest son of
Major General LOWTHER, Eden Lacy, to Eveline Mary Elise, eldest daughter of the Hon. A.W. ERSKINE, Bowscar.

LOWTHIAN-ASHCROFT,At St. Columba Church, Broughton Moor, H. Lowthian, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lowthian, Goad Road, to Phyllis, only daughterof Mrs. Relph, Broughton Moor, and the late Thomas Ashcroft. June 1931.

LYON-PRICE, Feb. 1812, Tuesday, at Sparshot, in Berkshire, John LYON, Esq. of Hilton House, Durham, to Miss Anne PRICE, second daughter fo Barrington PRICE, Esq.

MACADAM-JACKSON, David, of Maryport fathers name David to Ann, fathers name David, 17th October 1878 at Parish Church Flimby

MACDONALD-EDGECOMBE-at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, Reginald George MACDONALD, Esq. of Clanronald, to the Right Hon. Lady Caroline EDGECOMBE, second daughter of the Earl of MOUNT EDGECOMBE. Feb. 1812

MACELESTER-GRAHAM-On Monday the 22d Sept. 1817, at Stanwix, by the Rt. rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, Major MACELESTER, of the 13th light dragoons, to Georgiana Maria,daughter of James GRAHAM, Esq., of Richardby, in the county of Cumberland.

MACHELL- MASON at Cartmel, Mr. JOHN MACHELL, of Allithwaite, to Mrs SARAH MASON, of the same place, both being in their 74th year.Apr. 1812.

MACKERETH - BAKER - At. St. Cyprian's Church, Narraleri, on Sep. 23rd 1931, by the Rev. Canon B.W. Miller, John, second son of thelate George Mackereth, Grange Grassings, Gilcrux, and Mrs. Mackereth, 15,Petteril Street, Carlisle, to Lily Florence, youngest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. G. Baker, Narraleri, NSW, Australia

MADGIN- WILSON, Thomas MADGIN wed Ann WILSON in Alston in 1828


M'ALLAN - DANIELS. - On the 25th April, 1897 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, James George M'ALLAN, Whitehaven to Annie DANIELS, Whitehaven

MANDALE - FEARON - On the 25th Sept. 1869 at Embleton Church, Mr. Daniel Mandale, farmer, Easthouse, Embleton, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Westray Fearon, shipbroker, Maryport.

MANDALL-PLUMMER-At Embleton, onOct. 1844, by the REV. H. KITCHEN A.M., incumbent, MR.ROBERT MANDALL, jun. of Wythop, to MISS PLUMMER, of Byersteads, in Embleton.

MARTIN-BARROWCLIFF- and on the 21st Oct. 1844, MR. GEORGE MARTIN, to MISS HARRIETT BARROWCLIFF, both of East Tower-street.

MARTIN-BROWN-At St. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, on the 24th Oct. 1844, by the REV. JOHN JENKINS, incumbent, MR. JAMES MARTIN, grocer, to MISS ELEANOR BROWN, both of Whitehaven.

MARTIN-HAUGHIN, Edith Winifred HAUGHIN, daughter of Mr and Mrs William HAUGHIN of Watch Hill and Mr John MARTIN, son of Mr and Mrs MARTIN, of Dearham.April 1932

MASON-BARKER, Thomas to Ann, on 10th November 1872.

MASON-BARNFATHER-at Autheret in Cumberland,Aug. 2, 1783 by the Rev Dr James, Mr Thomas MASON of Nook, an eminent tanner, to the agreeable Mrs BARNFATHER of Banks, a widow lady in the same county, possessed of a fortune of 1000l.

MASON-BOLAND- Miss. Dorothy BOLAND, second daughter of Mrs. Catherine BOLAND, Frizington Road, Frizington, to Mr. Hugh MASON, youngest son of Mr. John MASON, Frizington, was solomnised at St. Joseph's R. C. Church. Apr. 1931

MASON - BROWN - At Egremont, Nov. 1855, by the REV. W. H. LEECH, Rector, JOHN MASON, Esq., of the firm of MASON and Son, merchants, Egremont, to MISS BROWN, of Globe Cottage, near Egremont, only daughter of the late CAPT. JOS. BROWN, of Workington.

MASSEY - KENNEDY. - On the 29th May, 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, John MASSEY to Catherine KENNEDY, both of Whitehaven.

MATTHEWS. - RICHARDSON. - At Wigton on the 18th Dec. 1855, Mr. George MATTHEWS, millwright, to Miss. Sarah RICHARDSON.


MAYER-BLAIN, On the 18th Nov. 1879, at the United Methodist Free Church, Carlisle, John MAYER to Mary Jane BLAIN, both of Carlisle.

McADAM-SHYLAN, August 15th, 1904 at the Presbyterian Church, Cleator Moor James, eldest son of Captain McAdam of Whitehaven to Isabella Shylan, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J Shylan, Cleator Moor.

MCARTHUR - RAVEN - MR. J. MCARTHUR, Dalton to MISS H. RAVEN, Moss-side. Nov. 1855

MC.AVOY - MC.CORMICK. - On the 1st July, 1882, at St. Patrick's Chapel, by the REV. J. WATMORE, MR. THOMAS MC.AVOY, coalminer, to MISS SARAH MC.CORMICK, both of Grasslot.

McCALLUM~HILL, At Setmurthy Church on the 5th Feb.1923, by the Rev. J.A. Duncan, Graydon Archibald McCALLUM P.A.S.I., A.A.I. of Cambridge, son of James Archibald McCallum, F.C.M.S. of Barry, to Beatrice, eldest daughter of Mr. George HILL of Bassenthwaite Lake (late of Whitehaven)

McCONNELL—MacLEAN.—At St. John's Church, Workington, 7th May 1932, by the Rev. J.R. CROFT, vicar of St. Johns, John McCONNELL, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Ed.), 27, Curwen Street, Workington, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. McCONNELL, 10, Chancelot Terrace, Edinburgh, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Hector MacLEAN and of Mrs. MacLEAN, Tobermory, Mull. At Home 27, Curwen Street, 5th and 6th July, 1932.

McCREESH - HETHERINGTON - At the United Presbyterian Church, Fisher Street, in this city, on the 6th Feb. 1880, by licence, by the Rev. J. CHRISTIE, J. F. McCREESH, lithographic artist, of Manchester, to Isabel(Isa), youngest daughter of Wm. HETHERINGTON, Carlisle.



McGLASSON-WILSON, Florrie WILSON, daughter of Mr Edward Wilson, Derwent Cottage, and Mr Isaac McGLASSON, Broughton Moor. April 1932.

McGUIGAN-ROBINSON-On the 21st June 1897, A the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Arther M'GUIGAN, of London, to Jane Ann Robinson, Distington.

McKENNA - BLACKBURN. John McKenna, of full age, Bachelor, Miner, resided Aspatria, father Owen McKenna (dec.?), Laborer married 19 Oct 1873 to Isabella Blackbuarn, of full age, Spinster, resided Aspatria, father Joshua Blackburn, Laborer. Witnesses Andrew Robson and Sarah Grieve (unsure of the spelling of her name). They were married in the parish church of the parish of Aspatria. Isabella signed the register with her mark.

McKENZIE-WILSON On the 16th Sept. 1879 at St James Marsh Lane Bootle near Liverpool by the Rev Father LYONS THOMAS G youngest son of the late HUGH McKENZIE of Maryport to ALICE youngest daughter of JAMES WILSON of Seaforth.

MCKEON-DENT - At St. Bede's Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 27th August,1898 by the Rev. R.J.B. GELDART, Robert J. MCKEON, inland revenue, Cockermouth, to Kate, only daughter of the late Henry DENT, Cockermouth.

M’CLARK - NICHOL. - At Invernoaden, Strachur, on the 29th January, 1880 by the Rev. Wm. LAUDER, assisted by the Rev. H. F. M’DONALD, Dr. Duncan M’CLARK, Eskdale Muir, Dumfriesshire, to Janet, daughter of John NICHOL, Esq.


McMICKING--NICHOLSON.--On the 11th August, 1869 at Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. Stanley LOW, assisted by the Rev. S. L. CHASE, Robert McMICKING, Esq., Manus, Upper Murray, to Eleanor JANE, only child of Germain NICHOLSON, Esq., St.

Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

McMULLIN - MORGAN, On the 26th March 1879 at St. Mary's Church, Henley on Thames, Oxon, by licence, by the Rev. Greville Phillimore, rector, Captain Charles McMullin of Harrington, to Elizabeth Morgan, of Henley on Thames.

McVICAR-HAYWOOD- Apr. 1812at Liverpool, Mr. JOSEPH McVICAR, merchant, to Miss HAYWOOD, daughter of FRANCIS HAYWOOD, Esq. of that town.

MELDRUM - HARRINGTON. -At St. John's Church, Workington, on March 4th,1930 by the Rev. J.R. Croft, Vicar, Alexander Meldrum, eldest son of Mrs. H.C. Bailey, to Bessie, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late J.E. Harrington, Golden Lion Hotel, Workington. (By licence).

M'GLUE - WATSON - On the 29 th Nov. 1882, at the Free Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Mr. James M'GLUE. engine driver, Moor Row to Miss. Hannah WATSON, Hensingham.

M'GORRIAN-ASHBRIDGE, At St. Bee's Roman Catholic Church, Whitehaven, 4th Nov,1884 Mr. Joseph M'GORRIAN, coalminer to Miss. Mary Jane Ashbridge, both of Whitehaven.

M'GOWAN-GELDERT, On the 4th July 1852, at Trinity Church, by Rev. J. F. SIMPSON, Mr. Joseph M'GOWAN, to Miss. Mary GELDERT, all of this town.

M'KEE-MOORE, On the 30th Sept. 1869, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Michael-street, Whitehaven, by the Rev. Thos. CANNELL, Mr. Thomas M'KEE, shoe-maker, Chapel-street, Whitehaven, to Mis. Isabella MOORE, Mark-lane, Whitehaven.

M’KIE-BROOM, July, 1814 At Dumfries, Mr. William M'KIE, manufacturer, to Miss BROOM, daughter of the late Joseph Broom, **** merchant

M'KIE-ROWELL.-On the 22nd Oct. 1879, at St James's Church, Carlisle, Mr George M'Kie to Miss Mary Rowell, both of Carlisle.

MILBURN - DIXON. - On the 22nd Dec. 1855 at Kirkandrews-on-Esk, by the Rev. Henry HODGSON, Mr. John MILBURN, Bailin Bush, to Miss. Mary DIXON, Browhead.


MILLICAN - M'CLEARY. - On the 2nd May, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Thomas MILLICAN to Mary Jane M'CLEARY, both of Cleator Moor.

MILLICAN-RICHARDSON, At the Wesleyan Church, Cleator Moor, 18th March 1884, Mr. B. M. MILLICAN, Patterdale, Westmorland,to Miss Annie RICHARDSON, Cleator Moor.

MILLS--GRAVES.--On the 4th May 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Isaasc MILLS to Elizabeth GRAVES,.both of Egremont.

MILNER-WYKEHAMJOHN MILNER, Esq., of Queen's College, Oxford, and late of Appleby,Westmorland, to MISS ANNE FRANCES WYKEHAM, only daughter of the late THOMAS WYKEHAM, Esq., of the Temple, London. Nov. 1844

MINIKIN- At Burton, on the 10th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN MINIKIN, gamekeeper to E. HORNSBY,Esq., to MISS MARGARET ARMER, of Burton

MITCHELL - ROTHERY - At the Parish Curch, Harrington, 21st Oct. 1903 by the Rev. G. Nedham, of Westfield, Robert, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell,Kiln Green, High Harrington to Mary Jane (Polly), daughter of the late William Rothery, Croft Head, Lowca

MONKHOUSE-ARMSTRONG.-On the 14th Oct.1879, at the Register-office, Cockermouth, Mr William Monkhouse, coalminer, to Miss Isabella Armstrong, both of Cockermouth.

MOORE – GIBSON On the 27th Sept. 1903, at the Congregational Church, Wigton, by the REV J S THOMSON, HERBERT B MOORE, (journalist on the staff of the "West Cumberland Times"), second son of MR WILSON MOORE, Church Street, Wigton to JEANNIE,fourth daughter of MR DANIEL GIBSON, High Blaithwaite, Wigton.

MOORE - MOUNSEY - At Barton Parish Church, on the 5th Feb. 1880, by the Rev. T. HODSON, Vicar, William MOORE, stonemason, Penrith, to Agnes, daughter of Mr. James MOUNSEY, farmer, Tirril.


MOORE - PARKER - On the 7th August 1882 at St. Thomas' Church, Lancaster, James MOORE, formerly of Cockermouth to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Robert Parker, Lancaster.

MOORE-RIGG, At Dearham Parish Church, 1st Nov. 1884, Mr. William MOORE of Ellenborough, to Miss. Hannah RIGG, Maryport.

MOORE - WYLDE - On 14th Jan. 1920, at Ballaugh Parish Church, by the Rev T. R. KNEALE, Percy, youngest son of the late Mr John MOORE, Ullcoats, Egremont, Cumberlnad, to Frances Mary, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs WYLDE, Ashcroft, Ballaugh, Isle of Man.

MORGAN-FOX, On the 21st Sept. 1879 at St Bees Church Whitehaven by the Rev J ROWLEY MR NICHOLAS MORGAN, Charles St To MISS ISABELLA FOX, Ginns.

MOSS-GARNET- Feb. 1812, T. MOSS, curate of Ravonstonedale, and master of the grammar school at Orton; to Miss N. GARNET, of Orton; daughter of Mr W.Garnet of the same place.

MOSS-PATTON, Mr. W.H. MORTIMER MOSS, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.T. MOSS, of Oak Bank, Whitehaven, and Miss Lois PATTON, youngest daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. J.G. PATTON, of Swanland. April 1931

MOSSOP-LEIGHTON, At St. John's Church, Carrington, 8th March 1884, Clement MOSSOP, of Gosforth, Cumberland, to Fanny, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John LEIGHTON, Newton, Norrs.

MOSSOP - TURNER - On the 29th Sept.1869 at Egremont, Henry Mossop, Esq., of Rottington Hall, to Anne, relict of the late Mr. James Turner, of Low House.

M'ROY - WESTRAY - On the 27th Nov. 1882 at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. Henry M'ROY, miner to Miss. Jane WESTRAY, both of Crosby Villa.

M'QUHAE - ARMSTRONG. On the 15th July 1882, at the Congregational Chapel, Keswick, by the REV. A. HOWSON, minister, MR. JOHN WILLIAM M'QUHAE, to MISS ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, both of Cockermouth.

MUCKLE-CLARK, On the 24th Nov. 1879, Parish Church, Crosthwaite,

George Bristow MUCKLE, Portinscale, to Mary Ann CLARK, Keswick.

MULCASTER-SUTTON, Thomas to Mary, June 9th 1827, Scaleby, Cumberland.

MULLEN - BEECH. - On the 29th May, 1897 at the Methodist Free Church, Whitehaven, Robert Carron MULLEN, to Sarah Ann BEECH, both of Whitehaven.

MUMBERSON - MILBURN. Daniel Mumberson, of full age, Bachelor, Laborer, Hayton, father John Mumberson, Husbandman married 12 November 1861 to Sarah Milburn, of full age, Spinster, resided Oughterside, father Thomas Milburn, Husbandman. Witnesses were Thomas Brown and Margrat Blackburn. They were married at the parish church in the parish of Aspatria.

MUNBY-BRAMMER, Feb. 1812, Thursday, at Luddington, Lincolnshire, after the banns had been published EIGHT times, (the bride having twice refused to complete the ceremony) James MUNBY to Miss BRAMMER, both of that place.

MUNRO-STOCKDALE, Rosa STOCKDALE (manageress of the Steam Laundry, Workington), daughter of the late Mr Harry STOCKDALE, of Stanley House,Bradford, and Mr John Stuart MUNRO, St. Michael's Road, Workington.Sept. 1903

MURPHEY-ROBINSON-On the 31st Oct, 1819. at Trinity Church, Liverpool, Captain MURPHEY, of the brig Jane, of Workington, to Miss Ann ROBINSON, of Cable-street.

MURPHY-KITCHIN, On the 15th Aug. 1904 at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven by the Rev SB Haudley of Hertford, Thomas Murphy second son of Edward Murphy of Whitehaven to Emma, second daughter of the late Tyson Kitchin of Whitehaven

MURRAY-BROWN-On the 8th Feb. 1897 at the Register office, Whitehaven, Thomas MURRAY to Mary Coulthard BROWN, both of Parton.

MURRAY - REED. On the 17th April 1897, at Christ Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev.T.S. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM J. MURRAY to CATHERINE (KATE) REED, both of Whitehaven.

MURRAY-SCURR, On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Crosscanonby Parish Church MR JOHN MURRAY, ship carpenter of Whitehaven to MISS ELIZABETH SELBY SCURR of Maryport.


NAILE-TROHEAR, On the 3rd of July,1852 at Harrington, Mr. John NAILE, grocer and tea-dealer, Roper Street, this town, to Miss TROHEAR.

NANSON - CURRAN - On the 26th Sept.1869 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Carlisle, Mr. Robert Nanson, of Penrith, late of Carlisle, to Mary eldest daughter of Mr. James Curran, butcher, of Carlisle.

NEILL- CONKEY- On the 12th June, 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, William NEILL to Annie CONKEY, both of Egremont.

NEILL - McCARTNEY - William Neill and Mary McCartney, June 27, 1893, Egremont, Cumberland, England

NELSON-GUNSON, On the 10th Aug. 1904 at the Egremont Parish Church by the Rev W Thwaites, Joseph Nelson, eldest son of Harrison Nelson of Moor Row to Mary Elizabeth Gunson, eldest daughter of William Gunson of Smithfield, Egremont

NELSON-TODD, Jonathan m. Elizabeth 6/5/1752 Cumberland.

NESBITT - CREIGHTON. - On the 3rd July, 1882, at the Register-office, Whitehaven,MR. WILLIAM HENRY NESBITT, labourer, to MISS ANN CREIGHTON, both of Whitehaven.

NEWPORT-GRAHAM, Apr. 1812, in London, Major G.S. NEWPORT, to PRISCILLA, sister of Sir BELLINGHAM GRAHAM, Bart. of

Norton Conyers Hall, Yorkshire.

NEWTON-CARVER. At St Kentigerns Church, Aspatria, on the 9th Sept. 1903, by the Rev. F. L. H MILLARD, Leonard, second son of James NEWTON, of Buckley, Chester, and formerly of Whitehaven, to Caroline (Carried), eldest daughter of Mrs FREAR, Station Hotel, Aspatria.

NEWTON-DAVEY, On the 13th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Ulverston MYLES NEWTON to MARTHA ANN DAVEY of Cartmel.

NEWTON-FREAR, Caroline, eldest daughter of Mrs William FREAR, Station Hotel, Aspatria, was married to Mr Leonard NEWTON, manager of the Bradford Colliery, Manchester, second son of Mr James NEWTON, Buckley, near Chester, Sept. 1903

NEWTON-MARTIN On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Embleton Church MR JOHN NEWTON farmer San Fransisco to MARY ANN daughter of MR MARTIN How Close Embleton.

NEWTON-MITCHELL-On the 25th May, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, John William NEWTON, to Annie MITCHELL, both of Cleator Moor.

NICHOLSON-KITCHIN, On the 6th Oct. 1869, at the Parish Church, Hensingham, by the Rev. Isaac FLETCHER, M. A., cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev. W. H. WILKINSON, the incumbent, John NICHOLSON, Esq., of Holly House, to Sarah, the second daughter of William KITCHIN.

NICHOLSON - MOSSOP - At Muncaster, Nov. 1855, MR. WM. NICHOLSON, husbandman, to MARY ANN, third daughter of MR. WM. MOSSOP, of Ravenglass.


NICHOLSON-PIKE.-At St. John's Church, Workington, on the 8th Feb. 1903, Geo. Nicholson, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late George and Mary Ann Pike, of Workington.

NICHOLSON-RAY-At the parish church, Workington, Dec. 1844, by the REV. J. HETHERINGTON, A.M., MR. WILLIAM NICHOLSON, yeoman, to MISS ELIZABETH RAY.

NICHOLSON-RICHARDSON.- At Brough church, on the 14th May 1896, by the Rev. Wm. LYDE, Henry NICHOLSON to Margaret RICHARDSON, both of Stainmore.

NIXON-BATTY, On the 26th January, 1897, at the Congregation Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. A. NAIRN, Thomas N. NIXON to M. Alice BATTY.

NOBLE - BECK. - At the parish church of Bury, in Lancashire, on Wednesday last, MR. GEORGE
NOBLE, of Bury, to MISS ELIZABETH BECK, of Sedbergh. April, 1829

NORMAN-ATKINSON, On the 16th Sept. 1879 at St Pauls Church Carlisle MR G C R Nornam or Ceylon to ELIZA CATHERINE (LILY) daughter of the late MR T KING ATKINSON Carlisle.

NULTY-BRYDON, On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. Isaac NULTY, coalminer, Hensingham, to Miss Ann BRYDON, Ginns, Whitehaven.

NUTSFORD-GLADDENS-Saturday last,Feb. 1812 at Moresby, Mr John NUTSFORD, of this town, joiner, to Miss Mary GLADDENS, of Parton.

OLIVER-COOPER, Joshua E. OLIVER, of Agneash, Isle of Man, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. John OLIVER, and Miss Ann Eliza COOPER, third daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. COOPER, 63, Ginns, Whitehaven. May 1931.

OLIPHANT-PEARSON, 20th May 1839 Bell OLIPHANTof full age, Blacksmith, Cockermouth Father: Robert Oliphant, Labourer Alice Pearson of full age, X her mark Cockermouth Father: George Pearson, Hatter

O'PRAY-HUTCHINSON-On the 17th June 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, William O'PRAY of Consett, to Maery Ellen HUTCHINSON, of Whitehaven.

PALMER- DUNGLINSON, Rev J. R. PALMER, B.A., of Whitehaven married Miss Agnes Rebina DUNGLINSON,daughter of MR and Mrs James DUNLINGSON,April 1931.

PALMER-EVANS.-On the 14th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Broughton-in-Furness, Mr Joseph Palmer, of Bowness, to Miss Martha Jane Evans, of Haverigg.

PARK. - BARKER. - On the 25th Dec. 1855, at All Saints Church, Cockermouth, by the Rev. Edward FAWCETT, M.A., Mr. Joseph PARK, Hatter, formerly of Stanwix, Carlisle, to Ann only daughter of Mr. William BARKER, of Ellerbeck, in this county.


PARK-WILSON- At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 12th May 1844., Mr George PARK, hatter, to Miss Jane WILSON, both of Botchergate;

PARKER-TODD-NEWCOMBE, On the 26th Nov. 1879 at Kirkby Ireleth, John PARKER, Chapples House to Margaret Hannah TODD-NEWCOMBE of the Guards, Kirkby Ireleth.

PATRICKSON-CARRUTHERS, On the 19th April 1883, at Irthington Church, by the Rev. W. DACRE, assisted by the Rev. J. T. POLLOCK, cousin of the bride, Hugh PATRICKSON, of Kirklinton Park, Carlisle, to Catherine Mary (Kate) CARRUTHERS, of Seat Hill, Irthington, only child of the late William and Hannah CARRUTHERS, of Auchenhessnane, and niece of Edward WAUGH, Esq., M. P.


PATTERSON-REED, Mr Richard PATTERSON, of Caldew House, Dalston, was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth REED, third daughter of Mrs REED, of Croft House, Great Orton, widow of the late Mr William REED of Moorhouse.June 1898.

PATTISON-CRAWFORD.-On the 21st Oct. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr William Pattison, labourer, to Miss M Crawford, both of Maryport.

PATTINSON-GOLDEN.- At Castlesowerby, on the 30th June 1887, by the Rev. T P. MONNINGTON, Wm. PATTINSON, to Lettice, only daughter of Mr. Felix GOLDEN of Castlesowerby.

PATTINSON-HARDY,Margaret married Lawson PATTINSON, a journeyman blacksmith from  Scratchmel Scar, Lazonby, in April 1859

PATTINSON - VICKERS. - At St. James Church, Buttermere, on April 6th, 1931, by the Rev. John ROWLAND, Stanley, sixth son of Mr. and Mrs. George PATTINSON, Whyemoor House, Winscales, to Elsie Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph VICKERS, of Lanthwaite Cottage, Buttermere.

PEARS-ABBOTT, Joseph Henry PEARS, of Keswick,to Miss Laura L. ABBOTT, younger daughter of Mr C, ABBOTT, Carlton House, Southey Street, Keswick June 1895.

PEARSON - ADCOCK,At St Marks, Birmingham, 28th June 1898, by the Rev. J..Egerton, of Knottingley, assisted by the Rev. M. Rudkin, of Birmingham,John Barnes Pearson,M.B.,C.M., of Bridge House, Knottingley, eldest son of George Pearson, Dockrayrigg, Wigton, to Millicent, second daughter of Frank Adcock, Birmingham.

PEARSON-BAINBRIDGE At the parish church, Lorton, October 15th Oct. 1903 by the REV W COPELAND, MARK PEARSON, Clifton to Mrs ELIZABETH A BAINBRIDGE, Lorton.

PEARSON-BLAKENEY. At the Presbyterian Church Wallsend-on-Tyne, on August 22nd Sept. 1903, by the Rev. J. RORKE, of Heaston, John PEARSON, to Sarah Gainford BLAKENEY, both of Wallsend, and late of Cleator Moor, Cumberland.

PEARSON-JOHNSTON - At St. Paul's Church, Frizington,  on the 1st January, 1902, Anthony W. Pearson to Margaret Johnston, Birks, Frizington.

PEARSON-SMITH-On the 7th June 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, George Frederick PEARSON, Rochdale, to Annie SMITH, Whitehaven.

PEARSON - SMITH. - At St. Andrew’s Church, Penrith, on the 31st January, 1880 by the Rev. E. W. CHAPMAN, vicar, Mr. John PEARSON, Angel Lane, Penrith, to Miss. Jane Annie SMITH, daughter of Mr. Robert SMITH, tailor, Albert Street, Penrith.


PEAT - BEWLEY - On the 22 nd Nov. 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. James William PEAT to Mrs. Jane BEWLEY, both of Maryport.

PENNY-BROWN, at Maryport, April 1812 Mr. JOHN PENNY, anchor smith to Miss BROWN, daughter of Mr. BROWN of Yanwath Hall, Westmorland

PENNY-FENTON, The 7th Apr.1812. at Preston, the Rev. JAMES PENNY, vicar, to Miss FENTON.

PEPPERELL - JORDAN. On the 18th July 1882, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven by licence, MR. WILLIAM HENRY PEPPERELL, grocer, to MRS. EMELINE JORDAN, both of Ashby, Arlecdon.

PERCIVAL-BROWN-At Camerton Church, 17th Nov.1920, by Rev. E. C. Bennett, George, youngest son of Mrs. PEERCIVAL, Burgh-by-sands, to Annie, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. BROWN, Fern Bank Ladge, Sexton.

PERRY - HARRISON.  At St. Michael's Church, Arlecdon, on Monday, November 22nd, 1920 (by licence) by the Rev. H. Hunter Parker, Alfred, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Crossfield Road, Cleator Moor, to Mary Josephine, fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harrison, Waterloo Terrace, Arlecdon.

PHILLIPS-SCOTT- MR. JOHN PHILLIPS, of Stone Rayse, cork cutter, to MISS MARY SCOTT, of Ratten Row, both in the Parish of St. Cuthbert, Nov. 9, 1844

PIGG - QUIN. - On the 27th Apr. 1897, at St. James's Church, by the REV. R.DUNCAN, by special licence, JAMES PIGG, of Shildry to CATHERINE (KATE) QUIN.of Queen-street, Whitehaven.

PLENDERLEATH-MULCASTER, John PLENDERLEATH married Mary MULCASTER , May 7th 1870 at St.Mary, Carlisle.

PONSONBY - SKELTON. - At Bowness Church, Windermere, on the 28th Feb. 1844, WILLIAM BROWNE PONSONBY, Esq, eldest son of the late Capt. PONSONBY, R.N., and of Springfield, Cumberland, to ELIZA ANNE, eldest daughter of Capt. JONES SKELTON, late Royal Artillery, Rayrigg Hall.


PORTEOUS-LAURIE, Feb. 1812, At Edinburgh, Capt. John PORTEOUS, Royal Navy, to Miss LAURIE, daughter of the Rev. Dr. LAURIE, Newburn, Flintshire.

PORTER. - ATKINSON. - On Dec. 23, 1855, at Egremont, by the Rev. W. H. LEECH, rector, Mr. Wm. PORTER, tanner, to Miss. Sarah ATKINSON.

POSTLETHWAITE - JOHNSTON. - On the 26th Sept.1869 at Longtown, Mr. George Postlethwaite, shoemaker, High Hill, near Keswick, to Miss Ann Johnston, late of Portinscale, near Keswick

POSTLETHWAITE-SHAW.-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, Mr George Postlethwaite, of Kirkby Ireleth, to Mrs Jane Shaw, of Ulverston.

PRESCOD-TRIMBLE-The 3rd Feb. 1812, at Thorsby Church, Mr Wm PRESCOD, of Coathill, to Miss TRIMBLE, daughter of Mr George TRIMBLE of Thorsby.

PURCELL-BIRKETT, At St. John the Baptists Church, Park Road, Liverpool, 5th March 1882, by the Rev. T. Davies, Mr. James Purcell, joiner, to Annie, second daughter of Mr. John Birkett, Rising Sun, High Lorton, Cumberland.

PURDAM - JOHNSTON. -At St. Paul's, Causeway Head, on February 27th 1930(by licence), by the Rev. Canon Walker, Tom, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Purdam, Station House, Brayton, to Ida, only daughter of Mrs. Porter, Brough Street, Aspatria, and the late Mr. Wilson Jefferson Johnson, Abbey Town.

QUINN-MULLIGAN, At Saint Begh’s Chruch, Whitehaven, January 11th 1880. By the Rev. William Dillion, Michael QUINN of Quay St. 22 yrs., son of Nicholas and Ann to Mary MULLIGAN of Quay St, 19 yrs., daughter of Thomas MULLIGAN in the presence of Frank CUNNINGHAM and Rose CUNNINGHAM.

RATCLIFF-SIMPSON-Feb.1812, Tuesday fe'ennight, in London, the Rev. J RATCLIFFE, Vicar of Littleburn, Kent, and Minor Cannon of the Cathederal, Canterbury, to Miss SIMPSON, daughter of the late General SIMPSON.

RAVELIN-WARNICK, St Nicholas Church, Whitehaven George Ravelin married Mary Warnick 21 Oct 1789; Wit. Thomas Welch, Wm. McMaster, John Thompson

RAVEN - FERGUSON._ At St. Michael's Church, Torpenhow, on April 23rd 1931, by the Rev. G.F. MAYNARD assisted by the Rev. G. Pallister, Boltongate Rectory (uncle of the bride-groom), George Pallister, elder son of Mr. and Mrs Raven, Preestcroft, Mealsgate, to Sarah Jane, younger daughter of Mr. and MrsFerguson, Overgates, Bothel

RAWS-ROMNEY, On the 17th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Dalton MR JACOB RAWS to MISS BETSEY JANE ROMNEY both of Dalton.

RAY-HODGSON.At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 16th June 1884, Mr William RAY, coalminer, Great Broughton, to Miss Ruth HODGSON, The Goat, Papcastle,

RAY-IRVINE, Mary IRVINE married Matthew RAY  8 June 1797 in St. Nicholas Whitehaven.

READ-MASKEW- Feb. 1812, Wednesday last, Mr READ, butcher to Miss MASKEW (?), late of the Commercial

Inn, Kendal.

REDDING - MACILLHENNIE - On the 3rd January, 1902 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Alfred Redding to Miss. Charolette Macillhennie, both of Sandwith.

REED - DICKSON- At St. Mary's Chapel, July 1844, by the Rev. J. HALIFAX, John REED, Esq., to Miss. Robinia DICKSON, both of Maryport.

REID- MYLROIE- On the 10th June, 1897, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Jacob REED (**the surname was printed w/ these two spellings**) to Emily MYLROIE, both of Cleator Moor.

REELING--RUDDY.--On the 11th Oct. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. Alexander REELING, coal miner, to Miss Eleanor RUDDY, both of New Houses, Whitehaven.

REVELLY-JONES,at St. Bees, Geo. Revelly married Jane Jones (Both of Low-Mill) 29 May 1764; Wit. Thomas Reveley & Geo. Dixon

REYNOLDS - ADAMS. - One the 29th June, 1897, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Charles REYNOLDS, coal miner to Mary Ann ADAMS, both of Whitehaven.

RICHARDSON-METCALFE, On the 3rd Oct. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. James RICHARDSON, carter, to Miss Ellen METCALFE, both of Frizington.

RIGG. - COCKSBAIN. - On the 25th Dec. 1855, Mr. John RIGG, to Miss. Agnes COCKSBAIN.

RITSON-BARNES, At St. John's Church, Workington, 30th Oct. 1884, by the Rev. J. J. THORNLEY, Issac RITSON, farmer and butcher, Taliantire, to Jane BARNES,  Workington.

ROBINSON-LOWTHER, Thomas Robinson married to Margaret Lowther in Wigton on the 24 MAR 1845.

ROBINSON-LITT, On the 22nd Nov. 1879, Parish Church, Dearham, Joshua ROBINSON to Martha LITT bothn of Dearham.

ROBINSON-MOFFAT, Mr Palmer ROBINSON, son of Mr Joseph, and nephew of Mr Palmer ROBINSON of Cockermouth, led to the alter Miss Catharine MOFFAT, second daughter of Mr John MOFFAT, the postmaster and erstwhile village shoemaker and parish clerk.

ROBINSON - NEWTON - At Ambleside, Nov. 1855, MR. WM. ROBINSON, joiner, to MISS MARY NEWTON, milliner and dressmaker, both of Ambleside.

ROBINSON-STODDART-At Cross Canoby, on the 11th Sept. 1819 Mr Wm. ROBINSON to Miss Sa*** STODDART both of Maryport

ROBINSON-TAYLOR-At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick,May, 1844, Mr. John ROBINSON, miner, Borrowdale, to Miss. Elizabeth TAYLOR, of Ambleside.

ROBINSON-THORNTHWAITE-June 1813, at Plumbland, church (by the Rev. Mr. STANLEY), Mr. Robinson RIGG, of Boustead-hill, to Miss Isabella THORNTHWAITE, of Plumbland.

ROBSON - BLACKBURN. Andrew, Husbandman of Gilcrux. Son of John, Labourer. Married Margaret, of Oughterside, daughter of Joshua Blackburn, Labourer. Witnessess were Robert Moor and Ann Martin. Married 19 Oct 1862 at the parish church in the parish of Aspatria.

ROCHE-HODGSON - At St. Nicholas's Church, Whitehaven, Nov. 1855, MR. JOHN ROCHE, husbandman, to SARAH, daughter of the late MR. JOHN HODGSON, of Ormathwaite, near Keswick.

RODHAM-ASLIN- On the 26th December, 1876 at the Cathedral, Ripon, Mr. J. S. RODHAM of Weston Lodge, Cockermouth, to Katherine, daughter of Mr. R. ASLIN, Ripon.

RONALD-CROSBIE , At Dumfries, on the 8th Oct. 1855, EDMUND RONALD, Royal Sappers and Miners, to JANET CROSBIE, only daughter of the late JAMES CROSBIE, innkeeper, Dunscore.

ROOKE-DAVISON, Moses ROOKE, chemist, Carlisle, to Miss DAVISON took place at the Wigton Primitive Methodist Chapel Aug. 1898.

ROOKE-M'MEAN- On the 6th May 1897, at the register-office Whitehaven,THOMAS ROOKE to VIOLET M'MEAN, both of Whitehaven.

ROONEY - FITZSIMMONS - On the 4th January 1902 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, William John Rooney, of Cleator, to Miss. Hannah Fitzsimmons, of Whitehaven.

ROSKILLY-MOON, On the 30th Sept. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. Robert ROSKILLY, engineer, to Miss. Bridget MOON, both of Cleator Moor.

ROSS-KNOX- 21st Nov.1819, at the Parish Church, Dungannon, by the Honourable and Reverend Charles KNOX, Archdeacon of Armagh, David Robert ROSS, Esq., of Rosstrevor, to Miss. Harriet Anne KNOX, second daughter of the Honourable and very Reverend the Dean of Down.

ROSS – MEDWIN MR JOHN ROSS, Basingstoke, son of MR JOS ROSS, Maryport, was married at Folkstone, to MISS FLORENCE MEDWIN, by the REV A J PALMER, at the Radnor Park Congregational Church on Thursday, Sept. 10th 1903.

ROUTLEDGE-ARNETT, Christopher ROUTLEDGE,married on 26 March 1816 to Margaret ARNETT in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

ROUTLEDGE - FAWCETT. - Mr JOHN ROUTLEDGE, auctioneer, Mealsgate, to Miss ANN FAWCETT, of Low Mill, Torpenhow. March 1844

ROUTLEDGE-IRELAND, James married Catherine, on 12-12-1784 in Newton Reigny

RUDD-WILSON On the 21st Sept. 1879 at the Register Office Whitehaven MR GLOVER RUDD stonemason to MRS CATHERINE WILSON both of Whitehaven.

RULE - ABERNETHY - On the 15th May, 1897 at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, Isaac RULE to Annie Louisa ABERNETHY, both of Whitehaven.

RULE-HODGSON:-At CamertonChurch, on November 25th,1920 by the Rev. E. C. Bennett, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rule, Kelsick Farm, Seaton, to Mary, elder daughterof Martha and the late Joseph Hodgson, High House Farm, Seaton.

RUTHERFORD-CARR.-On the 15th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Harrington, Mr William Graham Rutherford, Carlisle, to Miss Janie D Carr, of Harrington.

RYCROFT - BARNES - On July 12, 1913 at Ruviana Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Margaret, daughter of Mr. R. P. BARNES, Gosforth, to Rev. H. R. RYCROFT. By cable.

SANDERSON - WATTERSON. - On the 27th Apr. 1897, at the Register-office,Whitehaven, MR. JOHN SANDERSON, to MISS LOUISA M'NAB WATTERSON, both of Whitehaven.

SANDWITH-ATKINSON, Nov. 1844, MR. JOSEPH SANDWITH, of Braystones,near Egremont, to MISS ATKINSON

SCAIFE-FRASER-At Cockermouth, Oct. 1844, by the REV. E. FAWCETT, MR. JOHN SCAIFE, grocer, Liverpool, to MISS FRASER, step-daughter to the governor of the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth

SCOTT-ASKEW, On the 6th Aug. 1904 at St Martin's Church Castleton, near Manchester by the Rev J Clarke, William Scott of Rochdale to Sarah Alice Askew, Gosforth.

SCOTT-BARNES.At the parish Church, Dearham, 29th June 1898, by the Rev. M.H.W.Davies, John, the eldest son of John Scott, Row Brow,to Sarah (Sis), second daughter of the late Peter Barnes, Plough Inn, Cockermouth.

SCOTT-BRITTAIN-On the 7th June 1897, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Perth, by the Rev. H. ARMSTRONG HALL, B. A., Andrew T. SCOTT, join agent, Clydesdale Bank, Whitehaven to Louisa Mary, eldest daughter of the late George BRITTAIN, Caledonian Railway, and Bellevue House, Perth.

SCOTT–BURNS. John Gray Scott and Hannah Burns were married on Tuesday, at St. Nicholas' Church, Whitehaven. August, 1903. He is the third son of the late Mr J. Scott, Glasgow.  The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. Henry Burns, Mountain View, Whitehaven.

SCOTT - DIXON Sept, 9th 1903 At the Weslyan Church, Cockermouth, by the REV W G WHITE, GEORGE SCOTT, Renwick, to MARY AGNES, eldest daughter of JOHN DIXON, Westray.

SCOTT-DODGSON, Married at St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven 19 November 1815 JOHN of Blackburn, Lancashire, Excise Officer, and MARY DODGSON. Witnesses Ann MIDDLETON, Annas DODGSON & Elizabeth TORDIFF.

SCOTT-HEWITSON At Christ Church, Cockermouth, 29th July 1898, by the Rev H.J.Palmer, John the eldest son of the late John Scott, Harrington to Mary, second daughter of the late John Hewitson of Cockermouth.

SCOTT - KENSELLA - On the 23rd iSept.1869 at the Parish Church, Keswick, Mr. John Scott, station-master, Bassenthwaite Station, to Miss Bridget Kensella, of Ullock, near Keswick.

SCOTT-LITTLE-At Torpenhow, Dec. 1844, by the REV. JOSEPH THEXTON, MR. FRANCIS SCOTT, of the Low Wood Nook Inn, to MARY, only daughter of MR. JAMES LITTLE,of Threspland Less.

SCRIVEN-HORDERN, On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Grange Church, by the Rev. H. R. SMITH, vicar, Richard GEORGE, eldest son of George STRIVEN, Esq., Od Castle Ashby, to Emily, eldest daughter of Thomas HORDERN, Esq., of Manchester.

SEEDS-BORWICK, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 1st Nov. 1884, Mr. John SEEDS, signalman, Distington, to Miss. Eleanor BORWICK, Great Broughton.

SEWELL--BOWE.--On the 7th Oct. 1869, at the Independent Chapel, Duke-street, by licence, Mr. Thomas SEWELL, to Miss Sarah BOWE, both of Queen-street, Whitehaven.

SEYMOUR - BLEZARD. On the 14th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, by the REV. F. M'NALLY, MR. WILLIAM HENRY SEYMOUR, to MISS ANNIE BLEZARD, both of Ulverston.

SHACKLEY-PONSONBY, On the 20th March 1897, at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven, Joseph Henry SHACKLEY, of Whitehaven, to Amy Alice PONSONBY, of Parton.

SHARP-McSPORRAN, Mary McSPORRAN, of Machribanish, Argyleshire, and Mr. John SHARP, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. SHARP, of Green Side, Drigg. May 1931.

SHAW- BOADLE - William Shaw & Jessie Boadle, May 17, 1888, Egremont, Cumberland, England

SHAW - BROCKBANK - Benjamin Shaw & Jennie (Neill) Brockbank, December 31, 1917, Egremont, Cumberland, England

SHAW - DIXON - Thomas Shaw & Margaret Dixon, February 3, 1839, Brigham, Cumberland, England

SHELLY-McFARLANE.- On the 11th June 1898, at the R.C Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eden Grove, Holloway, London, N., by the Rev Father CAREY, Mr rnest SHELLY, of Hackney, London, to Miss Agnes McFARLANE, late of rizington, Cumberland.

SIBSON – FISHER, Joseph Sibson, of Woodbank, Whitehaven, and Miss Fisher, only daughter of Mr J.I. Fisher, the Mayor of Whitehaven, were married at the Wesleyan Church. August 1903

SIMON. - JOHNSTON. - On the 3rd November 1855, at St. George’s Cathedral, Madras, by the Rev. A. R. SIMONDS, Wm. SIMON, Esq., to Elizabeth Jane, daughter of the late G. W. JOHNSTON, Esq., M. D., of Cockermouth.

SIMPSON-BOWES, At Greystoke Church, 22 March 1884, by special licence, by the Rev. E. Askew, John SIMPSON, Scales Farm, to Janie BOWES, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. Bowes,of the same place.

SINCLAIR-ARMSTRONG- on the 25th May.1879 at St. Michael's Church, Stanwix, Mr. Joseph Sinclair, Edentown, to Jane Ann Armstrong, Moorville.

SINKINSON-DODDS- At Alnwick Church, on the 24th Oct. 1844, EDWIN SINKINSON, Esq., Kendal, toJANE ANN, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN DODDS.

SISSON-SANDFORD On the 13th Oct. 1855, at Barton Church, Mr. JOHN SISSON, farmer, to Miss AGNES SANDFORD, of Ravencrag.

SKELTON-GILL, Elizabeth Gill married Daniel Skelton 5 April 1827, Kirkbride,  Witness Joseph Gill.

SMITH-HAMILTON- 15th, May, 1844 Mr. Robert SMITH, to Miss Mary HAMILTON

SMITH-IREDALE-On the 30th Jan.1902,at the Church of St Mary, Girlcrux, the Rev. G. Hubert SMITH, M.A., vicar of the parish, to Annie IREDALE, The Willows, Dalston.

SMITH-BAXTER-At Gretna Green, Oct. 1844, MR. JEREMIAH SMITH, to MISS BAXTER, both of Bassenthwaite, near Keswick.

SMITH-SENHOUSE-At Bowness, Windermere, on the 14th May, 1844, by the Rev. R. P. GRAVES, Mr. T. SMITH, late of Maryport, surgeon, to Catherine, youngest surviving daughter of the late Humphrey SENHOUSE, Esq. of Nether Hall, near Maryport.

SMITHAM-PATTERSON-On the 3rd Apr. 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Edward J. SMITHAM, Lowca, Harrington, to Isabell PATTERSON, of Whitehaven.

SMITHSON-ROBINSON, On the 13th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Ireby MR JOSEPH SMITHSON bulider to MARY ELIZABETH daughter of MR ROBINSON BELL both of Ireby.

SMITHSON-THISTLE On the 17th Oct. 1855 at the Parish Church, Preston, by the Rector, Mr. WILLIAM SMITHSON, spirit-merchant, Cockermouth, to SARAH ANN, youngest daughter of the late Mr. JOHN THISTLE, of her Majesty's Inland Revenue department.

SMYTHE-CAMOYS -On the 17th Oct. 1855, at Stonor-park, by the Rev. R. BIRKS, CHARLES FREDERICK SMYTHE, Esq., eldest son of Sir EDWARD SMYTHE, Bart., of Acton Burnell, to Maria, third daughter of Lord CAMOYS.

SNOWDEN-BARWISE, Thursday last,July 1814 at Abbey Holm, Mr. James SNOWDEN, of Maryport, to Miss BARWISE , of Pellitho, Holm Cultram.

SOTHERAN-PRICE 7th April 1812. at Pancras Church, London, Mr. T. SOTHERAN, bookseller, late of York, to MARIA, third daughter of CHARLES PRICE, Esq. of Somerset House.

SOUTHWARD-SHERWEN, at the Parish Church of St Catherine of Miss Hannah SHERWEN, Randle How, Eskdale, and Mr Robert SOUTHWARD, Forge Farm , Austhwaite.Nov. 1913

SPEERS-MITCHELL, On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. John SPEERS, engineman, to Miss. Mary MITCHELL, both of Distington.

SPENCE - OUSBY - At Bootle, Nov. 1855, MR. RICHARD SPENCE, of Nook, to MISS HANNAH OUSBY, of Well, both in the parish of Bootle.

STEELE-BLANSHARD MR. ATKINSON STEELE, of Workington, tailor, to MISS ELIZABETH BLANSHARD, Cockermouth, milliner.Oct. 1844

STEEL-GLAISTER.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr George Steel, railway clerk, Carlisle, to Miss Sarah Jane Glaister, Maryport.

STEELE-GREIG,At the Presbyterian Church, Harrington, on the 9th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. J. BONNER,Mr. ROBERT STEELE, Woodhouse, Whitehaven, to RACHEL, second daughter of Mr. W. GRIEG, Syke Whinns, Harrington

STEEN. - PEILE. - On the 25th Dec. 1855, in the Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street, Belfast, by the Rev. John MACNAUGHTAN, assisted by the Rev. John EDGAR, D. D., the Rev. John STEEN, Professor of Mathematics and President of the Royal College, Belfast to Dorothy, youngest daughter of the late William PEILE, Esq., of Harrington, Cumberland.

STEPHENSON-PATTERSON.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Cockermouth, Mr John Stephenson, labourer, Brigham, to Miss Agnes Patterson, Greysouthen.

STEPHENSON-RIDLEY, Jane RIDLEY.  They were married in a registry office in Brampton on 16 November 1858

STEWART-O'SHAUGHNESSY-On the 9th Feb., 1897 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, John STEWART to Mary O'SHAUGHNESSY, both of Whitehaven.

STOCK - BROOKSBANK. - On the 13th June 1882, at the Parish Church of Windermere, the Rev Edward Ernest Stock, curate of St Mary's, Carlisle, eldest son of the Rev E P Stock, rector of Windermere, the Ethel, eldest daughter of Walter Brooksbank, of Thornbarrow, Windermere, formerly rector of Lamplugh.

STOKOE-NEVIN, On the 27th Sept. 1869, at the Evangelical Union Chapel, Carlisle, by the Rev. E. M. WILSON, Mr. James STOKOE, bookbinder, to Agnes, only daughter of the late Mr. William NEVIN, boot and shoemaker.

STOLTERFOOT - ROBINSON, at Halton, by the REV. THOS. MACKRETH, B.D., Rector, HERMAN STOLTERFOOT, Esq., of Liverpool, to ELEANOR, youngest daughter of late MR. THOS. ROBINSON. April, 1829


STOREY-HARRISON.-On the 19th Oct.1879, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, Mr James Storey, Liverpool, to Miss Isabella Harrison, Ulverston.

STOREY - MEEK. - At Gateshead, on Monday last, June, 1843, William STOREY late of Carlisle, agent at Andrew’s House and Greencroft Collieries, to Miss. Margaret MEEK, daughter of Mr. Peter Meek, miller, Wind Mill Hills, Gateshead.


STOREY - M'GOWAN - On the 10th April, 1897 at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven, Robert Fulton STORY, Parton, to Martha M'GOWAN, Whitehaven.

STOREY-RICHARDSON-Sunday last,Oct. 1819 at St. Bees, Mr. Matthew STOREY, to Miss. Sarah RICHARDSON.

STORM-CROSTHWAITE at Liverpool,July 1814, Mr. William STORM, mate of the ship 'May', (of that port) to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mrs. D. CROSTHWAITE, of this town.

STRANGE-NEWSHAM, Arthur of St. Annes, Lancaster to Mary Jane NEWSHAM of Crosthwaite on Oct. 1st 1894.

STRONG-JEFFERSON, At Aikton church, on Saturday,June 1813, Mr John STRONG, of Drumleauing [?]. to Miss Jefferson, of Aikton Hall.

STUART-BELL, On th 20th Nov. 1879 Parish Church, Threlkeld, Thomas STUART to J. BELL, Rhyddings.

STUDHOLME - BARNES - At St. Andrew's Church,Aikton, 21st. Oct. 1903, by the Rev. Canon Hassell, John Gardiner, only son of Amos Bulman Studholme, to Hannah, fourth daughter of John Barnes, Drumleaning, Wigton

SUTTON-WHITE At Christ Church, Penrith, on the 18th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. E. KING, Mr. WILLIAM SUTTON, Inland Revenue Officer, Maryport, to Miss MARIA WHITE, of

SWAIN - HODGSON. - Mr WILLIAM SWAIN, weaver, to Miss MARY HODGSON, both of Botchergate. March 1844

SWULINSKI-NUTSFORD.-On the 19th Oct. 1879. At Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr Ladislaus Swulinski, hairdresser, Workington, to Miss Mary Ann Nutsford, Maryport.

TAGGART--DICKSON.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at Bowling, Dumbartonshire, by the Rev. Mr. RUSSEL, Mr. R.M. TAGGART, draper, Whitehaven, to Agnes WATSON, eldest daughter of Mr. Matthew DICKSON, officer of Inland Revenue, Tambowie, near Glasgow.

TALBOT - JONES. - at St. George's Hanover-square, by the VERY REV. THE DEAN OF
CARLISLE, the HON. GEORGE HENRY TALBOT, brother and heir presumptive to the
Grovernor-square. April, 1829

TALBOT - WALKER. On the 10th July 1882, at Her Britannic Majesty's Legation, Japan, by the REV. E. CHAMPNEYS IRVINE, M.A., WILLIAM HENRY TALBOT, to ANNIE, youngest daughter of WILLIAM WALKER, of Maryport, Cumberland.

TATTERS-DOBSON, On the 28th Sept. 1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. William TATTERS, coalminer, to Miss. Sarah DOBSON. dressmaker, both of Newhouses, Whitehaven.

TAYLOR - FITZSIMMONS - At St. Michael's Church, Workington, onthe 12th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. H.E.CAMPBELL, Elizabeth BELL (Lizzie) youngest daughter of Mr. CHAMBERS TAYLOR to John, youngest son of Mr. JOHN FITZSIMMONS, both of Workington.

TAYLOR - RUDD. - On the 12th June 1882, at the Methodist Church, Gosforth, Mr James Taylor, Dirthole, to Miss Jane Rudd, Ellerslie, Gosforth.

TALFORD-HODGSON, George TALFOR of Bewcastle and Mary HODGSON of Scaleby were married by License 21 May 1772 at Bewcastle.

TEASDALE - ATKINSON. - At Heversham Church, on Tuesday, the 5th inst., by the REV. R. W. EVANS, Vicar, MR. THOMAS TEASDALE, of Glasgow, to JANE, daughter of MR. JOHN ATKINSON, of Lord's Plain, Levens. Nov. 1844


TEASDALE-TURNER-At St. Margaret's Church, Wythop, on December 1st 1920, by the Rev. E. Bellingham, Joseph, younger son of the late Mr. And Mrs. I. Teasdale, Wythop Hall, to Sarah Ann, only daughter of Mr. I. Turner, and the late Mrs. Turner, The Close, Embleton

TELFORD-DIXON. At Dearham Parish Church, 11th June 1884. Mr Edward TELFORD, engineer,to Miss Isabella DIXON, both of Dearham.

TELFORD-MCMANUS, JOHN TELFORD (b.abt.1843) JANE MCMANUS (b.abt.1845 Ireland) married 1859 St James church Whitehaven, Cumberland

TELFORD-THWAITE, Mary and John married January 1843.

TEYNHAM - HODGSON. - At St. Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle, the HON. J. H. ROPER
CURZON, fourth son of LORD TEYNHAM, to ISABELLA, daughter of the late COL.
JAMES HODGSON, of the Hon. East India Company's Service. April, 1829


THEXTON - HODGSON. - On Saturday last, June 1843, at Wicham Church, by the Rev. W. YARKER, Mr. William THEXTON, of Bankhouse, Thwaites, to Hannah, daughter of Mr. John HODGSON, of Whirlpippin, in the parish of Wicham.


THISTLE-EDWARDS On the 18th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Crosscanonby MR R H THISTLE Maryport to MAUD daughter of the late MR THOMAS EDWARDS Brighton Sussex.

THISTLEWOOD-BRYERS, William and Agnes married on 7th June, 1818 by banns at St. Anne's, Richmond.

THOM-HEWSON-On the 31st March 1897, at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, JOHN THOM to ANNIE HEWSON, both of Whitehaven.

THOMLINSON-NICHOLSON-Dec. 14th 1844, MR. ISAAC THOMLINSON, of Bread-street, husbandman, to MISS JANE NICHOLSON, of Botcherby.

THOMPSON-ATKINSON, At the Registers office, Whitehaven, 1st Nov,1884 Mr. Richard THOMPSON, skin sorter, to Miss. Sarah ATKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

THOMPSON-BACON, St Bees Abbey Church Nicholas Thompson married Isabella Bacon 9May1756 ; Wit. Jno.Wood & John Reveley

THOMPSON - BOWMAN. On the 17th July 1882, at the Register-office,Whitehaven,MR. THOMAS THOMPSON, brick moulder, Parton, to MISS HANNAH BOWMAN, Whitehaven.

THOMPSON-BROCKBANK, On the 30th June 1852, at the Friend's Meeting House, in this town, Mr. Josiah THOMPSON, of Moreland, near Penrith, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas BROCKBANK, of High Street, Whitehaven.



THOMPSON-DIXON, On the 10th Feb. 1841, at Stanwix, Carlisle, by the Rev. J. FAWCETT, Lieutenant C. W. THOMPSON, 81st Regiment, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel T. Perronet THOMPSON, to Sarah, eldest daughter of John DIXON, Esq., of Knells.

THOMPSON-FISHER- at Keswick,July 1812, Mr. Joseph THOMPSON, sen. solicitor,Workington, to Miss FISHER, of Jenkin Hill.


THOMPSON-LOSH- On the 26thDec. 1800, at St Margarets Westminster, John THOMPSON Esq of New Bond street, London, to Miss LOSH, daughter of Dr Losh of Carlisle

THOMPSON-LOWE, Leonard Thompson and Elizabeth Lowe who were married in Alston on June 2, 1827, Cumberland.

THOMPSON- IRVING - At Camerton Parish Church, on January 16th 1907, by the Rev.E. C. Bennett, Vicar, George Thompson to Mary Elizabeth Irving. Present address: Lowca Lane, Seaton, Workington

THOMPSON-OSMOTHERLEY.-On the 9th Feb. 1903, at the Parish Church, Dearham, by the Rev. E. H. Sugden,vicar, Henry, fourth son of Mr. Tom Thompson, colliery manager, Flimby,to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Osmotherley, of Maryport.

THOMPSON. - POAH. - At Hesket-in-the-Firest on the 23rd Dec. 1855, by the Rev. Wm. HUDSON, Mr. John THOMPSON, shoemaker, to Miss. Jane POAH, dressmaker, both of Armathwaite.


THOMPSON-POLLOCK On the 18th Oct. 1855, at Hampsthwaite, by the Rev. J. M. WARD, vicar, assisted by the Rev. JOHN GRISDALE, nephew of the bride, the Rev. GEORGE THOMPSON, incumbent of Heat**ery Clough, Stanhope, Durham, to ANNA ISABELLA, youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM POLLOCK, Esq., of Dacre Banks, Cumberland.

THOMPSON-ROGERS, On the 6th July 1852, at Gosforth, by the Rev. F. F. PINDER, A. M., rector, Mr. John THOMPSON, of Crake-place Hall, near Cockermouth, to Miss. ROGERS, of Vine Cottage, Irton, youngest surviving daughter of the late John Rogers, esq., of Kirkland, in Irton.

THOMPSON-SIM.-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Victoria-street Wesleyan Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, Bowman, son of Mr Josiah Thompson, of Deanscales, Cockermouth, to Dora Helen, daughter of the late Mr Isaac Sim, Crosby, Isle of Man.

THOMPSON-WHITE, At Cross Canoby, on the 11th Sept. 1819. Mr Isaac THOMPSON widower, to Mrs Sarah WHITE both of Maryport.

TIDYMAN-BATEMAN- Sept. 1819 at Egremont, Mr Wm Tidyman to Miss M. BATEMAN

TIFFEN-FLETCHER, On the 26th Nov. 1879 at Bridekirk, Edward second son of Thomas TIFFEN, Wigton to Alice Martha daur. of John FLETCHER, Papcastle, Cockermouth.

TINKLER - MOORE - On the 29th Nov. 1882, at the Register Office, Whitehaven by license, Mr. Robert TINKLER, labourer to Miss.Martha Ann MOORE, both of Parton.

TODHUNTER - BELL. On the 13th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Workington, MR. J. W. TODHUNTER, to MISS JANE BELL, only daughter of the late MR. ROBERT BELL, both formerly of Cockermouth.

TODHUNTER-HIGGINBOTTOM-On November 27th 1930, at All Saints Church, Cockermouth, by the Rev. Canon. PARKER, assisted by the Rev. J. DAVIDSON, Joseph William, son of Mr and Mrs TODHUNTER of St Leonard's, The Goat, Cockermouth, to Florence, daughter of the late Mr H. HIGGINBOTTOM, of Manchester.

TODHUNTER-MARTIN On the 11th Sept. 1879 at Brigham MR J TODHUNTER Workington to ISABELLA daughter of MR S MARTIN Brigham.

TOMLINSON - COULSON. - At Crosscanonby, on the 3rd March 1844, Mr JOSEPH TOMLINSON, painter, to Miss ELIZABETH COULSON, both of Maryport.

TOWNSON--WILSON.--On the 30th Sept. 1869, at Millom Parish Church, by the Rev. J. IRVING, vicar, Mr. Stephen TOWNSON, of Ulpha, in the parish of Millom, to Miss

WILSON, only child of Mr. W. WILSON, yeoman, Ulpha.

TREVELYAN-MACDONALD- youngest son of RALEIGH TREVELYAN, Esq. ofNetherwitton, in the county of Northumberland, to SARAH REBECCA FIORS,second daughter of CAPTAIN HENRY THOMAS MACDONALD Oct. 1844

TUBMAN-GREEN, Frances GREEN, daughter of Mrs. M. GREEN, Duke Street, Whitehaven,and Mr. Isaac TUBMAN, third son of Mr. and Mrs. W. TUBMAN, of Cross Street, Whitehaven.May 1931.

TUBMAN-MAGDIN, RICHARD TUBMAN (b.1811) ..SUSANNA MAGDIN(b.1814)married 1833 whitehaven cumberland.

TUITE-M'GLYNN, WHITE, GRAY, HANLEY-At Moate Farrell, Dec. 1844, POLLY M'GLYNN, widow of the late PATRICK WHITE, JAMES GRAY, and JOHN HANLEY, at the age of 89 years, to WILLIAM TUITE, pig doctor in ordinary, and dancing master extraordinary, at the age of 84 years, after burying his fifth wife. Their combined ages make a total of 173 years, and their marriages amount to no fewer than ten.

TULLY - ROBERTS. - On the 3rd July 1882., at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the REV. R. BOWER, MR. ROBERT TULLY, mariner, to MISS EDITH ROBERTS, both of Maryport.

TUMILTY-KIRKPATRICK, On the 30th Nov. 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Hugh TUMILTY, coalminer to Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, both of this town.

TURNER-MELLONS-At St. Mary's Church, on the 30thOct, 1844, MR. JAMES TURNER of Cummersdale,to MISS MARGARET MELLONS, of Trinity Buildings

TWEEDLE - JOHNSTON. - At St Cuthbert's Church, on the 3rd March 1844, Mr JOSEPH TWEEDLE of West Tower Street, grocer, to Miss JANE JOHNSTON, of English Street.


TWENTYMAN-CONQUEST, Robert m. Henrietta in Whitehaven, January 1850.

TWOMEY - STAMPER - At ST. Mary's Church, Castlemaine, Victoria,Australia, by the Rev. O'Neill, Mr. William Patrick TWOMEY to Miss CharlotteSTAMPER, daughter of the late Mr. JOHN STAMPER, Applethwaite, Keswick Oct. 1903.

TYLER- GARDINER - At New York, on Wednesday, the 26th June, 1844, John TYLER, President of the United States, to Julia GARDINER, eldest daughter of the late David GARDINER, Esq.

TYSON-COWARD, Blacksmith of Green Road married Mary Coward, housemaid for Miss FALCON, Meals House on May 17, 1899.

USHER-ATKINSON-MR. Wm. USHER, of Shaw, near Whitehaven, to Miss Sarah ATKINSON, Nov. 1844

VON ESSEN-TALLANTIRE-At Harrington, Dec. 1844, by the REV. PETER VON ESSEN, rector, MR. ROBERT BETHWAITE, joiner, Egremont, to MISS BETSY TALLANTIRE, of Harrington.

VERNON-RIGG, Mr LESLIE VERNON, son of Mr and Mrs L VERNON, Bedford Street, Hensingham,and Miss HILDA RIGG, daughter of Mr and Mrs R RIGG of Kiln Brow.April 1932

WALKER-BARKER, On the 20th May.1879 at Carnforth, Mr. Thomas Walker, farmer of Templands, Cartmel, to Bridget, daughter of Mr. J. Barker, of Gunnerthwaite, Arkholme.

WALKER-BROWN, On the 22nd Nov. 1879at St. James Church, Carlisle, William Joseph WALKER, to Jane Ellen BROWN, both of Carlisle.

WALKER-RITSON- At the house of the British Consul at Vera Cruz, on the 16th May1844, James WALKER, Esq., of Guanagnato, Mexico, to Miss Eleanor RITSON, late of Workington.

WALKER - WILSON. - At Crosthwaite Church, on Saturday last, June 1843, Mr. Thomas WALKER, of Fornside, to Miss. Catherine WILSON, of Armboth.


WALLACE - WINDER - Yesterday weeknight, at Camerton Church (by the Rev. Mr. PEARSON), Capt. Henry WALLACE, of the Robinson, to Miss. WINDER, both of Seaton. (August 1798).

WALTON-MOSSOP.-At Crosscanonby Parish Church, on the 29th May 1895, John WALTON, Cemetery, Maryport, to Ruth, eldest daughter of Henry MOSSOP, Crosby Street, Maryport.

WATERS- COULSON- At Arthuret Church on the 18th July, 1844, by the Rev. John WANNOP, curate, Mr. John WATERS, weaver, to Mrs. Rosannah COULSON, widow of the late Matthew COULSON, shoemaker. Longtown. Her former husband was nearly 80 years of age when she married him - her present husband id just one fourth of that age, being only twenty. The blooming bride is upwards of fifty.

WATSON - SHERWOOD. - On the 12th June 1882, at St John's Church, Workington, Charles E Watson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Hannah, daughter of William Sherwood, Nook-street, Workington.

WATSON-THOMPSON-Mr. Thomas WATSON, of Calder, son of Mrr. Thomas WATSON, yeoman, to Miss Hannah THOMPSON, of Fleming Hall, inn the parish of Gosforth. Nov. 1844

WATSON-TURTON August 20, 1855 at Agra, Lieut. GEORGE E. WATSON, Bengal Engineers, to ANNIE, second daughter of the late Captain TURON, Bengal Native Infantry.

WATSON-VICKERS-On the 7th June 1897, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Douglas WATSON, Arlecdon, to Emily VICKERS, Whitehaven.

WARD - SLATER - At St. Mary's Church on the 23 July, 1844, The Rev. John Meire WARD, of Claypole, Lincolnshire, son of the Rev. Benjamin WARD, of this city to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John SLATER, Esq.

WARE-GOODWIN.- At St. Peters Church, Eaton Square, London, on the 20th June 1887,
by the Bishop of Winchester, the Rev.Henry WARE, vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale,
to Ellen King GOODWIN, eldest daughter of the Bishop of Carlisle.


WEBBER-MacLEAN-Feb. 1812 Re-married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, James WEBBER, Esq. Of Balimour House, Hants. to Marianne, third daughter of John MacLEAN, Esq. county of Galway, Ireland; the former ceremony having taken place in Scotland.

WEIGHTMAN - ROBSON. William Weightman, of full age, Bachelor, Blacksmith, resided Aspatria, father John Weightman (dec.) , former Blacksmith married 6 June 1876 to Jane Robson, of full age, Spinster, resided Aspatria, father John Robson, Labourer. They were married in the parish church of the parish of Aspatria. Witnesses were James Robson (her brother), and Mary Wilkinson (looks like - that was Jane's grandmother's maiden name). Probably a cousin.

WELSH - BROWN. - On the 21st June 1882., at Arthuret Church, by the Rev M R Graham, MA, rector, assisted by the Rev Stephen Wade, BA, curate of Stainforth, near Settle, the Rev John Francis Welsh, BA, younger son of the late Robert Welsh, of Huddersfield, to Jane, elder daughter of Matthew Brown, Scaurbank.

WHARTON - FAIRER. At St. Peter's Church Great Asby, by licence, on
the 6th April 1918 by the Rev. Wm. Mather, William, second son of Mr and
Mrs R. Wharton, Kirkby Stephen, to Elsie Ruth, elder daughter of Mr and
Mrs Fred Fairer, Great Asby

WHITE - INGELBY. - On the 1st July 1882, at St. Bees Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. THOMAS WHITE, coalminer, to MISS MARY ANN INGELBY, both of Whitehaven.

WHITELL-TODHUNTER- On the 1st January, 1877 at St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. Dr. MACMILLAN, Ralph WHITELL, builder and contractor, Barnes Green, Harpurhey, Manchester, to Mary Isabella Bowness, only daughter of the late Bowness TODHUNTER, ironmonger, of Whitehaven.

WILDEY-LIGHTFOOT- At the Warwick Road Presbyterian Church, on November 24th Dec. 1920, by the Rev. J. McKee, James Wildey of Port Road,Carlisle, to Ada Mary Lightfoot, of Cleator Moor.


WILKINSON-HELME- Mr. Joseph WILKINSON, bookseller, to Miss HELME, both of Lancaster.Feb. 1812.

WILKINSON-JACKSON-At Penrith, on the 15thDec. 1844, MR. JONATHAN WILKINSON, clogger, to MISS JANE JACKSON.

WILLIAMS- WILKINSON-On the 10th March 1897, at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, WILLIAM GRIFFITH WILLIAMS, to ISABEL WILKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

WILLIAMS-WILLIAMS, On the 13th Sept. 1879 at the Register Office Ulverston MR W WILLAIMS to MISS CATHERINE WILLIAMS both of Dalton.

WILLIAMS - WYNNE. - At St. Martins, London, on the 16th May, 1843, by the Bishop of Carlisle, Hugh WILLIAMS, Esq., of Kineton, to Miss. Williams WYNNE, only sister of Sir Watkin Williams WYNNE, Bart, and niece to the Duchess of Northumberland.


WILLIAMSON-CATE- At Underbarrow, near Kendal, Oct. 1844, by the REV. J. GRAVES, MR.GEORGE WILIAMSON, eldest son of MR. WILLIAMSON, manufacturer, Keswick, to SARAH, youngest daughter of the late MR. CAPE, surgeon, Ireby.

WILLIAMSON - GATEY - On the 23rd Sept. 1869 at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, younger son of James Williamson, Esq., of Lancaster, to Margaret, elder daughter of Mr. Joseph Gatey, of Keswick.

WILSON-ATKINSON - On the 3rd Feb.1902, at St Cuthbert's Church, Lorton, John WILSON, Workington, to Mary Jane (Jennie) ATKINSON, Workington.

WILSON --FISHER.-- May 1st, 1897 at St. Mary's, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, by the Rev. J. DODD, M. A , vacar, assisted by the Rev C S WILSON, M. A. brother ofthe bridegroom, Alfred Edwin WILSON, of Indian Head, Assa., N. W. T.,Canada, to Sophia Mary, daughter of J FISHER, Langton House, Boston Spa.

WILSON-HODGSON, On the 29th Sept, 1869, at Trinity Church, Ulverston, by the Rev. T. PINCHES, Mr. Thomas Robinson WILSON, labourer, to Miss. Mary Ann HODGSON, of Ulverston.

WILSON-HOLLIDAY:-At Haile Parish church on December 4th, by the Rev V.H. Scallow, A.K.C., John Gaskell, second surviving son of the late Joseph Wilson and Mrs Wilson , Tortola Cate, Haile to Bertha Jane, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Holliday, The Grange Egremont.

WILSON-HORNSBY- At Great Orton, on the 13th Oct.1844, MR. JOHN WILSON of Little Orton, to ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN HORNSBY, of Raughton.

WILSON - PIGG -At the same place, on the 15th Sept, 1844, by the Rev. W. GRAHAM, Rector of Arthuret and Kirkandrews, Mr. ROBERT WILSON, of Cowrigg, farmer, to MISS ELIZABETH PIGG, of Blackrigg, both of the parish of Arthuret.

WILSON-STOCKDALE- at St. James,April 1812 (by the Rev. R. ARMI*STEAD, A.M.) Mr. CHRISTOPHER WILSON, of High Walton, to Miss ELIZABETH STOCKDALE, daughter of Mr. Wm. STOCKDALE of Low Hall.

WILSON-WARD, On the 25th Nov. 1879 at St. Mary's Church,Ulverston, John WILSON, Newland, to Jane WARD of Nunnington, Yorkshire.

WILSON –WATSON, Joseph Hutchinson WILSON, BA., LL.B. (Cambridge), solicitor, Carlisle, youngest son of Mr John WILSON, Fairfield, Lorton, and the bride was Miss Maria Emma WATSON, younger daughter of the late Mr Thomas WATSON, Eden Vue, Stanwix.Sept. 12, 1903.

WILSON-WOOD-At St. Nicholas's Whitehaven, MR. ROBERT WILSON, tailor, to MISS HANNAH WOOD, Dec 1844.

WINDER-WAYLES, Thomas to Ann on Nov. 30th 1783, St. Nicholas, Whitehaven.

WINSKELL-LONGELNY At Penrith,July 1814, Mr. William WINSKELL, to Miss Elizabeth LONGELNY.(or LONGCLAY).

WITNEL-ROBINSON-At St. Nicholas's Whitehaven, Dec. 1844, by the REV. JOSEPH ASKEW. A.M., MR. RICHARD WITNEL, fisherman, to MISS ANN ROBINSON

WOLTON- KIRKBRIDE , The 16th June 1814. Mr. John WOLTON, of Crackenthorpe, near Appleby, to Miss KIRKBRIDE of Helton.

WOOD-HEMSLEY -On the 17th Oct. 1855, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne at St. Andrew's Church, by his father, the Rev. B. WOOD, M.A., incumbent of Haverland, Norfolk, the Rev. HORACE SEWARD WOOD, B.A., of Elsing, Norfolk, to SARAH CATHERINE, eldest daughter of the late EDWARD HEMSLEY, Esq., solicitor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

WOOD-HUTHWAITE- On the 2nd January, 1877 at the Parish Church, Crosscanonby, by the Rev. A. OATES, assisted by the Rev. J. DUGDALE, Wilton William WOOD, of Maryport, shipbuilder, to Catherine Mary, eldest daughter of the late Henry Oldknow HUTHWAITE, Esq., of Maryport.

WOOD-LITTLE-and on the 16th, May, 1844Mr. Archibald WOOD, of the 93rd Regiment, to Miss Ann LITTLE, of Botchergate.

WOODBURN-HOWE,Sarah married Thomas Dec. 26th 1801 in Windermere.

WRIGHT-CARLYLE-on the 13th, May, 1844, Mr Robert WRIGHT to Miss Jane CARLYLE, both of Blackfriars Street

YEOWART-FLETCHER-on the 7th Sept. 1879 at Dearham Parish Church MR DANIEL YEOWART to MISS ANNE FLETCHER both of Dearham.

YOUNG-FLETCHER. On May 25th,1895 at the City Chambers, Glasgow, by Sheriff Spence, John Young, Motherwell, Scotland, to Frances Fletcher, fifth daughter of John Fletcher, HarrisTerrace, Frizington, Cumberland.

YOUNG--RANDLESON.--On the 9th Oct. 1869, at the Registrar's Office, Carlisle, Mr. James YOUNG, stoker, Caledonian Railway, to Miss Hannah RANDLESON, Carlisle.

YOUNGHUSBAND-OLDHAM-At St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on the 9th May, 1844 by the Rev. James Haldane STEWART, Joseph YOUNGHUSBAND, of Ellerslie, eldest son of William YOUNGHUSBAND, Esq., of Floraville, Cumberland, to Harriet, fourth daughter of the late John OLDHAM, Esq., of Pernambuco.







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